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Klaviyo and Postscript are two of the most popular email marketing and SMS platforms for e-commerce businesses. Choosing the right platform is critical for directly engaging with customers and driving sales. An ineffective platform can prevent you from making more revenue and prevent establishing customer loyalty.

In this comprehensive Klaviyo vs Postscript comparison, we evaluate the two platforms across several key criteria to determine which platform is better suited for most e-commerce businesses. We analyze market position, ease of use, customization options, featured functionalities like website creation, e-commerce, and analytics, as well as technical performance, customer support, pricing, and overall reputation.

By evaluating these solutions side-by-side, e-commerce owners can understand the strengths and weaknesses of each email marketing platform for informed decision-making when selecting the best platform for targeted customer engagement that will maximize sales.

1. Understanding the Basics

Klaviyo was founded in 2012 by Andrew Bialecki and Ed Hallen. The email tool quickly became one of the most widely-used email marketing platforms, currently ranking as the #1 ESP on BuiltWith. Postscript was founded in 2018 by Adam Turner, Colin Turner, and Alex Beller. Though younger, Postscript has rapidly gained popularity for its SMS marketing platform.

Both platforms have active Facebook groups for users and community engagement. Those interested can join the Klaviyo Community group or the Postscript SMS Marketing Community.

Klaviyo leads as the dominant player in the email marketing sphere. It serves over 50,000 businesses including popular brands like Suitsupply and Princess Polly. Postscript made its name providing text messaging marketing solutions for Shopify stores. It now serves over 10,000 businesses across various e-commerce platforms.

Postscript has raised over $37 million in funding since its founding. Klaviyo raised over $385 million and achieved unicorn status in 2021 with a valuation of over $9.5 billion. This demonstrates strong confidence from investors in both platforms. However, Klaviyo maintains a substantially larger market presence.

2. Features and Functionality



Klaviyo offers a robust automation workflow builder for sending triggered campaigns. Users can create custom flows based on actions like email opens, website visits, abandoned carts, and more. Pre-built automation templates simplify creation for common triggers like welcoming new subscribers, re-engaging inactive users, and announcing abandoned carts.

Advanced segmentation makes it easy to target specific groups within your audience. Filters can be applied based on engagement metrics, customer properties, purchase history, predicted churn, and other data points. Power users can leverage Klaviyo’s Flow Builder for more complex segmentation logic.

With Klaviyo’s automated campaigns, you can set a pre-determined sequence of customized emails to be delivered over time. This helps guide subscribers through your onboarding, sales, or re-engagement funnels. Automations support dynamic content insertion to tailor messaging to each recipient.

Overall, Klaviyo aims to help marketers easily build targeted, personalized campaigns to convert and retain customers. Their automation toolset shines for e-commerce use cases with deep segmentation options and pre-built templates for common triggers. You can get up and running quickly even with minimal technical expertise.


Postscript enables creating SMS workflows to engage customers with event-based messaging. Build segments to target groups based on activity history and other properties—trigger campaigns for events like store visits, purchases, abandoned carts, and more.

While best suited for SMS automation due to its platform focus, Postscript does offer email capabilities via integrations. This allows coordinating cross-channel messaging between email and text. Leverage SMS to grab attention with time-sensitive offers or critical reminders, while driving longer form content via email integrations.

Postscript’s streamlined interface focuses on SMS delivery with email as a secondary channel. Segmentation and automation options are less robust compared to dedicated email solutions. However, for Shopify merchants looking to activate SMS capabilities, Postscript provides an easy entry point to coordinate with existing email programs.

Overall, Postscript offers a straightforward toolset to start sending automated SMS campaigns. While narrower in scope than Klaviyo, it provides quality capabilities focused specifically on leveraging text messaging to engage customers.

Winner: Klaviyo

The winner for best automation capabilities is Klaviyo. Its dedicated email foundation shows unparalleled segmentation precision, customization control, and pre-built templates covering an extensive range of e-commerce scenarios.

Postscript makes SMS automation accessible, but is outmatched by Klaviyo’s sheer depth and flexibility in optimizing advanced email programs. For demanding power users, Klaviyo is the superior choice.

Email Templates


Klaviyo offers hundreds of professionally designed email templates to choose from. Browse by category to find templates for sign-up forms, promos, announcements, win-backs, holidays, and more. Popular templates are marked to help identify high-performing options.

The template editor makes customization simple with a drag-and-drop workflow. Resize, move, or swap template blocks as needed. Change colors, fonts, and design styles globally or individually. Add images, buttons, dividers, and other elements in just a few clicks.

