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When it comes to email marketing and SMS platforms, two powerful options are Klaviyo and SMSBump. Choosing the right software is crucial for business owners looking to level up their marketing, drive sales, and better understand their customers.

In this comprehensive Klaviyo vs SMSBump comparison, we evaluate the two platforms across key criteria to help you determine the best platform for your needs. We assess and compare features and functionality, ease of use and customization, core email and SMS capabilities, integrations, analytics, reliability, customer support, pricing, and more.

Our goal is to provide unbiased insights into the strengths and weaknesses of both email marketing tools. By the end, you’ll have a clear picture of which platform aligns best with your business goals, technical abilities, and budget.

1. Understanding the Basics

Klaviyo is a popular email marketing and automation platform founded in 2012 by Andrew Bialecki and Ed Hallen. It has quickly grown to become one of the top email service providers, now counting over 100,000 businesses among its customers including Lululemon, Oatly, and Noise.

SMSBump is a relatively new, SMS-focused solution launched in 2018 by CEO Brady Bell. While smaller than Klaviyo, SMSBump serves over 10,000 users and is establishing itself as a specialist in SMS messaging for marketing.

Both platforms cater predominantly to small and medium businesses looking to take their marketing to the next level through segmented and automated messaging. Klaviyo has captured more overall market share so far. However, SMSBump fills an important niche with its SMS capabilities.

Klaviyo maintains an active community on Facebook with over 25,000 members where people can ask questions and engage with other users. You can join the group here: Klaviyo Community Facebook Group

SMSBump also has a Facebook community, albeit smaller given its specialized focus and younger status as a company. You can connect with other SMSBump users in this group: SMSBump Community Facebook Group

2. Features and Functionality



Klaviyo offers powerful automation for email and SMS campaigns. You can create customizable flows based on actions, delays, multiple criteria, and more. Complex multi-step sequences are made simple through an intuitive drag-and-drop builder.

For example, you can set up a welcome series for new subscribers, cart abandonment flows for shoppers who don’t complete purchases, re-engagement campaigns for inactive contacts, and much more. Dynamic segmentation lets you target groups with tailored messaging based on any attribute.

Klaviyo also enables SMS automation for order confirmations, shipping updates, reminders, coupons, and any other programmable SMS. SMS and email flows can be merged for true omni-channel personalization.

Overall, Klaviyo sets the standard for advanced email and SMS automation with tailored sequences, dynamic segments, and powerful conditional logic.


SMSBump focuses specifically on SMS automation tools. You can set up alerts, notifications, multi-step drip campaigns, and two-way conversations. While capabilities may not be quite as robust as Klaviyo, SMSBump still empowers extensive SMS automation.

Use cases of the SMS marketing software include customer win-back flows, email-to-SMS campaigns, appointment reminders, event notifications, and more. Smart tags, variables, and conditional logic allow for some personalization. SMSBump also makes it easy to comply with TCPA guidelines.

For the specialized task of optimizing business SMS messaging, SMSBump delivers capable automation. However, it does not have the fuller feature set of Klaviyo for broader email and SMS optimization.

Winner: Klaviyo

Klaviyo emerges as the winner for best automation tools. With its integrated email and SMS platform, unrivaled email list segmentation capabilities, and intuitive creation of even the most advanced multi-channel campaigns, Klaviyo beats SMSBump’s SMS marketing automation features for flexibility and functionality when it comes to impactful marketing automation.

Email Templates


Klaviyo offers hundreds of professionally designed email templates to choose from. Templates are optimized for every major industry and specific campaigns like product launches, cart abandonment, events, and more.

You can customize any template by editing, rearranging, adding, and removing blocks through Klaviyo’s drag-and-drop editor. Dynamic content and images can be pulled in automatically. For further customization, HTML and CSS can be modified.

Klaviyo also automatically optimizes all emails for mobile devices. With analytics, you can see and improve performance for every message. Overall, exceptional choice and versatility make Klaviyo a leader in email templates.


