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A well-designed logo will help you grab attention and make a strong first impression. It’s the foundation of your brand’s identity and will separate you from your competition and make your business more memorable to your audience. 

To create a unique logo, you need a reliable logo maker with flexible customization options for your custom logos without hiring professional designers. That’s precisely what Looka does. Looka (formerly Logojoy) is a powerful online logo maker that allows you to design and download a customized business logo in minutes so you can build a brand you love.

Read the rest of this Looka review to discover more about Looka, including its features, pricing, support, pros, and cons, etc.

Looka Summary

Looka logo

9.6 out of 10

Ron’s Thoughts

If you’ve ever wanted or needed to create an eye-catching and gorgeous logo, without having to hire a graphic designer or two, then Looka is a great choice. This logo maker lets you create expressive and beautiful logos with simple mechanics that don’t require any previous graphic design knowledge or experience. You can also take a look at any of the 2,000+ existing logos for inspiration and potential ideas in case you get stuck trying to think of something.

  • Biggest Pro:

    Easy Custom Logo Design Process

  • Biggest Con:

    Poor Basic Plan

  • Annual Discount:

    Yes - Up to 50% Off

  • Price:

    Starts at $20 (One-Off Payment)

  • Promotion:

    Free Trial Available

Is Looka Worth it?


Looka is an excellent site for anyone who wants a quick and easy way to design a professional logo for their business. 

Simply choose your industry, specify your type of business, and this intuitive logo maker will do the rest. 

You’ll get a custom logo in just minutes, which certainly beats spending tons of money hiring professional logo designers. 

It also removes the constant back and forth that often has to take place between you and professional designers before you are fully happy with your logo design. 

On the platform, you can make adjustments to your logo in just seconds, and you can make as many changes as you need to for free until you are delighted with your final result.

Here’s a list of additional features you get on the platform: 

  • Logo designs
  • Logo files
  • Brand Kit
  • Social media templates
  • Business card designs
  • Brand info
Looka additional features

Who is Looka Good For?

This custom logo maker is perfect for anyone who wants a well-designed, easy-to-use logo design tool.

Users with zero design experience will appreciate the simplicity of the platform’s interface. 

You get an endless list of unique logo designs that you can sift through until you find one you like – and even that you can then customize even further.

This makes Looka perfect for all types of creators, including:

  • Individuals: Build your personal brand with a high-quality logo to help you stand out and be memorable.
  • Small Businesses: Logo creation doesn’t have to be a considerable expense for your business. The platform has affordable plans ideal for businesses on a small budget.
  • Large Corporations: Thanks to Looka’s massive selection of icons and graphics, and Brand Kits, the platform has all the branding tools a large corporation needs without hiring a professional designer. 
  • Budget-Conscious Users: The tool’s convenient pricing plans allow you to choose between purchasing a single logo or signing up for a subscription. 
  • Beginners: If you don’t have the technical skills to design your own logo but want to avoid the hassle and expense of dealing with graphic designers, then this platform is perfect for you.

Looka Functionality

The first feature we’ll be looking at in this Looka review is the platform’s functionality.

The Looka logo maker gives you everything you would get from a logo designer, including: 

  • High-Resolution Logos: Get high-quality logos and crisp, hi-res JPG, PNG, and PDF files for use on- or offline. 
  • Vector Files: Download EPS and SVG formats to scale your logo to larger sizes for printing.
  • Color Variants: Choose from black and white, color, and transparent background logo variations. 
  • Business Card Designs: Choose from 20 professional and easy-to-customize business card designs.
  • Social Media Templates: Design profiles and posts for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and more – all perfectly sized when you customize pretty logos.
  • Brand Info: This is a single-page resource that contains your logo fonts, colors, styles, etc., to help you maintain brand consistency.
  • Post-Purchase Changes: Make unlimited changes to your logo when you subscribe to Looka’s Brand Kit.
  • Lifetime Logo Support: The platform’s team is available if you need help with getting started, opening files, or tweaking your designs.
  • Royalty-Free Logos: You can use your downloaded files for commercial or non-commercial purposes.

1. Ease of Use

Looka (formerly logojoy) is designed to be extremely easy to use. The platform has a machine-learning engine that drives the logo design framework. This is a great feature that sets it apart from other design software. 

