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If you want to increase your earnings, it’s important to have the best Adsense alternative to improve performance and earn more revenue from your traffic.

Ezoic is a tool that does exactly that.

Ezoic is a machine learning-based advertisement testing and optimization platform that comes with intelligent technology designed to help you get high-earning monetization from your website in an industry that spent over $566 billion in 2022 alone. The platform gives you complete control and provides everything you need for premium monetization.

In this Ezoic review, I’ll tell you all about my first-hand experience with the platform after 3+ years of being a customer.

EDITORS NOTE: Before you sign up with Ezoic, I’d highly recommend you consider Newor Media with no minimum traffic threshold as it’s quickly become my favorite display ad solution as they have great earning potential, assign you an account manager when you sign up, and are owned by the folks at FEInternational-a trusted company regularly featured on the Inc 5000. Here’s my in-depth review if you’re interested.

Ezoic Summary

Ezoic logo

9.8 out of 10

Ron’s Thoughts

The great thing about Ezoic is that you get to keep full control of your website. In essence, this allows you to tailor the ad experience for visitors depending on your own wishes and needs. This level of customizability is seldom seen in the industry so it’s quite a nice sight to see. On top of that, the Ezoic platform is very versatile and mobile-friendly; you’ll be able to create and test the right ad combinations for each potential device your visitors will be using to access the website.

  • Biggest Pro:

    Full Website Control

  • Biggest Con:

    No Live Chat Support

  • Annual Discount:

    Yes - Up to 30% Off

  • Price:

    Starts at $5.99/Month

  • Promotion:

    30-Day Free Trial

Is Ezoic Worth it?

In this Ezoic review, we will see how Ezoic’s platform provides you with all the tools you need to intelligently monetize, produce, and market your content (without hiring a web developer) and how you can make more than your Adsense revenue. This means you’ll be able to make money from your site even while you sleep.

The machine learning feature will help you balance user experience and Ezoic revenue. You also get powerful SEO and analytics features to easily analyze and test your content so you can produce more high-performing content for your site such Ezoic Leap.


The site speed and UX enhancement feature, Ezoic Leap, will help you optimize your Core Web Vitals. There’s also a video player feature that allows you to host and monetize video content on your site and boost website traffic.

All in all, Ezoic’s system is a powerful all-in-one software that you can use to ensure your website reaches its highest earning potential. 

Who is Ezoic Good For?

Ezoic’s technology platform automates and streamlines page layout and ads. It’s ideal for a range of different users, including the following:

  • Bloggers and Content Creators: The platform has proven tools to help increase your search ranking position. It uses sophisticated data science models for SEO that allow you to easily test and implement ads-optimized title tags on your website.
  • Major Brands: Ezoic provides a 50% increase in ad revenue and 48% annual traffic growth which makes it perfect for major brands looking to scale.
  • Single-Page Web Apps: The platform also provides unique product and service offerings to maximize revenue for single-page web apps.

My Personal Ezoic Results

Take a look at my results from Ezoic for the period of 2021 until the beginning of 2022 from Ezoic platform and Google Adsense ads.

2021 Overall Ad Revenue

2021 Overall Ad Revenue

2021 Overall (Google Adsense)

2021 Overall Google Adsense

2021 – Website 3 Overall

2021 – Website 3 Overall

2021 – Website 3 Overall (Google Adsense)

2021 – Website 3 Overall Google Adsense

2021 – Website 5 Overall

2021 – Website 5 Overall

2021 – Website 5 Overall (Google Adsense)

2021 – Website 5 Overall Google Adsense

2021 – Website 7 Overall

2021 – Website 7 Overall

2021 – Website 7 Overall (Google Adsense)

2021 – Website 7 Overall Google Adsense

2022 – Website 8 Q1

2022 – Website 8 Q1

These pictures speak louder than words in comparing my Adsense revenue.  As you can see, Ezoic consistently performed better than the Google Adsense account and this wasn’t just on one website, it was on ALL of them. 

Ezoic Functionality

This Ezoic review would not be complete without us looking deep into the platform’s functionality to give you the services and tools you need.

