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When it comes to email marketing and building an online presence, choosing the right software platform is crucial for business success. Two of the most popular solutions on the market are Flodesk and AWeber, both capable platforms with slightly different strengths.

In this comprehensive Flodesk vs AWeber comparison, we evaluate how these platforms stack up across key criteria to help entrepreneurs pick the best solution.

Our criteria focus on market position, ease of use, customization and design, functionality, performance and reliability, support resources, pricing models, and reputation. Comparing the pros and cons in these key areas will reveal which email marketing platform is best suited for small business owners for overall value for investment.

1. Understanding the Basics

Founded in 2015 by Ankit Shah, Flodesk is a newer platform on the market compared to industry leader AWeber.

AWeber has spent over 20 years developing its email marketing and automation tools after CEO Tom Kulzer founded the company in 1998. As one of the first players in the space, AWeber enjoys an established position.

In terms of market share among small business owners, AWeber commands a larger user base with over 250,000 customers at last count compared to Flodesk’s over 10,000. However, Flodesk has quickly grown thanks to its ease of use and freemium model attracting entrepreneurs.

With its maturity and experience in the industry, AWeber enjoys more popularity. However, innovative features and simpler pricing from Flodesk make it an attractive offering with momentum in the market.

2. Features and Functionality



Flodesk provides robust email marketing automation powered by its Visual Campaign Builder. This easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface allows the creation of multi-step workflows and campaigns triggered by subscriber actions like email opens, link clicks, form submissions, inaction after a set time, or on a preset schedule.

While the fundamentals are simple with triggers, actions, and sequences, building more advanced conditional logic with multiple branches does require more expertise.

However, Flodesk’s Visual Campaign Builder makes creating sophisticated behaviors with multiple sequences, conditional branching, and custom logic possible for marketers willing to climb the learning curve.

Overall, Flodesk strikes a balance between simplicity for beginners and customization for experts when it comes to creating automated email marketing campaigns. The automation possibilities are extensive for those willing to learn.


With over 20 years of perfecting email marketing automation capabilities, AWeber is the pioneer in many of the tools modern platforms take for granted.

Their Follow Up Email tool allows designing timed drip campaigns to continually engage subscribers with tailored content over days, weeks, or months based on their interests and behaviors.

AWeber makes it easy to get started with over 250 pre-built automation template flows for common use cases like welcome sequences, product abandonment, re-engagement campaigns, and more.

Users can customize these templates or build automation completely from scratch using the simple drag-and-drop flow designer.

Robust features like segmentation, split testing, and advanced integrations take AWeber’s automation abilities to an enterprise-grade level. Few other small business-focused platforms provide such sophisticated capabilities while remaining easy enough for small teams to implement.

The possibilities are nearly limitless for marketers willing to explore AWeber’s extensive toolset.

Winner: AWeber

With decades more time perfecting email marketing automation, AWeber simply provides more advanced capabilities out of the box than Flodesk.

The combination of an easy learning curve for beginners but extensive built-in features for experts gives AWeber a slight edge. For the most powerful automation, AWeber is the winner.

Email Templates


Flodesk provides hundreds of professionally designed email templates covering common marketing use cases. Form creation is easy and you can create digital forms which come pre-built for welcome sequences, product announcements, newsletters, holiday promotions, and more.

The drag-and-drop editor makes customizing templates easy, with no coding needed. Flodesk’s templates focus more on aesthetics out of the box rather than functional conversion elements, so optimizing for conversions takes extra work. But beautiful starting points fit most branding needs.

In addition to broad category templates, Flodesk offers templates targeted to e-commerce stores, service businesses, agencies, and other industries to save time starting from something relevant.


With over 250 email template options, AWeber provides tailored templates guaranteed to increase conversions per industry and use case. Templates have pre-designed calls-to-action and dynamic content event blocks pre-optimized for mobile readability.

AWeber’s template editor also allows drag-and-drop customization of layouts, colors, and fonts without any coding skills needed. However, the focus remains on conversion performance even with design changes.

