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Newor Media is an ad management company specializing in header bidding solutions for publishers. It’s similar to AdSense, except that this platform uses AI technology to maximize your ad revenue.

Read the rest of this Newor Media review to discover more about this Google Adsense alternative network and how it can help you earn more from your blog.

Newor Media Summary

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9.4 out of 10

Ron’s Thoughts

Newor Media is an ad management company that specializes in header bidding solutions for publishers. It’s a great alternative to AdSense due to its highly effective tools, including access to the Google Ad Exchange, highly optimized ads, advanced analytics and tracking tools, and most importantly – timely payouts. You won’t make a mistake if you choose Newor Media as your preferred ad management platform!

  • Biggest Pro:

    Advanced Analytics & Tracking Tools

  • Biggest Con:

    Limited Ad Unit Creation

  • Annual Discount:


  • Price:


  • Promotion:

    Try Newor Media for Free

Is Newor Media Worth it?

Bloggers must find effective ways to monetize their blogs in order to earn a full-time income. There are tons of monetization methods to choose from, but one of the most effective and commonly used ways is through ads. 

Ads offer a simple, low-maintenance way to earn income through your blog. Over time, ads can provide you with a consistent and passive flow of income, particularly if you work with the right ad network designed to help you maximize your earnings. 

One such network is Newor Media. 

Newor Media has an algorithm-based real-time bidding technology that helps you get bigger returns from banner ads on your site. That alone makes it worth your while because you’ll earn more from the same ads on your website just by using this technology. 

The platform partners with ad exchanges that use header bidding in order to get you the highest-paying advertisers for your site. 

When you sign up on Newor Media, you also get access to Google Ad Exchange which is a great benefit for publishers because Google Ad Exchange has a lot more features and controls compared to ad exchange alone.

You get access to things such as:

  • Private deals
  • Advertiser blocking
  • Demand source blocking

… and much more.

By working with an authorized reseller using Google ad exchange, site publishers get to enjoy these and other benefits. 

But Newor Media presents you with even more advantages.

In addition to selling your ad impressions through Google, the network also competes with other exchanges and networks to ensure that you get even higher revenues on your site.

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Who is Newor Media Good For?

Newor Media has several use cases, including the following:

  • Maximize Ad Earnings: Newor Media is ideal for anyone who wants to maximize their blog or website earnings without putting in more effort. 
  • Alternative to AdSense: The platform is also perfect for you if you are looking for a more lucrative alternative to your current ad network, including Adsense, Ezoic, etc. 
  • Get Better Reporting: Newor Media has a robust reporting dashboard that provides you with real-time information to help you make the best choices for your site.
  • Get Paid on Impressions: Most visitors won’t click on your ads, and if you want to be paid on impressions instead of clicks, this platform is a great option to consider.

Newor Media Functionality

1. Ease of Use

Newor Media works in a very simple way. When you sign up on the platform, the customer support team provides you with an Insertion Order agreement, which is a document that lays out the terms of your partnership. 

This is not a long-term contract and once the document is signed, your site will be submitted for approval to the platform’s network partners. If you’re approved, those partners will then be connected to your real-time bidding stack. 

After that, you’ll be sent ad units for your site, which means you can start monetizing your website immediately. 

This entire process takes between two and four days, and the customer service team can place the ads directly on your website if you need this option. 

If you are a WordPress user, the process of installing ads on your site will be extremely easy for you. You can simply use the Ad Inserter Pro plugin that will do all the work for you. 

However, you still get an account manager from Newor Media who will be on hand to assist you in choosing the most optimal placements for your ads.

You can disable ads on some of your website pages by navigating to the appropriate section on your dashboard. Simply paste the page URLs that you want to leave out.

The platform’s admin panel is very simple and comes with a range of features for adding new websites, sending messages, changing ad settings, requesting specific features, and more. 

You also get a fully functional reporting dashboard that offers information on your daily impressions and revenue.

2. Algorithmic Real-Time Bidding 

The platform offers algorithmic real-time bidding, as well as machine learning to help you maximize your ad revenue. 

It combines cutting-edge header bidding technology with the industry’s highest-yielding networks for top-quality ad earnings that are unmatched in the market. 

The platform’s engineers are constantly working to improve the technology so you can further optimize your website’s earning potential.

By signing up on Newor Media, you’ll be able to scale up your earnings automatically. The ad network is already poised to outperform all your current partners thanks to its proprietary technology and network relationships. 

However, you can also work with the team of professionals on the site to discover additional ways to make the most of your banner ads.

