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Email marketing remains one of the most effective channels for travel agents to nurture leads, drive sales, and boost repeat business. Yet many struggle to create campaigns that engage and convert subscribers. 

This article reveals 11 powerful email marketing tips to help travel agents triple the impact of their email efforts. Follow these proven best practices to dramatically grow your travel agency business through email and with the help of email marketing platforms.

Let’s dive in.

Importance of Email Marketing for Travel Agents

Email marketing is critically important for travel agents looking to boost revenue and build lasting client relationships. 

Studies show that travel companies using email marketing earn on average 50% more repeat bookings compared to those that don’t. 

Beyond increased sales, effective email campaigns allow agents to stay top of mind during travel planning, cross-sell additional services, upsell upgrades, re-engage old clients, and automate lead nurturing workflows. 

With email delivering $40 in revenue for every $1 spent, the channel provides one of the highest returns available in digital marketing. For travel agents, prioritizing email presents a huge yet underutilized opportunity to profitably grow your business.

1. Offer Exclusive Deals for Subscribers 

One of the most effective ways to grow your subscriber list is by providing exclusive deals and insider access to discounts only available to your email followers. 

Send flash sales on all-inclusive resort packages, last-minute flight bargains, 50% off cruise fares, bonus loyalty points for hotel bookings, and other tempting offers reserved solely for your mailing list. 

Make subscribers feel special by giving them early access to time-sensitive promotions that drive urgency and conversions. 


Just make sure the discounts provide enough incentive to sign up while still being profitable on your end. Exclusive savings reserved for email followers can rapidly expand your list.

2. Promote New Destinations and Properties 

Travelers look to agents as trusted advisors on the latest and greatest destinations. Leverage this by using email updates to provide insider intel on recently opened travel hotspots gaining buzz and upcoming locations on the verge of major popularity. 

Share details on the newest beachfront resorts, adventure eco-lodges, luxury retreats, and other vacation rentals perfect for their unique interests.

For example, if you start working with a new eco-resort in Costa Rica catering to adventure travelers, let your subscriber list know in an email. Include tantalizing descriptions of the ziplining, volcano hikes, and jungle safaris offered. 

Provide links to breathtaking pictures of the bungalows and pristine beach access. Make it exciting and build urgency by reminding them of the limited number of vacancies still available.

Position yourself as an in-the-know travel curator by periodically highlighting ideal vacation spots tailored to each subscriber. They’ll eagerly anticipate your next vacation find. Email enables you to instantly notify clients when exotic locales they’ve wanted to visit become bookable through your agency.

3. Spotlight Limited-Time Offers

Nothing motivates rapid travel bookings like time-sensitive specials promising huge yet fleeting savings. Use email to prominently showcase promotions featuring expiration dates that create impulse and urgency. 

These may include 72-hour flash sales on vacation packages, free cabin upgrades on last-minute unsold cruises departing soon, bonus loyalty points for hotel stays booked by a certain date, and other deals only available for a strictly limited window.

For example, if you secure a batch of unsold rooms from a resort partner in Cancun that must be filled in the next 4 days before release, notify your email list immediately with an exclusive super-discounted rate to incentivize rapid booking. 

Remind subscribers this rate will vanish as soon as the room block sells out. You might say “For the next 96 hours, take advantage of the steal of the season with all-inclusive Cancun resort stays at an unheard of 45% off our already lowest prices! But you must act fast – these rooms will sell out extremely quickly at this rate and the offer disappears Thursday at midnight.”

Make sure to prominently display the end date for any limited-time offer and strongly reinforce the first-come, first-served nature of these discounts. 

Travelers will stop procrastinating and book quickly once they know exactly when they’ll lose out on big savings for indecision. Time-bound deals drive conversions.

4. Share Partner Perks and Recommendations 

Enhance the trip planning experience by using email to share exclusive perks, discounts, and recommendations from your contractual partners. 

These may include coupon codes for 10% off rental cars, complimentary show tickets, vouchers for a free dessert at popular restaurants, walking tours, museum entries, and other valuable offers.