Advanced users can modify HTML/CSS source code. Built-in collaboration tools allow editors, designers, and stakeholders to review templates and leave actionable feedback. Version history lets you track changes and revert to earlier versions if needed.

Klaviyo also offers A/B testing capabilities to experiment and optimize templates. Send variant versions to sample groups of contacts and leverage performance metrics to determine the best design.

With tons of professionally designed templates and intuitive editing tools, Klaviyo streamlines creating on-brand, polished emails at scale. Drag-and-drop simplicity plus total HTML/CSS control provides flexibility for novice and advanced users.


Since Postscript focuses on SMS messaging rather than email, it offers limited native templates. There are a handful of basic customizable templates for promotional, abandoned cart, and post-purchase SMS messages.

Instead, Postscript’s value regarding templates comes from its seamless integration with email partners. Once connected to your ESP of choice like Mailchimp or Klaviyo, you gain access to their full library of email templates.

This allows coordinating SMS and email strategies using existing template resources. Postscript handles delivering SMS while deferring to integrations for robust email templates and broadcasts.

For Shopify merchants running Postscript for SMS, the combination with email partners helps unify messaging across both channels. You can consistently apply brand style and leverage email templates for more complex HTML needs.

Winner: Klaviyo

Klaviyo wins for best email templates, thanks to having far more native template options plus powerful editing tools. For SMS capabilities, Postscript depends on email partner integrations. This is a solid approach for unified cross-channel campaigns, but the breadth and control of Klaviyo’s dedicated email templates remain unmatched. Stores wanting robust Shopify data and customizable templates tailored for both SMS and email should pair Postscript with Klaviyo.



Klaviyo enables the creation of highly targeted segments to deliver personalized messaging. Build segments based on profiles, purchase activity, engagements, predicted churn, and hundreds of other properties. Complex filters can be constructed using “AND” and “OR” logic.

Klaviyo’s toolset shines for e-commerce segmentation thanks to deep integration with platforms like Shopify and Magento. Dynamic segments automatically update based on live purchase data. This ensures customers always receive campaigns relevant to their current status.

The platform makes it easy to analyze and optimize segments over time. See which filters best identify your highest-value customers. Tweak underperforming segments to improve campaign metrics through iterative testing.

With robust segmentation powered by deep e-commerce data insights, Klaviyo empowers personalized automation based on detailed customer intelligence. Time savings come from automated list building rather than manual spreadsheet exports. This makes complex personalization scalable.


Postscript focuses segmentation primarily around SMS messaging. Key data inputs come from Shopify and other connected platforms showing identified customer activity. Leverage behaviors like store visits, purchases, abandoned carts, and more to trigger SMS campaigns.

In addition to event-based triggers, users can create VIP segments to provide exclusive offers or priority support via text message. Apply tags and custom attributes as the basis for additional segmentation.

While Postscript’s SMS-focused capabilities are robust, segmentation based on email activity requires integration with external ESPs. This can allow combining email and SMS data for omnichannel segmentation, but native support is more limited compared to full-featured email marketing platforms.

For retail stores wanting to leverage transactional SMS, Postscript delivers intelligent segmentation to activate customers based on purchase behaviors and platform analytics. Just expect to enable more advanced email segmentation via separate tools.

Winner: Klaviyo

Klaviyo wins for best segmentation features thanks to the power of its dedicated email marketing foundation plus deep e-commerce platform integration spanning email and SMS data. Postscript makes SMS segmentation accessible but relies on third-party email tools for more advanced subscriber profiling, list management, and omnichannel coordination.



Klaviyo enables deep analysis with comprehensive email and SMS metrics to help you boost your ROI. View key performance indicators like open, clickthrough, and conversion rates for each campaign. Benchmark against historical performance to spot trends. Breakdowns by device, location, and other attributes reveal further insights.

The platform makes metrics easy to digest with graphical visualizations over customizable date ranges. Segment-level reporting reveals top/bottom performing groups. Compare variants from A/B tests to determine optimal designs.

Klaviyo automatically tracks and attributes customer activity across devices. Discover at a glance how many web visits or purchases resulted from each email or SMS blast. Filter by traffic source and marketing channel to analyze multi-touch attribution.

Dive deeper with Klaviyo’s freeform SQL-based Query Builder. Export millions of data points not shown in the core dashboard to model comprehensive analyses. Integrate data warehouse platforms via APIs for even more advanced business intelligence needs.

