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According to a 2019 survey, 73% of marketers said that email marketing provided an excellent or good return on investment. The same study showed that email marketing was by far the most preferred platform for digital marketers.

But email marketing can also be time-consuming. You have to track various metrics, automate emails effectively, and find a way to keep your emails engaging consistently.

Fortunately, email marketing platforms like AWeber simplify email marketing to help businesses like yours make more money off of every email sent. In this AWeber review, we’ll look at the pros and cons of the platform and dive deep into its features and functionality.

AWeber Summary

Aweber logo

9.8 out of 10

Ron’s Thoughts

Email marketing is generally time-consuming and can be confusing – but not with AWeber. This ingenious Email marketing platform includes a ton of useful features to help you transform your Email marketing campaigns and make them easier to execute. You can also use Canva to design images for your Email marketing campaigns and – migrating to AWeber comes at no extra cost. Lastly, the free plan is pretty powerful for being free!

  • Biggest Pro:

    Excellent Free Plan

  • Biggest Con:

    Charges for Unsubscribes

  • Annual Discount:

    Yes - Up to 19% Off

  • Price:

    Starts at $19.99/Month

  • Promotion:

    Free Version Available

Is AWeber Worth it?

AWeber was founded in 1998 and has since grown to become one of the world’s most popular email marketing platforms. 

With over 300,000 users worldwide, the software comes with many features to take care of all your email marketing and automation needs, including autoresponders, responsive newsletter designs, email templates, subscriber segmenting and tracking, A/B split testing, and much more.

Aside from email marketing, the platform helps marketers keep in touch with their subscribers using various tools and built-in integrations, including

  • Landing page builder 
  • Web push notifications
  • Sign-up forms 
  • Subscriber list imports 
  • Campaign management
  • eCommerce integrations 

Typically, you’d need to use a variety of different tools to do everything that you can do in AWeber. Instead, this one platform makes it convenient and affordable to build and grow email marketing campaigns. 

This is particularly helpful for anyone who is just getting started or on a tight budget.

reach your goals faster

With AWeber, you’ll be able to:

  • Create a mailing list 
  • Capture data from your subscriber list
  • Design engaging newsletters your email subscribers want to read
  • Use autoresponders to automate your email marketing 
  • View and analyze statistics about your email marketing campaigns

… and much more. 

The platform also has top-notch customer service that is friendly and knowledgeable. 

Best of all, there’s an entirely free plan available which comes with considerably more features than many of AWeber’s competitors. This way, you can test out the software and get the hang of it. 

Once your list grows past the subscriber limitations or you want to benefit from the advanced capabilities, you can then upgrade to the paid plan.

What is AWeber Good For?


AWeber is perfect for anyone who wants to create and grow their email subscriber list, design responsive newsletters, and collect data to better inform their email marketing campaigns.

Here are a few use cases to help you better understand what this powerful software can do for you, your business, and your brand:

  • Web Push Notifications: You can leverage AWeber’s web push notifications feature to reach your email subscribers even outside of their inbox and let them know when a new email has arrived.
  • Subscriptions Feature: The platform’s subscription feature allows you to generate passive income by setting up recurring payments for donations, subscriptions, etc.
  • Communication Management: Send and publish communications, track and monitor communications, and much more.
  • Engagement Management: With AWeber, you can easily create automated campaigns and keep in contact with your customers.
  • Campaign Management: AWeber also provides you with robust campaign monitoring and analytics tools.
  • Automated Messaging Functionality: You can design, schedule, and automate messages, so they reach your target audience at the right time, allowing you to build relationships effortlessly and nurture your customers while saving time and money.
  • Analytics Monitoring: You’ll be able to see detailed analytics and metrics that will give you the insights you need to maximize your email campaigns.

Additionally, AWeber includes tons of third-party integrations allowing you to create streamlined processes across multiple digital marketing channels with ease.

get online in no time

AWeber Features and Functionality

AWeber comes with a ton of amazing tools that take your email marketing to the next level that were seen in this AWeber review, including:

  • WYSIWYG email editor
  • Landing page builder
  • Mobile-optimized email templates
  • List management features
  • Dynamic content
  • A/B testing, Spam testing, and URL validation
  • Link tracking
  • Subscriber segmentation
  • Standard and custom reports
  • Email deliverability reporting
  • Triggered drip sequences

With all of these tools available, it’s no wonder that AWeber offers a diverse range of features and functionalities. 

