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According to recent reports, digital ad spend in the US is projected to reach US$271.20bn by the end of 2023. This means there are ample opportunities for publishers to carve out their own little piece of this pie. 

But, monetizing your website effectively through ads is easier said than done. Platforms like Google AdSense come with a lot of restrictions and formats that aren’t that versatile.

That’s where Monetag comes in.

Monetag is one of the largest audience monetization platforms for publishers.

The platform works for every type of audience, including desktop, mobile, and in app audiences. You get access to worldwide advertisers, clean ads, competitive CPMs, and convenient payment options. 

Read on to discover more about Monetag, and what this ad network is capable of doing for you. 

Is Monetag Worth it?

Monetag lets you monetize any type of audience, including web, mobile, desktop, and in-app audiences. You can also use the platform for remnant ad inventory and social traffic. You get access to a global base of advertisers and tools for achieving high revenue from your ads.

The platform specializes in exit traffic and social traffic monetization and accepts all types of websites, including news, entertainment, blogs, streaming sites, etc. 

So, bottom line, Monetag certainly is worth it for anyone who wants to achieve maximum revenue from ads.

Who is Monetag Good For?

Monetag unlocks a world of monetization for all types of users, including the following: 

  • Website Owners and Bloggers: If you want to sidestep the restrictions of Google AdSense, then this platform is a great solution for you.
  • App/Plugin Publishers: Get relevant ads displayed on your plugins, extensions, apps, and apks to generate revenue through your products.
  • Social Media Marketers: Monetag efficiently leverages website audiences to help social publishers reach a larger audience.
  • Affiliate Marketers: Use the unique Smartlink feature to get the best results from your affiliate marketing campaigns.
  • Ad Networks and Brokers: Affiliates and media buyers who don’t want to rely on a single offer, will find SmartLink especially useful. The reason: SmartLink contains thousands of offers.
  • SEO Masters: SEOs can use advertising services to increase their website’s online exposure.

Keep in mind that free hosting websites like Wix, Weebly, or Blogspot are only able to be monetized with their Smartlink functionality.

Monetag Functionality

1. Ease of Use

Monetag is designed for ease of use. The platform has a simple and easy sign up and setup process. You’ll be able to set up ads without the need for tech knowledge. 

Anyone can work with Monetag, including: 

  • Websites, application and APK Owners
  • Ad Networks, Brokers
  • SEO Masters
  • Social Media Marketers
  • Plugins/Extensions

One of the best results to choose Monetag is that there is no minimum audience requirements, unlike Google AdSense. Also, you get a variety of ad solutions and an AI-powered tool to help determine the best options for your audience.

As a Monetag user, you’ll be able to monetize your web, mobile, social, and in app traffic and enjoy benefits such as:

  • Max CPM and 100% fill rate
  • AI-based solutions for all traffic types
  • Clean, virus-free ads
  • Safe ad feed and fraud prevention
  • Flexible payout methods and low payment thresholds

Monetag monitors all ads carefully before delivery to ensure a safe, malware-free end-user experience. 

2. Quick Sign-Up Process

The process of signing up as a publisher is quick, and approval is very easy. 

Simply navigate to the sign-up page and choose the appropriate account type (individual or company). If you are a blogger, developer, or influencer, then choose the individual option. Agencies and organizations can select company

In both cases, there is a KYC process before you can receive your earnings. 

After you’ve filled in some basic details, you will be asked a few questions such as what size traffic you want to monetize, the ad networks or monetization platforms you’re currently working with, and so on. This helps the platform understand your requirements better.

Once you’ve signed in, log into your account dashboard. There, you will see the platform monetization options available to you. 

Select the relevant one (website, app, or third-party traffic).

From there, simply follow the prompts and enter the required information to start showing ads on your web property.

And that’s it! You’re now ready to start earning with Moneytag.

3. Monetag Ad Formats

Monetag has a wide range of ad formats all of which work seamlessly together to help you generate maximum revenue while ensuring a great user experience on your site.