Since SMS messages are very short and often one-to-one, SMSBump does not offer the same type of templates for SMS campaigns. However, you can save and replicate templates for the most common alerts, reminders, and notifications you send.

The focus of this SMS marketing platform is more on automation flows and two-way conversational messaging compared to one-to-many email newsletter-style templates. So SMSBump prioritizes SMS delivery and interactions over custom graphics.

Winner: Klaviyo

With hundreds of professionally designed email templates that can be easily customized, Klaviyo surpasses SMSBump when it comes to polished and high-converting email template options out-of-the-box. You can also send outstanding SMS marketing campaigns from your dashboard.

Klaviyo makes it effortless to reinforce brand image and create targeted, effective messages through email templates and integrated customer data. The visual editor empowers businesses to build beautiful emails that turn subscribers into loyal customers.

So for those prioritizing email marketing capabilities, Klaviyo takes the win for its stellar library of templates.



Klaviyo enables customizable segmentation so you can group contacts based on any attribute, behavior, activity, purchase history, and more. Real-time syncing makes segments dynamic.

Powerful filters let you easily create segments like high-value customers, inactive subscribers, recent purchasers, birthday VIPs, and much more. You can combine multiple traits to make hyper-specific groups for targeted campaigns.

Once created, you can trigger customized automation for each segment. Personalized messaging converts up to 5x higher than bulk emails. Klaviyo excels at fine-tuned targeting through flexible segmentation.


SMSBump also allows contacts to be grouped for SMS campaigns, a feature that you won’t find on many SMS marketing platforms in the same category. You can create segments based on criteria like location, purchase frequency, event attendance, and more. SMS messages can then be tailored to those groups.

However, segmentation capabilities are more limited compared to Klaviyo. You cannot create combinations of multiple attributes, nor implement more advanced conditional filtering. So ultra-targeted SMS personalization is harder.

Still, basic segmentation by common factors enables some customization for key SMS initiatives like win-back campaigns, invites, alerts, and coupons sent to VIP groups.

Winner: Klaviyo

With its unrivaled segmentation combining both basic and advanced options, Klaviyo earns the win for superior contact grouping and personalized messaging capabilities compared to SMSBump. No one empowers hyper-targeted campaigns through flexible and powerful segmentation like Klaviyo.



Klaviyo enables deep analytics across email and SMS campaigns. Dashboards provide real-time metrics on opens, clicks, conversions, bounce rates, delivery rates, and more. You can drill down for insights on individual messages, templates, segments, automation flows, and subscribed lists.

Tools like cohort analysis show how contacts interact over time. A/B testing lets you optimize subject lines, content, and designs. Form analytics reveal opt-in rates. Attribution modeling connects marketing efforts to revenue with unicorn and multi-channel models.

Robust segmentation pairs with the metrics for targeted analysis. Klaviyo offers exceptional transparency through advanced analytics and reporting.


For SMS initiatives, SMSBump provides solid analytics including real-time visibility into delivered, bounced, and failed messages, as well as other SMS marketing metrics. Dashboard insights cover replies, opt-outs, and clicks for URLs.

You can view historical SMS volume and trends over days, weeks, or months. Statistics per campaign and customer reveal helpful engagement patterns. SMSBump covers the essential reporting needs for core SMS metrics.

Yet email analytics are lacking with SMSBump. And without deeper segmentation pairing beyond basic groups, analytics functionality lags behind Klaviyo’s capabilities quite noticeably.

Winner: Klaviyo

With unmatched analytics across email and SMS in one integrated platform, easy custom reporting, advanced segmentation pairing, and predictive modeling, Klaviyo wins handily for its analytics and transparency in marketing performance. Klaviyo helps businesses master the all-important metrics that drive growth.

Unique Features


A few special capabilities make Klaviyo stand out. It offers native forms and landing pages so you can grow your audience directly rather than just syncing third-party contacts.