Below, we take a deeper look at AWeber’s specific features to help you better understand how these email marketing tools work together to increase the effectiveness of your campaigns.

1. Simplicity and Ease of Use

I consider ease of use to be the most important feature of any digital marketing tool or channel, including email; I’ve learned from experience that AWeber has a user-friendly and intuitive interface.

With regard to performance, the platform exceeds expectations. 

There are hundreds of email templates and newsletter designs to choose from. Simply pick one, and design the text and images to suit the needs of your brand aesthetic and culture. 

None of this requires coding knowledge, and even a total beginner will be able to create brand-aligned emails, newsletters, and landing pages to fuel successful email marketing campaigns.

To get started using AWeber, simply sign up on the website. You can then log in with your credentials and access the full suite of AWeber’s email marketing tools.

When you open the app, you will be presented with a simple, uncluttered dashboard that is super easy to navigate.

AWeber Dashboard

All the settings are optimized for beginners without coding knowledge or technical expertise. 

All the tools you need are prominently displayed in the left sidebar. This includes:

  • Messages 
  • Subscribers
  • Sign-up forms
  • Landing pages
  • List options
  • Web push
  • Reports
  • Integrations
  • Help

Once you’ve signed up and logged in, you’re ready to get started. Of course, I understand that this can also be a little daunting. There are a lot of tools available, and you may need a little help figuring out how to use them all.

Don’t worry; I’m here with the answers you need to begin using AWeber to make more money off of your email marketing campaigns.

2. Email and Newsletter Templates

Choose from dozens of email templates that perfectly align your emails with your brand culture. If you find the templates lacking in any way, you can also craft your own emails exactly as you want them to look.

Whether using templates or your own designs, you can add a variety of elements to your emails, such as: 

  • Standalone or carousel images and videos 
  • Buttons for social sharing
  • Products and coupons
  • Logo signatures
  • Embedded links and articles 
  • RSS Feed
  • A variety of headings and text elements.

AWeber also has a massive collection of newsletter templates in HTML. According to the website, there are over 700 template options — a lot more than the competitors. For example, GetResponse only has 135 templates, and Mailchimp has around 85.

Having said that, some of the designs on AWeber could do with an upgrade to make them look a bit more modern and contemporary. 

Of course, you can simply opt for the new “Smart Designer” tool to help you create your own template.

drag and drop editor

Simply enter your website URL, public Facebook page, Instagram account, or an AWeber landing page you previously created, and the Smart Designer tool will create a template that is aligned with your brand.

I used this tool with OneHourProfessor, and these were the results:

OHP AWeber

Overall, while I was using this feature as part of the AWeber review, I was impressed with the designs and how easy it was to create them.

It’s also worth noting that AWeber is the first email service provider to have direct integration with Canva.  This allows you to quickly and easily edit any images within your email with all of Canvas’ powerful tools.

The Smart Design templates and Canva integration alone make AWeber stand out from the competition. Personally, I really enjoy using Canva to build emails, and AWeber makes this super simple and enjoyable.

3. Responsive Designs 

Responsive designs automatically adapt to different-sized screens. This means that your emails and newsletters will resize themselves automatically to look perfect (and have complete functionality) whether opened on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone. 

That’s why it’s important to have an email marketing tool that offers responsive design: so that your emails look polished and professional no matter what device your email subscribers are using to read them.

The truth is that if your users open an email on their mobile device that is designed for desktops, they’re not going to spend time trying to read the message. They’re probably going to just delete it and move on.

AWeber includes responsive design functionality to ensure that this never happens. 

When creating your emails, AWeber lets you preview them as they’ll appear on different devices. This allows you to see what you need to change to make sure that every subscriber has a great experience with your brand’s email content. 

Just keep in mind that it’s still a great practice to test the emails on a variety of actual devices. This allows you to see how they’ll actually be viewed ondesktop browsers, phones, and tablets. 

