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For Canadian businesses using a WordPress site, it’s important to use the best host to ensure that on-site data remains secure, outages and downtime are minimized, and speed is never sacrificed. Finding the right web host can be difficult and timely without help. Fortunately, my team and I conducted the research needed to bring you this list of the best Canada Managed WordPress hosting platforms.

Web Hosting Canada

Since 2003, WHC has striven be the best Canadian web host, & they're succeeding


For Canadian businesses on a budget, Bluehost is a perfect WordPress web host


Experience speeds up to 200% faster than other Canadian web hosts with Kinsta


SiteGround is optimized with superb CMS applications for WordPress


Powered by renewable energy, GreenGeeks creates 3x more power than it uses

The internet is overflowing with WordPress hosting platforms and the options may overwhelm you, as they did me, once upon a time.

WordPress has grown to become the world’s favorite CMS (Content Management System) with a wide range of interesting and useful features for beginners, developers, and designers alike.

In order to attract more users, the best hosting companies have begun offering products and features that are specifically geared toward WordPress websites such as one-click installations and practical plugins.

My team and I have had the chance to test and experience different Canada managed WordPress hosting platforms in the course of our website designing and this guide will outline our experience.

Read the rest of this article to discover everything we found out about the top WordPress hosting Canada solutions and how to find the best match for your needs in terms of overall features, pricing, and support.

What Are The Best Canada Managed WordPress Hosting Platforms?

1. Web Hosting Canada

Best Overall Canada Managed WordPress Host (From C$3.89/month)

Proudly Canadian and leveraging 100% Canadian cloud-based data storage by way of their data centers across Canada. They have servers across the entire nation from Montreal to Vancouver.

Web Hosting Canada is known for its reliability and has been working on its reputation to become Canada’s best local WordPress host since 2003.

They take pride in the fact that new installations come loaded with plugins that are ready to run within 60 seconds. All of these characteristics showcase why many people consider Web Hosting Canada as one of the best Canada Managed WordPress hosting platforms.

Key Features:

  • Customer Support: Their support team is available 24/7 via phone, live chat, or email. They are excellent and can speak multiple languages so they can assist users from across the world. 
  • Speed: The WHC servers are optimized for running WP sites and are faster than their shared hosting. Multiple levels of caching influence Cloudflare’s CDN network, allowing the server to share content. The latest PHP is used to keep their servers up to date.
  • Security: We already know this is crucial to your WP site and that it is a strenuous task to complete with WordPress, but WHC has thought of that and given you an easy solution. They make use of a six-layer firewall that keeps your site secure. They have also included daily backups as a part of every plan. 


For just under $5 per month, WHC offers amazing features for your WordPress site such as free SSL certificates and free updates. In addition to their website hosting, WHC gives you email marketing plans to try for free, and SEO plans too. Great deal if I must say so myself, though if you really need to get your marketing figured out you might want to use a marketing planning platform instead.

2. Bluehost

Best Canadian WordPress Hosting for Businesses on a Budget (From $2.95/month)

We know that Bluehost lost a bit of momentum when they were bought over by EIG, but they have started picking up again and offer great WordPress support and plans.

Bluehost has made it super simple to build a professional website. They have made it fun, with no added stress of coding. It also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Key Features:

  • Built for Results: Bluehost has given you the magic wand to create your own WP site and gives you the freedom to scale your site as you need. They support you with marketing tools and insightful analytics to optimize your growth.
  • Auto Updates: When a host offers automatic updates, it takes the pressure off constantly updating your site. Be sure to choose this option when you install your WordPress site at the signup stage. You will also notice that Bluehost’s installations are taken care of by MojoMarketplace, although this service does not rank high in my recommendations and client feedback is inconsistent and confusing.
  • 24-Hour Support: Bluehost has a support team that works around the clock to keep its users happy. You can get in touch with them via chat support which was fast when we used them and they’re pretty friendly and helpful.  


Bluehost’s plans include a free domain name for your first year, totally cool right? As mentioned earlier, their plans are a minimum of 12 months commitment, which may be off-putting. Drag and drop features come with every package and the higher-priced plans offer features such as custom themes and unlimited SSD storage. 

3. Kinsta

Fastest Canada Managed WordPress Hosting Platform ($30.00/month)

Kinsta has its main focus on WordPress hosting for websites of all sizes, which is helpful. The platform has 24 data centers across the world, including one in Montreal, Canada, which aims to make your content available to web viewers wherever they are. 

With a CDN network spanning over 200 cities across 100 countries, your data is stored and readily available, and the best part is that this comes with every Kinsta plan at no extra cost. 

