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If you own or work for an SEO agency, then you already know how important it is to get your client’s content ranked highly on Google. After all, that’s the job. But ranking content highly is difficult, if not impossible, without the right tools. That’s why my team and I compiled this list of the best agency rank tracker tools: to help make you and your business make more money with less work.


SEMRush has a full suite of SEO tools including a rank tracker perfect for agencies


Create multiple dashboards for each client with ease using DashThis


Start researching keywords in under 30 seconds with SERPWatcher


Easily discover new keywords with Wincher and start generating more traffic fast

SE Ranking

SE Ranking is an affordable rank tracker that has the SEO tools every agency needs

Rank tracking is one of the most crucial processes involved in search engine optimization. It provides vital insight into a website’s performance in the SERPs (search engine results pages). 

With the right local rank tracking tools, you’ll understand any website’s visibility based on its target keywords.

A rank tracker is one of the best tools you can invest in if you want to wow your agency clients with well-crafted ranking reports that showcase your success in running their SEO campaigns. 

For instance, you’ll be able to show granular page rank movement in a way that non-technical clients can understand, so they can verify search results and expand their accounts. 

If you are ready to get your clients on Google’s first page, read the rest of this article to discover the best agency rank tracker tools to choose from.

What are the Best Agency Rank Tracker Tools?

The tools listed below will give you critical insights into your website’s performance in the SERPs. 

However, some rank trackers are standalone tools that exclusively serve one purpose, while others are all-in-one SEO packages that perform many other SEO functions. 

Take the time to read through all the features to choose the right tool.

1. SEMRush

Best Overall Agency Rank Tracker Tool ($119.95/month)


SEMRush is a popular agency rank tracking software that has helped countless SEO professionals and digital marketers get measurable results from their online marketing efforts. 

From SEO and content marketing to competitor research and competitor analysis, PPC, and social media marketing, you’ll be able to do it all from one convenient place.

The platform’s SERP tracking tools will help you monitor your performance in the search results pages and discover many new opportunities for improving your online presence.

SERP tracking tools

Key Features:

  • All-in-One Solution: SEMRush is an online visibility management platform with the tools you need to track your keyword positions, optimize SEO, track unlimited keywords, enhance organic visibility, etc.
  • Accurate Local Map Rankings: You get accurate reporting on the local map rankings to improve your targeting efforts.
  • Track Daily Changes: The software lets you track the volatility of Google’s SERPs according to daily changes in page rankings.

Reporting Capabilities:

SEMRush has a robust reporting feature that allows you to create, customize, and schedule easy-to-read reports for your clients or boss. 

You can report on up to 50 marketing metrics and use fully customizable reporting templates so you can brand your reports. 

Moreover, a set-and-forget feature lets you automatically send reports to clients, saving you tons of time to focus on more critical tasks.

reporting capabilities


SEMRush offers a wide range of connections to other tools and apps so you can stay organized. 

You can easily integrate all the other SEO tools and services you currently use to keep everything in one place with the best rank tracking tools. 

Integrations include 10 Google products, including Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Ads, Google My Business, Gmail, etc. Other integrations include social networks, Zapier, and more.


SEMRush pricing

You can try SEMRush for free for seven days. Premium plans start at $119.95/month for the Pro plan, and you can save up to 17% of the monthly plan price by paying annually with SEMRush best rank tracker tools for tracked keywords.

2. DashThis

Agency Rank Tracker with the Best Analytics Dashboard (Starts from $39/month)


DashThis is a marketing reporting platform for SEM, SEO rankings, and analytics. The software is used by many major players who want to gather all the data they need without jumping from one tool to another.

It has a robust yet straightforward analytics dashboard tool that eliminates the need for putting in hours of manual report creation. 

The powerful features on the platform will help you save time and scale your business.

You’ll be able to gather data from various SEO tools, such as Google Search Console, SEMRush, Ahrefs, etc., and create automated reporting easy-to-read reports for your clients.

Key Features:

  • Multiple Platforms in One Dashboard: With DashThis, you no longer need to get different marketing dashboards and Google Search Console for each data source and tracked keywords using rank trackers with the best rank tracker tools.
  • Top-Notch Customer Service: When you sign up for a premium account, you get a dedicated account manager who is an expert in reporting.
  • Custom Data Sources: The CSV file import system lets you quickly add all your proprietary data

Reporting Capabilities:

DashThis reporting capabilities

DashThis is arguably the most accessible reporting platform available right now.

