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When it comes to email marketing software, MailerLite and Brevo are two of the most popular choices on the market. With easy-to-use drag-and-drop builders, a wide range of features like sign-up forms, email templates, automation workflows, and affordable pricing plans, these platforms allow small business owners to create and manage professional email marketing campaigns with ease.

But with so many overlapping capabilities, how do you determine which one is the right fit for your business? In this in-depth comparison guide, we evaluate MailerLite vs Brevo across several key criteria: market popularity, ease of use, customization options, features and integrations, customer support, pricing models, and overall reputation.

By looking at the pros, cons, and key differences between these two major players, you’ll have the knowledge you need to confidently select the best email service provider for your unique needs and budget.

1. Understanding the Basics

Founded in 2010 by Ignas Rubezius, MailerLite is a Lithuania-based email service provider that has quickly grown in popularity over the last decade. With over 1 million users as of 2022, MailerLite has established itself as one of the most widely used email marketing platforms for small businesses.

Brevo got its start in 2012. Founded by Armand Thiberge, the France-based platform (now known as Brevo) also serves e-commerce merchants primarily. Claiming over 300,000 users, Brevo has raised over $160 million in outside funding.

In terms of market share, MailerLite is currently used by about 0.2% of the world’s websites while Brevo trails at 0.1% market penetration. However, with their expanding feature sets and global customer bases, both ESPs continue to increase their foothold.

2. Features and Functionality



MailerLite enables users to create sophisticated email marketing automation and workflows with an intuitive drag-and-drop builder. You can trigger automated campaigns based on subscriber actions like email opens, clicks, website visits, dates, inactivity, and more.

For example, you could set up a welcome series for new subscribers, a re-engagement sequence for inactive contacts, or make custom buyer journeys.

With easy segmentation, you can target automated sequences or single messages to specific groups based on criteria like location, purchase history, etc. Dynamic content lets you customize emails with subscriber-specific details like first names to boost open and click-through rates.

Some key automation features include Welcome Emails to send customizable welcome messages to new contacts; Email Drip/Nurture Campaigns to schedule a series to go out over hours, days, or weeks; RSS Campaigns to auto-send new published blog content to subscribers; Abandoned Browse/Cart to reach out to site visitors who didn’t complete a purchase; Birthday Offers for personalized promotions on subscriber special days.

You can track automation analytics like opens, clicks, and unsubscribes to optimize future efforts. With clear visual reporting and stats, adjusting sequences to improve conversions is straightforward.

Overall, MailerLite makes creating auto-responders, segmented streams, and multi-step workflows simple without needing coding skills.


What are the entry points in Marketing Automation? – Brevo - Help Center

The Brevo email automation builder enables both beginners and experienced users to set up triggers and multi-channel scenarios with minimal effort. You can create sequences in just a few clicks with 300+ ready-made automation templates or easy drag-and-drop customization.

Brevo automation reacts to defined contact interactions like email opens, form fills, dates in calendars, SMS responses, transactions, and more across email, SMS, Facebook messaging, and the web. For instance, set up quizzes, polls, and live chat plugins to seamlessly capture data and activate flows.

Beyond classic welcome series and lead nurturing content, imaginative automation includes a chat link in the email to book sales calls; SMS notification when the package is shipped; and Mobile coupon when walking near a store location.

Brevo automation seamlessly integrates customer data from CRM, help desk, e-commerce platforms, and more to enable personalized cross-channel sequences with inconsistent field mapping.

The workflow editor lets you easily rearrange and tweak multi-step processes on the fly. Real-time user interaction metrics help you monitor and enhance automation performance. Overall, Brevo offers newbies and experts alike tremendous flexibility to create innovative customer experiences at scale.

Winner: Brevo

With advanced marketing automation capabilities such as more open automation triggers, free 300+ templates, and creative multi-channel combination possibilities, Brevo takes the prize. The intuitive drag-and-drop workflow builder enables anyone to quickly set up powerful trigger-based sequences to turn casual contacts into lifelong customers.

Email Templates


MailerLite provides hundreds of professionally designed email template options that users can fully customize to their brand. Browse by category to find templates for welcome series, promotions, holidays, announcements, newsletters, and more. Filters help narrow options by layout and theme.

While templates cannot be edited directly, you simply personalize blocks of content, images, colors, and style through a simple WYSIWYG editor. Useful guides help newcomers quickly understand how to tweak templates effectively. There are also hundreds of free stock photos to enhance message visuals.

