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The global advertising industry is projected to be worth about $786 billion by 2026, a figure that’s expected to grow significantly beyond that. This shows that there are plenty of opportunities to make money in this industry – but only if you can work with the right ad network. 

One such ad network is AdMaven.

Read the rest of this AdMaven review as we dive deeper into how this ad network works, who it is good for, its pros and cons, and its pricing model so you can determine how to leverage it in your own business for better-performing ads and higher ROI.

AdMaven Summary

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9.2 out of 10

Ron’s Thoughts

If you’re a publisher who’s looking to start generating income from ads then AdMaven is for you. This ad network has some of the highest eCPM in the industry and multiple monetization options. The platform itself is easy to use and features an intuitive interface that you’ll get used to in no time. On top of that, AdMaven provides high-quality traffic to bring you the best results. And, if you ever get stuck using it, you’ll be able to receive live assistance from their support team.

  • Biggest Pro:

    High Traffic Quality

  • Biggest Con:

    Lack of Visual Reporting Analytics

  • Annual Discount:

    Not Available

  • Price:


  • Promotion:

    14-Day Free Trial

Is AdMaven Worth it?

AdMaven is a fast-growing ad-tech platform that connects publishers and advertisers to provide them with ad services and monetization solutions. Advertisers are guaranteed improved CPM and conversion rates while publishers can get maximum yields and an improvement in their overall revenue.

Publishers on the platform can monetize their inventory using multiple ad formats, which allows them to create a diverse revenue mix. Ads include:

  • Pop-ups
  • Native floater banners
  • Interstitial ads
  • Push notifications
  • Download buttons
  • and more

The digital ad platform supports a variety of models, including CPM, CPC, and CPA. There’s a self-serve feature that allows advertisers to create and launch impactful campaigns in just minutes. Publishers can implement powerful tools on the platform to monetize their traffic with the industry’s highest eCPM rates. 

All in all, this is a great ad network for anyone who wants to reach a global audience and those who want to earn money easily using a variety of ad monetization tools. 

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Who is AdMaven Good For?

This popular Push and Popunder ad network is ideal for anyone who wants to implement a reliable ad revenue strategy. 

Advertisers: Advertisers get high-quality traffic that will increase their ROI by connecting them with targeted customers. The platform offers over 12 billion impressions daily. 

Publishers: Publishers get high-performing ads that facilitate improved monetization of their ad spaces and enhanced UX.

Here are some use cases to help you determine what this platform can help you achieve. 

AdMaven is ideal for you if:

  • You are starting a new website or you have a small site that gets tons of traffic.
  • Your website was rejected by the Google AdSense program.
  • You want to increase your website revenue by using a combination of ad networks.

Basically, this ad network will be helpful to anyone in these and many other verticals: 

Sweepstakes, Dating, Nutra, Casino & Sports Betting, Make Money offers, eCommerce, Antivirus & PC Cleaners, Push Subscription Offers, Browser Extensions, Mobile Apps, and Mobile Content.

AdMaven supports many types of websites including blogs, gaming, streaming, download, adult websites, and more.

AdMaven Functionality

The first detailed overview we’ll be doing in this AdMaven review is taking a look at the platform’s functionality.

1. Ease of Use

One of the best things about using AdMaven is its ease of use. The platform strives to make the process as seamless as possible for both advertisers and publishers. 

The interface is intuitive and user-friendly and publishers can check ad impressions and ad movements easily. 

There’s also a revenue comparison board that allows publishers to see their earnings for each day for the last 30 days.

Getting started on AdMaven is easy. Publishers can simply register on the platform by filling in their details (full name, email address, password). 

The approval process is automatic, which means you’ll be able to start promoting your ads soon after you register. 

Here are some of the guidelines you need to follow to get approved on AdMaven:

  • Your website should be SEO-friendly and contain high-quality content.
  • Free domains are not supported.
  • Your content should not promote hate-mongering or have religious, racial, political, ethnic, gender-based, pornographic, or other inappropriate topics. 
  • Your website should be free from any spamming activities or malware.

2. Various Advertising Solutions

AdMaven seems to work well with pop-under ad types. A pop-under is what happens when a website is clicked, but the visitor is taken to an unexpected new page. 

However, there are many other ad types on offer, including: 

  • Pop-ups
  • Native floater banners
  • Interstitial ads
  • Push notifications
  • Download buttons
  • and more

Native Push Notifications

AdMaven also has Native Push notifications which is a monetization method that’s more compliant with Google’s strict policies and can be used in conjunction with AdSense.

This type of ad format is user-friendly, clean, and non-intrusive. It works seamlessly on both mobile and desktop and doesn’t hinder user experience. In fact, it has already been shown to generate higher conversion rates. 