The platform assesses your business logo design needs using a complex machine-learning framework.

The AI system then generates unlimited relevant and unique logo options. This is how you’ll be able to quickly and easily create attractive logos for your business with ease. 

To get started creating your own unique logo, simply follow these steps: 

Step #1: Head over to Looka’s homepage.

Enter your company name in the text box to start the logo-creation process.

Enter your company name

After you input your company name, you’ll be prompted to pick your industry so the platform can better pick the right colors, symbols, etc., for your beautiful brand.

pick your industry

Step #2: Pick some logos you like.

These will be used as inspiration to help design a logo perfectly aligned with your brand.

Pick some logos

Step #3: Next, pick some colors you like.

The colors you choose will help to convey emotion in your business logo. 

pick some colors

You can skip this step if you want, but the more information you provide the Looka logo maker, the better it will be to create a perfect logo for your type of business and industry.

Step #4: Enter your company name. 

This is something you can change later, so enter whatever name you want and click “continue” to move on to the next step. 

Enter your company name

In addition to entering your business name, you also have the option to add a slogan. Looka will then incorporate these details into some of the logos it generates to give you even more options to choose from.

Step #5: Pick some symbol types.

You’re almost done. All that’s left is to pick some symbol types from a list of hand-curated symbols in different categories.

Alternatively, you can pick your own symbols by clicking the link at the bottom. 

pick your own symbols

After this, the platform will generate some instant logos for your business according to the information you provided and in line with the latest best practices and industry trends. 

Pick a logo to customize and click “Start Customizing” at the bottom of the page.

Pick a logo

You’ll be taken to a dashboard that looks like this:


You’ll see a navigation menu on the left-hand side with options for changing different elements on your logo, including the symbol, name, layout, and color palette. 

With the Looka logo generator, you can view your logo on different products in your brand kit, including:

  • Logo files
  • Social profiles
  • Social covers
  • Business cards
  • Email signatures and newsletters
  • Letterheads
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Website
  • Posters, flyers, brochures
  • Presentations, proposals
view your logo on different products

Once you’ve completed all these steps, and you have a logo design you like, click “Download” and you’ll be able to preview your entire brand kit. 

You can then choose “Get Brand Kit and Download”, after which you’ll then be prompted to pick a plan to suit your needs and make payment.

The platform has a “Continue as Guest” option, which means you are not required to sign up to download your designs. 

When that’s done, you will receive your download instantly.

2. Variety of Logos

Looka’s AI system uses all the information it collects from you to generate an unlimited number of attractive business logos for you to choose from. 

Each logo is unique, and comes with its own set of customizable characters which means you’ll be spoiled for choice regardless of the type of logo you want.

The platform also has a wide variety of icons to personalize your logo. However, it’s important to note that all users have access to the same icons, which means other people may use the same icon as you for their logo design. 

With the Looka logo generator, users can leverage the power of AI to create high-quality, low-cost designs without the need for learning any graphic design skills. 

  • Instantly generate dozens of custom logo mockups.
  • See your logo on T-shirts, pens, and other real-life mockups
  • Change colors, sizing, symbols, etc. with Looka’s easy-to-use editor

3. Flexible Customization Options from the Logo Maker

Take your time going through the logos presented to you to find the most attractive designs. Looka allows you to easily scan and assess different designs so you can make a final selection from as many options as possible.

If you’re lucky, you’ll find a logo you love that doesn’t require any adjustment if you’re luckys. 

If not, pick a logo design you like and then customize it to align it with your business and make the logo design truly your own. 

You can change the logo style, colors, fonts, icons, and other graphic elements with the click of a button.

Customizing your designs is easy and doesn’t require any experience or training. 

It’s also quicker than using regular graphic design or editing software tools. For example, you can change elements in just seconds to see how different versions of your design would look. 

You can further influence the platform’s AI tool by introducing additional symbols. 

Simply search for them using the search function at the top right of the screen. Then, choose up to 5 options based on your logo design preference.

logo designs made with Looka

The editor provides you with multiple previews of your designs to get a good idea of how your logo will ultimately look on different branded items, such as T-shirts, mugs, business cards, etc.

different branded items

One of the best features of this platform is that it allows you to go back and restart the entire process from the beginning with no restrictions on the number of edits you can make to your design. 

