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January 23, 2022

best email marketing software

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There are many different digital marketing tactics you can use to grow your business and make more money.

Over the years, I’ve tested dozens if not hundreds of these tactics, and one thing I’ve found is that email marketing consistently proves to be one of the most powerful digital marketing tools at my disposal and almost always has a better ROI than other methods.

According to Litmus, companies that used email marketing in 2020 saw an average ROI of 3,500%. What this means is that if you spend $1 on email marketing effectively, you can expect to make $36!


While medium sized businesses do see a smaller ROI, they are still generating an average of $30 for every $1 spent while larger companies with 500+ employees make an average of $42 on every $1 spent. While these numbers dropped a bit in 2020 due to the pandemic, they are still very impressive. 

As great as the ROI can be on both the investment and time, if you choose the wrong email software you may not see much of a return at all.  

Fortunately, I’ve tried a lot of different email marketing tools and created this guide of the best email marketing software services to make it easy for you to save more time and make more money from your email subscribers.

What are the Best Email Marketing Services?

A good email marketing software is absolutely essential in order to take advantage of the best asset your business can create – an engaged email list. The right email software is going to provide many functions to best communicate with your audience including tagging, automation, segmentation, and more.

That said, there are so many options available, what’s the right solution for you? Read on to discover the best email platforms available on the market right now.

1. Constant Contact

Beginner-friendly email service best for small businesses ($20/month)

Constant Contact has been on the market for over 25 years. It’s a well-established and reliable email service with an ultimate goal to help small businesses harness the power and potential of the internet through email. 

The platform features over 100 modern templates, each of which is mobile optimized and designed to boost engagement with customers. 

The email templates have also been proven to increase conversions

Constant Contact also offers special features, such as polls, events, coupons, etc. And, for marketers who want to know how their campaigns are performing, the platform has real-time reporting and analytics

In addition to all that, Constant Contact also offers a unique feature: Events Management, which gives you the ability to manage event invitations, registrations, and tickets from directly within your dashboard. 

You can collect all the details you need from event attendees and customize the different elements of your forms to match your landing page or website branding.

Key Features:

  • All-in-One Platform: Constant Contact allows you to do it all — from email marketing to eCommerce, websites, social marketing, and much more. it allows you to harness the power of email marketing automation, drip campaigns, and much more to take your email marketing game to the next level.
  • Unique Email Tools: The platform’s wide range of email marketing tools allow you to communicate smarter with everyone on your contact list.
  • Easy Editing Capabilities: Customize your emails as much as you want with easy-to-use editing tools.
  • Real-Time Reporting: Easily track your success with real-time reporting and analytics tools.
  • Mobile-Optimized Templates: There are hundreds of professionally-designed mobile-optimized templates for every conceivable purpose.

Pros of Constant Contact

  • Well-established, reliable company with great reviews online
  • This email service provider has a great email deliverability rate
  • Simple, affordable pricing tiers based on your number of contacts
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use interface that is perfect for beginners
  • Event management feature tracks registrations in real-time
  • Access to easy-to-use HTML templates (great for coders)


Constant Contact offers a 60-day free trial for you to test drive the software. 

The basic “Email” plan is $20/month for small businesses that want to create professional emails and build customer relationships. 

The “Email Plus” plan costs $45/month and is designed for organizations that want to supercharge their results using automated emails and various other features for engaging their audiences.

What Are People Saying: 

  • “5-star affiliate support, detailed reporting, competitive commissions, the list goes on. Above all else, Constant Contact shares my belief in helping small businesses compete with big guys, so I proudly recommend them to my audience.” Syed Balkhi – Founder.
  • “Email marketing is great because it doesn’t have to take a lot of effort to have a big effect.” Genevieve Piturro – Pajama Program. 
  • “Regular communication makes a huge difference to our patients. During a time in which it feels as though mandates and requirements are shifting constantly, having a way to reach out to your patients demonstrates to patients that you are committed to their care. By using the Constant Contact integration through Unified Practice, we’re able to connect with the right patient at the right time while keeping our sensitive PHI secured.” Susanna Nilsson – Chief Operating Officer. 

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2. ActiveCampaign

Best email marketing tool with advanced automation for small businesses ($9/month)

ActiveCampaign offers advanced automation features and high deliverability rates. It uses  Predictive Actions to answer some of the toughest marketing questions pertaining to your customers. 

The platform is designed to use machine learning to automatically take action on your behalf to lead customers further down your sales funnel. 

This email marketing tool also integrates with over 850 marketing and automation apps, such as WordPress, Shopify, Facebook, etc. 

The intuitive interface makes it easy to automate your list segments, and you can create list triggers or move subscribers based on criteria such as dynamic email content or sales follow-ups, among many others. 

The platform also has an impressive lead scoring system which allows you to award points to each of your email subscribers depending on specific actions chosen by you. 

Once that person meets a predetermined point threshold, they are either contacted by your sales team or they are automatically entered into a new automation funnel.

Key Features:

  • Predictive Actions: The platform helps you optimize customer experience through machine learning.
  • Robust Integrations: With ActiveCampaign, you can bring automation to all your channels and apps.
  • Expert Deliverability: The platform has a team dedicated to maintaining high deliverability across all channels
  • Migration Services: The platform offers free migration services so you can be up and running in no time.
  • In-Depth Training and Support: ActiveCampaign offers free online training and support through a variety of convenient methods.

Pros of ActiveCampaign

  • ActiveCampaign has email marketing, CRM, automation – all in one place
  • The platform offers affordable, growth-focused plans
  • Flexible lead scoring system
  • Machine learning and predictive analytics
  • ActiveCampaign also has a high email deliverability rate


ActiveCampaign offers a 14-day free trial where you can test out the software before committing to a paid plan. 

There are no setup fees, and plans range from the “Lite” plan which costs $9/month, all the way to the “Enterprise” plan which costs $229/month. 