The software offers automated marketing reporting that will save you work hours and allow you to create reports in just a few clicks.

Regardless of the type of business, you’ll be able to get the ideal reporting solution to meet your needs.

You’ll also get ready-made reporting templates, so you don’t have to start from scratch. 

Simply pick a preset template, choose the time (monthly, quarterly, etc.), and plug in your data to speed up your reporting.


DashThis integrations

DashThis offers 34 easy-to-connect integrations. You’ll be able to gather all the data you need in one convenient tool, so you don’t have to keep jumping from one platform to another.

Everything will be available in one customizable dashboard, and with a custom-data manager, you’ll have all your data and KPIs at your fingertips.

If the integrations you want aren’t on the list, you can simply use the Google Sheets integration or the CSV file to add any platform.


DashThis pricing

The platform doesn’t charge per client, source, or integration. Instead, you simply pay for the number of rows you require.

Premium pricing starts at $39/month for three dashboards, and you can sign up on the website to try out the software for free.

3. SERPWatcher

Best Agency Rank Tracker Tool for Beginners ($49/month)


SERPWatcher is a simple yet intuitive rank tracking platform that is designed for use by both beginners and professionals. 

It helps you keep an eye on your organic traffic potential by showing you your website traffic daily report.

You can start tracking daily rankings in just 30 seconds by simply entering the domain.

The platform also provides you with email alerts to know whenever any significant changes occur in your keywords’ ranking positions.

Furthermore, you also get accurate local ranking data for over 50,000 locations, including countries, states, cities, and DMA regions, which are crucial for effective rank tracking.

Key Features:

  • Performance Index: Get a clear picture of how your websites genuinely perform in the SERPs so you can make the necessary improvements with rank trackers.
  • Interactive Reports: Share interactive reports with a link and get alerts when significant changes happen.
  • Daily Keyword Tracking: You get reliable daily rank updates and historical data on your tracked keywords.

Reporting Capabilities:

Gone are the days when clients were confronted with raw data displayed in unpleasant ways that they didn’t understand. 

With SERPWatcher, you can log on to the user-friendly interface to create and send well-constructed reports that are easy for clients to consume and interpret. 

You’ll also be able to save tons of time by sending automated (and fully customized) reports to clients at specified times. 

The platform also offers the Dominance Index feature, which allows you to see, at a glance, your share of the organic traffic based on the current keyword positions.

Dominance Index feature


SERPWatcher offers SERPChecker integration for search engines, allowing you to check SERPs for tracked keywords. 

The platform also has many integration features on its to-do list and keyword research tools. But, thanks to the Dominance Index, SERPWatcher users can track the overall progress of their keywords with one main metric.


SERPWatcher pricing

SERPWatcher offers a 10-day rank tracker free trial with no credit card required. If you decide the software is an excellent fit for your agency, you can upgrade to the premium plans, which start at $49/month. You’ll be able to save 40% on the monthly fee if you pay annually.

4. Wincher

Best Rank Tracking Tool for Keyword Discovery ($34/month)


Wincher is among the most cost-effective rank tracking tools for agencies to follow their SEO progress. 

It has the tools you need to improve your rankings, track your performance, and outrank competitors, such as SEO Tools. 

You’ll also be able to discover new essential keywords so you can snowball your organic volumes. 

In short, the platform offers you all the tools you need to get better SEO insights to help you grow your business.

Key Features:

  • Track Your Keywords: The SEO keyword tracking tool gives you a bird’s-eye view of the entire website and the ranks of different keywords in search queries.
  • Discovering New Keywords: There are tools to help you find new, high-volume keywords for increased, high-quality traffic with your SEO strategy.
  • Stay Ahead of Competitors: In addition to daily competitor ranking updates, you get Google alerts when ranking changes occur.

Reporting Capabilities:

Wincher keyword research tool and SEOranking tool offers an intuitive dashboard where you can get ranking reports and alerts with everything you and your clients need to know. 

You can send automated reports as often as you want. The reports are fully customizable, and there are tools to present the data so your clients can easily understand it.

The business plan offers white-labeled reports so you can present the information more professionally.