4. Solid Signup Forms

AWeber provides you with beautiful sign-up forms that can be easily integrated into your eCommerce site. Whether you’re using a plugin like WooCommerce to build an eCommerce store on a WordPress website or eCommerce website builders like Shopify or BigCommerce, AWeber signup forms help you build your email list faster.

Of course, in this AWeber review, it’s worth noting that AWeber’s signup forms are beautiful, well-optimized, and easy to customize in order to align with your brand.

Even with no prior knowledge, AWeber’s dynamic forms allow you to create stunning interactive experiences for your audience so you can get more responses and conversions.

To create a sign-up form on AWeber, simply click on the “Sign-up Forms” tab within the navigation menu.

sign up forms

From there, click the blue “Create a Sign-up Form” button, where you’ll be able to choose whether you want to create a signup form for your website or a landing page.

From there, follow the prompts to choose a template and customize it accordingly. You can then copy/paste the code (it will be provided once you save your sign-up form) to embed the form on your website or landing page.

create a sign up form

5. Landing Page Builder

A landing page (also known as a squeeze page) is a standalone web page that is designed to encourage visitors to take the desired action, whether that be to make a sale, sign up for an event, download an ebook, or provide an email address. 

All of these ends also allow you to capture user data, which you can, in turn, use to optimize landing pages to better encourage users to take the desired next step.

As we explore in this AWeber Review, landing pages are perfect for promoting your business and growing your subscriber list. AWeber has a wide selection of pre-designed landing page templates to choose from, all of which are optimized to bring you the best results from your marketing or sales campaigns.

AWeber landing page template categories include: 

  • Virtual business cards
  • Payment plans
  • Donations
  • Personal Coaching
  • Showcase gallery
  • eBook offers
  • Upsell “Thank You”
  • Online course offers

…and dozens of others. 

One of the great things about AWeber is that you can also create your own landing pages.

To get started, click the “Landing pages” tab in the navigation sidebar. From there, you’ll be taken to a blank canvas where you can design professional-looking landing pages with an intuitive drag-and-drop editor.

create your own landing pages

This platform has a robust landing page builder that lets you create, customize, and publish professional landing pages for whatever purpose you need in just minutes.

You can also create multiple landing pages as needed and combine your own landing pages with AWeber templated landing pages as part of the same email marketing campaign using the drag-and-drop editor.

To get started with this feature, click the “Landing pages” tab in the navigation and you’ll be taken to the drag-and-drop editor where you can customize your chosen template (or create your page from scratch, if that’s what you prefer). 

6. Sales Pages and Ecommerce Solutions

Additionally, AWeber offers a variety of sales landing pages that are equipped with unique ecommerce features to help you increase conversions while growing your email list.

The Subscription Service landing page, for example, allows you to create membership tiers for different subscription levels. This allows you to easily create subscription packages with distinct offerings and price tags from basic to plus to pro.

Subscription Service

There are also many other eCommerce solutions AWeber offers for landing pages:

  • Integrate Stripe into landing pages to allow users to pay quickly and easily and with lower fees than on Etsy or Patreon
  • Add payment buttons on eCommerce pages to organically encourage sales
  • Use donation buttons strategically to increase revenue from visitors even on non-eCommerce sales pages
  • Apply tags to people that make purchases to better segment and automate email campaigns
  • Track sales across landing pages and use analytics tools to optimize future campaigns
  • Create separate payment options, including one-time payments, subscription payments, and payment plans

7. Use “Domain Connect” to Connect Pages to a Domain

While the landing page builder is already a stand-out feature, AWeber goes a step further and allows you to connect unique domain names for your landing page and we will explore that feature in this AWeber review.

Without a unique domain name, the URL will have AWeber’s name in it. This can appear unprofessional. However, if you choose unique domains, your landing page URLs will be properly branded and include only the information you want.

There are two ways to integrate a unique domain name from the AWeber dashboard:

  1. Connect a domain name you purchased from elsewhere like Google Domains, GoDaddy, or IONOS
  2. Purchase a domain name from Google Domains through the AWeber platform

The process for doing either is simple, intuitive and requires no technical knowledge. Just follow the directions, and you’ll be good to go.

8. Subscriber List (Importing Data)

In addition to hosting your list on the platform, AWeber lets you create a subscriber list manually or import already existing contacts using CSV, TXT, XLS, XLSX, or TSV to import data. 