Templates categorized by integration with other platforms like WooCommerce make getting started with marketing automation faster. Useful templates provide lead nurturing sequences, quiz funnels, and other advanced options beyond basic newsletters.

Winner: AWeber

While Flodesk offers beautifully designed templates, AWeber’s focus on conversion optimization and functionality out of the box earns it the win. With twice the template options covering more advanced uses across all major industries, AWeber simply provides more value to save time and boost results.



Flodesk allows tagging contacts and segmenting lists based on attributes like demographics, interests, purchase history, email engagement, and more. Basic segmentation happens at the list level for sending targeted broadcasts.

More advanced tools like custom fields and tags enable dynamic segmentation across multiple parameters. Flodesk’s automation builder can then trigger actions based on conditional logic using contact criteria.

Overall, Flodesk covers the fundamentals of manual and automated segmentation. However, marketers with more advanced segmentation needs may find the tools lacking depth.


With over 250 pre-built segmentation filters, AWeber allows diving contacts into highly targeted lists based on attributes and behaviors. Integrations provide even more data points for precision targeting.

Granular tagging and intelligent lists automatically update based on engagement metrics, while customizable fields capture endless data points. Robust segmentation logic allows you to hyper-personalize marketing content.

For advanced users, features like multivariate testing and machine learning give deep insight into audience grouping. Few other small business platforms offer such enterprise-level segmentation power.

Winner: AWeber

Both software solutions have much to offer. While Flodesk delivers capable segmentation tools for most users, AWeber’s decades of specialization give it the edge for premium-grade contact grouping. For advanced marketers who need to slice audiences into highly targeted segments, AWeber is the winner.

The breadth and depth of intelligent segmentation, customization abilities, and built-in predictive intelligence make AWeber hard to beat for precision email marketing.



Flodesk provides solid email marketing analytics covering opens, clicks, unsubscribes, spam reports, and more. Dashboard summaries offer campaign-level metrics, with drilling down into individual sends possible.

Useful reports detail subscriber engagement over time, allowing optimization of automation based on trends. Analytics focus heavily on email performance rather than business revenue metrics. Integrations with Google Analytics fill some of these gaps.

Overall, Flodesk analytics cover the basics well. However, the lack of e-commerce data leaves some insights incomplete.


Boasting over 250 different reports, AWeber delivers premium-grade analytics both for email marketing and business operations. Clear overviews provide top-level metrics, while customizable reporting satisfies data junkies.

With open and click tracking standards, AWeber goes deeper tying email engagement to online and offline revenue through integrations. This closed-loop analysis provides complete visibility into ROI unseen on most marketing platforms at this price point.

For advanced users, options like multivariate testing, predictive modeling, and machine learning reveal optimized paths to drive conversions across segments. Both beginners and experts find meaningful analytics.

Winner: AWeber

While Flodesk covers email essentials, AWeber’s advanced reporting, business intelligence integration, and predictive capabilities make it a powerhouse for maximizing email ROI. For deep marketing and revenue insights, AWeber wins for analytics.

The customization flexibility, ability to track long-term value beyond conversions, and optimization abilities push AWeber ahead as a premium solution. Marketers who rely heavily on analytics for decision-making get tremendous value from AWeber.

Unique Features


One standout capability Flodesk delivers is built-in hosting, removing the headache of managing servers and performance. Entrepreneurs can quickly launch full professional websites alongside email marketing on one platform.

Flodesk also has responsive SEO management templates, conversational forms data tables, and advanced marketing automation tools.

In addition, Flodesk’s focus on an integrated visual campaign builder for automation sets it apart in the market. Drag-and-drop workflows make complex triggers and sequences easy to implement for non-technical users.

For small teams managing multiple accounts, Flodesk provides simple client management and permissions within one dashboard as well. This allows agencies and freelancers oversight into client accounts when warranted.


A key unique advantage AWeber offers is a dedicated IP address option included for all subscribers, not just high-tier accounts. This improves email deliverability and inbox placement by protecting the sender’s reputation.