You can choose the right plan for you depending on the type of business you have, B2B, B2C, or eCommerce.

What Are People Saying: 

  • “The automations have enabled me to get more engagement with my subscribers. My targeting is much better and this has enabled us to increase our revenues by over 150% in the last 12 months.” Deji DJ – 5-star G2 Crowd review.
  • “Automation recipes have allowed me to re-engage with my audience. I was able to begin with simple recipes to start and move onto more complicated automations to better connect with my customers.” Himanshi Munshaw Luhar, Director of Foodie Trails. 
  • “I love to monitor campaigns after sending them, whether at work or away. Being able to see campaigns, their content and the engagement improves the gratification (or relief) most marketers feel after sending campaigns.” ActiveCampaign Mobile App Feedback.

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3. Drip

Best email marketing software with eCommerce CRM features ($19/month)

Launched in 2013, this email marketing platform has since become one of the most popular services thanks to its intuitive automations and eCommerce CRM features. 

The platform’s automation workflow editor is simple and easy to use. It’s designed with the laymen in mind in order to provide a flexible user experience. 

There’s a range of automation triggers you can choose from, such as:

  • Links clicked
  • Tags assigned
  • Pages viewed
  • Online store purchases, etc.

Yet another great feature of this platform is that it allows you to automatically tag users when they carry out specific actions, such as visiting a particular product page. 

Although Drip has a lot of great features, there are a few areas where they could improve – particularly in the number of email templates on offer. 

There are only six to choose from, but you can create or upload your own templates if you wish to.

All in all, this relatively new email platform is a great all-in-one email marketing solution for small to medium sized eCommerce businesses that want an affordable automation system with CRM features to help them save time and organize leads in a more efficient way.

Key Features:

  • Automation and Segmentation: The platform offers a variety of powerful email marketing tools for eCommerce merchants
  • Cart Optimization: Drip allows you to send emails to help boost sales by targeting visitors who abandoned their cards.
  • Robust Tracking: You can track valuable metrics related to the purchase behavior and intent of your customers.
  • CRM Software: Drip’s CRM allows you to reach customers across various touch-points online.
  • Personalization Capabilities: Detailed analytics allow you to personalize your marketing messages.

Pros of Drip

  • Offers a free 14-day trial to test out software
  • Affordable, growth-focused plans
  • 24/7 live chat and email support
  • Platform comes with in-built CRM software
  • Powerful automation features ideal for eCommerce businesses


There is no free plan on offer, but you can test out the software with a 14-day free trial. 

Each of the paid plans offers full access to all the features. Pricing depends on how many contacts you have on your list, with the lowest plan costing $19/month for a list of up to 500 contacts. 

After your list hits 140,000 subscribers, pricing becomes custom.

What Are People Saying: 

  • “When I’ve needed support, the Drip team is always ready in the Live Chat – and they’re super nice to talk to while quickly helping me solve problems or challenges.” Ross Street – Roasting Co.
  • “Drip has become a very reliable revenue generator for our company. Highly recommended.” Fight Camp – Shopify Store Owner.
  • “I transferred my list from Aweber in only a few moments. It’s been easy to run broadcasts, campaigns, and integrate with Access Ally.” Emily H – Small Business owner.

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4. Hubspot

Reliable email marketing platform for all types of marketers ($45/month)

Hubspot is well known for its marketing-focused products and services. In fact, it is arguably the most integrated marketing package you’ll find on the market right now. 

If you are looking for an easy way to design and optimize fantastic-looking emails, this platform could be the ideal choice for you. 

With Hubspot, you get a ton of custom features to suit your business, and as your enterprise grows, you can upgrade your plan to unlock advanced functionality. 

The platform is designed to be user-friendly, which makes it ideal for use by beginners. 

There are tons of pre-made email templates, each of which is optimized to achieve high levels of engagement from your subscribers. 

The platform has a simple drag-and-drop editor that makes it easy to customize the templates to match your style

You can easily add images, text, dividers, buttons, and various other elements to create any layout you want. 

Furthermore, you can preview your email designs easily based on various devices, recipients, or email clients, such as Office 365, Apple Mail, and Gmail. 

This tool also boasts powerful personalization features that allow you to personalize your email content based on many of the common merge tags, such as the recipient’s first name, but also some unique ones such as the user’s device, geographic location, and list segment.

Key Features:

  • A/B Testing: Hubspot allows you to A/B test content and email subject lines to maximize open and click rates.
  • Smart Send Functionality: With this feature, you can adjust your send time in order to maximize engagement.
  • In-Depth Metrics: The platform’s analytics dashboard shows you data on things such as open rates, click rates, time spent viewing email, etc.
  • User-Friendly Reporting: The reporting tool allows you to gauge how your emails performed, including whether recipients read, skimmed, or merely glanced at the email.
  • High Deliverability Rate: Hubspot has a healthy email deliverability rate of 99% which is among the best in the industry.

Pros of Hubspot

  • Hubspot has a full-featured CRM software
  • The platform also offers mobile optimization
  • You get a personal calendar for scheduling appointments
  • Features include automated sequences to improve workflow
  • Includes timely phone and email support


Hubspot pricing starts at $45/month for businesses with up to 1,000 marketing contacts. 

You can save 10% by paying annually and you will have all the tools you need to attract audience attention, understand your leads, and engage them through email marketing.

What Are People Saying: 

  • “WOW – we cannot believe that you are actually letting us use this fantastic tool as part of the free version. My CEO said to me, nothing is FREE, there’s got to be a catch. So far, the catch is we love using HubSpot and are quickly becoming raving fans:).” Kim Ronaldson – Partner Experience Director, Incorp.
  • “This is just awesome! So much easier to use than MailChimp. Also, you have way better analytics than MailChimp. I am so glad I stumbled upon HubSpot.” Foster Brusca – Trainer & Consultant, The Pest Posse.
  • “Best email platform I’ve ever used. Measuring results is second to none.” Eliahi Priest – Producer & Director, Event Zero

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5. MailerLite

Easy to use email platform best for beginners with small budgets (Starts from FREE)

MailerLite offers a free plan that you can use for as long as you need to. But, as your email list grows, you can upgrade to the paid plans in order to unlock more features and functionality. 