Klaviyo also provides a Referral Engine marketing tool to incentivize your subscribers to promote your brand to new leads through their networks. This taps the power of word-of-mouth at scale.

Additionally, Klaviyo enables SMS commerce functionality for simple sales and collection of payments over text messaging campaigns. This builds tighter customer connections through texting.


SMSBump focuses specifically on enhanced SMS features other providers may lack. For example, two-way messaging enables real conversations with contacts rather than just one-way alerts or blasts.

Easy subscription keyword signup allows customers to opt-in by texting a word like “JOIN” to their SMS number. And Delivery Receipts provide read status so you know messages were seen.

So while the scope is smaller than Klaviyo, SMSBump doubles down on innovating the SMS experience over other aspects like email marketing and analytics.

Winner: Klaviyo

With native growth tools, referral marketing, and SMS commerce capabilities all in one integrated platform, Klaviyo ekes out the win here for the most unique features that help businesses convert and retain customers.

The breadth of Klaviyo’s toolbox gives it an edge in innovation over SMSBump’s more focused SMS offerings. Klaviyo simplifies complex multi-channel strategies while SMSBump provides specialized SMS excellence.

3. Ease of Use


Klaviyo is praised for its intuitive interface enabling you to execute sophisticated messaging with minimal effort. The visual drag-and-drop builder makes creating complex automation straightforward.

Robust features are accessible to first-time users but also provide the flexibility demanded by experts. Clean navigation, responsive design, and clarity around analytics data all enhance usability.

The Klaviyo blog and community forums provide a wealth of educational materials so the learning curve is reasonable. From basics to advanced tactics, it won’t take long for smart marketers to skillfully leverage Klaviyo.


Similarly, SMSBump focuses on fast setup and simplicity guiding first-timers through initial steps like registering a sender ID, configuring two-way messaging, and importing contacts. The dashboard also quickly unlocks core functionality.

For SMS power users, there may be a steeper learning curve to tap the platform’s full potential. However, strong documentation and videos facilitate getting ramped up to conduct SMS campaigns that convert. Onboarding is friendly for beginners.

Winner: Tie

In the end, both Klaviyo and SMSBump emphasize usability in their ways. Klaviyo enables stunningly sophisticated messaging made easy. SMSBump unlocks the power of SMS without complexity.

So for ease of use, it’s a tie between these platforms that equally focus on empowering their target users – whether entrepreneurs, marketers, or advanced SMS experts – to drive results without obstacles or friction.

4. Email Deliverability


Klaviyo boasts excellent email deliverability with rates consistently reaching inboxes at 95% or higher. Optimized sending infrastructure, authentication safeguards like SPF records and DMARC, dynamic content personalization, and stringent list management facilitate stellar deliverability.

Granular analytics offer transparency around bounced and failed messages so issues can be quickly diagnosed and resolved. For optimal inbox placement, all emails are fully mobile responsive as well. Overall, Klaviyo’s email reliability sets the benchmark.


Since SMS messages transmit directly to mobile devices without filtering systems, SMSBump SMS reliability is inherently high at 99% on average. Failed messages typically result only from invalid phone numbers entered by users.

SMSBump instantaneously fetches updated carrier data to enable timely alerts and optimal deliverability. Performance remains consistently reliable barring user error resulting in botched contact info.

Winner: Tie

With both platforms delivering enviably high rates, it’s too close to call a sole winner for email and SMS reliability. Klaviyo offers best-in-class email deliverability along with helpful troubleshooting. SMSBump leverages the direct nature of SMS for near-perfect reach.

So marketers can trust both Klaviyo and SMSBump to power campaigns that hit inboxes and mobiles at impressive clips to effectively engage audiences. When it comes to dependable deliverability, these two rivals tie.

5. Customer Support and Community


Klaviyo offers email ticketing plus 24/7 live chat and phone support. The online knowledge base also provides comprehensive self-help resources. Users compliment Klaviyo’s responsive, hands-on reps for quickly resolving issues.