3. Quality Ads

The quality of Newor Media ads is unparalleled. The platform acts as a mediator, with ads from different networks. This includes networks like:

  • Yahoo
  • AdSense
  • Outbrain
  • Revcontent
  • Smartadserver
  • Pubmatic

…and many others. 

Most ads are banner adverts. You’ll often get a message for you to add new networks to your ads.txt file for even more competition for the spots on your website. 

All of these are top-quality ads that will not take away from your visitors’ experience.

None of the ads come with any hidden software on malware to affect your website or your visitors’ personal devices. This means you won’t face complaints from customers or difficulties with Google.

4. Types of Ads 

Newor Media offers different types of ads, including:

  • Header Bidding: I’ve already explained how header bidding works, but it’s important to stress the fact that Newor Media helps you get the most from every single impression on your site through its header bidding process. 

The platform has relationships with all major supply-side partners (SSPs) which means your ad auctions will always have the most bidders possible.

  • Vignettes: These are full-screen pop-ups that are shown with the ads when users are navigating from one page to another. Google only recently allowed these types of ads on widescreen devices but they have already been shown to be very lucrative. If you cater to more desktop users than mobile readers, then these types of ads are a great option for you.
  • Video Ads: There’s no denying that video is the future. That’s why Newor Media stays on top of this growing trend through the use of its OutStream video technologies. This feature does much the same thing as header bidding and Google encourages video ads which is why you can expect a boost in your advertising revenue.

5. Minimal Ads and Full Control Over Placement

If you have too many ads on your website, it can drastically reduce user experience, leaving your readers frustrated and annoyed. This makes it more likely that they will click away from your website and go to your competition instead. 

To avoid this, Newor Media allows you six ad units to add to your website in the following areas:

  • One vertical sidebar ad
  • One horizontal ad
  • One sticky ad
  • Three in-content ads

You don’t need to use all six ads on a page, but you do need a minimum of two ads. 

You have the option of which pages to show ads on, and you can choose where ads go in your content which gives you a measure of control over maintaining a good user experience for your readers. 

For example, you might add your in-content ads in the top section of your blog posts in order to help maximize impressions and earnings.

6. Simple Signup Process and Requirements

The requirements for joining Newor Media are as follows:

  • Have a website or blog in English
  • Have the majority of your traffic coming from the US (which is where the most demand comes from)
  • No traffic minimums as of November 2023. They used to have minimums, but that has been removed.

To get started on the platform simply fill out the form on the website’s sign-up page, and once you submit it, you’ll be contacted within 24 hours to learn whether or not you’ve been approved.

Once approved, simply follow the instructions sent to you via email to begin enjoying higher earnings. The platform does not require exclusivity against AdSense or direct sales.

7. Handy Earnings Calculator

If you are curious about the amount of ad revenue you should be making, Newor Media can answer that question for you. 

The platform has a handy earnings calculator that allows you to see how much your blog or website could make. 

Simply fill out your details and click “calculate”. 

The calculator will make an estimation based on present and historical data of the different sites Newor Media works with. 

This is not a guarantee that your site will earn what the calculator states. 

The figure will depend on a variety of factors, such as:

  • Your type of traffic (social versus SEO)
  • Where your traffic is coming from
  • Mobile versus desktop
  • If you’re using AMP
  • How fast your website visitors bounce

… and many other factors. 

However, the calculated figure can serve as a good benchmark for what blogs in your industry typically make from ads.

Having said that, if you are just using a network like AdSense, it will be fairly clear that you should be earning a lot more from your web visitors. 

Of course, there’s no set amount that you should make per session, but if you use Newor Media’s header bidding, and all of its amazing networks, that figure will likely be a lot more than what you’re currently making.

8. Easy Payments

The platform offers 30-day payments, which is appealing for most publishers since many other networks pay on a Net90 basis. 

In addition to getting fast payments, you also get the option of receiving your money either through PayPal, Payoneer, or direct wire transfer. 

The platform prides itself on its friendly payment terms and customer service and you are guaranteed of receiving your payment in full, on time, every time.

Regardless of network clawbacks, publishers are paid exactly what they are owed based on the figures calculated at the end of each month. Newor Media ensures that it never overreaches which is how they can always guarantee your payments on a Net30 basis.

The payment threshold is $250 for wire transfers and a minimum of $50 for PayPal or Payoneer. 

If you are in the US, you need to upload a W-2 form in order to receive your payments. You can download the form on your dashboard, fill it out, and then re-upload it. 

9. Strategic Help In Balancing User Experience and Ad Placement

As previously mentioned, your ad placement plays a huge role in the user experience of your website visitors. 

Newor Media understands this and provides help so you can maximize ad placement without sacrificing user experience. 