This level of flexibility is one of the main reasons why Looka is one of the best logo creation tools around. 

After customizing your design to your liking, you can save your final logo or share it with friends. 

If you want to download your good logo, you will have to purchase one of the premium plans.

4. High-Resolution Logo Generator

With Looka’s premium plan, you’ll get a high-resolution logo in multiple formats, including .PDF, .PNG, etc. 

To access a .SVG file, you need to upgrade to the premium membership.

5.  Unlimited Logo File and Mockups

Looka’s system generates an unlimited number of design mockups to help you find that perfect logo for your business.

That’s why each page refresh creates a new set of options with the Looka logo generator.

The platform also allows you to customize as many logos as possible and save them.

Here are some additional features you’ll find on this good logo creation platform: 

  • Branding Resources: When you go beyond the customization stage, you will notice that getting a Looka plan entitles you to a lot more than just a plain logo. In addition, the logo allows you to download a supplementary branding guide, a resource that comes with all the information you’d need about the colors and fonts used on your logo. 

You won’t have any problem recreating the logo again and again as part of your business’s branding process.

  • Social Media Templates: Looka’s Brand Kit provides ready-to-go versions of your logo for social media. Customize your profile and cover photos for YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and more. Design perfectly-sized posts and stories to use across all platforms.
  • Vector File Options: You may need to resize your logo for some reason, and Looka generates your logo design downloads in multiple vector file options.

EPS and SVG, for example, are two particularly exceptional vector files you can use for that. 

Looka produces these with other file versions to help you adjust your logo dimensions while maintaining the quality. You’ll be able to make use of larger versions of your logo without compromising their pixels.

  • Social Media Kit: Social media is an integral part of digital brand marketing campaigns. So, to save you the trouble of re-editing your logo, Looka provides a complete social media kit with all the logo versions you’d need for the different social media platforms.

The system generates ready-made logo image sizes that can fit on ad banners and company profiles when it comes to Facebook. And the same applies to all the other popular social platforms, including Instagram, Etsy, YouTube, Twitter, etc. In addition, Looka offers various logo files for each of them.

Ultimately, this helps you maintain a consistent brand image across social media sites with a good-looking logo.

  • Business Card Designs: Use the Brand Kit to generate and customize business cards. Get 20 professional-quality design templates as your starting point. Then, quickly send your files to any local or on-demand printing service.
  • You Get Multiple Revisions: This is something most creators will appreciate. You can edit it unlimited times for 72 hours after purchasing your logo. This is more than you’ll get from any other logo creator so far.

Check out some of these popular logos created with Looka: 

popular logos created with Looka

Looka Pros and Cons

The highlights above make it clear that Looka is an excellent tool for creating business logos. But, as awesome as Looka may seem to anyone looking for an easy tool for logo design and you can edit them, it’s important to note that the platform also has its own unique shortcomings.

This Looka review will not be completed without Pros and Cons. Here’s a quick look at the logo software’s pros and cons : 


  • Easy to Use: Looka logo generator is designed for complete ease of use, making it perfect and not limited to beginners and non-tech savvy people today or in the future.
  • Custom Designs: In just minutes and with super easy editing, you’ll have a fully custom business logo design that you can download with a click of a button with the Looka logo generator. 
custom designs
  • High-Resolution Files: You get high-res file formats, as well as an option to create social media kits, business cards, and brand guidelines. 
  • Pay Per Download: The platform also has one-off, pay per download options and services and subscription options for your convenience on the site.
  • Logo Ideas: You’ll find a Logo Ideas page on the platform where you can browse a curated collection of more than 2,000 logo designs for inspiration. 


  • No Free Plan: Looka logo generator doesn’t offer a free plan for users. However, you can sign up for a free trial to test out the software features in the site.
  • Poor Basic Plan: The Basic Logo Package only has a single, low-resolution file, and no transparent file options. If you want a high-resolution scalable vector graphic (SVG) format then you need to upgrade to a higher-priced premium plan well worth your money.

Looka Competitors

By now, it’s clear to see that Looka is one of the top online logo makers you’ll find. It’s user-friendly, has AI (artificial intelligence) features, and offers many different format options and point for various channels.