However, one of the downsides of the platform is that it doesn’t have third-party integration with Gmail or other email tools, so you can’t as easily move contacts from one email list to AWeber.

Instead, you have to first download the contacts from the other database and then import that database into AWeber. This can be incredibly inconvenient if you have multiple lists you need to combine into one database. 

Also, in order to avoid spamming or importing purchased lists, you need to let the tool know where you got your subscribers from, which can sometimes be difficult to prove if you weren’t tracking that information initially

Lastly, If you have a larger list (10,000+ records) the platform’s anti-spam compliance team will have to review your list and get approval before the list can be imported. Fortunately, this only takes up to one business day.

Taken as a whole, building email lists on AWeber is fairly simple, but if you need to import contacts from elsewhere, you may face a few more obstacles than you’d expect as we’ve seen in this AWeber Review.

9. Autoresponders

Autoresponders are email follow-ups or series triggered by user actions. These types of emails can save you a ton of time and help you streamline your marketing (including email marketing tools) and sales funnels. 

AWeber allows you to set up a variety of different autoresponders for distinct purposes. 

For instance, if someone signs up to join your list, you can set up AWeber to send them an automatic email confirming their subscription.

You can also use Automated follow-ups to follow up after a user has taken action and encourage future similar actions, especially sales purchases.

For example, whenever a customer buys a product from your website, you can automate a “thank you” message to be sent shortly after the purchase is finalized. This may bring first-time customers back to make recurring purchases or share their positive experiences with their peers. 

Additionally, you can create autoresponders based on inactivity. If someone made a purchase two or three months ago, you might send an email with a coupon to help bring them back to your store.

Another great feature of AWeber’s autoresponders is the ability to schedule emails to new and existing subscribers as part of segmented email marketing campaigns. This allows you to promote your blog and social media, and send discounts, notifications, and other information to the right audience at the right time.

10. Campaign Management

AWeber has a Campaign Manager that uses a simple drag-and-drop editor. You don’t need any coding or technical skills to create and manage complex email marketing campaigns with AWeber 

Compared to most other email platforms, AWeber’s campaign management feature is extremely easy to use and has a very short learning curve. 

It’s designed to simplify all your processes and tasks to save you time, energy, and frustration when designing and running your automated email campaigns. All you need is to point, click, and drag.

campaign management

11. Subscriber Segmenting

If you’ve been in business for any length of time, then you know the importance of customer segmentation. The better you can segment your list, the more personalized and relevant messages you’ll be able to send.

AWeber lets you segment your list based on the content of various fields within your database, including:

  • Emails opened (open rate)
  • Links clicked (click rate)
  • Pages visited
  • Time spent in the email

… and a diverse range of other metrics.

Data segmentation helps you optimize your email marketing strategy and is particularly useful for anyone who runs an online store.

When you send broad, non-segmented emails to all the people on your list, you get fewer conversions compared to sending specifically designed emails to targeted subscribers based on actions they’ve already taken.

Subscriber segmenting will help you target the right people with the right message in order to help you boost your conversions.

segmentation functionality

Also, if you have customers or subscribers whom you consider VIP, you can use AWeber’s segmentation functionality to shoot those people an email that won’t go to the rest of your subscribers.

12. eCommerce Integrations

If you are already using other marketing and sales tools and apps, then you’ll be happy to hear that AWeber has a ton of third-party integrations, including:

  • PayPal
  • Etsy
  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • Clickbank
  • Zaxaa
  • Magento
  • MoonClerk

… and many others.

So, for example, if you want to get your AWeber email sign-up form on your WooCommerce site, there is a simple plugin for this that can be combined in an instant giving you the ability to place your opt-in form on different parts of your website.

eCommerce Integrations

These integrations make AWeber one of the most powerful email marketing options available right now, particularly for eCommerce sellers running an online store.

13. Automation

Few things are more important than automation when choosing the best email marketing platform.

AWeber has a comprehensive set of tools to help you automate almost every aspect of your email campaigns. The platform allows you to go way beyond the basics of typical trip campaigns to create complex workflows that use IFTTT (if-this-then-that) logic. 