For example, if you have a relationship with a certain Italian restaurant in Rome that provides your clients with a free bottle of wine, let travelers headed there know in an email. 

Or if your agency has an agreement with a reputable New York tour provider offering $20 off Central Park bike rentals, share that partner promotion via email with clients vacationing in the city who enjoy cycling.

You might also provide personalized suggestions of can’t-miss attractions, best local hangouts, top-rated shows, and affordable tours to book based on the traveler’s selected destination. This adds and showcases the true value you bring as an agent. 

Partners allow you to deliver perks that wow clients. Recommendations tailored to the locale remind subscribers that you understand their interests better than any general travel site.

5. Give Custom Trip Planning Checklists 

Streamline travel prep for your audience by sending free, downloadable trip-planning checklists tailored to popular locales. These may feature efficiently organized packing lists so travelers don’t forget common essentials needed for their destination like power adapters or proper seasonal clothing.

You can also share country and region-specific visa guidelines, transportation options for getting into the city from airports, and electrical adapter requirements. This helps ensure travelers arrive prepared with the proper documentation and gear.

Additionally, provide general recommendations showcasing your expertise on the top attractions, hidden gems, restaurants, and tour companies based on interests like outdoor adventures, family activities, luxury pampering, arts and culture, nightlife, and more.

Trip planning checklists customized down to the destination reduce client stress while positioning you as a specialist in the region who understands how to experience it properly. They’ll appreciate the hand-holding.

6. Cultivate Group Travel Organizers 

One of the most efficient ways to book large volumes of travelers at once is by actively cultivating relationships with volunteer trip organizers from schools, churches, social clubs, alumni associations, companies, and other entities that coordinate group getaways annually. 

Build loyalty with these influencers by providing free planning kits with sample itineraries, proposed activities, and special rates for group travel.

For a church youth group coordinator, you might provide a sample agenda for a mission trip to Costa Rica including lodging options, transportation logistics, impact volunteering opportunities like building schools or sustainable farming, and budget-friendly dining recommendations. Have your best agent available to answer any questions and customize proposals.

Share beautiful collateral featuring potential destinations tailored to their group’s interests. Give perks like complimentary upgrades, dining certificates, welcome receptions, discounted tickets to attractions, and custom-branded gifts as a token of appreciation for choosing your agency. 

Make their job easier and they’ll re-use you annually for hassle-free group travel bookings driving major revenue.

7. Promote Travel Insurance 

Don’t leave money on the table. Proactively educate travelers on the benefits of comprehensive travel insurance via email – then make quoting and purchasing a breeze. 

Explain how policies protect vacation investments with trip cancellation coverage, lost luggage reimbursement, emergency medical transportation, 24/7 travel assistance services, and more.

For example, remind clients that trip cancellation coverage allows recouping non-refundable payments if unforeseeable events prevent traveling as planned. This provides peace of mind in case of illness, injury, layoffs, and other incidents. 

Lost luggage insurance can reimburse essential replacement items like clothing and toiletries so lost bags don’t ruin a long-awaited vacation. Emergency transportation provides access to urgent care while limiting out-of-pocket costs.

For extra incentive, offer exclusive discounts or free secondary coverage for flights booked through your agency. Making insurance easy to understand and buy provides tremendous peace of mind that converts more lookers into bookers. 

Promote how protection plans eliminate travel risk at a reasonable price. As a valuable add-on service, commissions from policies also contribute significantly to your bottom line.

8. Curate Customized Getaways 

A key travel agent skill is curating tailored adventures for loyal globe-trotting clients that align with their interests, lifestyle, and past trips. Save an opportunity to surprise and wow repeat wanderlusters with unexpected destination insider deals you source just for them.

Email marketing costs are low compared to other marketing channels. This means you can market to a broad audience of interested travelers at an affordable price. 

Start by reviewing the travel history and trip preferences previously shared with your agency. 

Then scan for new and unique opportunities that speak to destinations not yet explored, bucket list activities, and exotic sights they’ve dreamed of. 