With over 600,000 customers from across the globe, MailerLite has proved itself to be a flexible, reliable email marketing platform

One of the reasons for its growing popularity is its interface which is extremely intuitive, as well as the 24/7 email support, and the live chat which has an impressive 5-minute average response time.

MailerLite also has responsive email designs for every conceivable use. If you have fewer than 1,000 email subscribers, you can use their free plan forever and send up to 12,000 emails every month for free.

The platform also has tools to help you track your email marketing results, such as tracking opens using location reports, or a click map to measure content engagement. 

Other features include eCommerce integrations with many of the top platforms for marketing automation. 

You can also conduct email surveys to gain helpful insights from your subscribers. 

There’s also a template gallery where you can simply pick and use professionally designed templates for any type of emails you want to create. 

In addition to all that, MailerLite also has an impressive email deliverability rate so you have the peace of mind of knowing your emails will actually reach your subscribers’ inboxes.

Key Features:

  • Powerful Drag-and-Drop Editor: Although MailerLite’s editor is simple and easy to use, it provides powerful customization features.
  • Newsletter Templates: There are dozens of templates to choose from, which means you don’t have to create your own email newsletters from scratch.
  • Subscriber Management: Intuitive subscriber management interface allows you to easily add, filter, and organize subscribers.
  • Personalization Features: Easily personalize your message to increase email engagement and boost conversions.
  • A/B Testing: Split testing features allow you to optimize emails before sending them to your subscribers.

Pros of MailerLite

  • Live 24/7 customer support through email and chat 
  • eCommerce integrations with many of the top platforms
  • Great email deliverability rates
  • High-quality, expertly designed email templates
  • Simple yet powerful landing page builder


You can use the free plan for as long as you want to. Premium plans start at $10 per month (with a 30-day free trial), and you get access to all the features you need to implement a strong email marketing strategy. 

This includes the landing page builder, pop-ups, embedded forms, and much more. Pricing is based on your number of subscribers and will increase as your list grows. 

What Are People Saying: 

  • “What really impresses me with MailerLite is how they seem to be one step ahead of the competition. Their software is incredibly progressive and works perfectly across all devices.” Rob Ford – Founder and Principal, The FWA.
  • “We love the simplicity and flexibility of MailerLite. It’s helped us connect Typeform’s online magazine with our audience as we’ve grown from a small to mid-sized startup.” Eric Johnson – Senior Writer / Researcher, Typeform.
  • “Mailerlite’s newsletter results and easy account management combined with a variety of design features gave us what we needed. On top of that Drag-and-drop Newsletter Editor makes it easy to create great-looking newsletters in no time.” Samur Isma – Founder and Graphic Designer. 

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6. BigMailer

Best email marketing platform for multi-brand management by agencies. (FREE Trial then $1-$2/1000 contacts)

BigMailer offers support for all email campaign types at a single price point. The email platform has a brand management dashboard and allows user access management with permission levels. 

The platform has a number of optimized workflows for agencies, franchises, and anyone working with multiple brands. It supports template sharing between brands, free stock photo search, and unlimited asset storage an no extra cost. 

The platform offers a variety of template management options:

  1. Classic HTML editor for managing existing templates.
  2. Drag-n-drop editor that allows to quickly build mobile optimized templates.
  3. Pre-built templates library.

BigMailer supports integrations with Zapier, Integromat, Zoho, and Pabbly, with access to hundreds of apps to integrate with. 

Automation campaigns can be used to set up confirmation emails, welcome sequences, or on-boarding drip-style campaign. RSS to email option can be used to send automated email updates for new blog posts, with a variety of scheduling options. 

Key Features:

  • Support for all email campaign types – newsletters, automations, and transactional
  • Built-in brand and user access management
  • Optimized asset management workflows
  • Advanced Segmentation: Ability to segment on custom and built-in fields – campaign engagement, email domain, DateAdded, and location. 
  • Geo Targeting Option: Location data points automatically captured on BigMailer signup forms.
  • Access to unlimited free stock photos inside drag-n-drop template editor
  • Option to get a dedicated IP address

Pros of BigMailer

  • Free plan for up to 1000 contacts
  • Affordable pricing without large tier jumps
  • Unlimited brands at no extra cost.
  • Live chat and email support 7 days a week
  • White label option on Agency plan


All customers start on a full-featured free Startup plan without a time limit. 

There are no setup fees, and plans range from the “Business Basic” plan which starts at $10/month to the “Agency” plan that starts at $6000/month and offers white label option. 

What Are People Saying: 

  • “It’s easy to use, has all the important features, including automation. It even has some features that many more expensive tools don’t offer, like brands. It’s affordable. Customer support is very helpful and the team continues to add new features.” Rick F. – 5-star Capterra review.
  • “The customer service was the highlight. I didn’t know much of what I was doing but the team guided me through everything. The UX/UI is so simple and beautiful.” Matt Br – 5-star Capterra review.
  • “Bigmailer is very affordable but does everything you need for an email service provider. The UI is great and the customer service is exceptional.”  Cortney F. – 5-star G2 review.

Get Started With BigMailer

7. Omnisend

Affordable omnichannel email service best for new eCommerce businesses (FREE Trial then $16/month)

Omnisend’s platform is designed to take email marketing one step further through the unification of the different aspects of email marketing across various social media platforms. 

This includes:

  • Text
  • Push notifications
  • Whatsapp

… and much more.

With customers in over 130 countries using this email marketing software, Omnisend has become one of the best-known and most reliable email service providers. 