Every entrepreneur appreciates free premium tools which save them hundreds of dollars a month, and with Kinsta, you get premium features such as resources, optimized admin tasks, and enterprise-level tools. 

Key Features:

  • Leverage Google Cloud Platform: By utilizing the Google Cloud, Kinsta offers its clients automatic scalability within an isolated environment, without having to maintain any physical hardware.
  • Application Performance Monitoring: These built-in applications identify key performance issues that are slowing down your website. These tools are custom-designed for WordPress sites and conveniently available in all Kinsta plans. 
  • Fastest CPUs: Kinsta boasts of industry-leading speed through their use of the fastest high-end CPUs. This exclusive offer is available worldwide from Google’s C2 machines and you can expect a performance increase of up to 200%. 


Tailor-made hosting services to fit your specific needs, for small to medium-sized businesses. They do not have fixed-term contracts and you can easily downgrade or upgrade with your ongoing needs. 

Kinsta offers free migrations from other hosting platforms and custom plans. Dedicated VMs are also available.

4. SiteGround

Canadian WordPress Host with Great CMS Apps (From $3.99/month).

SiteGround is among the few hosts that come about recommended officially by WordPress, for WordPress sites. They’re the best overall host for WordPress.

We like how they have custom-built their systems around security and speed.

Speaking of speed, they have a WordPress customized plugin called SuperCacher which maximizes the speed performance.

The SiteGround hosting platform is quite strong with regards to WordPress servers and their pricing is unheard of with premium value on their higher plans.

Key Features:

  • Easy Back-End: Siteground has a good deal of support, with options to help you along, including Tutorials, Live chats, a Knowledge Base, Ticket Support, etc. These are just a few of the ways their high-rated Customer Care support team is available to assist. 
  • Optimized for CMS Applications: Their platform supports multiple PHP-MySQL-based CRM and CMS applications. They also offer free installation of other popular ones like Drupal, Joomla, or a forum or wiki. Their support is flexible and optimized and perfect for WordPress.  
  • Smooth Website Transfer: If you have decided to move over to SiteGround, you will appreciate their effortless migration feature. They offer free automated migrations with the use of their Migrator plugin for WordPress. If you already have a WordPress site then you can migrate easily. 

Note: Professional website migration on Siteground comes with a $30.00 price for each site. It’s worth every cent because their experts do all the work in transferring your database and files across safely and securely. They know the ins and outs because they migrate an average of 50,000 sites a year.


SiteGround hosting services help you start easily, helping you build faster, and grow stronger. All their plans offer a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied in the first 30-days of use.

All plans offer free SSL certificates and daily backups because they understand the importance of web security. Their higher packages offer bigger webspace and unlimited websites.

5. GreenGeeks

An Environmentally Sustainable Canadian WordPress Host (From $2.95/month).

If you are trying to figure out ways to go green, you might want to consider green web hosting. GreenGeeks is the best Canada Managed WordPress hosting platforms if you want to help save the environment.

I too was surprised to hear there was such an option but GreenGeeks declare that they return the power they consume, threefold, by making use of renewable energy.

They have blazing fast speed in over 150 countries, with a guaranteed uptime of 99.9%. Just what every WP site needs.

GreenGeeks have their customized tech called PowerCacher which is a combination of SSDs and LiteSpeed, this maximizes performance. 

I’m sure you will find this as impressive as I found it. But if you’re not happy then they have a 30-day no-obligation money-back pledge.  

Key Features:

  • Eco-Friendly: This is their main selling point and attracts many subscribers through their word of honor. They are taking active steps to keep the world green including putting energy back into the grid 3x over the amount they consume. They are known to use wind energy for this. They also promise to plant a tree for every new hosting account provisioned. Pretty awesome hey?   
  • Freebies: Now who doesn’t like a bunch of freebies? I know I love freebies! The list of freebies from Greengeeks includes free domain names, SSL certificates, migration, and free expert support. They even give you money back if you’re not satisfied after a month of use, basically one free month of service.
  • Tailored Plans: Because GreenGeeks wants to meet the needs of all WP users, they have come up with plans that suit all business sizes from small sites and blogs to online stores and really busy sites. Every plan is great and offers important features like unlimited MySQL databases.


All plans offered by GreenGeeks have great tools and features that are standard such as unlimited disk space, but the pro plans get twice more powerful as the Lite plan, and the premium plan is even more powerful they get even faster too.  

6. InMotion Hosting

Best Canada WordPress Host For Unlimited Sites (From $2.29/month)

InMotion Hosting proudly goes a step further than other Canadian Hosting service providers in terms of their quality and support.