For further personalization, subscribers see dynamic content pulled from their user profile like first name. Templates instantly resize for optimal viewing on any device. And with pre-coded mobile-responsive structures, excellent presentation is guaranteed out-of-the-box.

MailerLite’s focused suite contains all you need for impactful designs. But for those desiring more possibilities, there is also a full custom code editor to build templates from scratch.

Overall, while MailerLite offers fewer total templates than some competitors, the designs are still visually impressive and easy to tailor to any brand identity within minutes.


Free & Editable Email Newsletter Templates to Use Today

With over 650 responsive email template designs, Brevo enables both designers and non-creatives to quickly craft attractive email campaigns. Filters allow narrowing options by category, layout, industry, or tone. You can select, edit, and launch beautiful templates in just a few clicks.

Yet customization does not end with the template selection. Through an intuitive drag-and-drop editor, anyone can modify templates by uploading logos, swapping images, embedding videos, adding/deleting sections, tweaking colors, adjusting padding/margins, and more regardless of technical skill. Any changes made are displayed in real time.

Templates feature dynamic content modules to easily personalize messaging. For example, pulling subscribers’ first names, purchase history, etc. from your database to boost relevancy.

For those who do want to manually code, you have full access to the templating builder. Or use the Brevo design tool to create templates from scratch yourself. Plus all designs are mobile-optimized.

Brevo offers new and seasoned email marketers alike tremendous choice and versatility to craft campaigns that uniquely represent their brand across all devices.

Winner: Brevo

The Brevo vs MailerLite comparison shows that Brevo is the winner. With a wider selection of professionally designed, mobile-ready templates covering more diverse use cases that remain highly customizable for subscribers, Brevo wins for best overall email templates to enhance your email marketing efforts.

Their templating options enable both coding beginners through experts to quickly build branded, engaging emails that resonate across subscriber demographics.



MailerLite enables users to segment contacts based on various attributes and behaviors to send more targeted, relevant communications. You can create dynamic groups using criteria like email opens/clicks, location, purchase activity, surveyed responses, and more. Segments automatically update as subscribers meet defined conditions so you always message the right users.

For instance, set up segments to re-engage inactive subscribers, send birthday promotions, customize online/offline event invites, reach customers who purchased certain products/services, trigger workflows, and more.

The platform makes it easy to combine multiple data points like gender, past purchase amount, and email engagement to build very specific audiences for messaging. You can structure unlimited segments within folders for the organization.

MailerLite also allows importing segmented external databases into synchronized, dynamic groups. Useful visibility metrics reveal subscriber segment memberships and migration in real-time.

Overall, MailerLite equips users to divide their audience into highly granular clusters to deliver personalized content that drives more conversions.


Create a segment to filter your contacts – Brevo - Help Center

Brevo offers robust segmentation options so users can divide contacts based on various characteristics to deploy targeted campaigns that resonate. You can leverage data points like demographics, preferences, behaviors, location, purchase activity, survey feedback, and more to group specific subscriber types.

As contacts take actions that meet the rules you set up, they automatically migrate into segments for future messaging.

For example, set up segments like high-value customers from past sales data, subscribed in the last 30 days, opened but never clicked an email, abandoned cart shoppers, and so on. Brevo integrates data from e-commerce platforms, CRM software, forms, and external tools to dynamically update segments in real time.

You can get very precise by combining multiple data types and filters to reach hyper-specific clusters if desired. Organize an unlimited number of segments within folders, label them, and check volumes at a glance.

Handy visibility into user migration between segments enables understanding evolving behaviors and characteristics to further personalize communications over time. Overall, Brevo provides flexible tools to split and target groups uniquely.

Winner: Tie

Both MailerLite and Brevo offer extensive options to divide subscriber lists into dynamic clusters based on various data types. This allows sending hyper-targeted content catered to user preferences and behaviors driving better campaign performance. Since the two platforms have robust, comparable segmentation capabilities, this category results in a tie.



MailerLite provides robust email analytics and reports to uncover campaign performance insights. View intuitive dashboards to monitor opens, clicks, unsubscribes, bounces, social shares, click heatmaps, and more. Drill into reports by campaign, segment, timeframe, and other filters for deeper analysis.

Useful metrics reveal stats like most clicked links, highest open rates, top performing sender addresses, devices, and locations of engagers. Comparison views showcase differences across multiple campaigns side-by-side. Data automatically syncs across desktop and mobile apps too.