Another reason for its growing popularity is that the software easily integrates with all the top eCommerce platforms

From Shopify and WooCommerce to Magento, BigCommerce, and any other eCommerce software you may be using, Omnisend makes it easy to connect your platform so you can drive more sales. 

Omnisend also has tools for understanding user device preferences and website browsing behavior based on any event created by you. 

This allows you to send relevant messages to visitors on different platforms and devices – something that isn’t possible on a lot of other email marketing platforms in the same category. 

Yet another impressive feature of the platform is the product recommendations which automatically sends messages to users based on the products they viewed or interacted with on your website. 

This particular feature is great for boosting your eCommerce conversion rates and increasing your bottom line.

Key Features:

  • All-in-One Platform: Omnisend has everything you need to drive sales with eCommerce-tailored SMS and email marketing.
  • Track User Actions: The platform allows you to track website behavior so you can send more relevant messages to visitors.
  • Drive Sales on Autopilot: Pre-built automation for welcome series, cart abandonment, and transactional emails.
  • Improved Targeting: You can segment customers based on properties such as shopping behavior in order to improve conversions.
  • Easy Integrations: Omnisend integrates with all the major eCommerce platforms, including Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce.

Pros of Omnisend

  • You can have unlimited contacts on your free plan
  • Creating email templates is simple, quick, and easy
  • Great reporting features for helpful insights
  • Easily create effective follow-up campaigns
  • Great-looking pop-ups right out the box


You can sign up for a free 14-day trial which you can use to send up to 15,000 emails to your contacts. 

But, if you want features such as SMS/MMS notifications, Facebook custom audiences, web push notifications, and Google customer match, then you have to upgrade to one of the premium plans which start at $16/month for the “Standard” plan.

What Are People Saying: 

  • “We see amazing results from our automated emails. Are cart abandonment especially stand out with an 87% conversion rate and $7.44 revenue per email.” Allison Caufield – Senior Marketing Manager, FigPin. 
  • “Mail champ was fine but now that we know what only send can do, we realized what we were missing.” Craig Hastings – Culinary Director, Baking Steel.
  • “Omnisend is as powerful as it is easy to use. I can effortlessly create custom, on-brand emails, plus get up-to-the-minute reporting so I know my campaigns on track.” Sara Florin – Senior Director of Branding and Marketing, Kerrits.

Begin a FREE Trial With Omnisend

8. Sendinblue

Best email marketing platform was automation for small business (Starts from FREE)

This email service is extremely easy to use. It’s built with beginners in mind and comes with a free plan with unlimited contacts and the ability to send 300 email newsletters every day.

Premium plans start at $20/month if you require more volume. 

The platform’s ease-of-use extends into every aspect, including the simple editor and clean-looking templates which you can use to create professional-looking website opt-in forms and automated welcome emails

Sendinblue also offers a CRM and live chat in its free plan

You can create one automation workflow on the free plan, but, with the paid plans, you can supercharge your email automation workflows by setting triggers and putting your contacts through custom workflows according to their behaviors on your site and in the sales funnel. 

These triggers then create actions such as sending SMS and email messages or segmenting email contacts into different lists. 

The platform also has a feature that uses AI and machine learning to determine the best time of day to send emails in order to get maximum engagement from your subscribers

You can see real-time statistics on your dashboard with all the necessary reports with metrics like open and click rates, deliverability, heat maps, and much more. 

Key Features:

  • Great Communication Features: With Sendinblue, you can communicate with your customers through email marketing, SMS marketing, and live chat on your site.
  • Easy Personalization: The platform makes it easy to segment your audience so you can send more targeted messages that get high engagement.
  • Conversion Features: You can provide a more targeted visitor experience through conversion-focused sign-up forms, landing pages, Facebook ads, and more.
  • Robust A/B Testing Capabilities: The platform has tools to help you boost performance through split testing different ideas.
  • Real-Time Statistics: This feature allows you to stay on top of performance in real-time so you can handle any issues as they happen.

Pros of Sendinblue

  • Easy integrations with API and plugins
  • In-depth open and click-through reports
  • Email heat map for easy visualization
  • AI-powered send time optimization for increased engagement
  • Platform includes email, SMS, and chat marketing features


You can get started with Sendinblue for free. The free plan has unlimited contacts and you can send up to 300 emails each day. 

Paid plans are based on the number of emails on your list and start at $25/month and include unlimited emails, email support, A/B testing, and advanced statistics.

What Are People Saying: 

  • “We have a deliverability rate close to 100% with Sendinblue. Our clients are now more satisfied because they are informed in time at all steps of the printing process.” Evjatar Werker – Online Marketing Specialist, PeterPrint.
  • “I love creating campaigns with the drag & drop builder! I just choose a template, then customize the design how I want.” Benjamin Latour – Marketer. 
  • “Great service at Sendinblue. I had an issue with my IP address, I called Sendinblue online service. A nice person listened to my problems, detected the origin and in 10 minutes it was solved. Thank you Sendinblue” Solar Distribution.

Get Started With Sendinblue

9. ConvertKit

Reliable email marketing software ideal for bloggers (Free – $29/month)

ConvertKit has a range of features to help bloggers connect with their audience and send personalized emails with designs that look like they’re coming right from Gmail. 

There is a wide variety of attractive forms to choose from, each proven to increase conversion rates, and it’s easy to segment subscribers and set up automated emails in order to boost engagement levels. 

The platform offers advanced email sequences that you can send to your contacts based on their behavior on your website, as well as the actions they take within your emails. 

With advanced triggers, you can segment your list based on these actions and send more targeted messages to boost conversions. 

Furthermore, the platform is excellent for lead funnels, with professionally designed email templates that are proven to increase conversions and help you close sales. 

In short, this platform will help bloggers build high-converting sales funnels through the use of simple, yet effective and professional-looking email designs that lack excessive branding, fancy design features, and a lot of other elements that tend to bring down conversions. 