The platform integrates various tools for multiple search engines, including Google Search Console, Google Data Studio, etc. 

This will allow you to import essential keywords, use its keyword research tool, backlink analysis, create custom dashboards and reports with the rank checker tool, and see competitor analysis and local rank tracking. 

You also have API access which means you can access your data through the platform’s REST API to create custom tools and integrations.


Wincher pricing

Wincher keyword tracking tool and ranking software. It is an affordable rank tracking software, has a flexible pricing model with premium plans that start from €29/month (approximately $34/month).

5. SE Ranking

Best Budget-Friendly Rank Tracker ($31/month)

SE Ranking

SE Ranking is a complete package that offers all the tools you need to improve the overall SEO performance of your website. 

The platform also has features for discovering ads and keywords used by competitors in their organic and paid search campaigns.

You can check rankings for any target location on Google and other major search engines. The software even checks Google Ads and Google Maps results and featured snippets. 

The SE Ranking SEO tool gives you all the insight you need to discover who you need to outrank and comes with white-label features, a keyword ranking tool, API, a rank checker, and a powerful reporting tool for digital agencies.

This powerful agency rank tracker allows you to measure your SEO success daily, which means you’ll be able to help your customers get to the top of the rankings and keep them on track using the many useful features on the platform.

Key Features:

  • Accurate Keyword Rank Tracking Software: SE Ranking offers 100% accurate, real-time ranking positions of your keywords across major search engines.
  • All-in-One Package: The platform offers tools and features for improving a website’s overall SEO performance using best rank tracking tools for tracked keywords and google search results.
  • Backlinks Checking and Monitoring: You can discover, monitor, backlink analysis, and control all backlinks, as well as get data on key parameters on each link.
backlinks checking and monitoring

Reporting Capabilities:

SE Ranking will help you build your customers’ trust with a simple and easy-to-use report builder.

You’ll be able to keep your customers posted on the rankings that search engines are giving their site(s).

The platform allows you to generate templates quickly, set a schedule, and have the reports sent to your clients automatically.

This will save you tons of time, and you can also create a client account so they can access the platform themselves.

You’ll also be able to create however many client accounts you need and set up custom access permissions for each with the rank checker tool.


Integrations are an important part of your agency rank tracker software. After all, you don’t want to deal with multiple platforms when trying to complete a single task. 

Luckily, SE Ranking has a wide range of integrations available to enable SEO data and keyword data to flow where and when needed. These include:

  • Zapier: This lets you connect SE Ranking with various other apps and services from around the web.
  • Bitrix24: You can use this to transfer your leads to your CRM automatically.
  • SEO Tools for Excel: Integrating this with SE Ranking allows you to extract website keywords and statistics and create powerful formulas to assist your analysis using SEO tools.
  • Reportz: Integration between Reportz and SE Ranking allows you to manage website ranking reports and compare them to your competitors.


SE Ranking pricing

SE Ranking offers a free trial for 14 days. The keyword rank tracking software has a custom pricing structure in which the amount you pay depends on various factors, such as the number of keywords, the frequency of tool use, and the length of the subscription period.

6. Accuranker

Best Rank Tracker Built for Agencies ($109/month)


Accuranker is a great rank tracking tool built specifically for SEO agencies. The software does the job accurately and consistently but allows for things that some other tools simply can’t.

With Accuranker, you can have hundreds of profiles, track mobile and desktop positions and on-demand position updates, and report second-to-none with this rank tracker.

As an agency, the #1 goal of any rank tracker tool is to prove the ROI to your clients, and Accuranker helps you do this with a plethora of tools and data that other tools lack.

Key Features:

  • Mobile Rank Tracking and Desktop Tracking: Accuranker rank tracker allows you to track keywords in mobile and desktop indexes on-demand across all major search engines.
  • Share of Voice Reporting: Accuranker helps you understand how much of a voice your brand has on the internet within your target keywords beyond simple rank tracking. For most clients, this is a crucial metric to justify the spending on an agency.
  • Featured Snippet Analysis: This lets you understand when/if your clients have featured snippets in the SERP, what snippets they are, and where they appear.

Reporting Capabilities:

Accuranker has all the reporting capabilities you need as an agency, and all the reports allow for white-labeling and automatic scheduling.