You can choose from 5 ad formats to scale ad inventory. You can cover 100% of your traffic (web, mobile, in-app) with the smart, user-friendly solutions, which are as follows: 

  • Popunder Ads: Popunders, also known as pop ads, are full-tab ad formats that appear in a new browser tab. These are top-performing ads with high CPM rates. They are fully compatible with Adsense and banners which makes them ideal for monetizing every visitor. 
  • Push Notifications: This ad format is a flexible solution that is suitable for any type of website. It’s non-intrusive and provides a positive ad experience for users. The ad takes up little space and perfectly complements other ad formats. You can make money with push notifications even if users don’t visit your website anymore.
  • Vignette Banner: This is another effective ad option to choose. It’s a native banner that includes a header, description, and buttons for CTA and “Close”. Compared to classic banners, vignette banners have a higher click-through rate (CTR) of about 60% more. You get better CPM rates and exceptional performance on all platforms. Additionally, this ad option comes with a built-in anti-adblock solution to further increase your profits.
  • In-Page Push: These ads are highly customizable and work across all platforms and devices, including MacOS and iOS. The in-page push ad format doesn’t occupy any space on your site and is displayed directly on the page like a native banner. 
  • Interstitial Ad Format: These ads are fast-loading and skippable banners that overlap part of the content on the site. They offer better CTR and CPM and provide a better user ad experience. They are easy to customize and are perfect for additional monetization. 

4. SmartLink

A SmartLink (or direct link) is the most customizable ad format available on the market. I didn’t include it with the rest because I feel it deserves its own section. 

Monetag’s SmartLink feature is a powerful way to turn your traffic into profit. It’s a specialized URL that takes website visitors to the most relevant offer in order to bring the highest revenue for publishers.

The way it works is very simple. SmartLink uses AI algorithms to analyze data whenever a user clicks on a link. Once user preferences, device, GEO, and other data have been collected, the user is then redirected to the most relevant offer out of several thousand options. 

The chosen offer is the one that’s most likely to stimulate the desired action, such as:

  • Purchase
  • Installation
  • Registration

… and so on.

This way, users have the highest chance of converting, and the more users that complete the required action, the more money you will earn.

This direct link feature is the ideal solution for paid traffic, redirect, 404 traffic, toolbar, and expired domains. It’s perfect for any type of traffic, which means everyone can earn with it, including website owners, affiliates, and social publishers.

You can access SmartLink on your Monetag dashboard by clicking the “Create new ad” button and then select the third-party traffic option.  It’s important to note this is available immediately after registration and you don’t have to wait for access. 

5. MultiTag

Multi-tag is a smart optimization tool that helps you automate and scale your monetization. 

The AI technology streamlines your monetization to make the process easier, faster, and more profitable. It includes all of the platform’s high-performing ad formats that we mentioned above except for Smartlink. 

This pioneering monetization technology will help you overcome some of the biggest problems when it comes to monetizing a website from scratch, such as testing ad formats, choosing the right monetization methods, and even knowing how to combine multiple methods. 

MultiTag will also help solve the problem of not being able to predict how different formats might affect your traffic. 

Publishers may find it costly or time-consuming to analyze and optimize the right way. And, unless you’re a coding expert, some of the processes may be beyond your understanding. In fact, many beginners find this process quite complicated and overwhelming. 

With Monetag, you’ll be able to automatically run different formats on your website to help you monetize it effectively. 

No need to guess what works best. You won’t have to try and fail until you get to the right solution. Just let the platform’s intelligent algorithm do all of this for you.

Here’s how it works. 

The smart tag runs all the ad formats and does the math to automatically choose the most suitable and profitable monetization format from the options available. 

It picks the best one based on your website in traffic type, and what’s more, it knows the most relevant ad format for each particular user and that’s what it’ll display first. The other formats will be shown one by one depending on their profitability. 

This is how MultiTag ensures high CPM rates while offering the best user experience for your visitors.

The best part about using Multi-tag is that it is easy to implement. All you need to do is add a single ad tag to the source code of your website

Your site will start showing the most relevant ads to users and you get to enjoy higher CPM rates and superior profits.

This feature gives you the key to intelligence inventory monetization. You’ll get full ad coverage across all devices, GEOs, and OS. 

The platform has the most advanced intellectual algorithms of ad delivery and generates higher yield by up to 53%.