With their WP hosting plans you get WP preinstalled, remember to tick the checkbox during checkout to get this feature, and leave the installation to them. Convenience at its best.

We would recommend that you make use of their Canadian CDN to optimize the speed of your website in Canada.

Key Features:

  • Support: This has always been something that InMotion can boast about! Although you probably won’t need their support because their hosting is so simple, they have taken a unique twist and created a community-based forum that allows members to ask and answer each others’ concerns. This makes me feel like I am part of their team and part of their solution. 
  • Affordable SSD: I love that you get great SSD disc space at no additional cost! You get superior performance from SSDs in comparison with other hard disk technologies.
  • Max Speed Zones: During your installation, you have the option of choosing your preferred speed zone. You can choose from East or West and depending on your choice, it impacts the speed of your site in some parts of the world. Some people use this feature to their advantage and can target their audience effectively. 


Pricing options are varied and are more reasonable with the longer contract that you opt for. Their UltraStack speed and performance offer increase with their premium packages. Also, they can offer up to 20k monthly visitors and 40Gb of disk space. 

7. Cloudways 

Best Cloud-Based Canada Managed WordPress Host (from $10.00/month)

Cloudways is all about cloud hosting and has been recognized as an innovative platform that is built to empower teams and guarantee success.

They claim that they live and breathe WordPress, so this should tell you how amazing their hosting service is.

Partnering with great platforms like Google Cloud, Amazon AWS, Vultr, Stackpatch, and Linode gives its users the best hosting features and performance.

Scaling with Cloudways is seamless because they do things slightly differently from other hosting providers.

You can take control of your site and scale it the way you want because Cloudways relieves you from cloud server-related issues with its managed WooCommerce and WordPress hosting.

Key Features:

  • Live in Minutes: Wouldn’t you be happy if your site went live within minutes? Cloudways can make that happen for you by their ability to erase the complexities of web setup.
  • Manage Like a Pro: Cloudways has a personalized touch and helps you build your business and manage apps efficiently with their Ui which is easy to use and enables you to be in control like a pro. 
  • Exclusive Features: Such as custom caching plugins and server stacks that are very well optimized. Their speed is also enhanced in Canada because of its partners.


Cloudways has an interesting pricing policy that you may, or may not, like. Their plans are pay-as-you-go and this allows you to adapt your budget according to your needs. You can always scale up your plan or downgrade. I think it is quite nifty that you can pay for the resources you consume, and nothing more.

8. WP Engine 

Best Canada Managed WordPress Host for eCommerce (From $25/month)

WP Engine leverages Google’s Cloud Platform and Amazon’s Web Services (AWS) as part of their Canadian-managed WordPress hosting solution. Both the Google Cloud and AWS servers are located in the Montreal one.

By making use of these two platforms, WP Engine ensures that its coverage is global and you can easily choose which data center you’d like according to your selected plan.

Key Features:

  • Team of Experts: Their experts are available to offer you support around the clock and meet your website needs. We have experienced how knowledgeable their team is and how specialized they are in fixing any WordPress technical issues without a glitch. They go the extra mile in handling your core WordPress updates, taking that worry off your shoulders. 
  • Top-Notch Service: We know that WPEngine takes pride in the fact that when there is a major update in progress, they test your site before updating it, just to make sure nothing breaks. This means your users enjoy the front-end while they seamlessly handle the back-end, continuously building your business. The cherry on the cake is that their development and product price is so low it’s unbelievable! And if that’s not enough to convince you to switch to WPEngine, then their real-time threat detection will. It’s run live and actively blocks DDOS attacks. They have committed to fixing your site at no cost if it gets hacked! Now that’s premium service.
  • Fastest WordPress Hosting: Ready to increase your conversion rates? Boost your website traffic with WPEngine’s lightning-fast load times. Your customers will experience world-class security on WPEngine’s highly-optimized platform. Not only is this better for your business but your customers too. WPEngine users have experienced a 40 percent average improvement in their website speed after migrating over. 


Depending on your website needs, you will easily find a pricing package suitable for you.

WPEngine manages much more than just your hosting and tends to be slightly more expensive than shared hosting.

9. DreamHost   

Canadian WordPress Host With the Best Customer Support (From $1.99/month)

DreamHost has been around for many years and earned a great reputation built on their quality of service. All customer support is in-house; nothing is outsourced.

With over 20 years of experience under their belt, they are known to focus on the success of websites for web developers and designers. They also accommodate bloggers and online businesses.

Their services allow you to get your ideal site up and running in no time, easily.

DreamHost offers a unique managed WordPress hosting service called DreamPress which has over 1.5 million sites hosted.