In terms of email functionality, AWeber allows sending to over 350,000 subscribers from a single account, providing enterprise-grade scalability. Additionally, features like multivariate testing expose insights most platforms reserve for premium users.

For those running affiliate and influencer programs at scale, AWeber delivers specialized tools to automate sending swipe copy emails and track promo performance per partner. You can create PPC campaigns based on various criteria.

You even get tools like the compliance customer surveys Drip offers. This expands marketing reach through outside channels.

Winner: Tie

Both Flodesk and AWeber feature innovative capabilities that set them apart from competitors. For Flodesk, the integrated hosting, offline forms, and visual campaign builder earn points for convenience and a learning curve.

Meanwhile, AWeber allowing dedicated IPs across plans, enormous subscriber volumes per account, multivariate testing, and other premium tools demonstrate why it leads to market share.

With unique advantages suiting different users, this category results in an honorable tie. The winner comes down to individual business needs and priorities.

3. Ease of Use


Flodesk prides itself on simplicity and ease of use, sporting a clean, user-friendly interface. Intuitive navigation and familiar workflows mean minimal training needed for new users. Setup takes minutes with a step-by-step wizard guiding configuration.

Options remain straightforward even when building advanced automation in Flodesk’s visual campaign builder. Dragging-and-dropping blocks minimize headaches for novice computer users. While expansive capabilities hide behind the scenes for experts, Flodesk cuts through complexity whenever possible.

The overall user experience stays focused on efficient education and progress. Minimal effort gets decent results, but customization for greater sophistication follows a gradual learning curve suited for non-technical entrepreneurs.


Boasting over 250 pre-built templates and multi-step wizards, AWeber allows even novices to create professional email marketing campaigns in minutes. Despite its more industrial interface, intuitive layouts and flows drive user adoption across skill levels.

For intermediate to advanced demands, however, AWeber does pose a steeper learning curve. Highly customized segmentation, split testing, and integrated analytics require heavier lifting for configuration but offer greater performance potential.

Trading ease of use for power, experts appreciate AWeber’s slate of premium features.

The user experience can feel overwhelming for recent email marketing converts but offers new depth over time. AWeber supports users across the journey with tailored tutorials and education. The platform scales capabilities according to needs and comfort.

Winner: Flodesk

While AWeber touts more premium-level functionality, Flodesk’s dedication to simplified use cases perfect for small business owners gives it the edge.

Beginners find instant familiarity with Flodesk’s intuitive layout. And the more visual workflow builder accelerates learning complex automation dramatically. For sheer user-friendliness, Flodesk wins.

4. Email Deliverability


Flodesk aims to maximize email deliverability through proprietary sending infrastructure and partnerships with major ISPs like Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, and more to bypass spam filters. Open and click rates remain above industry averages.

Detailed deliverability reports reveal deferrals, bounces, blocks, etc. allowing further optimization like re-confirmation workflows. Flodesk also automatically warms up dedicated IPs gradually to protect the sender’s reputation, though sharing does occur between accounts.

Robust inbox placement helps visitors convert to messaging. But for advanced users, options like from name customization, sender authentication, and other granular controls lack depth compared to more enterprise tools.


With email deliverability as a cornerstone of its value proposition, AWeber deploys meticulous best practices around security, content analysis, dedicated IPs, and sender behavior tracking to land customer emails in the primary inbox consistently.

AWeber enjoys longstanding partnerships with major email providers, maintaining open and click-through rates well above segment averages. Generously dedicated IP allotments prevent sharing degradation of deliverability scores across senders on the platform.

For power users, highly customizable tools like the “from” name editing, DKIM/SPF authentication, predictive inbox testing, and advanced analytics provide precision optimization of engagement. Both beginners and experts find deliverability excellence.

Winner: AWeber

Thanks to over 20 years of perfecting email deliverability, AWeber edges out Flodesk. More advanced options to guarantee inbox placement coupled with premier effectiveness metrics earn AWeber the win. For the best shot at email engagement, AWeber is hard to beat.