You can design flowcharts for your sales and marketing processes, so that emails are triggered based on specific user actions like:

  • Email opens
  • Link clicks
  • Site visits
  • Initial email signup
  • Purchases made on-site
  • Cart abandonment

…and many others. 

Overall, the platform’s automation solutions allow you to do more than email autoresponders. 

You can access this functionality through the “List Options” tab on your dashboard after which you’ll be able to initiate user actions such as opens and click-throughs, etc. 

List Options

You can also add specific tags that allow you to send different types of content to subscribers in different segments.

14. Optimization Via A/B Testing

Learning more about your customers and how each of them responds to your emails will help you find opportunities for optimizing your email marketing campaigns. 

There are multiple campaign optimization tools on AWeber, one of which is A/B split testing. 

A/B Testing tools on AWeber allow you to send different variants of your email newsletters to specific portions of your mailing list in order to see which version performs best. 

You can monitor the different results you get when you make simple changes to different elements on your emails, including the copy, CTA, images, headings, subject lines, etc. 

This way, you can continually improve your chances of converting while strategically nurturing your relationships with each member of your audience.

15. AWeber Analytics and Reporting

AWeber has comprehensive tools for tracking email opens, clickthroughs, and other metrics. The email analytics feature helps you take your marketing strategy to the next level by allowing you to view which content or products people are most interested in.

In turn, this gives you the data you need to effectively segment your user list by using actual user data based on reports created on the AWeber platform.

With these easy-to-view reports, you’ll be able to track your key performance indicators for all of your email marketing campaigns.

track your key performance

You’ll find all the information presented in a modern way on your dashboard under the “Reports” tab.

Here you’ll see the following data:

  • Opens over time (broadcasts or campaigns)
  • Clicks over time
  • Sales over time
  • New subscribers
  • Subscriber totals
  • Broadcast totals
  • Follow-up totals
  • Location totals

You can also create charts based on the data to make it easy for anyone to understand, even those without a marketing background. Additionally, you can export the reports to a CSV format and access them off the platform and more easily share them to members of your team.

There’s also a handy AWeber Stats app so you can keep an eye on things on the go.

AWeber Stats app

16. AMP for Email in AWeber

The new AMP for email technology gives AWeber a distinct edge over many other email platforms in its category. 

For the most part, email newsletters were designed to be static, with simple combinations of images and text. 

However, AMP for emails changes this by allowing you to create interactive emails where recipients can take simple actions directly within the email. This means that they can RSVP to an event, make an appointment, buy a product, and more without leaving the email program or having to click through to a website.

This technology also allows the email sender to insert dynamic content, such as live survey results, sports scores, weather updates, etc.

The ability to add dynamic content to emails transforms them into more powerful and engaging tools for your marketing strategy.

Note: Implementing this feature in AWeber requires significantly more technical expertise. If you want to add interesting dynamic components like surveys and quizzes to your emails, then you’ll have to be familiar with coding your own templates or using AMP HTML.

17. Email Deliverability

Getting emails delivered to your subscribers is one thing, but email deliverability is another thing entirely. While an email may be delivered to a subscriber, it may end up in the spam folder, or the subscriber may just ignore it altogether.

Email deliverability, however, focuses on making sure that emails sent are seen by subscribers. One of AWeber’s main competitive advantages is its email deliverability service . 

They monitor email signals and algorithmic changes of both email and internet service providers, both of which help determine whether an email goes into spam or the inbox.

They also have their own internal infrastructure and Aweber customer support team (including phone support) available to help businesses like yours better craft emails subscribers want to open. 

By staying on top of any and all changes as they happen, AWeber is constantly evolving to ensure the highest quality email deliverability possible.

 AWeber Pros and Cons

As far as email marketing and automation tools go, AWeber certainly has a lot to offer. But, like all other pieces of software, it comes with its own set of pros and cons, some of which we’ll look at below:


  1. Design with Canva: In addition to being extremely easy to use, AWeber also allows you to design images and templates with Canva, a user-friendly graphic design tool.
  2. RSS to Email Templates: AWeber has many different types of responsive templates, including RSS to email templates with robust editing options to make your work easier. 
  3. Free Plan: The platform has a free plan which includes all the features you need to start creating and running successful email marketing campaigns, such as a landing page builder, list segmentation tools, email automation, etc.
  4. Outstanding Customer Service: The platform offers 24/7 support for all customers (including those on the free plan). 
  5. Free Migration: If you’re already using a different email solution and want to move to AWeber, the support team will provide free migration of all your data and email contacts.