 However, it’s not the only tool of its kind. There are plenty of tools online designed to help you create custom business logos. 

Among Looka’s competitors, you’ll find the following leading platforms, all worth considering when choosing the best logo design tool. 

1. Looka vs. Canva

Both Looka (formerly Logojoy) and Canva are user-friendly logo makers that use AI to help you create beautiful, custom business logos for your company. While Canva doesn’t offer phone or live chat support, it does offer a lot of value, being free to use. 

However, compared to Looka logo generator, it’s a little harder to use, requiring a steeper learning curve compared to its counterpart. That’s because Canva offers more customization options and allows users to upload their own images to use in their logo designs.

2. Looka vs. Zarla

With Zarla, you can create a fantastic logo in minutes, 100% free. You can even create hundreds of logos with just a few clicks. In addition, the platform has tools that are very similar to Looka, including multiple file types and instant downloads.

The main difference is pricing, with Zarla being the more affordable option.

You can use the platform for free, without the need to sign up. The plan’s packages start from $20 for the Basic Logo Package to $192/year for the Brand Kit Web Subscription.

3. Looka vs. Tailor Brands

While very similar in many ways, these platforms are different in the number of icons and customization tools offered. For example, Looka’s brand kit allows you to access more than 300 branded templates for creating marketing materials for your business or company.

When comparing the basic plans, Tailor Brands offers significantly more value than the lowest-priced option from Looka. However, Tailor Brands only offers subscription plans whereas Looka offers both subscription plans and pay-per-download options.


Looka pricing

Looka (formerly Logojoy) has a range of plans designed to suit businesses of all sizes. Although the DIY logo maker doesn’t offer a free trial, you can design a logo for free, preview logo mockups to see what your logo would look like on different items, such as business cards, merchandise, etc., and only pay if you want to download your design.

The platform’s plans are as follows: 

  • Basic Logo Package: $20 (One-time purchase)
    • One low-res file 
    • No transparent file
  • Premium Logo Package: $65 (One-time purchase) 
    • Multiple logo file types
    • High-res file types
    • Unlimited changes
    • Lifetime tech support
    • Full ownership
  • Brand Kit Subscription: $96/year
    • Everything in the “Premium” plan
    • Email Signatures, Email newsletters
    • Social profiles, Social covers, Social Stories, and Posts
    • Letterheads, Invoices, Business cards
    • Flyers, Posters, Presentations, Banners, Brochures, etc. 
  • Brand Kit Web Subscription: $192/year
    • Everything in the “Brand Kit” subscription +
    • AI-Generated Website

Product Support

Looka offers lifetime technical support for all users. So even once you’ve purchased and downloaded your logos, you can still get in this technical support if you have any questions or problems with your design.

This means you can get in touch with the platform’s support team even years after you downloaded your kit, and the team will help you just as they would any regular user.

You can get support in the following ways:

  • Phone
  • Email 
  • Live Chat

There’s also a Help Center/knowledge base which you can browse to get answers to your questions. 

If you ask a question and customer service doesn’t get back to you immediately, there’s a chatbot that will automatically search its knowledge base for the most relevant articles.

The service runs from 9 AM – 9 PM GMT, with the fastest response times between 10 AM – 5 PM, a respectable 12-hour window.

Looka product support

Is Looka Legit?

So, what’s the verdict of this Looka review?

This easy-to-use platform has designs for logos, business cards, social media profiles, websites, and more that will help you bring your brand to life. This platform deserves a place on the list of best logo generators for businesses.

It has the quality to rival many well-known premium logo makers, yet it’s deceptively simple to use. Just enter your industry and business details, add a few design preferences from sample logos, click a button, and you’ll instantly have a fully customizable logo.

You can now customize the color and various graphic elements of your design before downloading the finished result for use on your website, social accounts, and any other digital channels. 

If you opt for the premium membership, you can even get vector images to create larger prints and outdoor advertisements. In addition, you will have full control with services, ownership, and not limited to your company name.

Take a look at what this user from Wikibotics had to say about the Looka logo creator: 


If you’re ready to start using Looka to create a free logo for your business, click the link below to sign up for an account on the website.

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