Key Features:

  • Email Designer: Create simple, beautiful, and effective emails that increase your conversion rates.
  • Native Integrations: ConvertKit allows you to connect to all the marketing and sales tools you use for your business.
  • Commerce Features: You can start selling digital products in minutes on your website thanks to ConvertKit’s eCommerce features.
  • Easy Automation: The platform lets you create customized tags to send well-timed targeted messages to your subscribers.
  • Landing Pages: You can create high-quality, professional-looking landing pages in just minutes – even with no prior experience.

Pros of ConvertKit

  • A straightforward platform that is easy to use
  • Provides a fantastic user experience
  • Best in class email deliverability rates
  • Robust customer support and documentation
  • Powerful features at an affordable price


You can use ConvertKit for free for up to 1,000 subscribers. 

You get unlimited landing pages and forms on the free plan, as well as the ability to send email broadcasts, sell digital products, and offer subscriptions. 

Premium plans start at $29 per month and come with additional features, such as free migration from another tool, automated funnels and sequences, Facebook custom audiences, and much more.

What Are People Saying: 

  • “Fifty people bought my first course right away, and I made $3,000. I thought, ‘Oh my gosh, this is it. This is how you make money online.'” – Deborah Niemann – Homesteader and Author. 
  • “When I started offering premium products and higher tier items, I realized people make business decisions through email.” Glo Atanmo – Blogger and Entrepreneur.
  • “In one year, I’ve gone from $0 to earning $1,000 with my mailing list – something I didn’t even know how to start doing. ConvertKit gave me the tools I needed to actually make a living doing what I love.” Zulie Rane – Writer,

Get Started With ConvertKit

10. eSputnik

Omnichannel Customer data platform covering the needs of businesses of all types and sizes (Free – $5/month)

eSputnik is a customer data platform that has evolved from an email service provider over the past few years. It now provides all the tools necessary to send campaigns via email, SMS, web or mobile push, and messengers within one system.

As for email marketing, the platform users have immediate access to all the newest technologies of the industry: AMP-powered emails, Advanced Segmentation, Geotargeting, Multilanguage, AI, and more.

eSputnik designs numerous solutions for every stage of the marketing funnel. For customer acquisition, it offers built-in lead generation tools. In a few clicks, without code changing, you can add a subscription form to your site.

eSputnik’s drag-and-drop editor enables users to create engaging email content. It has more than 800 responsive email templates, 300+ ready-to-use content blocks, a product card generator. Thus, marketers can save hours on routine and focus on a big marketing game.

To retain customers and drive repeat sales, CDP opportunities are the best. eSputnik collects data from all channels and unifies it in customer profiles. Personal info, purchase history, on-site behavior, response to campaigns, data from third-party systems — all of these sources can be used for further segmentation and personalization. You can set behavioral triggers and instantly react to user actions. Moreover, it allows you to add dynamic content and product recommendations that might be of the biggest interest to your customers.

The platform also has several A/B testing tools and complex real-time reports on board to steer your marketing efforts on track.

Key Features:

  • CDP Functionality: Know exactly who you are talking to, what to offer them, and when to send messages.
  • Omnichannel Communication: Complete email with other channels. Combining channels within one workflow will help you generate a better response and optimize your marketing budget.
  • Product Recommendations: Send relevant product recommendations based on AI algorithms to increase the average check.
  • AMP Support: Let your customers buy products, leave reviews, book meetings, and so on directly in the email.
  • Complete Analytics: RFM and cohort analysis, contact list overview, email campaign reports including revenue from campaign and click map.

Pros of eSputnik

  • Fast integrations with rich API opportunities
  • Convenient builders for email templates, workflows, forms, and product carts
  • Dynamic customer segmentation by multiple conditions
  • Effective management of multilingual campaigns
  • Free customer support available 24/7 and is easy-to-reach


All new users receive 2,500 emails for free. eSputnik offers several flexible pricing plans to meet the specific needs of every business. The cost depends on contact base size. The lowest plans:

  • “Freedom” – $1,99 per 1,000 emails – No subscription fee, unlimited contacts.
  • “Optimal.Unlimited messages” – $5 per month –  Up to 1,000 contacts, unlimited messages.
  • “Optimal.Unlimited contacts” – $11 per month – Up to 10,000 messages, unlimited contacts.

Pricing on CDP features starts at $99 per month for up to 50,000 contacts and up to 250,000 website visitors.

What Are People Saying: 

  • “I like the variety of features the platform offers. For someone looking to automate marketing across channels and save time, eSputnik is a great choice. It’s impressive how many choices you have and how much you can expand your reach thanks to all these features.” – Corina L. – 5-star G2 Crowd review.
  • “Powerful system with advanced features for reasonable price. You can create and store templates, get instant reports on opens and clicks, RFM-analysis. Better than most competitors.” – Jacob M. 5-star Capterra review.
  • “Ease of use. Very simple and intuitive interface. I switched over from another service and even when I was first starting out and didn’t know what I was doing I was able to either figure it out using their Support chat.” – Lisa Johnson,  Freelance Graphic Designer.

Get Started With eSputnik

11. Moosend

All-in-one marketing automation platform ideal for all businesses (Starts from FREE)

This automation tool is designed to help you accomplish all your email marketing tasks from one platform – from building your list to connecting with your audience, and much more.

You can segment your contacts, personalize your emails, and automate much of the tasks, giving you time to focus more on customer relationships. 

Moosend’s campaign builder comes with an intuitive drag-and-drop editor that allows you to customize templates exactly how you want them to look, even if you have no prior technical experience. 

You can easily add text blocks, images, social icons, and a lot of other elements to your emails. 

There is a huge library of email templates to choose from, each of which is professionally designed and optimized for high engagement and conversions. 

Furthermore, all the templates are responsive, which means that they look great on all devices. 

The platform also provides pre-built automation templates that allow you to automate messages using upsells, customer engagement, and customer loyalty emails. 