You might propose a hiking trip to Patagonia catering to their love of the outdoors and passion for culture in one special journey. Or a safari weekend at a new luxury eco lodge could tempt the couple that adores privacy, proximity to wildlife, and fine dining.

Leverage your industry relationships to identify limited-time offers matching their temperament or unlock VIP extras that jive with their personalities. Sending unsolicited yet skillfully matched vacation ideas provides tremendous value that breeds life-long brand advocates. 

The key is demonstrating you truly know who they are as travelers by proactively curating trips they’ll cherish. 

Your knowledge and ability to fast-track research helps craft memories not available just by searching alone. The extra mile builds indelible client connections and drives more tailored travel referrals.

9. Reward Loyalty


Show appreciation and reinforce loyalty with surprise value-added perks for your repeat and referral clients. 

These special upgrades hand-selected by you might include a complimentary room category bump at their preferred all-inclusive resort, daily breakfast credits to order in bed, fast track passes letting them skip attraction admission lines, or late 4 pm check-out allowing extra time to lounge poolside between flights.

For example, a family who has booked their annual Orlando theme park vacation through you for the past three years would treasure being upgraded to a kids’ suite complete with bunk beds, video games, and free dessert coupons for their stay. 

Or surprising a wine connoisseur who refers everyone in their firm to you with a free winery tour and tasting in Napa would make their day.

Small yet heartfelt tokens of gratitude go a long way when provided unexpectedly during a trip. The hotel concierge slipping them a bottle of champagne at check-in on your request also wows. 

Explicitly call out linking the amenity to their loyalty in an accompanying note. When you express gratitude and consistently delight brand devotees, they’ll eagerly return and refer friends more often.

10. Share Relevant Reviews and Blogs 

Strengthen your reputation as a premier travel advisor by periodically highlighting client testimonials, expert reviews, and articles spotlighting your superior service and expertise. 

For example, when a major travel publication features one of the niche excursions you hand-craft for adventure seekers, share it across digital channels and on your next email campaign.

Quote rave reviews from a prominent luxury travel blogger that read: “Sandals Resorts just doesn’t disappoint, but working with [Your Agency] to book our anniversary trip took the entire experience over the top. Thanks to their amazing agent, we scored a 2-category suite upgrade, $150 in dining credits, and a sunset catamaran cruise that made our getaway extra special from the very start.”

If an influencer blog documents raving about the unexpected upgrade you scored at a boutique Paris hotel, make sure followers see that glowing praise. 

Prominently display press mentions accrediting your status as a Virtuoso agency or articles showcasing you as a top producer. Social proof from credible third parties significantly reinforces your greatest differentiator – a high-touch approach delivering once-in-a-lifetime dream trips.

11. Continuously Test and Optimize 

Don’t settle for stagnant email performance. Consistently fine-tune and enhance results through A/B split testing different email variables. 

For example, send one version with the subject “Last Chance for 50% off Costa Rica” and a control version saying “Big Discounts Expiring on Costa Rica Trips” to see which gets a higher open rate. Test moving call-to-actions higher in the email body to determine if it lifts click-throughs.

You might also experiment with different types of featured content to see what converts best. Send one email leading with limited-time flight deals on the top. Send another highlighting of new resort openings in the first section instead. Monitor which email receives more clicks and bookings from each content type featured first.

Experiment with sending a promotion on Tuesday vs Thursday while keeping other elements equal. Try emphasizing different selling points like luxury or affordability to see what resonates more. 

Incrementally over time, compile learnings on optimal wording, placement, segmentation, timing, and more to continually optimize engagements, click activity, and bookings. Ongoing testing allows continually improving email strategies so performance never plateaus.

Implementing even a few of these 11 email marketing best practices can significantly impact travel agent sales, leads, and client loyalty. 

With consistent testing and refinement, an optimized email approach delivers some of the highest ROIs across channels for dramatically growing your agency. Prioritize building your list and sending value-driven campaigns, then watch bookings take flight.

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