Key Features:

  • Range of Plans: Their plans are specifically designed to manage your WordPress site, whether you choose shared hosting or if you want their premium managed host services, DreamPress. If you want all their WordPress-specific features then DreamPress is the option for you! 
  • Canadian CDN: Although DreamHost is better suited for US users, Canadians can still make use of it by accessing its CDN. This allows for optimal speeds. 
  • Employee Owned: I don’t know about you, but I love it when a company is employee-owned and run! It keeps the company focused on customers’ unique needs and DreamHost is committed to helping everyone succeed online. 


DreamHost’s WordPress plans range from shared to managed plans. Although both options are great, we would recommend taking advantage of the platform’s DreamPress service because it has additional WordPress features like SSD hosting, unlimited disc space, and a great 97-day money-back pledge.

10. HostGator     

Best Canada Managed WordPress Host for Scaling (From $2.75/month)

This is another veteran in the world of WordPress.

They have been around for years and know what users need. EIG manages a range of their other renowned hosting brands such as BlueHost.

HostGator boasts of its unbeatable hosting, unmetered bandwidth, and unlimited storage.

They even go the extra mile by throwing in a free domain for you for a year! There’s a lot you could do with that.

So if you’re thinking WordPress hosting then think HostGator!

Easy website scaling, full root access, and dedicated resources are just a few of the other features they offer.

Key Features:

  • Support Options: These range from video tutorials to live chats and ticket support Their support team is reliable and accessible anytime, any day. With their skilled crew offering you resolutions to your technical issues.
  • Ongoing Updates: You will never feel like you are outgrowing their hosting services because their tools are specifically designed to continually grow with you. You can be at peace knowing that as your business scales, your hosting service is keeping up with you and continually meeting your needs at every stage of your growth. 
  • Increased Trust: It is of uttermost importance to feel secure online. Allow your clients to also feel eased when accessing your website with HostGator’s SSL certificates. Protect your clients and your reputation. Don’t be caught off-guard if your customer flags your website as unsecured.


Having a package optimized for your WordPress site makes all the difference. HostGator has been servicing customers for many a moon and they know which packages customers will opt for. Free SEO tools, unlimited websites, free SSL certificates, and unmetered bandwidth are just a few of the perks of being with HostGator.

What is a Canada Managed WordPress Hosting Platform?

When you’re starting your business there may be a lot of initial expenses.

If you’re looking to build your website from scratch and need web hosting that’s not a big expense yet it gets the job done without being too complicated to manage on your own, then WordPress is the way to go.

It’s also a great option if you’re thinking of building a site that is quite basic in terms of CRMs with a blog or eCommerce store, forums, and general business.

Your specific needs or level of expertise impacts the type of hosting you choose.

Different web hosts will provide different types of hosting which may include dedicated hosting, cloud hosting, shared hosting, and VPS hosting.

Shared hosting is an option that is typically the least expensive and, actually, the most popular option.

Shared hosting allows you to use one server for various WordPress websites, reducing your costs drastically. Everyone needs a money saver in business.

It’s easy to design and build sites with WordPress and is the go-to building platform for businesses that are small or medium-sized. 

Types of Canada Managed WordPress Hosting 

You will notice that as the internet grows and technology evolves daily, there are dozens of choices for website builders, but WordPress remains the most popular CRM.

Most hosting companies have realized how the WordPress market shares are growing larger and intelligently developed a WordPress hosting product that offers optimal build and configuration best suited for WordPress sites.

WordPress hosts now offer customized solutions and 1-click software installations, making your user experience better. 

There are several types of hosting available in Canada, from Linux to WooCommerce to Normal Web hosting. 

Let’s have a look through some of these hosts below in comparison to WordPress hosting.

Normal Web Hosting 

Your specific website needs are the fundamental part of choosing the right hosting.

So let’s say you are just a startup who wants a quick three-page website, then it’s not necessary to get  WordPress-specific hosting.

But if you’re looking at scaling your website in the future, and you have the budget, then getting WordPress hosting is worth the additional expense.

Having WordPress-specific hosting gives you extra security and it’s pretty user-friendly, saving you time and its custom solutions give you fewer things to worry about.

WooCommerce Hosting

WooCommerce is still a niche and takes the struggle off of handling your online store by simply installing an eCommerce plugin on your WordPress site.

This successful plugin enables eCommerce capabilities and translates your website into an online store. 

Depending on the hosting platform you opt for, your site may come pre-installed with WooCommerce and an array of customizations to increase your online stores’ success and revenue. 

Linux Hosting

Linux is the most common hosting operating system just as WordPress is the most common CRM.