There are no manual tests and you can easily automate your monetization processes with MultiTag. It works as an auto optimization tool and runs all five ad formats simultaneously under a single code.

6. Payment Methods

With Monetag, you can always find a suitable method to get paid. The platform has a comprehensive list of payment options designed to set publishers up for success. 

Some payment methods like PayPal and Payoneer are immediate and others like online banking and wire transfer take between three and five business days.

Payout methods you can choose from:

  • Online Banking: $500 (Minimum payout) 
  • Wire Transfer: $500
  • Payoneer: $20
  • PayPal: $5
  • Skrill: $5
  • Webmoney Z: $5

If you don’t find a suitable option, or if you need a very specific solution, you can contact support to learn more about other payment methods.

Payments are available in USD and EUR currencies, and in addition to having a wide range of payout options to choose from, you also get the benefit of minimal or no fees (depending on the type of transfer). 

What’s more, you can fully automate your payouts, allowing you to earn from Monetag on autopilot. 

7. Publisher Reward Program

Monetag has a lucrative rewards program for publishers. You can sign up for the referral program to unlock even more ways to earn extra cash with ease. 

You’ll be able to bring in additional income simply by referring your friends, followers, and colleagues to Monetag. 

There’s also a Priority Program that comes with features and benefits that are uniquely tailored to your needs. With this program, the more you monetize, the more you earn, and the more benefits you unlock. 

Monetag Pros and Cons

Like all other ad networks, Monetag has its own unique pros and cons. Here’s a quick look at some of the most prominent benefits and drawbacks of using Monetag.


  1. Easy Setup: No rigid restrictions are imposed and most sites are accepted. 
  2. Clean and Safe Ads: No need to worry about malwarel or virus-infected ads thanks to well-vetted ads and anti-ad fraud protection tools. 
  3. Works With Any Website: Monetag works perfectly with any site regardless of industry, size, or traffic levels. 
  4. Full Ad Coverage: Monetag offers 6 ad formats in 1 and is the ultimate AI-based technology for monetizing your website.
  5. 100% Fill Rate: Your ad inventory won’t be wasted because Monetag has access to advertisers worldwide.
  6. MultiTag Feature: Removes the need for you to add several tags, test, analyze, and optimize yourself.
  7. Smartlink Feature: This is a profitable ad format that lets you monetize any type of traffic with one click.


My biggest worry was that Monetag wouldn’t work with Adsense, but that’s untrue.  I saw this case study explaining how it’s possible, so that is not a con at all. 

Other than that, I’ll work to keep this section updated as I haven’t found many cons to the platform yet. 


Monetag is free for publishers to use. Simply sign up on the platform to get started earning right away.

Product Support

Monetag offers 100% support for publishers, and the customer service team is always on hand to assist you and respond to any of your questions. 

You can get support through any of the following channels:

  • Knowledge Center: You can visit Monetag’s knowledge base and FAQ page to learn more details about traffic monetization options.
  • Email: Alternatively, you can contact the support team via the contact form on the website, or send an email to [email protected].
  • Social Media: Connect with the support team via social media on any platform you prefer – Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube. 
  • Blog: Monetag has a blog filled with case studies, tutorials, and other articles to help publishers grow their businesses. You can also subscribe to get timely news on the latest best practices and trends in the industry. 


Monetag offers a wide range of third-party integrations, including API, XML, and Smartlink. 

These methods are ideal for large suppliers, agencies, ad networks, exchanges, etc., and offer flexibility and ease of integration based on each business’s specific requirements.

Is Monetag Legit?

Monetag is a leading platform in terms of monetization and promises results that make a difference. There are many reasons why the ad network is the favorite monetization platform for so many publishers across the world. 

You get worldwide ad coverage, clean and safe ads, a vibrant publisher community, and fast payments. 

The platform has solutions for mobile web SDK and APK for higher revenue. Larger suppliers and agencies can also benefit from a wide range of integrations, including API, XML, and Smartlink.

All in all, Monetag offers a solid balance between your revenue expectations and the experience you want to provide to your users.

It’s a complete monetization solution ideal for all website traffic types, volume, and industries, and with it, you will be able to discover enhanced profits. If you’re ready to earn more from your web and mobile traffic, join Monetag now and improve your monetization experience.

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