To achieve this, simply consider the main components of each automation, which are the trigger, control steps, and actions

Combining these three allows you to filter segments of your email list and send messages when your subscribers have taken specific actions.

Key Features:

  • Custom Opt-in Forms: Moosend allows you to design and create your own opt-in forms for visitors to subscribe to your list.
  • Landing Page Builder: You can build custom web pages with embedded email sign-up forms as a way to increase conversions.
  • List Segmentation: The platform has tools for segmenting your list of subscribers based on engagement metrics, email activity, abandoned carts, and much more.
  • Stellar Support: Moosend has great customer support including email, phone, live chat, and a vast knowledge base.
  • Automation Workflows: With these templates, you can personalize your emails and easily nurture customer relationships.

Pros of Moosend

  • Easy-to-use drag-and-drop email editor
  • A/B split-testing features for optimization
  • Robust data analytics and reporting features
  • List segmentation for highly personalized messaging
  • Product recommendation feature for higher conversions


Moosend has a plan that is free to use forever. It doesn’t require a credit card, and comes with unlimited emails, sign-up, and subscription forms. You also get reporting and analytics. 

However, if you require features such as landing page creation, transactional emails, phone support, and adding team members to your account, then you can upgrade to the paid plans which start at just $8/month.

What Are People Saying: 

  • “With Moosend, we tailor our communication to our customers exactly as we desired. It is very hard to find a team that is willing to give solutions to your business needs, but with these guys we certainly did it! The product is seamless giving the best satisfaction to our most precious assets.” General Manager, Dominoes.
  • “Moosend is a user-friendly platform with a great support team. And the most incredible thing is that it’s cost-efficient. Thank you most and for making my life easier.” Alex Melvani – Membership Officer at WWF.
  • “When it comes to brands, usually you don’t have a second chance if you miss a deadline or on delivering the message to their audiences. Thanks to Moosend our clients are always happy.” George Levetikos – Chief Integration Officer, Mullenlowe Group. 

Get Started With Moosend

12. Mailchimp

Popular email marketing platform ideal for small businesses (Free – $9.99/month)

Mailchimp is a popular email marketing platform that serves millions of customers from across the world. 

It has a free plan with a user-friendly interface that you can use to send up to 12,000 emails to 2,000 subscribers every month. 

You can also send transactional emails, create autoresponders, get detailed analytics, and even integrate with third-party apps and tools. 

If you own a small business, Mailchimp’s free plan offers more than enough features to get started building and growing your list

As your subscriber base grows, you can then upgrade to one of Mailchimp’s premium plans, each of which is charged based on your email list size. 

Mailchimp is mostly popular because it offers free email marketing services, but if you want to create emails that are more customized, the free version may not be the best option for you. 

Overall, Mailchimp is a reliable all-in-one email marketing tool that helps small businesses achieve big goals

Recently named one of the best global software companies of 2021, Mailchimp prides itself on providing support and guidance each step of the way through the use of guides and tutorials, case studies, and marketing tips on their website. 

Key Features:

  • Email Marketing: The platform provides free email marketing services with a ton of helpful tools to engage and delight your audience with beautiful, branded emails.
  • Landing Pages: Easy drag-and-drop editor for designing landing pages to grow your audience.
  • Audience Management: Mailchimp has a marketing CRM that will help you get to know and manage your audience.
  • Marketing Automation: You can design personalized journeys through the use of conditional logic, branching points, and more.
  • Insights and Analytics: Mailchimp offers A/B testing, reports, surveys, and smart recommendations to give you deeper insights for better decision-making.

Pros of Mailchimp

  • Mailchimp has all the products you need to get your business online
  • You can market your business with email, digital ads, and social media
  • The platform offers behavioral targeting  and segmentation features
  • You can sync and store your data by integrating with other tools
  • Create better email content with dynamic content features
  • Understand how your emails are performing with detailed reports that include unsubscribe, open, and click-through rates


You can use Mailchimp for free for as long as you want. You get access to all the multichannel tools you require to build and grow your online business and audience. 

Once your list exceeds 2,000 contacts, or if you require additional features, such as comparative reporting, multivariate testing, and phone support, then you can upgrade to the paid plans which start at just $9.99/month.

What Are People Saying: 

  • “Since using Mailchimp, I feel so much more confident in managing all our marketing. Like I got this.” Marissa Axell – Co-Founder of 17th Street Athletic Club.
  • “How the teams at Ticket Alternative and Freshtix get higher open rates by delivering the right content to the right people.” Iain Bluett – Ticket Alternative. 
  • “As a startup marketing agency, we’ve used Mailchimp for many years. Unlike most other platforms, Mailchimp has evolved at a steady pace and stayed ahead of our needs each step of the way… not just maintaining the status quo like most other email marketing platforms in this tired space.” Curt C. – CEO, Marketing and Advertising.

Get Started With Mailchimp 

13. GetResponse

Affordable platform with automated sales funnels and landing page builder ($15/month)

GetResponse is a popular all-in-one email marketing platform that is perfect for small businesses that are focused on growth. 

With this platform, you can create effective email marketing campaigns and build high-converting landing pages

GetResponse also offers webinar software to help you streamline your marketing efforts. This means you don’t have to go looking for third-party software to help you host webinars. You can do it all from one convenient place. 

The platform also has a special feature, Autofunnel, which is a tool that comes with over 30 pre-designed email templates, landing pages, and sequences to help you start generating sales immediately. 

You get to choose your end goals, but whether you want to increase webinar sign-ups, drive leads, or sell products, Autofunnel will help you achieve your most important objectives. 

It is optimized to nurture the subscribers on your list and maximize your entire funnel’s conversion rates

There are over 500 templates from which to choose (although they could do with some upgrading to make them look more modern).

Another feature that could be improved is the platform’s deliverability rate, which is not as good as many of the other options on this list.