When Linux and WP work together they give you outstanding performance and an experience like no other.

Keep in mind though that Linux OS maintains your server and not your website.

What Features to Look For in Canada Managed WordPress Hosting

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when you are on the hunt for WordPress hosting in Canada.

Firstly you will need to narrow down your search by the most important features so that you can quickly cancel out options that are not worth your time.

Let’s have a look at some of the key specifications to keep an eye out for when choosing your WordPress hosting service:

1. User Friendly: This is quite vital if you are a beginner and want to maintain your WordPress site without management assistance. A host that gives automatic updates and backups is a good option to settle for. 

Consider hosts that also give you free pre-installed plugins that could scale your site. Remember to research their customer service. 

You don’t want to be left hanging for days without a response from their customer service team or have to deal with staff that is quite clueless about resolving your website issues. That can quickly become very frustrating and even push you to migrate to another host.

2. Hosting Speed: This makes a big difference when it comes to your visitors’ overall experience and shorter load times enhance this experience.

This is especially important if you are operating an eCommerce store because your potential customers could leave your site in frustration if it is taking too long to load.

Almost one-tenth of site visitors leave for every additional second that they have to wait for a page to load.  

A faster loading speed could boost your revenue.   

The fastest hosting providers use a CDN (Content Delivery Network) which distributes website content to users from the closest server where they are accessing the internet.

If it is frustrating waiting for a page to load all its contents so that you can browse it with ease, you do not want your users to have this same experience and eventually navigate away to your competitor’s site. Whoops!

3. Security: This is another big one to look out for. When you launch your site, you want to trust that no one is altering your content, or doing anything without your permission.

General security such as SSL certificates, DDoS protection, monitoring, software updates, and basic security tactics are some examples of what to expect from the host.

The most basic security you should receive is having your WordPress site’s software being kept up to date. You should be at peace and know that your site has enough security.

4. Server Uptime: This is also a factor to be aware of. Yes, technology has times when it will go down and your site may be affected, but you need to stay clear of hosts that have low server uptimes.

Imagine going to a website and finding it not there because the server is down? Now imagine how your website visitors will react to this situation.

Finding a host with an uptime of 99.9% should be a deal-breaker because you don’t want your visitors to find your site down.

Chances are, you won’t get site traffic, and sadly, you will lose revenue if visitors can not interact with your site.

You need to find a WordPress host that can guarantee high server uptime.

Factors like equipment issues can cause a decrease in server uptime while they’re repairing these matters, and a great host will schedule these maintenance tasks to happen during your site’s low traffic periods.

5. Bandwidth and Disc space: These factors play an important role in your choice of host.

Many hosts claim to have unlimited storage, domains, email, and bandwidth, which are all necessary for having a successful WordPress website, and a limit on these features can affect how your site operates.

If you are nearing your capacity, a good host will send you notifications and create dialogues about scaling your option so that your site continues performing well.

6. System Backups: These are important because, well, accidents happen and servers can crash at any time.

Your host should guarantee you that they have your website, email, and database securely backed up in the event of mishaps, and then be able to get your site back up and running right away.

Automatic weekly, monthly, and even daily backups are important factors in the search for a good host because no one wants the drama of lost content and data.

You will often come across a commendable host who will back up your server data to another, separate system to ensure that all your data is accounted for no matter what the cyber world throws at them.

As you will now see, in Canada there are many qualifications that a WordPress host needs to be acknowledged as a quality service provider. Be sure to gauge them according to your needs.

Best Canada Managed WordPress Hosting Platforms — Summary & Top Picks

There’s an overabundance of WP hosting platforms, and finding the best one for your Canadian business needs can be difficult. Hopefully, this list has helped you find the right web hosting platform for you and your business needs.

 When selecting a Canada Managed WordPress Hosting Platform, here are a few things you’ll need to consider: whether the host is based in Canada or just has a few servers there, the overall cost of hosting, the number of sites you can host with a single plan, whether or not a free trial is offered, built-in integrations and applications for content management and marketing, the minimum speeds ensured by the site, it’s long-term reputation, and how well it securitizes on-site data.

Here are my Top Picks of the Best Canada Managed WordPress Hosting Platforms:

Web Hosting Canada

Since 2003, WHC has striven be the best Canadian web host, & they're succeeding


For Canadian businesses on a budget, Bluehost is a perfect WordPress web host


Experience speeds up to 200% faster than other Canadian web hosts with Kinsta


SiteGround is optimized with superb CMS applications for WordPress


Powered by renewable energy, GreenGeeks creates 3x more power than it uses

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