Ezoic empowers digital publishers through the use of real artificial intelligence. Part of its service offering includes the ability to collect data and automate business decisions that improve the experience of your visitors, as well as your SEO, site speed, and revenue.

Getting started is easy and involves 3 simple steps:

Getting started on Ezoic

Here’s a closer look at some of its more prominent features mode detailed than other Ezoic reviews.

1. Website Monetization Features

Ezoic is an advocate for transparency in monetization and offers publishers complete control.

The platform offers powerful monetization features that allow you to intelligently increase your revenue and balance user experience at the same time.

How? The majority of websites provide visitors with the same experience, whereas advertisers treat each visitor differently.

This means you need different monetization strategies and ad placements for different visitors if you want to optimize your ad revenue.

Ezoic gives you the tools to adopt these attributes so you generate much higher revenue on your site.

2. Ad Tester

Ezoic’s Ad Tester puts the power of split-testing and artificial intelligence (AI) into every publisher’s toolbox.

The platform is compatible with all major ad networks and works to increase the value of ad inventory through the use of machine learning technology. 

This feature allows you to use drag-and-drop ad testing locations via Ezoic’s Chrome extension. You can automatically trigger multivariate testing to simultaneously run thousands of experiments on your top-ranking pages.

Choose goals for maximizing revenue, and balancing UX with great ad positions and the platform will optimize each visit around your objectives.

You’ll be able to test thousands of ad networks automatically and link existing relationships so Ezoic can control bid competition for your visitors.

Here are the benefits of using the Ad Tester feature:

  • Avoid Ad Dilution: Dilution means less valuable ad space.
  • Intelligently Select Ad Layouts: Place ads based on historical data.
  • Optimize Ad Sizes: Size based on what performs best in which location.
  • Leverage Ad Type: Select the type best fit for each need.
  • Ads By Visitor Type: Give visitors a tailored ad experience.

Examples of How Ezoic Optimizes Your Ads Using the Ad Tester:

  • The impact of ad location by device type: Ezoic serves the best one.
  • The impact of ad size by visitor location: Ezoic will always pick the best size.
  • All ads dilute each other: Ezoic tests and optimize the best paying solution

3. Header Bidding

Ezoic offers header bidding services on different types of ad placement, including:

  • Native Ads
  • Banner Ads
  • Link Ads
  • Sticky Ads

This feature lets you implement top ad exchanges, premium networks, and header bidding. You have access to Google Ad Exchange and the AI ad inventory designed to drive up bids than your Adsense Account. 

There’s preconfigured header bidding and access to high-performing ad networks. You can also link and mediate existing networks (e.g. AdSense account) to compete.

4. AI Feature

Ezoic’s AI helps optimize the positioning, topics, and quantity of ads on your website or blog. This helps to generate an increase in advertising revenue of about 50% on average.

With the platform’s AI working for you, it means brilliant decisions on every pageview.

You’ll be able to automate sophisticated decision-making as the machine learning technology adapts ads (better than Google auto ads and Adsense auto ads), frameworks, and layouts to maximize your revenue from each visit to your WordPress site according to exact preferences and testing specifications.

The AI technology will help you increase your revenue, protect the user experience, and automate optimizations that are virtually impossible for humans to scale.

5. Performance

One of the very best ways to tell if a company is legit is through its performance, and it’s easy to see that Ezoic works hard to provide advertisers and publishers with the best solutions and experiences possible. 

I review my personal performance below, but here is a glimpse of how Ezoic did for me in 2021:


In addition to helping you get set up with Ezoic ads on your blog, Ezoic’s team will also help you optimize your user experience and maximize your revenue by split-testing the ads on your website to find out the best-performing versions so you can increase your page RPM and session RPM.

6. Big Data Analytics

Ezoic offers its Big Data Analytics tool that will help you drive higher revenue, have better SEO, and make more money.

This toolset will help you:

  • Discover the value of different content categories on your website. 
  • Tie revenue to sectors such as landing pages, word count, and scroll depth. 
  • See which of your website’s writers generate the most engaging content, and therefore the most revenue for your site.

You can also objectively measure the return on investment (ROI) of your SEO efforts.

big data analytics

You can pull data reports from the Big Data Analytics dashboard and closely review the revenue by changing the categories:

  • By each page or post;
  • Device;
  • Traffic source;
  • UTM medium tracking;
  • URLs;
  • And by country.