Key Features:

  • Email Marketing: GetResponse offers professional templates that are easy to customize to suit your needs.
  • Webinar Software: You can easily set up and run webinars with the platform’s complete marketing webinar tools.
  • Marketing Automation: You will have all the tools you need to build automation flows that bring your customer journeys to life.
  • Landing Pages: Choose from dozens of pre-made landing pages designed to convert traffic into leads.
  • Robust Analytics: You can easily track the performance of your emails through key metrics, automated reports, etc.

Pros of GetResponse

  • List management features for precise targeting
  • Transactional emails, such as order confirmations, receipts, etc.
  • Easy to use email creator for professional-looking emails
  • Autoresponders for welcome, follow-up, and nurturing emails
  • Sign-up forms and pop-ups to help you grow your email list


GetResponse offers a 30-day free trial where you can test out all the platform’s features before signing up for a paid plan. 

The “Basic” plan costs $15/month for 1,000 subscribers and includes email marketing, autoresponders, and unlimited landing pages, among other features. 

The “Plus”, “Professional”, and “Max” plans offer more advanced features, such as sales funnels, webinar funnels, automation builders, content scoring and tagging, and much more.

What Are People Saying: 

  • “My email campaigns bring in more business than any other form of marketing. Every time a monthly email goes out, I get multiple signups for my photo workshops, and it continues into the following weeks. I would give up any other form of marketing, as long as I could keep my email campaigns going!” Paul Nguyen – Photographer, Bluehour Photo Venture.
  • “It’s important to maintain a rhythmic balance even though interior design can have demanding hours that change each week. Having a great team – as well as products like GetResponse – cuts down the time and technical know-how involved.” Joanne and Donna Riley – Interior Designers, Interior Edge.
  • “GetResponse helps me run my business. I’ve been with them for a long time and I’m not going anywhere. I love GetResponse’s tracking, stats, and features.” Nick Nilsson – BetterU, Inc.

Get Started With GetResponse

14. Aweber

Well-established email marketing platform ideal for small businesses (Free – $19/month)

Aweber’s platform is best suited for small businesses and those who are just getting started with email marketing. 

The platform offers high-quality support through email and phone, as well as a wealth of helpful videos, articles, and documentation to help you find quick answers to your questions. 

Aweber also offers a wide range of tools to help you build and grow your business. This includes a drag-and-drop email builder that is easy to use – even without any technical know-how. 

You also get list management tools and analytics reports – all on an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to get things done. 

Even complete beginners can easily manage their lists using the platform’s tools, and you can also create autoresponder workflows based on subscriber actions, such as email opens, site visits, link clicks, purchases, and much more.

Key Features:

  • Email Designer: Aweber’s platform lets you design beautiful emails in seconds using only your website URL.
  • Drag-And-Drop Editor: You can build custom emails within minutes without the need for learning code.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Gain valuable insights from pre-built reports and analytics on the platform.
  • Auto Newsletters: Automate your email content creation and broadcast posts from your blog as newsletters.
  • Pre-built Templates: You can get started right away sending emails thanks to Aweber’s library of professionally-designed email templates.

Pros of Aweber

  • Aweber allows you to design marketing emails with Canva
  • You can build professional emails in seconds with the drag-and-drop editor
  • Easily create set-and-forget campaigns for nurturing subscribers
  • Make emails more personal with segmentation and tagging features
  • Huge library of free stock images to make your emails pop


Aweber offers a free plan for lists with fewer than 500 subscribers. The free plan comes with everything you need for growing your business with email marketing without any time restrictions. 

When your list grows past 500 subscribers, you can sign up for the “Pro” plan which costs $16.15/month, billed annually. With this plan, you get access to all the features on the platform. 

As your subscriber base grows, the amount you pay will increase – up to $149/month for 25,000 subscribers. After that, the platform will provide you with custom pricing. 

What Are People Saying: 

  • “My favorite thing is that it’s super easy to input all the info. You don’t have to use crazy templates, you can drag and drop to put the emails together.” Paula Rizzo – The List Producer.
  • “The ease of automation has been a game-changer for our business. For us to have so many people that are coming to our site and interacting, and to be able to just stay in touch with them in such an easy way. And to have that be automated is everything. It’s a really big deal.” Corrin Madden – Little Love Jar.
  • “With Aweber, you get emails, landing pages, web push notifications, forms, funnels, and so much more. That’s really important because having it all in one place allowed me to streamline in a way that made it a lot easier for me and consequently my clients to grow our businesses.” Minessa Konecky – Direct to Success.

Get Started With Aweber

What Features are Important in Email Marketing Software?

You will find our list of email marketing software useful whether you’re a startup conducting email marketing for the first time or an established company trying out new strategies.

But, you may not know how to choose the right email marketing platform from the many options presented to you. 

Below, I’ve listed several factors that you need to consider when picking the best email marketing software that will save you time, convert leads, nature customers, and grow your business.

1. Ease-of-use 

If you have to spend countless hours trying to figure out how your email marketing platform works, then that kinda defeats the purpose, doesn’t it? 

You must choose a platform that is powerful, but also easy to use so you can save time creating and managing effective email campaigns. 

You might read through user reviews to find out how easy to use the platform’s interface is before making a choice.

2. Segmentation

Being able to organize and sort your email addresses is an important feature of any email service provider. 

It allows you to laser in and target specific groups of your subscriber list so you can send them more relevant, personalized content and offers that they are actually interested in. 

This type of personalization has been proven to be extremely effective in helping to boost conversions and increase sales and email marketing.

With this type of email personalization, you’ll be able to leverage detailed information about your customers in order to position your brand messaging in a way that truly resonates with them.

3. Customization

In addition to being able to target your customers based on the topics they are interested in, the right email marketing software will allow you to customize your emails using a variety of professionally designed email templates. 

These allow you complete control over every aspect of the messages you send out. You will be able to create stunning, unique emails and personalize each one to align with your campaign goals.