In short, AdMaven offers high monetization opportunities thanks to its range of ad types. This is one of the reasons why the platform is so popular. It offers exclusive opportunities for different types of users, and impressions on all devices, worldwide. Combine this with the network’s high eCPM, and the result is increased revenue for publishers.

Pop-under Ads

In addition to push notifications, Ad Maven also offers pop-under ads.  These ads are a little bit more sneaky than a pop-up ad as they show in another window behind the current browser session. 

The illustration below shows this in practice.


The idea behind this ad is that the user isn’t interrupted in their current browser session and continues on until they have completed their task.  Once done, they close the window and the pop-under ad is shown next as a singular focus. 

3. Wide Range of Tools

On AdMaven, publishers can choose from a wide range of ad sizes and formats to use on their websites. You’ll find a range of tools designed to help you customize ads to suit user purposes and behavior. 

This plethora of technologies include tools like landing pages that help you attract visitors and increase your CPM commissions and earnings. 

The platform also has a powerful real-time bidding system. This is basically an algorithm that detects users, and demographics, such as the user’s location, interests, recent search preferences, etc. 

This way, only relevant ads will be shown to your website visitors, giving you a higher impression conversion rate.  

Whether you’re monetizing websites, mobile in-app, link shortener, or network traffic, this platform has got you covered for ways and tools to monetize your traffic. 

4. Reporting Features

Advertisers on AdMaven get over 12 billion daily impressions for use in promoting their brands and products. The network’s highly advanced self-serve platform is at the advertiser’s disposal – helping them to launch impactful campaigns in just minutes. 

Publishers can implement all the latest tools to monetize their website traffic with the highest eCPM in the industry, and statistics on the ad network are updated every 24 hrs. 

5. Flexible Payments

AdMaven gives its publishers the ability to choose their preferred payment method with multiple alternatives that include Paypal, Payoneer, Bitcoin, Paxum, USDT, and Wire Transfers. 

There’s a minimum payment threshold of $500 for Bitcoin but if you want to get paid via wire transfer is required to earn at least $800 before you can get paid. 

Payment is made each time you hit the payment threshold and can be paid at any time. 

6. Direct Account Manager

Exclusive publishers on the network are assigned a direct account manager whose job it is to help them resolve any queries so they can get the most from the platform. 

This way, you can be sure of achieving your rankings with expert guidance from someone who’s extremely knowledgeable about monetizing website traffic through ads.

AdMaven Pros and Cons

Like all other Google adsense alternatives, AdMaven has its own benefits and drawbacks. And of course, this AdMaven review would be incomplete without them.


  1. Easy to Use Interface: AdMaven has an intuitive interface that is easy to use and provides all the information you need including analysis, revenue reports, and more.
  2. Multiple Monetization Options: You can choose from a wide range of ad formats to optimize ad revenue on your website.
  3. Live Assistance: You can get your questions and queries answered any time thanks to 24/7 live support from a dedicated account manager. 
  4. High Traffic Quality: AdMaven only works with established publishers to provide high quality traffic that will help you get the best results. 
  5. Big Traffic Volumes: The platform has over 12 billion daily impressions worldwide which gives advertisers plenty of opportunities to connect with your target customers.


  1. No Option for Resizing Images: The platform doesn’t provide an option to crop uploaded images and most of the sizes are square. 
  2. Lack of Visual Reporting Analytics: AdMaven doesn’t have graphs or other visual reporting features. 
  3. High Payment Threshold for Wire Transfers: Getting paid through wire transfer requires that you earn at least $800 before you can make a claim. 


There are many ad networks in the running for the top spot in the industry. Some of AdMaven’s top competitors include:


Like many other display ad networks, there is no price to use this platform. Instead, they take a small cut of the earnings to pay for the service that they provide.

To get started using AdMaven as a publisher, simply sign up on the website. Fill out the form, and once you’re approved, ads will automatically be shown on your website.

The process for advertisers is the same. 

Sign up, enter your details, and log in to the dashboard to start creating your ad campaigns. 

Product Support

AdMaven provides all publishers with 24/7 support. Exclusive publishers are paired with a personal dedicated account manager to help them with any inquiries they may have and to ensure that publishers achieve their rankings. 

Is AdMaven Legit?

And finally, we’ve reached the end of this AdMaven review.

There’s no denying that this ad network is legit. You stand to gain a lot from signing up and you’ll see an immediate improvement in your ad revenue and ROI. 

If you’re ready to experience phenomenal results from your website ads, then sign up for this innovative digital advertising network and get started right now.

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