These detailed reports will tell you what kind of articles earn more.

With Big Data Analytics, you get organized data that lets you take effective action on your site.

organized with Big Data Analytics

7. Video Player

Ezoic’s Video Player intelligently adds video content to your website when it adds value. Videos hosted directly on your site will be indexed in search engines for improved SEO and higher rankings.

This way, you’ll get maximum revenue from self-hosting and bidders competing for Ezoic premium ad inventory.

The video player has an easy-to-use interface for adding, inserting, and testing video content on your pages.

video player

Setup is as easy as drag-and-drop.

All you have to do is upload your video content and then create ad placeholders via Ezoic’s Chrome extension.

You can then select preferences for the videos you want to display in the placeholder – and that’s it.

drag and drop editor

Here’s a quick summary of the step:

Upload video content

  • Set custom preferences
  • Add a new video to any page
  • Replace one video with another
  • Change the size or location of an existing video
  • Monetize your video content

8. Easy Entry Requirements

A feature that really sets Ezoic apart from all the rest is that it has extremely simple entry requirements than the complexity of getting Google Adsense approval.

As you can see from the image below, websites with fewer than 10k visitors can still get access to the ad network’s monetization platform.

easy entry requirements

The platform also has a very simple onboarding process that is quick and easy to complete. If you need help, the platform’s team of customer service reps is always on hand to assist.

9. Affiliate Program

We will also explore the Affiliate Program of the platform in this Ezoic review. Ezoic offers an affiliate program that provides a lucrative source of income for a lot of website owners and publishers.

But, since Ezoic is a better fit for small publishers, affiliates stand to make significantly less than they would on a different affiliate program that focuses more on larger publishers. 

10. Payments

The next thing we will explore in this Ezoic review is the Payments options that you can use for your own site. Ezoic makes ad revenue payments on a Net30 basis, which means that you get paid 30 days after the end of the month in which you earned your big and small ad revenue.

All payments are made on time and the company offers a wide range of payment terms to suit the needs of different publishers. 

Payment methods include:

  • Cheque
  • PayPal
  • Payoneer Prepaid Card
  • Direct deposit (Available in the US only)
  • International Wire Transfer through Payoneer 

There is a minimum payout threshold of $20 when Ezoic pays which is a lot lower than Google AdSense’s threshold, which is $100. 

11. SEO Tag Tester

The platform’s SEO tag tester is an important feature that helps you optimize the way your website appears in search results. 

Indexed titles are one of Google’s contextual ranking factors which means that titles are ranked according to how relevant they are to the content. If you have a mismatched title and content, you won’t get high rankings.

But, by using the right title, you’ll not only improve your click-through rates and decrease bounce rates, but you’ll also increase your overall traffic and ad revenue. 

Ezoic’s machine learning feature works behind the scenes to determine which title is right and makes the appropriate adjustments for you.

It optimizes web page titles with consecutive testing in a process that typically takes about few weeks or two to complete. After that, it will show you which title performs best across different metrics, including:

  • Pageviews
  • Sessions
  • Bounce Rate
  • Click-Through Rate
  • Average Search Result Ranking in Google Search

…and other important metrics.

SEO tag tester

12. NicheIQ Keyword Research Tool

Ezoic has added a keyword research tool to their suite of already popular website tools to make publisher lives better. The interesting thing about this tool is that it will analyze the strength of your domain, and what content you already rank for, and then spit out suggested topics that you’re more likely to rank for.

NicheIQ doesn’t just provide keyword ideas, but also:

Potential: A measure of how valuable it would be to have your site rank for this content.

Search Volume: An estimate of the monthly search volume of the keyword being suggested.

Keyword Difficulty: Difficulty of ranking for the suggested keyword taking into account the strength of other sites you’re being compared to.

Covered: Whether or not your site has already covered the topic.

Lastly, this tool allows you to run experiments and test titles and descriptions in search results to see what performs better.

13. Flickify Video Tool

Ezoic also offers Flickify, which is a great tool to quickly/easily make videos from your written content. One thing I really like about the platform is that it’ll look at your content, analyze it, and create a video-optimized introduction that’s different/better than what a simple blog post would have.