Additionally, Klaviyo fosters an expansive peer community. The official Facebook group has over 25k engaged members discussing tactics, offering feedback, and networking. Seasoned email marketers mentor new users freely. Join here: Klaviyo Community Facebook Group.


SMSBump provides email and chat-based support during normal business hours. The phone is not offered. The help center supplies basic troubleshooting guides and product tutorials. Users describe reliable assistance from knowledgeable agents.

The official SMSBump Community Facebook group enables idea exchange amongst SMS marketing-focused peers: SMSBump Community Facebook Group. But its membership is still growing.

Winner: Klaviyo

With round-the-clock support response times that are best-in-class and a thriving community with active discussion and peer mentorship, Klaviyo emerges ahead of SMSBump for customer care and user networking right now. Both platforms exhibit caring service, but the sheer size of Klaviyo’s network creates immense value beyond the platform alone.

6. Integrations


Klaviyo integrates with hundreds of platforms including all major e-commerce stores, CRMs, email services, membership software, web analytics, payment systems, and more.

Zapier and PieSync enable even more connections. Robust APIs also allow for custom systems integration. Seamless data flows between tools for comprehensive tracking and unified experiences.

For omnichannel execution, Klaviyo ties data between online and offline touchpoints. In terms of third-party syncing power, Klaviyo is unmatched.


While more limited in scope, SMSBump still enables integration with prominent apps like Mailchimp, Drip, WordPress, and other systems involving contacts, e-commerce email marketing, appointments, and payments. You can also integrate apps to collect data and simplify contact management.

Zapier also helps bridge connections between SMSBump and both common and niche apps that may lack native integration. SMSBump keeps your SMS data accessible across tools for consistency.

But Klaviyo offers far more flexibility to centralize information across a digital ecosystem and enable robust segmentation and customization.

Winner: Klaviyo

With turnkey integration across virtually all major marketing, sales, and service technologies, Klaviyo stands ahead of SMSBump for its partner ecosystem connectivity. Klaviyo helps consolidate subscriber data enterprise-wide for complete personalization. SMSBump, while still agile, cannot match Klaviyo’s far-reaching scope.

So Klaviyo snags the win for smoother platform alignment and more powerful technical capabilities through hundreds of integrations.

7. Pricing


Klaviyo offers a free plan covering up to 500 contacts. Paid tiers scale from $45/month up to $1,600/month for the enterprise option at 1 million+ contacts. Volume discounts are available but no annual contracts.

All features are available regardless of pricing tier including advanced functionality like predictive modeling. Only contacts and email/SMS volume differ between plans. Klaviyo is very transparent about scaling costs.


SMSBump also provides a basic free version for low SMS volumes. The minimum SMS pricing plan costs $19, and upgrading to premium tiers gives more contacts, messages, and automation workflows. Plans span from $19 to $199 monthly.

Yearly contracts lock in discounts up to 25% off but require an annual commitment. Paying monthly offers more flexibility but at higher rates. Additional costs apply for expanded features like extra sender IDs or pooled numbers. You can also request dedicated SMS strategists to assist you with your campaigns to reach your SMS subscribers.

Winner: Klaviyo

Both platforms offer affordable entry points and transparent pricing around usage levels. However, Klaviyo pulls ahead for providing all functionality regardless of tier and enabling simple scaling without forced contracts. Openness around costs combined with value delivered at each tier gives Klaviyo an advantage.

So Klaviyo gets the nod for the best balance of predictable pricing with the flexibility to switch plans or pause spending as campaigns ramp. SMSBump also offers solid cost transparency but locks users into annual terms.

8. Reviews and Reputation


Klaviyo earns glowing reviews from industry experts and user communities. It holds a 4.5/5 average rating on G2 driven by praised usability, automation, and analytics.

Users highlight excellent deliverability, quality support, and powerful segmentation capabilities fueling success. Critiques mention occasional complexities for brand-new beginners first getting started. But overall sentiment skews quite positive.