5. Customer Support and Community


Flodesk provides the basics like email, phone, and chat support during business hours to resolve issues promptly. While lacking 24/7 availability, quality assistance guides new users in getting started in growth-oriented optimization.

Active Facebook and LinkedIn communities foster peer-to-peer advice and inspiration covering best practices. Flodesk’s 7,500+ member Facebook Group delivers tips and motivation from real business owners navigating similar milestones.

Overall, support meets table stakes but stays relatively surface-level. Quickfixes happen reliably but ongoing strategic guidance requires turning to fellow customers in community channels.


With over 250 resources including 24/7 chat, email ticketing, phone assistance, and an extensive library of articles/tutorials, AWeber ensures timely responses and self-service learning options.

Seasoned experts guide users not just during onboarding but through advanced optimization of deliverability, segmentation, automation, and other key levers.

AWeber’s established Facebook community and active hashtag facilitate troubleshooting issues, inspiration, and advice between users well beyond basic hurdles. For newbies and power users alike, AWeber delivers supportive guidance.

Winner: AWeber

Thanks to 6 times more content and always-available assistance steering customers to fully utilize tools, AWeber sweeps Flodesk for customer support and community interaction. Both platforms foster user connections for continued learning but AWeber’s guides take capabilities to the next level.

6. Integrations


Flodesk delivers over 500 integrations with major platforms like Stripe, Shopify, Zapier, and key Google services allowing solid connectivity across common small business tech stacks.

Cron automation links workflows to actions in sales, service software, etc. However, integrations focus more heavily on email, landing page, and website abilities rather than the wider breadth many robust platforms feature today. Expansive possibilities require API workarounds.

Those wanting an integrated digital experience under one roof can benefit though from Flodesk’s bundled hosting, commerce, and CRM-lite offerings all in one login.


Touting over 750 native integrations, AWeber interoperates seamlessly with practically any software solution a business might leverage from the webinar, chat, and calendar tools to e-commerce, CRM, and marketing platforms big and small.

Prebuilt connectors adhere to best practices for data sharing and functionality activation between systems. Additionally, AWeber’s developer platform and Zapier partnership enables custom workflows extending capabilities further still across departments.

This extensive integration ecosystem allows businesses to continue using their favorite apps while activating email marketing automation into existing workflows for holistic visibility and coordination.

Winner: AWeber

While Flodesk covers baseline abilities, AWeber’s vastly larger integration marketplace earns the win for connectivity. Offering 50% more platform integrations out of the box and more flexibility in scaling up custom connections, AWeber enables comprehensive interoperability.

7. Pricing


Flodesk wins points for approachability with a permanently free plan allowing 500 contacts and basic features. This allows small businesses to test the platform risk-free.

From there, paid plans scale from $24 to $199 monthly as contacts and capabilities grow. Top-tier plans compare reasonably to competitors, but the free tier remains Flodesk’s biggest draw for bootstrapped entrepreneurs.

Overall, pricing stays simple and transparent without tacking on hidden fees. Generous free inclusion makes Flodesk affordable for early-stage businesses juggling budget priorities and growth opportunities.


AWeber’s pricing plans range from $12.50 to $899 monthly, aligning closely with Flodesk’s commercial tiers. However, at the entry level, AWeber only permits up to 500 emails per month, forcing small businesses to pay.

As subscriber counts increase into the thousands, however, AWeber delivers tremendous value concentration compared to alternatives. Advanced features like dedicated IPs and split testing come standard without upcharges.

For commercial needs, AWeber costs reasonably given the breadth of capabilities. However, the absence of a forever-free plan poses a barrier for pre-revenue founders hoping to organically gain traction.

Winner: Flodesk

Flodesk emerges as the pricing winner thanks to permanently waived fees for up to 500 contacts. This allows young businesses crucial months to earn revenue before subscribing. And reasonably priced plans thereafter keep to industry standards for commercial needs.