They’ve done a great job of providing metrics such as share of voice and featured snippet placements that other tools don’t have, making your agency look good as you work with your clients for years to come.

With Accuranker rank tracking software tools, you can customize reports entirely with a drag and drop editor, which helps you address the needs of individual clients with their most important KPI’s if desired.


As a whole, Accuranker tries to focus on its own core product, being the absolute best at one thing, track keyword rankings.

They have integrations, but they are a little light in this area. From my research, Accuranker integrates easily with Google Analytics and Google Search Console but also allows integration with these other platforms:

  • Swydo
  • CSV Importer
  • Databox
  • Adobe Analytics
  • 3rd Party Importer
  • Google Sheets
  • Google Data Studio


Accuranker pricing

Accuranker allows you to do a free 14-day trial without a credit card, and then after that, plans start at $109/month or $99/month billed yearly for 1,000 keywords.

At only 10.9 cents per keyword, rankings and manual updates to your positions whenever you desire.


Best For Tracking Daily Winners and Losers ($24/month) is one of the best agency rank tracking tools that some top marketing companies trusted to help clients dominate Google search. 

The platform gives you a full view of when you track keyword rankings over time and makes it easy to track each of them so you can discover how you perform against competitors. 

You can pinpoint your results by narrowing them down to any market, city, or postal code, making ranking higher even easier with SEO tool on the platform.

Key Features:

  • Full SERP History: shows you the winners and losers each day with SERP features, so you can see which keywords moved up or down.
  • Granular Comparison: On the platform, you can compare keywords on a granular basis, keyword by keyword, with its rank racker feature
  • Mindshare Feature: You also get SERP landscape monitoring to help you understand where you are sitting compared to the rest of your competitors in terms of search volume, CTR, etc.

Reporting Capabilities:

You can’t measure what you can’t track, and offers reporting that generates an ROI.

It simplifies the entire process of reporting local SEO search engine optimization progress to your clients and decision-makers.

You get one-click shareable reports where clients get a view-only link. You also get hands-off reporting thanks to the set-and-forget email reports you can send to clients in an automated schedule. reporting capabilities


The platform offers seamless integrations with Google Analytics, allowing you to quickly integrate organic traffic data so you can immediately start to see the impact of your search engine optimization efforts.

Pricing: pricing offers a free 7-day trial. Premium plans start at $24/month for the Starter plan, and you get a 14-day money-back guarantee if you aren’t 100% satisfied with the agency rank tracking software.

8. Moz Pro Rank Checker

Best Reporting Features for an Agency Rank Tracker ($99/month)

Moz Pro Rank Checker

Moz Pro is one of the most trusted SEO analytics platforms currently available. It offers tools to help you propel your search strategy by using competitive intelligence and insights to improve your ROI.

You get a complete view of your search performance and robust keyword research tools to identify how a website performs for target keywords within seconds. 

You’ll also be able to predict keyword search volume for specific phrases and terms with 95% accuracy.

Key Features:

  • Generate Instant Ranking Reports: With the Moz Pro rank tracker, you can prioritize your SEO strategies and identify your website’s performance for keywords in seconds while also doing competitor analysis and search volume for ranking positions.
  • Perform Competitive Research: You’ll be able to easily see how your competitors rank for each of your most important keywords.
  • Spotcheck Prospective Keywords: Quickly discover rankings for potential keywords without committing.

Reporting Capabilities:

Moz Pro Rank Checker reporting capabilities

Moz Pro makes your reporting process easier with simple but effective tools that help uncover, analyze, and report on SEO data without hiring SEO professionals.

You can create custom reports to prove your efforts’ impact and communicate your work’s status and value to clients and managers in ways they can understand and appreciate. 

You’ll find compelling visual aids that make translating any wins, losses, or opportunities in the SERP features more accessible. 

You can also schedule reports to be sent automatically to your clients.


You can integrate Google Analytics, Leader Badge, Google Data Studio, and other tools to understand your data better. 

You’ll be able to analyze all your business data in one place to quickly find insights to improve the performance of your marketing and content.


Moz Pro Rank Checker pricing

Moz Pro offers a free 30-day trial instead of the 14-day free trial, and paid plans start at $99/month for the Standard plan.