On Capterra, Klaviyo rates 4.5/5 from 850+ raters applauding the platform as “game-changing” for ROI thanks to flexibility and integration. See Klaviyo reviews on G2 here and Capterra here.


SMSBump also maintains positive momentum with 4/5 stars on popular software advice platforms like G2, GetApp, and Software Advice. Users praise SMS deliverability reach which ensures that users receive your SMS text messages, automation options, and quality support.

The primary complaints highlight limitations for advanced subscribers including lack of chatbot features or more complex segmentation compared to larger competitors. But most still find SMSBump meets core SMS needs. See SMSBump reviews on GetApp and Software Advice.

Winner: Klaviyo

Backed by consistently outstanding feedback and transformational experiences noted across various influential software review platforms, Klaviyo emerges as the winner for reputation and trust earned through customer experiences to date. SMSBump garners positive reactions as well, but Klaviyo adoption often revolutionizes marketing efforts in reviewers’ eyes.

9. FAQ’s

Klaviyo FAQs

  • What types of email can I send?

    Klaviyo supports all types – promotional, transactional, behavioral, lifecycle, and more. Complex automations are possible.
  • Is there a limit on contacts?

    Klaviyo offers up to 1 million contacts on enterprise plans. Lower tiers allow at least 500 contacts. Pricing scales unlimited contacts.
  • Can I connect to other apps and tools?

    Yes, Klaviyo seamlessly integrates with hundreds of martech solutions via APIs, Zapier, and PieSync.
  • How quickly does Klaviyo implement?

    Typical launch timeframes range from just a few hours up to several days depending on complexity. Onboarding assistance helps accelerate setup.
  • What analytics are included?

    Robust email and SMS analytics provide real-time visibility into open/click rates, deliverability, conversions, revenue metrics, and more.


  • What types of SMS can I send?

    SMSBump enables promotions, alerts, notifications, reminders, events, offers, and two-way conversational messaging.
  • Are there monthly SMS limits?

    Entry-level plans start with allowances of 300 messages. The more expensive SMS program scales to send millions of SMS messages per month.
  • Can I automate campaigns?

    Yes, you can set up SMS automation flows based on triggers and schedules. Advanced options are available.
  • How long does onboarding take?

    SMSBump touts a fast 15-minute setup for launching initial SMS efforts. Expanding capabilities beyond basics demands more ramp-up time.
  • What stats can I view?

    Core reporting covers messages sent, delivered, failed, and complaints plus some engagement tracking around replies, clicks, opt-outs, and user activity.

Final Thoughts

Choose Klaviyo If…

With its powerful email plus SMS combination, Klaviyo is ideal for e-commerce brands, complex organizations, B2B players, and marketers focused on advanced automation, custom reporting, predictive modeling, and omnichannel personalization who are willing to pay for premium power.

The exceptional deliverability, integration ecosystem, and segmentation capacities make Klaviyo a platform to support substantial scale and sophistication for long-term subscriber relationships. Don’t hesitate to invest in Klaviyo’s toolbox if you dream big.

Otherwise, a Klaviyo alternative may be a better option if Klaviyo doesn’t sound like the best choice for you.

Choose SMSBump If…

For SMBs and marketers concentrated squarely on text messaging outreach, SMSBump delivers responsive support, automation versatility, and reliable SMS delivery at affordable rates. Focus your effort where it matters rather than overspending on unnecessary extras.

While capabilities are more constrained compared to Klaviyo, the SMS purity can benefit smaller teams with targeted mobile initiatives not requiring advanced segmentation or broader email bundles. Do more with SMS simply using SMSBump.

Making the right choice between these solutions comes down to aligning their strengths with your key priorities, resources, and vision for what’s possible through messaging outreach done right. We hope this thorough comparison has brought clarity so you can confidently move forward with the optimal platform as your messaging backbone.

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