Beyond self-service reporting, MailerLite offers 1-on-1 analytics consultations. Email deliverability tools confirm inbox placement across major providers to improve future delivery. Surveys also help collect subscriber feedback to bolster relevancy.

With Google Analytics integration, check how email translates into site traffic and conversions. Overall, MailerLite delivers expansive analytics capabilities for both newbies and experts alike to maximize performance.


Analyze an email campaign report – Brevo - Help Center

Brevo comes equipped with powerful analytics features to help users measure campaign impact and fine-tune future efforts. Intuitive dashboards present key metrics like deliverability, open/click rates, conversions, unsubscribes, social sharing, and more. Drill into reports by the campaign, audience segment, sender details, and other parameters for deeper analysis.

Statistical visualizations spotlight top-performing messages, links, sent times, devices, and locations. Compare the metrics across multiple email campaigns side-by-side to inform future optimizations. See which subject lines, from names and other elements drive more engagement.

Brevo also offers a full suite of email deliverability tools showing inboxing and spam rates. Surveys gather direct subscriber feedback on preferences to further personalize content. And integrations with web analytics platforms connect email efforts to site activities.

For larger accounts, one-on-one analytics consulting is available for added insight. Overall, Brevo provides exceptional visibility that enables both new and experienced users to continually improve.

Winner: Tie

Both MailerLite and Brevo deliver extensive email analytics across key metrics, campaign segmentation, comparison views, visualization tools, and integrations providing deep visibility to drive strong performance. Since the two rivals offer robust, nearly identical reporting capabilities, this category results in a tie.

Unique Features


Beyond core email marketing capabilities, MailerLite brings some unique offerings to better engage subscribers and ease of use.

Landing Pages enable building unlimited landing pages, pop-ups, and forms with drag-and-drop simplicity to capture more leads. Use ready templates or customize from scratch. Dynamic content personalization boosts conversions.

A/B Testing allows testing different email content, from lines, send times, and subject lines to find what resonates most with subscribers. Take the guesswork out of optimization.

Web Forms provides subscriber sign-up forms to embed anywhere online to seamlessly grow lists, with no coding needed and wide form style selection to match any site design.

SMS Marketing integrates SMS capabilities to reach subscribers via text alerts drawing higher open and response rates, and enabling two-way messaging conversations.

The Free Custom Domain allows using your own branded domain name to instill reader confidence rather than the mailerlite.com URLs, strengthening trust and authority.

In all, MailerLite strives to provide expanded tools beyond basic email functionalities to increase audience engagement through multiple avenues unique from many competitor offerings.


How to Add Live Chat to Your Website (Easy & Free)

In addition to expected email marketing features, Brevo provides some differentiators.

Transactional Email sends high volumes of operational emails like order confirmations, password resets, etc. with a deliverability guarantee to keep users informed.

Chat and Live Chat allow interaction with site visitors via messaging apps and live chat plugins for immediate, personalized support and sales conversations boosting satisfaction and conversions.

Appointment Scheduling allows contacts to book sales calls, demos, and other meetings with your team through automated calendars synced with email campaigns.

SMS, Voice Broadcasting, and WhatsApp extend reach into alternate channels preferred by some users, enabling text messages, phone calls, voicemails, and WhatsApp messaging to drive engagement.

With these capabilities on top of expected functionality, Brevo focuses on engaging customers across more integrated touchpoints for complete relationship-building.

Winner: Brevo

By providing channels beyond just email like live chat, SMS text messaging, and voice broadcasting, plus integrated appointment scheduling and transactional capabilities, Brevo edges out as offering the most unique, complete suite of synergistic features to drive higher multi-touch engagement.

3. Ease of Use


MailerLite provides an intuitive drag-and-drop email builder and workflow interface that makes designing campaigns very straightforward even for those without technical skills. Clean dashboards display key metrics and data without feeling overwhelming. Useful tooltips and hover-over descriptions explain features so beginners can quickly grasp concepts.

The platform delivers clear step-by-step guidance tailored to the user’s knowledge level. Handy wizards aid in setting up integrations, automations, forms, and other functions. The focused toolset allows rapid mastering capabilities, unlike convoluted suites.

Template and block content areas are clearly labeled for injecting logos, images, copy, layouts, and stylings. Real-time previews display how emails render on mobile devices as you build. Useful reports detail subscriber interactions and campaign performance analytics to optimize.