You’ll save 20% by paying yearly, and each plan comes with a one-on-one walk-through and 24-hour online support.

9. Advanced Web Ranking

Best Rank Tracker for Customizable Options ($49/month)

Advanced Web Ranking

Advanced Web Ranking is ideal for agencies that want to tackle on-demand keyword rankings for websites. 

You can gather fresh and accurate keyword ranking data across any search engine, language, or device within an hour. 

Furthermore, the software helps create engaging and fully customizable SEO reports that you can share with clients in just minutes via user accounts or links.

Key Features:

  • Fresh, Accurate Ranking Data: Advanced Web Ranking delivers accurate keyword ranking data gathered fresh whenever you ask for it.
  • Localized Rankings: The customized search engine locations allow you to track local rankings so you can gain the trust of local businesses anywhere in the world.
  • Mobile Tracking: AWR lets you track and compare the evolution of your keyword rankings across different devices for you and your competitors.

Reporting Capabilities:

With AWR, you can create exciting SEO reports, and the whit-label feature allows you to customize the reports to align with your brand. 

You can access these ready-to-use reports from any device, mobile or desktop, and easily share them with clients using links or user accounts.

You’ll also get relevant rankings tailored to your niche, and you can segment data into insightful parts and create thorough reports that clients love.


Advanced Web Ranking comes with powerful API access and data integrations.

Thanks to the API access and automatic CSV exports uploaded straight to FTP, the platform lets you integrate full SERP data with your current in-house tool. 

Alternatively, you can connect AWR to Google Data Studio and other third-party reporting tools.


Advanced Web Ranking pricing

Advanced Web Ranking offers a free 30-day trial instead of the 14-day free trial, after which you can upgrade to the premium plans, which start at $49/month for the Starter plan.

You can upgrade to the $199/month plan for agencies, which comes with Pro features such as local keyword search for names, historical ranking imports, data studio connector, and much more.

10. Authoritylabs

Best for Device-Specific Rank Tracking Data ($49/month)


Authoritylabs is a tool used by many agencies to track rankings daily. The tool takes care of everything, all you have to do is add the domains, keywords, search volume, competitor analysis, and locations, and the software will track all your keywords.

You get automated local, SEO, and mobile tracking and reporting, and the white-label capabilities allow you to create custom reports that make it easy for you and your clients to visualize the performance of any website or keyword.

Key Features:

  • Daily Data: Daily rank tracking will allow you to keep an eye on where your keywords stand so you can react to changes.
  • Local Results: Dive into accurate, granular data by tracking your keyword search results by state, city, postal code, etc.
  • Device-Specific Data: Get mobile-specific data to track your mobile ranking and keywords used by mobile users while you track search engine rankings.

Reporting Capabilities:

Authoritylabs reporting capabilities

Authoritylabs offers reporting capabilities that cater specifically to the needs of agencies so you can prove to clients that your SEO tactics and strategies are working.

The platform offers white-label features and unlimited users and allows you to send individualized dashboards via links that clients can use to check their rankings daily. 

You can create separate logins for unlimited users so that your team, boss, clients, etc., can have their own login for reporting. You get all of this at no additional cost.

Integrations (including Google Search Console):

Integrations include Google Search Console, Google Ads, and more for Google rankings and SERP features.

In addition, the platform has a brand-new connector that you can use to get your agency’s most accurate keyword rank tracker data pulled into third-party reporting tools like Google Data Studio. 

You’ll be able to build beautifully designed reports for your agency’s clients and internal stakeholders using keyword rank tracking and keyword research. To white-label your reports, you can add a logo, brand, palette, etc.


Authoritylabs pricing

Authoritylabs offers a 14-day free trial, and you can upgrade to a premium plan for just $49/month. All plans are risk-free; you can cancel, downgrade, or upgrade.

11. Ahrefs Rank Tracker

Best Rank Tracker for Full-Site SEO ($99/month)

Ahrefs Rank Tracker

Ahrefs Rank Tracker is the favorite tool of many SEO agencies, thanks to its many features.

When you sign up for a premium plan for SEO efforts, you also get a wide range of tools to help you carry out your research, including a Site Explorer, Content Explorer, Keywords Explorer, Site Audit, and Rank Tracker tool.

In short, this platform doesn’t just help you track your keywords and search results; it also provides you with the other tools you need to boost your online visibility.