4. Deliverability

The email marketing platform you choose should be poised to offer you maximum deliverability. 

You’ll find that although your email marketing may be CAN-SPAM compliant, a lot of email platforms tend to have poor deliverability rates which will ultimately impact the effectiveness of your campaigns. 

So, you might want to choose a platform with a reliable sender policy framework (SPF), one that monitors blacklists, and removes inactive users in order to reduce bounced emails.

5. Responsive Display

A lot of customers access emails on their mobile devices, and it’s extremely difficult to read some types of emails when using a mobile screen. 

So make sure you use an email marketing system with a responsive display so that your emails are displayed perfectly on smartphones and tablets.

6. CRM

The majority of email tools today can easily integrate with the most popular CRM (customer relationship management) solutions, as well as marketing automation functionality. 

This is something that’s important if you want to align sales and marketing activities for a more convenient process that targets the right people with the right messages, at the right time. 

7. Email Volume

It’s important to consider the number of emails you need to send every month. If you have a large mailing list, some email marketing platforms may limit the number of emails you are able to send. 

That’s why it’s important to choose a plan that not only can handle your current workload, but also allows you to scale up without driving up your costs and reducing your ROI.

8. Security

If your business deals with sensitive personal data or if you need an email marketing platform with certifications for specific security and privacy compliance, make sure you consider this before making your choice. 

That’s why it’s crucial to take the time to choose an email service provider that has the features to take care of all your security and compliance needs, such as: 

  • ISO 27001 (information security)
  • ISO 27018 (cloud privacy)
  • ISO 27017 (cloud security)
  • GDPR Compliant
  • EU-US Privacy Shield s
  • CAN-SPAM Compliant
  • TLS encryption
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Segmented accounts

9. Optimization (Analytics and Reporting)

In today’s competitive world, it’s extremely important for marketers to be able to tell exactly how their campaigns are performing, including which emails generate a positive ROI, and so on. 

With the right optimization tools, you will be able to do more of what works and make improvements wherever necessary. 

So, choose an email marketing tool with optimization features, such as send-time optimization, A/B testing, campaign analytics, and in-depth reporting.

10. Integrations

Opt for an email marketing platform that readily integrates with all major ESPs. At the very least, your email marketing software should integrate with a variety of CRM, helpdesk, and various other solutions in your tech stack. 

This will allow you to share customer data for marketing, sales, and customer service. Additionally, your chosen email marketing solutions must allow you to easily import and export common file formats, such as CSV, txt, etc.

11. Support and Training

The majority of email marketing platforms are surprisingly lacking in this regard. A few, such as ActiveCampaign, Hubspot, and Drip stand out for offering robust customer support and training to help their customers get the most out of their respective platforms. 

They offer support in the way of intuitive user interfaces, extensive video tutorials, how-to guides, virtual and in-person events, community on social media, webinars, courses, certifications, e-books, etc.

Make sure that the platform you choose offers support in a format that works for you. 

12. Pricing

Although pricing should never be the main determining factor for which email software you choose, it’s still important to ensure that you’re getting real value for money.

Just keep in mind that with these types of tools, you get what you pay for, and you can’t expect the same features from a $20/month tool that you get from a $300/month platform. 

Luckily, the list above includes some of the best email marketing software, such as ConstantContact, that offer enormous value at an affordable price

Important Email Marketing Statistics

If you’re still not convinced about how important email marketing is to your business, here are some recent stats for you to consider: 

  • Email marketing has an impressive return on investment of $38
  • By the end of 2021, there will be over 4.1 billion email users in the world
  • There are currently over 5.6 billion active email accounts
  • Segmented email campaigns result in a 760% boost in revenue
  • 319.6 billion emails are sent and received worldwide every day

Email Marketing Software Q&A

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is the process of sending commercial messages, typically to groups of people, using email. It’s a vital marketing channel for online businesses, and even small websites can take advantage of it to send promotional emails, request business, or solicit sales from potential and current customers.

Why is Email Marketing Important?

Email marketing is important because it helps marketers reach and connect with their target market in a timely and cost-effective way. Email has the highest ROI (return on investment) of any marketing channel and, because it can be easily personalized, it helps to increase conversions and sales.

How Does Email Marketing Work?

Businesses use an email service provider, also known as ESP, to send marketing emails to their customers and prospects. This service has the infrastructure necessary to ensure high email deliverability to help businesses achieve their goals, such as welcoming new subscribers, boosting brand awareness, boosting audience engagement, increasing sales, etc.

How Can You Get Email Subscribers?

Getting people to subscribe to your email list comes down to having an effective strategy. For instance, craft a compelling offer that will entice more sign-ups. Insert calls to action (CTAs) on-site to get the emails from your website visitors, and make it easy for them to enter their email address and subscribe in as few clicks as possible.

Best Way to Start Email Marketing

The best way to start email marketing is to collect emails first. After you’ve built a targeted email list, you can then begin creating sequences that are relevant to the people on your list – and aligned with your specific goals for email marketing. Make sure you deliver value before asking for something.

How Much Does Email Marketing Cost?

Email marketing costs vary depending on whether you are self-managing your campaigns or working with an agency. The amount you pay also depends on the marketing software you choose, as well as the number of subscribers on your list. 

On average, a midsized business might spend between $9 and $300 per month on self-managed campaigns, while a business working with an agency might spend $300 – $2,000+. 

What Other Email Marketing Software Would You Recommend?

While I would recommend sticking with one of the email marketing tools I listed above, you can choose from several other great email marketing software services including Salesforce and Campaign Monitor.

Once you have selected the right email marketing software, there are other tools you should consider like OptInMonster that helps optimize your emails for conversions. Additionally, you can use chatbots to help you generate email subscribers on your site.


Finding the right email marketing software service to support your online business is one of the most important decisions you can make. It took me countless hours to put together this list to help you understand the different platforms available and I hope it helps you choose the right platform for you.

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