This is how programmatic advertising is able to maximize earnings. It focuses on specific things that impact user experience, such as time on site, viewability, and page balance as a way to optimize your website revenue and help you make the most from your web property. 

Add that to the lightning-fast load time of the ads which has very little to no impact on your site speed, and you have the perfect recipe for skyrocketing your ad earnings.

Newor Media Pros and Cons

All types of software, no matter how great, come with a set of benefits and drawbacks, and Newor Media is no different. 

Here are some of its more prominent pros and cons.


  1. User-Friendly Admin Dashboard: Newor Media’s dashboard is extremely easy to use. You get all the information at your fingertips, including an in-depth stats dashboard.
  2. Access to Google Ad Exchange: In addition to header bidding technology, you also get access to Google Ad Exchange which helps to maximize your earnings.
  3. Timely Payouts: Newor Media has a Net30 payment model, low payment threshold, and all payouts are conducted on time, every time.
  4. Highly Optimized Ads: All ads on the platform are optimized for super-fast load time which means there’s very little to no impact on your website speed.
  5. Advanced Analytics and Tracking Tools: The platform provides you with robust analytics tools so you can discover what works best for your site.


  1. Limited Ad Unit Creation: The ad unit creation capabilities of the platform could use some improvement.
  2. Lack of Reports Customization: It would be useful for some users to be able to customize analytics reports.
  3. Ability to Add More Ads: Newor Media only requires at least two ad spots or placeholders on your website and you can add up to 6 ads maximum. While this is great for user experience, some people may prefer to have the option to add more ads.

Newor Media Competitors

Newor Media is fast growing to become one of the most popular ad networks around. But, there are other platforms that offer similar services. 

Here are three of Newor Media’s top competitors to consider.

1. Newor Media vs Ezoic

Ezoic is a popular ad network used by many publishers as an alternative to AdSense. Like Newor Media, Ezoic helps you maximize earnings from your blog, website, or community without slowing down your site. 

You’ll get no reduction of traffic from Google, such as you would experience with other ad networks. Best of all, Ezoic allows you to monetize non-English websites or sites where the majority of traffic isn’t from the US and uses AI to better optimize your site’s earnings. I personally use Ezoic on my own sites and you can see my Ezoic review here.

The main difference between the two platforms is in the number of demand partners and the speed of delivery.

2. Newor Media vs Adsense

AdSense is a great option for beginners looking to monetize their websites. However, AdSense alone is no match for Newor Media. 

As your blog grows, you will be better served by networks like Newor Media that focus on maximizing the money you make from your blog visitors. 

The good news is, you can use both AdSense and Newor Media on your website at the same time. Newor Media allows a maximum of six placeholders, but you can have additional AdSense units if that’s what you want. By combining these two platforms, you can have a much higher revenue overall.

3. Newor Media vs Propeller Ads

This platform is built for performance and will help you grow your revenue with performance-driven ads on your website. It’s perfect for marketers and affiliates who want to create conversion-focused campaigns. 

This is a long-standing trusted ad network used by a lot of bloggers as a way to monetize their content. The platform offers a wide range of ads and push notifications but no header bidding and low CPMs which makes it the less preferred option compared to Newor Media.


Newor Media doesn’t have any pricing. The platform is free to use which means no service charges or hidden fees. 

Publishers can choose between a variety of payout options, including PayPal, Payoneer, and wire transfers. 

Payment is made on a Net30 schedule and there’s a payout threshold of $250 for wire transfers and a $50 minimum for the other payout options.

Product Support

Newor Media has a great support team that’s trained to respond in a timely way. The support agents are knowledgeable and friendly, and you’ll get help any time you need it by emailing the reps at Hello at newormedia.com. 

Most requests are addressed or completed within the same hour they were submitted. 

You can also contact the support team via the Newor Media dashboard, as well. Simply click on the message icon on the right-hand side of the page, write your message, and click send. A representative will reply and answer all your questions.

Is Newor Media Legit?

If you want high-paying ads that will earn you more money on your website, then this is a great professional ad management platform to consider. 

Newor Media is perfect for all types of publishers. Its programmatic advertising process makes use of automated technology for media buying strategies to boost your earnings without you having to put in any additional investment of money, time, or effort. 

You get optimized, fast-loading pages that Google will love. This means you get to maintain high rankings and a great user experience – all while increasing your ad income. 

The dashboard provides you with complete information on the performance of your display or video ads so you know how well you are doing.

The platform has over 250 million unique monthly visitors and 1.5 billion monthly ad impressions. It’s used by hundreds of happy customers across all industries, and it will work well for you too.

If you’re ready to start maximizing your ad income, sign up for a free account and see for yourself the difference Newor Media can make to your earnings.

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