  1. Charges for Unsubscribes: Even after someone unsubscribes from your email list, AWeber still counts them and charges you to host those contacts on your account.
  2. Region-Based Restrictions: Some Asian countries don’t have access to AWeber’s free plan, which means if you are in India, Pakistan, and several other nations, you will have to purchase the Pro plan.
  3. Outdated Templates: Although the platform has a massive number of templates, a lot of them look dated and won’t appeal to modern companies.

AWeber Competitors

Ultimately, AWeber is a great tool for email marketing and automation, but it’s not the only option available to you. 

There are a few other alternatives to consider, including:

1. GetResponse


GetResponse is one of AWeber’s top competitors. It’s an all-in-one email marketing platform that also offers landing pages, advanced automation, and a CRM.

The platform has a range of advanced features with a pretty reasonably priced entry plan. There’s also a generous 50% discount for NGOs. 

If you sign up for one of the premium plans, you can send as many emails as you want since the platform doesn’t impose any limits on the emails you send during the billing period.

Like AWeber, GetResponse does offer a free plan, but you don’t get all of the features and functionality you’ll get with AWeber’s free option. This makes AWeber a preferred choice for those who aren’t yet ready to commit to a paid plan.

2. Brevo


When it comes to email marketing and automation, Brevo (formerly SendinBlue) offers the whole package. You get a nice email design tool and advanced features, such as A/B testing, advanced reports, contact management, and more. 

It has many of the same features as AWeber and is equally easy to use. The platform also has a generous free plan that allows you unlimited contacts and 300 emails per day, with an option to create custom-coded email templates.

The automation tools, in particular, make this platform a worthy rival for AWeber. However, Brevo’s integration options are quite limited compared, so if you’re looking to build omnichannel marketing strategies or simply integrate various parts of your digital marketing mix together, AWeber is certainly the better choice. 

3. Mailchimp


The page builder on Mailchimp is cleaner and more intuitive than the one on AWeber. However, it doesn’t offer as many customization capabilities, which means that when it comes to usability features, AWeber wins. 

However, Mailchimp does have robust autoresponder functionality, which makes it a great alternative and the platform has a free marketing plan that is designed specifically for beginners who want an easy way to grow their audience. That said, if you’re a beginning marketing planner software might be a better solution.

You’ll be guided every step of the way with creating your campaigns and communicating with your subscribers. But AWeber’s customization options mean more strategically targeted and segmented campaigns. This gives AWeber the leading edge in my personal opinion.


AWeber pricing

AWeber’s pricing has a free plan, which is perfect for getting started. With it, you can start building your list without paying a cent.

Better yet, on Aweber pricing, you’ll never have to worry about time running out on your free trial because there is no time limit. Most other competitors restrict you to 14 or 30 days at the most. But AWeber doesn’t even require your credit card or payment information. Just create an account, and you’re ready to get started. 

This plan on Aweber pricing, of course, does not have the full functionality of the premium plan. While it is a great starter plan, it does have limitations

Let’s take a closer look at what you get with the free and premium AWeber plans: 

  • AWeber Free: $0/month
    • Up to 500 email subscribers
    • Send 3,000 emails/month
    • 1 List profile Aweber Account
    • Landing pages
    • Web push notifications
    • Drag and drop builder
    • Email templates and email marketing solutions
    • Sign up forms
    • eCommerce
  • AWeber Pro: Starts at $16.15/month for 500 Subscribers
    • Everything included in the “Free” plan +
    • Unlimited email lists
    • Send unlimited emails with email marketing solutions
    • Unlimited list profiles
    • Advanced email automation
    • Remove AWeber branding
    • Detailed insights and analytics
    • Webpage and sales tracking
    • A/B Split testing

You have the option to pay monthly, quarterly, or annually. If your list exceeds 25,000 subscribers, you can contact the support team for a custom quote.