You’ll be able to get data on all the different SERP features, including featured snippets, top stories, shopping results, videos, people also ask, etc. 

Set up is extremely easy. First, you must import or enter a list of keywords, including your competitors’ URLs and multiple countries per keyword. Then, the platform will begin tracking data, and you will receive regular updates.

Key Features:

  • Share of Voice Functionality: Get a clearer picture of the websites and pages fighting for search traffic from each of your tracked keywords.
  • Ranking Progress: Get up-to-date progress on how you are stacking up against your competitors for each keyword.
  • Multiple Filters: The platform has multiple handy filters that allow you to zoom in on your keyword data to get more detailed insights.

Reporting Capabilities:

Ahrefs Rank Tracker reporting capabilities

When you sign up for Ahrefs Rank Tracker, you get advanced metrics right at your fingertips. In addition, you’ll be able to get up-to-date metrics for all your keywords to gain deeper insights.

Aside from the rank tracker, you’ll also receive scheduled email reports and be able to create your own detailed reports for clients that include everything from ranking progress, CPC, and estimated search results, search queries and volume to clicks, return rates, search engine rankings, and a lot of other performance data.


This platform aims to create a robust ecosystem that helps you maximize your data. 

There are integrations designed for developers to create apps using Ahrefs Index data so they can cater to their clients’ needs.


Ahrefs Rank Tracker pricing

Ahrefs Rank Tracker offers a free plan instead of a 14-day free trial, so you can start to keep an eye on your keyword ranking progress without having to pay a cent for keyword rank tracking. 

You can check up to 10 keywords (1 project). To unlock more features, you can upgrade to a premium plan for $99/month.

Types of Agency Rank Tracking Tool

Agency rank tracking tools come in a wide range of forms. They can be classified based on installation type.

The main types of agency rank tracking tools are:

1. Web Browser Plugins

These are add-ons that serve to extend the functionality of your web browser. An example of such a plugin is SEOBook’s Firefox Rank Checker Extension.

The advantage of such a plugin for digital marketers is that it can instantly provide you with ranking numbers for any query you make. 

However, this agency ranking tool is ideal only for small keyword sets (ideally 100 or less). Otherwise, you risk getting blocked from search engines by running large numbers of keywords to see search results.

2. Desktop Applications

These are standalone programs installed on computers and don’t require a web browser. 

Desktop applications can run much larger keyword lists without risking the wrath of Google. They achieve this in a couple of ways:

First, by emulating human behavior

They add time and pause between queries. They also copy a web browser user agent and download all page assets, such as images, instead of just the ranking results.

Secondly, by using a rotating list of IP addresses.

You supply a list of IP addresses, allowing the rank tracking software to make it look like the queries originate from different computers across the globe. Examples of desktop applications include: 

  • WebCEO
  • SEO Smart Suite
  • Advanced Web Ranking

Although compared to browser plugin tools, desktop applications allow you to run more keywords without running the risk of being blocked by Google, they still have the disadvantage of being difficult to handle, particularly if you’re running an agency with multiple SEO clients. 

You won’t be able to speed up the process since that will counteract the simulation of human use.

3. Web-Based SaaS Solutions

Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions are ideally suited to agency rank tracking software. Such options eliminate the need for having to maintain multiple IP addresses.

In addition to using the best rank tracking software, since they run on subscription-based servers (instead of your local computer), you can leave the software running overnight, making this rank tracker the better solution for agencies.

Many of the web-based SaaS solutions offer additional SEO tools in addition to keyword rank tracking.

Still, you’ll find many popular tools designed specifically for tracking keyword and website rankings on major search engines. 

The advantage of these solutions is that they are more stable and require virtually no maintenance. In addition, IP rotation is managed for you. 

However, these tools tend to cost more than browser or desktop applications since they run on servers. Also, you won’t get immediate results, for the most part.

What Features to Look For in Agency Rank Tracking tools

With the number of keyword rank tracking tools popping up these days, choosing the right one for you can be an overwhelming task. 

To help you in this regard, I’ve listed all the different features to consider when choosing the best agency rank tracking tool so you can pick the solutions that will cater to your agency’s needs and SEO performance.