Well-organized navigation menus and large buttons make core features accessible. Though extensive help documentation exists for reference, most users can selfintuitively build professional, reliable campaigns without excessive training time or headaches.

Overall, MailerLite provides an outstanding user experience for email marketers at any stage.


With its modern interactive interface powered by AI, Brevo offers exceptional ease of use for email marketing beginners and experts alike. Clean dashboards spotlight key campaign metrics without unnecessary clutter. Intuitive icons rapidly guide users to desired features.

Handy slide-out menus detailing available options for speed navigation across the flexible platform. Thoughtful tooltips and contextual help content assist newcomers in grasping concepts or performing tasks. Useful wizards also aid in setting up complex functionality like automation by asking simple questions.

The drag-and-drop email builder makes inserting, styling, and editing content effortlessly with clear element labeling. Real-time mobile previews allow perfect responsiveness across devices. Beautiful templates, images, and blocks keep even first-time users design emails with visual flair quickly.

Powerful features made approachable mark Brevo’s ethos. While extensive documentation exists for reference, most users can self-intuitively execute campaigns without deep training. For added guidance, personalized walkthroughs are available on demand.

Altogether, these elements deliver phenomenal usability.

Winner: Brevo

With its cutting-edge yet user-friendly interface informed by AI capabilities and backed by readily available guided walkthroughs, Brevo edges out MailerLite for the best overall user experience and fastest campaign execution spanning email marketing beginners to advanced demands.

4. Email Deliverability


MailerLite prioritizes email deliverability through advanced infrastructure and best practices that maximize inbox placement and reader engagement across all major ISPs.

Proprietary algorithms combine machine learning with real-time ISP feedback to guide send times, volumes, and other factors protecting the sender’s reputation. MailerLite maintains high placement rates exceeding 97% for Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, and more allowing peace of mind.

Useful inbox testing tools confirm current deliverability levels while providing action steps if improvement opportunities are discovered. Granular analytics detail subscriber open behaviors by the client as well as location, device, and mail client to further inform optimization.

MailerLite also provides dedicated deliverability consultants to help interpret performance metrics and make suggestions tailored to account needs. Whether just starting or managing large subscriber volumes, you can trust MailerLite’s email reliability.


As an ESP built first for transactional email delivery, Brevo brings exceptional reliability roots with Deliverability and Inbox Placement rates exceeding 99% across leading ISPs like Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, and more.

Advanced infrastructure combines machine learning, artificial intelligence, and real-time ISP feedback to guide best practice recommendations on send volumes, timing, content formatting, and more to protect a positive sender reputation.

Useful diagnostic tools confirm current inbox placement levels while suggesting any fixes to address before issues arise. Granular visibility into subscriber open behaviors by client, location, device, and mail type allows further optimization.

For hands-on guidance, subscribers gain access to deliverability experts who provide personalized advice and walkthroughs tailored to account needs allowing both new and experienced email marketers alike peace of mind on reliability.

Winner: Brevo

With Deliverability and Inbox Placement rates marginally higher than MailerLite verifying its core competency in reliable email delivery, Brevo emerges as the winner for getting your messages in front of readers reliably across top ISPs.

5. Customer Support and Community


MailerLite provides email marketing users with responsive customer support through multiple contact avenues. Knowledgeable reps are available via live chat, email ticket, and phone during extended business hours for immediate assistance.

Detailed self-help resources offer useful tutorials, videos, guides, and FAQs allowing self-service for convenience. In-product tooltips, hover-over descriptions, and message pop-ups provide contextual support when navigating the platform and designing emails without exiting your workspace.

The searchable documentation library spans email creation, automation setup, analytics, deliverability, best practices, and more. Popular posts highlight common questions to speed up resolution.

Users can also leverage the 25,000-member-strong MailerLite Community Facebook Group to crowdsource answers or feedback from peers on anything from technical issues to creative strategies around the clock.

In all, MailerLite focuses on well-rounded yet personal support tailored to user preferences.


Brevo provides exceptional customer experiences through multiple assistance access points. Friendly reps are reachable via live chat, email, phone, and social media channels during extended business hours for prompt answers.

The comprehensive help center features hundreds of on-demand resources including FAQs, step-by-step guides, video tutorials, and webinars walking through platform capabilities, deliverability, automation strategies, troubleshooting, and more in a self-service capacity.