Product Support

AWeber offers robust customer support in a variety of ways, including:

  • Email Support: You can email the support team with any questions or requests, and they will get back to you in a timely manner.
  • Live Chat: The platform offers 24/7 live support via chat so you can get assistance instantly.
  • Phone Support: If you’d rather have a conversation with one of the support staff, you can call between 8 AM and 8 PM ET.
  • Knowledge Base/FAQ: Here, you’ll be able to dive deep into a wide range of articles on different topics to find the answers you need.
  • Online Training: AWeber also conducts live webinars and on-demand webinars designed to educate users on different aspects of email marketing so they can get the most from the platform.

All in all, AWeber provides top-notch customer service, and it’s easy to see that the team really cares about providing the best experience for users. 

Email store owners, in particular, will appreciate the constant support offered on the platform. After all, the last thing you want is to lose money because of broken emails. 

With AWeber, you have the peace of mind of knowing that there’s always someone on hand to assist you, whether through email, chat, or phone.


System Requirements

AWeber’s deployment type is SaaS (software as a service). Operating systems include Windows, Linux, and macOS. 

Mobile applications include Android and Apple iOS. 


For the most part, when certain features are limited on an email marketing tool, the best way to upgrade functionality is through integrations with third-party apps like a email marketing provider. 

When there’s a wide range of integration options available, it gives businesses better opportunities to expand on the capabilities of the email marketing tool, allowing them to grow and scale their business.

The AWeber email marketing platform has hundreds of integrations, which means you’ll have an easy time connecting the tools you need to use with your email campaigns. 

Of course, it’s beyond the scope of this article to include all the different ways you can connect AWeber to your other apps. Still, we’re going to look at some of the most important integrations to third-party marketing, sales, and automation tools,including:

  • Content Management Systems: WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Squarespace.
  • Ecommerce: WooCommerce, Shopify, PayPal, Patreon, Etsy, ThriveCart, BigCommerce.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): ChatMatic, Agile CRM, AllClients, Copper CRM, Insightly, Jetpack CRM.
  • Landing page designers: Unbounce, Instapage, ZonPages.
  • Membership: WishList Member, Paid Membership Pro.
  • Lead generation: Clickfunnels, OptimizePress, Gravity Forms, OptinMonster.
  • Productivity: Zapier, Google Calendar, Google Suite, Office 365.
  • Surveying: Survey Funnel, Bucket.io, SmartSurvey.
  • Social Networks: Facebook, LinkedIn, Nimble.
  • Webinar: Demio, WebinarNinja, Crowd Cast, GoToWebinar, LiveWebinar.
  • Video: SproutVideo, DaCast, vooPlayer.
  • Other Integrations: BeaverBuilder, Eventbrite, 24sessions.

Some integrations require dedicated widgets, while others involve simply adding a snippet of code onto your website. Yet others call for the use of a tool like Pie Sync or Zapier, no matter how many subscribers you have for an email marketing campaign or using advanced marketing automation

But either way, you’ll have an easy time getting AWeber to seamlessly integrate with a wide range of SaaS service apps.

The platform continues to add more integrations with each passing year, showing that it listens to its users’ feedback on other software, apps, and tools to include.

AWeber integrations

Is AWeber Legit?

Short answer? Yes, AWeber is legit. It’s worth it for anyone who needs to build an email list, communicate with their subscribers, and collect data to help improve their email marketing campaigns. 

It will work best for beginners and startups, and seeing as the free plan has all the features you need to get started building your email list, the software is also perfect for anyone who’s on a tight budget. 

On the free plan, you get access to hundreds of premium quality, mobile-responsive email and newsletter templates. There’s a beginner-friendly email editor that allows you to drag-and-drop elements onto a page to create professional-looking, highly engaging emails. 

Also, you get access to a built-in landing page and sign-up form builder, as well as a wide range of other tools to start creating and running your email campaigns. 

Furthermore, you get sales tracking and advanced eCommerce features, as well as premium support, even on the free plan. 

All in all, this is a compelling piece of software that will help you create amazing email marketing campaigns that bring real results.

Check out what this user had to say about the software:

AWeber user

If you’re ready to get started with AWeber, sign up for the free plan to find out whether or not this email marketing platform is ideal for you.

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