8. Reviews and Reputation


Flodesk earns positive marks across third-party software review sites like Capterra, Software Advice, and more for its simplified email marketing approach.

Users highlight the platform’s clean drag-and-drop builder, intuitive automation, and quality templates as key highlights.

Some users do cite needing more advanced analytics and segmentation capabilities over time as potential drawbacks. But most agree Flodesk delivers on core email functionality, especially for beginner email marketers.

With over 700 verified user reviews averaging 4.5 stars out of 5, Flodesk enjoys a strong reputation for usability and delivering results.

See Flodesk Reviews on Capterra.


As an email marketing veteran, AWeber receives high praise from over 650 reviewers on platforms like G2, Capterra, and more for its reliability and extensive capabilities lifting campaigns beyond basic.

The breadth of built-in features plays a pivotal role in its growing customer loyalty, like dedicated IPs, split testing, and analytics impress power users. While ease of use scores lag slightly behind trendier competitors, most agree AWeber provides the tools serious marketers need with quality support.

With 20 years of reviews cementing AWeber’s position as a category leader, its reputation for helping businesses maximize value from email is unmatched. Expect solid functionality with room to grow.

Read AWeber Reviews on G2.

Winner: Tie

Both Flodesk and AWeber earn excellent reputations but for different reasons. Flodesk stands out for its simplicity and beautiful design suited to beginners. Meanwhile, AWeber impresses with vastly more functionality set up to scale sophisticated strategies. Depending on priority needs, both are winners.

9. FAQ’s


  • Does Flodesk offer a free trial or a free plan?

    Yes, Flodesk offers an unlimited-time free plan with up to 500 contacts included, 5 email automation, basic reporting, and more.
  • Do I need email marketing expertise to use Flodesk?

    No, Flodesk is designed for beginners. Templates and drag-and-drop editors simplify the process without coding. However, advanced options are available for power users.
  • Can Flodesk host my website?

    Yes, website hosting and a basic CMS come bundled with Flodesk’s paid plans to add landing pages and blogs without needing separate services.
  • How are Flodesk’s deliverability rates?

    Flodesk maintains above-average delivery by partnering directly with major email providers like Gmail and conducting ongoing optimization. All pricing plans share IPs.


  • Is AWeber easy to use for beginners?

    Yes, with over 250 pre-built templates and wizards, even newer email marketers find quick success. However, advanced analytics and segmentation offer growth.
  • Does AWeber integrate with other software?

    Yes, AWeber delivers 750+ integrations with leading apps across e-commerce, marketing, CRM, webinars, and more to centralize data.
  • Can I trust AWeber to land emails in inboxes?

    With over 20 years specializing in deliverability, open and click rates beat industry averages. Dedicated IPs further improve performance.
  • How does AWeber pricing compare?

    Plans range from $12.50 to $899 monthly in line with other popular platforms. Key features like dedicated IPs come standard across all tiers.

Final Thoughts

Choose Flodesk if…

Flodesk hits the sweet spot for service businesses, bloggers, influencers, and early-stage startups who prize simplicity when just getting started with email marketing and landing pages.

Intuitive automation, quality templates, and bundled hosting provide tremendous functionality out of the box without the expertise required.

Lean teams who value having all tools in one place instead of piecing together separate solutions will maximize productivity with Flodesk. The affordable free plan buys runway as well.

Choose AWeber if…

AWeber remains the gold standard for rapidly growing product companies, established brands, agencies, and other mid-market organizations wanting premium email marketing capabilities.

Expect to achieve more sophisticated deliverability, segmentation, integration workflows, and analytics competencies to push engagement at scale.

Email experts who send high volumes or run complex nurture lifecycles will appreciate AWeber’s decades of specialization in maximizing performance. If needing advanced optimizations, choose AWeber for power and control.

Whichever solution you choose, pick the email + website platform tailored to your business needs and growth stage. Have specific questions? Don’t hesitate to ask in the comments. We’re happy to guide to help you maximize your email marketing success.

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