In-product tooltip overlays and message prompts offer real-time contextual assistance so users don’t lose focus. The AI-powered Fred bot furnishes 24/7 instant support as well.

While community forums don’t yet exist natively, subscribers receive hands-on personalized assistance through scheduled 1-on-1 video calls with Brevo deliverability and marketing experts on request eliminating reliance on peer sharing for reliable guidance.

Altogether Brevoprovides exceptional support coverage through both automated and human touchpoints.

Winner: Brevo

With its multi-access responsive assistance teams backed by digital self-service libraries AND customizable 1-on-1 expert coaching for users wanting high-touch reliability, Brevo edges out for best-in-class education and support across email marketing knowledge levels and learning preferences.

6. Integrations


MailerLite integrates with over 1,000+ common platforms via native built-ins, Zapier, and APIs to expand capabilities. Connect your subscriber data, email campaigns, and automation with other tools you rely on.

For instance, incorporate subscriber and customer information from CMS tools like WordPress, CRMs such as Salesforce, e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce, or membership software like MemberPress. Automatically grow lists capturing leads from landing pages and forms powered by Unbounce, ConvertKit, and more.

Activate workflows based on webinar registrations, help desk interactions, social behaviors, and so on.

No matter your tech stack, MailerLite workflows, and analytics dashboards consolidate cross-channel insights for performance optimization. Custom code widgets also allow the displaying of opt-in forms or subscriber metrics anywhere.

While syncing basics are configured easily, developers have access to create deeper connections via the MailerLite API. In all, MailerLite delivers widespread integrations to augment email marketing pipelines.


Brevo enables extending capabilities by integrating 300+ apps via native built-ins like CRMs, webinar software, e-commerce platforms, and more along with 1,500+ options through Zapier.

For example, incorporate subscriber and customer data from tools you already use like Salesforce, Shopify, Magento, and WordPress to build targeted audiences and power workflows. Embed Sendiblue’s beautiful forms anywhere online to effortlessly grow your lists. Connect marketing automation to calendar tools, help desk systems, chat tools, accounting platforms, and everything in between.

Flexible APIs also allow developers to build custom solutions while handy widgets display signup forms or campaign stats on websites. Moreover, Brevo uniquely enables transactional email capabilities for sending order confirmations, shipping notices, password resets, and more from e-commerce and database platforms directly through its deliverability-optimized infrastructure.

With so many possibilities, Brevo allows easily tailoring robust email marketing pipelines unique to any brand’s needs.

Winner: Brevo

Brevo takes the prize for best integrations, with native support for the most common applications small businesses already use and special emphasis on scalable transactions email capabilities. Along with expansive Zapier and API options, users can truly customize seamless workflows matching their unique requirements.

7. Pricing


MailerLite has three pricing plans for users of different levels. The pricing structure is as follows:

  • Free Account – MailerLite’s free plan allows 1 user and up to 12,000 emails sent per month.
  • Growing Business – $9/mo for 3 users, unlimited subscribers, and advanced automation tools.
  • Advanced – $18/mo for unlimited users and monthly emails.

The features are relatively consistent across paid plans. Core capabilities like email design, automation, and basic analytics are included.

For the features provided, MailerLite offers more competitive pricing than Mailchimp at lower email volumes. But React’s capabilities become limited for larger lists, while Mailchimp’s grow more robust, making it ideal for scaling your email marketing campaigns.


Brevo offers the following pricing plans:

  • Free – Brevo’s free plan lets you send up to 300 emails a day
  • Starter – This paid plan costs $25/month for 20K emails/month
  • Business – $65/month for 5,000 contacts and marketing automation features.
  • BrevoPlus – Custom pricing for unlimited contacts.

The Basic plan provides core features like email marketing, forms, reports, and automation. Starter unlocks advanced options like A/B testing and API access.

At the Business tier, capabilities expand further with features like custom CSS, multi-user logins, and product recommendations for e-commerce.

Storage, bandwidth, and contacts scale with each tier, with the highest-priced plan offering unlimited marketing automation. Overall, Brevo is positioned at the lower end of industry pricing but delivers robust capabilities even at low tiers.

Winner: Tie

Both MailerLite and Brevo offer free entry-level plans to benefit small business owners just starting. They similarly advance key features across scaled paid tiers priced competitively. The core pricing difference lies in MailerLite charging based on list size versus Brevo’s volume-based approach. Each offers advantages suiting different needs resulting in a pricing tie.