Flickify turns your written content into professional-looking videos in less than a minute and allows for full customization from there. Beyond the customization, the tool also has an AI voice to help create a voiceover for your content, background music, and recommended photos/b-roll footage to make your content as helpful as possible.

This tool becomes a great way to earn more with revenue when combined with Humix, which is covered below.

14. Humix Video Platform

Ezoic has developed a video network of its own in order to bring more income back to publishers for their hard work.

Publishers can publish videos on the platform and in doing so, they keep more of the revenue that they’d get from other competitors such as YouTube. You’re able to generate revenue in three ways:

  • Earn revenue from sites using your videos
  • Earn revenue by displaying other’s network videos
  • Increase revenue earnings from your own videos

The platform will help keep visitors engaged longer with your content by adding videos, allowing for a new video-based traffic stream, and has a direct importer from YouTube to make life as easy as possible.

Ezoic Pros and Cons

There’s no doubt that Ezoic is a great platform for optimizing your ad revenue, but it does come with its own set of drawbacks as well.

Before you can decide whether or not Ezoic is perfect for your needs, check out its pros and cons:


  • Mobile-Friendly: The platform tests with the device type in mind, which means you get the right ad combinations for each different device used by your visitors.
mobile friendly
  • Maintain Full Control: You have full control of your website and you get to determine the type of experience visitors have when they land on your pages when selecting ad types and choosing your page template.
  • Tons of Ad Networks: Ezoic works with lots of different ad networks, which gives you flexibility and choice to choose from Ezoic ads.


  • No Live Chat Support: Ezoic’s fault is not offering live chat support with an Ezoic rep, but only an email ticket system. However, depending on your Ezoic Level, you will have access to a dedicated Ezoic account manager provided by the dedicated support of the Ezoic team.

Ezoic Competitor Ad Networks

There are many ad networks in the running for the top spot in the industry. Some of Ezoic’s top competitors include:

Here’s a quick look at how they stack up against each other as that’s important for a full comparison with this Ezoic review.

Ezoic vs Adthrive

Ezoic vs Adthrive

AdThrive is a great ad network for websites with 100,000+ monthly visitors. The platform works closely with advertisers and publishers to optimize ads. 

It offers a competitive 75% ad payout to publishers, which is higher than AdSense Google ads (68%). The platform is a Google Certified Publishing Partner (GCPP) with advanced proprietary technology.

Publishers get white-glove service and dedicated support, and you get paid whether advertisers pay or not which gives you peace of mind. 

The one downside of the platform is that the majority of your 100,000 monthly visitors have to come from the U.S. for you to be eligible to join.

Ezoic vs Mediavine

Ezoic vs Mediavine

Mediavine has long been considered by many as one of the best alternatives for AdSense. Like AdThrive, this ad network offers full-service ad management and a payout of 75%.

However, joining the network requires a lot fewer visitors than its counterpart. You require a minimum of 50,000 monthly visitors, which makes this a better option than AdThrive for websites whose traffic hasn’t hit the 100,000 mark.

Founded by content creators for content creators, Mediavine is a great platform for long-form content blogs with ads that are generally focused on those in the lifestyle niches.

Ezoic vs Media.net

Ezoic vs Media.net

Meda.net is a great contextual ad network that focuses on using contextual ads as a way to transform your advertising strategy and maximize your revenue.

The platform lets you enable and disable ad units quickly and provides robust customization tools that let you change the overall color schemes so the ad design can match your brand. 

There’s no minimum traffic requirement to join the network and you get paid on a PPC (pay per click) basis.

The simple yet modern Ezoic dashboard is easy to navigate and makes it easy for you to track and analyze your ad analytics so you can increase your website’s advertising revenue, improve user experience and enhance your core web vitals.

Ezoic vs Google Ads (Adsense)

I didn’t include a full analysis of Ezoic vs Google Adsense here because I’ve already written a detailed comparison here. Generally speaking, it really isn’t worth comparing the two as Ezoic is an AI ad network and Adsense is simply a bare-boned solution for ad revenue.