1. Accurate Data for Keyword Ranking

As an agency using the best rank tracking tool for SEO performance, you need to ensure that you have access to accurate keyword rankings data to know you’re sharing up-to-date information with clients.

Also, your success depends on pinpointing any wins and losses in the fastest time possible so you can take the necessary actions.

2. Track Keywords Across Locations and Devices

When choosing an agency keyword rank tracker software, you need one to monitor ranking data at various levels since you’ll be working with clients that operate at a local, national, or global level.

3. Monitor Search Engines For Ranking

You’ll be working with clients in different countries using various search engines, so you need the best keyword rank tracking tool that lets you work with different search engine results page and sites, such as Google, Bing, and Yandex Russia, Baidu for China, etc.

4. Historical Advanced Web Ranking Performance

The best rank tracking tool should also allow you to view historical ranking performance to show the version of your keywords over time to justify the client’s investment in your services.

For instance, in your keyword research and historical data, you want to show clients how the rankings have moved over several time intervals, such as seven days, 30 days, 60 days, etc., across different devices, locations, and search engines.

5. Organizing Keyword Rankings Data

Choose an agency rank tracking software that lets you organize and segment your keyword ranking data.

This makes it easier when working with multiple campaigns to effectively track lots of ranking data and pinpoint issues and meaningful insights even when working with many different clients.

Of course, there may be other factors that are important to you if you’re running an agency for ranking data and keyword research, such as: 

  • Running competitor comparisons and Keyword Tracker
  • Monitoring SERP features movement
  • Generating white label rank tracking reports

… and various others. 

Fortunately, all the agency rank tracking software options listed in this article provide these features. 

Some even offer additional unique features, such as allowing you to set user access and permissions. 

Make sure you go through the features of each SEO Rank tracking software so you know which one has the tools you need for your agency.

How Can Agency Rank Tracking Tools Help Grow Your Business?

Agencies can’t conduct rank tracking manually, so you need agency rank tracking software.

Keyword rank tracking tools for keyword research can help you grow your business by easily tracking ranking positions for different websites and keywords for your clients for any search engine with ranking data.

In addition, you’ll get a comprehensive analysis of the results pages and the changes over time while tracking keyword rankings. 

With the best rank tracking software, you’ll be able to draw valuable insights from all the collected data from your keyword research, allowing you to fine-tune your overall SEO strategy. 

You’ll also be able to find new competitors in each search engine and identify opportunities that you otherwise may not have come across, thanks to regular notifications whenever the rankings change using the best keyword rank tracking tools.

Rank Tracking Q&A

What is SEO Rank Tracking? 

SEO rank tracking is all about monitoring the overall progress of your keyword positions and local rankings and their impact on your website’s organic traffic using keyword research for search engine rankings.

How Do Rank Tracking Tools Work?

Rank trackers visit or “crawl” Google rankings results pages to discover which keywords rank at the top for a specific user search while staying invisible to Google to avoid getting blocked.

Why Should You Track the Rankings of Keywords?

Tracking keyword rankings and keyword research are important so agencies can show clients the improvements that are taking place in their SEO campaigns.

Is Rank Tracking Important for SEO?

Rank tracking is crucial for SEO, and although it’s not the only measure of success even without SEO professionals, it’s a great way to show the success of SEO campaigns over time.

Best Agency Rank Tracker Tools — Summary and Top Picks

My number one recommendation for the best agency rank tracker software is SEMRush.

It’s a powerful keyword rank tracking software platform with all the SEO tools you need to satisfy client needs.

Although this article isn’t an exhaustive list of all the agency rank tracking tools, hopefully, it has provided you with some essential information to help your SEO agency start ranking client content higher on Google and other search engines

When selecting an agency rank tracker tool, there are a few things to consider: how easy it is to isolate data for different clients, keyword discovery tools, keyword research, historical rank tracking analytics features, other SEO functionality, integrations with other SEO and digital tools, and the total cost of the tool.

My Top Picks of the Best Agency Rank Tracker Tools are:


SEMRush has a full suite of SEO tools including a rank tracker perfect for agencies


Create multiple dashboards for each client with ease using DashThis


Start researching keywords in under 30 seconds with SERPWatcher


Easily discover new keywords with Wincher and start generating more traffic fast

SE Ranking

SE Ranking is an affordable rank tracker that has the SEO tools every agency needs

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