Overall Klaviyo strikes an impressive balance empowering marketers through both easy-to-digest charts and views as well as access to raw data for savvy analysts.


Postscript offers an SMS Insights dashboard presenting campaign metrics including deliverability, open rate, active numbers, and click rate. Compare the performance of different messages side-by-side.

Integrations with Google Analytics and other tracking tools allow further connecting SMS campaign performance with goals like website conversions. This provides fuller attribution analysis, although still secondary to standalone email marketing analytics.

For Shopify merchants, the Postscript app enables deeper integration with native store data points. View attribution tied to customer lifetime value and recent order activity. Sync campaign metrics with other Shopify apps for unified cross-channel reporting.

In summary, Postscript delivers well-rounded analytics capabilities tailored specifically for SMS and text messaging. However, businesses demanding robust and customizable email marketing metrics will need to look to dedicated email service providers like Klaviyo and integrate accordingly.

Winner: Klaviyo

Klaviyo wins for its unparalleled analytics capabilities purpose-built for email marketers. Postscript is no slouch on the SMS side, but lacks breadth across other channels. For shop owners utilizing both platforms in an integrated stack, the combined analytics provide full omnichannel coverage.

However, in reality, Klaviyo has greater depth for email-first use cases. Its balance of simplified views and access to raw data caters nicely to users of all skill levels.

Unique Features


A standout feature of Klaviyo’s capability is its comprehensive product recommendation engine. Automatically display relevant products in emails and web experiences powered by advanced machine learning algorithms. Product suggestions are extremely targeted based on factors like browse history, purchase data, seasonality, and behavior of similar users.

Klaviyo also provides dynamic page content features. Adjust website messaging in real time for logged-in users based on their subscriber profile and activity history. This allows extending Klaviyo personalization to owned web properties alongside email.

An innovative Klavivo feature called Recover Lost Sales leverages on-site retargeting. Identify users who recently abandoned purchases or items in their cart. Then trigger on-site notifications encouraging them to complete the purchase before leaving.

Additional Klaviyo capabilities like ratings and reviews management, loyalty programs, and text message marketing demonstrate the platform’s breadth across the martech stack. Robust APIs also enable extensive custom integration support.


Postscript differentiates itself through SMS innovations like Conversation Builder for interactive messaging plus two-way conversational commerce functionality via “shoppable links” over text.

The platform also enables easy coordination of SMS campaigns alongside existing email programs. This makes it simple to augment email reach to bypass crowded inboxes and activate customers directly through text alerts. Pre-written templates help compose coordinated cross-channel messages.

Postscript also offers built-in number pooling and provisioning to secure shared “send from” numbers with automatic provisioning. This simplifies compliance without requiring expensive telecom contracts. Dynamic number insertion allows personalizing the sending number to match specific stores.

For Shopify brands, Postscript’s custom liquid tags streamline injecting sensitive data like customer names and order details directly into outgoing SMS campaigns. This enables more contextual text conversations derived right from live e-commerce data.

Winner: Tie

Both Klaviyo email marketing and Postscript SMS represent leading solutions in their respective categories that happen to integrate nicely with each other. The breadth of Klaviyo’s establishment as an email specialist allows for exceptionally deep and advanced capabilities.

Meanwhile, Postscript dominates in innovating creative SMS use cases through conversational messaging and streamlined Shopify integrations. Each platform wins by focusing on what it does best. Their combined powers deliver true omnichannel potential.

3. Ease of Use


Klaviyo provides a clean, modern interface designed for simplicity. The main navigation menu enables easy access to key features like emails, automation, and reporting. Icons help distinguish related tools at a glance.

The platform aims to enable all marketers to get up and running quickly regardless of technical expertise. Drag-and-drop campaign editors, pre-built templates, and customizable automation workflows speed up the creation of professional emails and SMS.

While powerful under the hood, Klaviyo avoids complexity through smart defaults and intuitive controls. Email editing empowers novices via easy point-and-click while unlocking advanced customization for experts willing to dive deeper.

The platform provides ample educational resources to ramp skills over time including documentation, e-learning courses, weekly live training, and a vibrant community forum. Expect a manageable learning curve thanks to extensive guides, tips, and best practice examples.


As a more narrowly focused SMS platform, Postscript offers an exceptionally streamlined interface centered around text messaging capabilities. The clean dashboard provides easy access to campaign creation, delivery analytics, automation tools, and message replies.