Ezoic pricing

This Ezoic review will not be completed without looking at its pricing options. Ezoic offers a free trial for all products and features. Ezoic cost I very affordable. No payment method or commitment is required to sign-up to use the platform.

Features on the site include the following:

  • Monetization Features (Ad-funded/10% revenue share)
    • Ezoic Ad Tester
    • Total ad control
    • 1000s of other ad networks
    • Video Player
    • Big Data Analytics (Better than Google Analytics)
    • Ad mediation and more

You can choose between the Ad-funded option which has no contracts, no credit cards, and a 30-day free trial when joining Ezoic, after which Ezoic keeps revenue from an ad on the page to pay for continued use of the platform’s monetization features.

And because most publishers make at least 50% more ad income – even after Ezoic keeps the revenue from one ad), it means that the platform is paying for itself and essentially free. 

Alternatively, you can choose the 10% revenue-share option which also comes with no contracts, no credit cards, and a 30-day free trial, after which the ads on your site will share 10% of its revenue earned from Ezoic.

  • UX Features (Free for Ezoic Monetization users)
    • Ezoic Leap for website page speed optimization (site speed accelerator)
    • Ezoic Cloud for integration, and enhanced security.
    • Superior site speed performance with the use of the site speed accelerator
    • Add a free SSL to e-commerce site
    • HTTPS tools for managing HTTPS on any website
    • Consent Management applications for complying with GDPR and CCPA
    • Google Search UX tools and website search console integration
    • Ezoic WordPress plugin and site speed plugins (with caching plugins) for premium ads and user experience
  • Audience and Traffic Growth Features
    • SEO-Pro Video Player
    • Title Tag Tester 
    • Engagement Analytics
    • Personalization AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Ezoic works with all existing ad partners, CMS, hosts, and infrastructure. Major media brands, agencies, and large publishing groups can contact sales to learn more about the platform’s Enterprise pricing.

Product Support

Ezoic product support

We will now explore in this Ezoic review their customer and product support. Ezoic offers support via Help Center and ticketing system.

The platform has a great Ezoic support team. They have a knowledgeable team of customer service agents who are always ready and eager to answer your questions and assist you with everything from your account and payments, to the referral program, SEO, troubleshooting monetization, and any other issue you may come across once you have used and tested Ezoic.

System Requirements

Ezoic system is a cloud, web-based, SaaS (software as a service) tool. That said, you can use it on any computer you choose.

Is Ezoic Legit?

Ezoic has proven itself to be one of the best ad testing platforms that allow you to test and optimize different placements and layouts of ads on your website so you can maximize your revenue.

The software also improves user experience by displaying ads with the best combinations that are most likely to elicit engagement from your website visitors.

All in all, I hope this Ezoic review helps you understand how well Ezoic performs as an ad platform. It is a great Google adsense alternative that will help you make more money from ads on your blog. 

If you want a powerful optimization platform with services that use AI to display ads on your website while speeding up your site and improving the user experience at the same time – this platform is for you. Click here to sign up and check it out today.

  • I’m an Ezoic publisher, though not quite long in the network.

    Your review about Ezoic is correct. However, I would like to point out something; you mentioned live chat as one of the cons, that ain’t truly correct.
    Ezoic uses twist, a mobile chat app to respond and provide support for publishers in the network.

    In fact, their support is the best I have seen so far. They stick with you till the end, even when Google disapprove your domain with no recommendation.
    Ezoic staff are always available to check & recommend possible changes for Google to approve your domain for ads.

      • So, I am new at blogging, but learned a lot in a few months. I mostly blog about craft supplies, equipment and recipes. I own an on line custom boutique. Which option would you recommend for me and can I change later on?

  • Can you please say something about how having Ezoic on your site modifies the google core web vitals? because having Google Auto ads turned on means the CWV are completely screwed, mainly CLS. Can Ezoic handle this better? Thank you

    • I’d say they are slightly better, but it will still make an impact. Truth is, if you run ads on your site, it’s guaranteed to make some type of site speed/CWV impact. Generally speaking, I have folks optimize it for the best it can be with ads off, and then when I turn ads on I don’t pay as much attention because I know ads have an impact and I feel Google understand that trade-off as well.

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