8. Reviews and Reputation


MailerLite earns outstanding reviews from industry experts and average end users highlighting ease of use, campaign reliability, and quality support. At G2, MailerLite claims a High Performer badge as the #6 email marketing software with a 4.5/5 star rating averaged over 320+ evaluations.

Users praise the intuitive drag-and-drop builder, beautiful templates, insightful analytics, and valuable automation of this cost-effective solution. Many switched from a prior ESP and immediately gained higher deliverability and engagement. Areas needing improvement include A/B testing and landing page features.

At Capterra, MailerLite averages a perfect 5/5 stars across 200+ ratings. Positive feedback centers on great deliverability, ease of learning without technical skills, and quality customer assistance. Some may desire more advanced features like more custom form options, however.

In all, MailerLite continues to earn applause as a leading email marketing contender for simplicity, performance, and support from real-world users of varying needs.

See MailerLite Reviews on G2


As a new yet rapidly advancing ESP, Brevo sees enthusiastically positive reception as well with a 4.5/5 star overall rating across G2’s 1000+ user reviews highlighting exceptional deliverability, goal-based automation, and multi-channel messaging capabilities beyond email.

Particular praise targets the generous yet powerful free plan, intuitive campaign builder friendly to all technical skill levels, and proactive deliverability support. Concerns arise around occasional slow loading times and interface intricacies, however.

At Capterra, Brevo averages 4.5/5 stars over 175+ evaluations. Users tout reliable reaching inboxes, easy automation setup, and quality 24/7 chat support. Some note a learning curve in understanding some advanced functionalities, however.

Altogether, Brevo wins over fans needing an affordable, well-supported ESP delivering email effectively with unique engagement options emerging competitors.

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Winner: Tie

With nearly identical glowing feedback and star ratings from verified users on value, ease of use, and effectiveness, both MailerLite and Brevo are powerful emal marketing tools that share the crown when it comes to stellar reputations and ability to satisfy customer needs. The two remain neck-and-neck in reviews showing users can’t go wrong with either platform.

9. FAQ’s

MailerLite FAQs

  • What is the monthly email send limit?

    MailerLite plans are based on subscriber list size not monthly send limits. You can send unlimited emails to the number of subscribers allotted per your pricing tier.
  • Is there a free trial?

    Yes, MailerLite offers a free trial allowing access to features like email templates, automation tools, forms, landing pages, and basic analytics with no credit card required.
  • Can I switch email service providers?

    Yes, MailerLite offers user-friendly tools to import your contacts from another platform and set up equivalent automation to make transitioning providers easy.
  • Does MailerLite have good deliverability and inbox placement?

    Yes, with proprietary deliverability algorithms and systems, MailerLite maintains excellent deliverability with over 97% inbox placement rates across major ISPs.

Brevo FAQs

  • What is the monthly email send limit?

    Depending on your selected plan, monthly send limits fall between 300 to 225,000 emails per month before needing to upgrade tiers or custom quote.
  • Is there a free trial?

    Brevo offers an impressively robust free marketing plan perfect for trying the platform’s capabilities before paying at higher usage tiers.
  • Can I switch email providers?

    Yes, Sendi Blue makes switching providers effortless by importing your previous contacts and campaigns and then configuring comparable automations.
  • Does Brevo have good deliverability and placement?

    Yes, as an ESP optimized for transactional email reliability first Brevo offers an incredible 99%+ inbox placement across leading ISPs.

Final Thoughts

Choose MailerLite if…

With its straightforward drag-and-drop builder, quality templates, and reliable delivery infrastructure, this email marketing platform shines best for small businesses focused on launching well-designed email campaigns easily without needing advanced features or large subscriber volumes right away. Growing users love the platform’s affordability, ease of use, and great support catered to nurturing email marketing skills over time.

Choose Brevo if…

If needing to scale more sophisticated options like multi-channel customer journeys, chat plugins, or SMS capabilities while still maintaining email effectiveness, Brevo excels with unique engagement and education-focused support teams to skillfully serve expanding demands. Plus flexible automation and pay-as-you-go pricing appeal to established brands focused on conversion-driven growth.

Selecting the best email marketing tool is an important choice that impacts how reliably and efficiently you can nurture leads into lifetime customers at a scale critical to every business. Weigh each platform’s strengths against your desired functionality, volumes, and budget to make the perfect match.

Please ask any questions in the comments section below for further guidance on finding the best solution fit to set your email marketing up for success.

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