Shopify merchants in particular benefit from deep platform alignment enabling intuitive activation of key Postscript capabilities using familiar native controls. Inline documentation reduces the need to ever leave the Shopify interface.

While Postscript supports more advanced features like dynamic number pooling and two-way messaging, even entry-level users can get started fast by leveraging pre-built messaging templates and automation triggers. Educational support resources help smooth the onboarding process.

Winner: Tie

Both Klaviyo and Postscript focus their platform experiences on fast ramp-up times to value. Their goals include enabling business users to become self-sufficient in executing email and SMS campaigns without major technical hurdles or long learning curves. For their respective categories, Klaviyo and Postscript both provide above-average ease of use thanks to polished interfaces and ample educational resources.

4. Email Deliverability


Klaviyo leverages dedicated IP addresses and infrastructure optimized for reliable email delivery at scale. Robust analytics track key inbox placement metrics like spam complaints to maximize sender reputation.

The platform enables granular profiling of subscriber engagement data to identify bad actors harming deliverability. Block or throttle segments with low engagement while rewarding highly engaged subscribers. Automatic list cleansing maintains quality over time.

For advanced users, Klaviyo offers custom controls to gradually ramp up sending volume while monitoring spam traps to fine-tune deliverability. Take advantage of priority routing integrations ensuring top inbox placement with major providers.

With email as its core focus, Klaviyo pours heavy resources into maximizing deliverability. Its arsenal of analytics, segmentation tools, and advanced controls helps marketers push inbox limits while maintaining healthy sender reputations.


Postscript leverages aggregator lines and shared sender identities typical for mass text message delivery. The platform claims guaranteed 99% deliverability for SMS campaigns sent through its system.

However, Postscript relies fully on connected email service providers like Mailchimp or Klaviyo for managing email deliverability. On its own, Postscript only provides the SMS transmission infrastructure.

So Shopify merchants pairing Postscript for SMS with a separate ESP would benefit from the full-featured email deliverability capabilities made available through that integration. But Postscript itself is email-agnostic beyond basic multi-channel coordination.

Winner: Klaviyo

Klaviyo is the clear winner for email deliverability thanks to its dedicated focus on optimizing inbox placement. From advanced analytics to granular controls, Klaviyo provides a mature, purpose-built solution for maximizing email sender reputation. While Postscript delivers on the SMS front, it is designed as an ESP complement rather than a replacement. For email expertise, Klaviyo has the edge.

5. Customer Support and Community


Klaviyo provides multiple support channels including email, chat, phone, and ticketed assistance. All paid plans include dedicated account management. Expect quick sub-24-hour response times and US-based reps.

Self-service support resources include comprehensive documentation, e-learning Academy courses, and a public community forum. The Klaviyo Community Facebook group also enables peer knowledge sharing with over 25,000 members.

Overall, Klaviyo strives for a white-glove service experience rare for SaaS platforms. Here you won’t encounter the same story of unresponsive support. The combination of rapid in-house support plus a thriving peer community creates a strong safety net for new users getting started. Expect attentive care during onboarding and timely responses long-term.


Postscript provides email and chat-based support from both in-house teams and certified Shopify experts. Phone assistance requires Enterprise-level plans. Response times average under 24 hours.

The platform also overlays contextual help tips explaining key features directly within its Shopify app interface. Self-service options include webinars, a knowledge base, and product docs. The Postscript SMS Marketing Community group offers advice from 6000+ merchants.

As a younger startup, Postscript delivers respectable support capabilities but lacks the full breadth of Klaviyo’s well-rounded resources. However, for core SMB needs, in-app guidance supplemented by online self-service assets often suffices without demanding white-glove treatment.

Winner: Klaviyo

Klaviyo wins as the leader in customer support experience thanks to multiple channels including phone access backed by dedicated reps for all paying plans. Its vibrant community also demonstrates more maturity with 4x as many merchant members compared to Postscript’s early-stage group.

However, Postscript delivers entirely adequate assistance for most small businesses. As its community grows over time, expect the platform’s support advantage to further shrink Klaviyo’s lead.

6. Integrations


Klaviyo connects with hundreds of popular e-commerce platforms, CRMs, analytics tools, and marketing apps through native integrations and APIs. Pre-built connectors make platforms like Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce easy to connect out-of-the-box.

The platform also offers Zapier integration supporting thousands of additional services leveraging pre-built triggers, actions, and workflows. Custom code developers can leverage Klaviyo’s REST and CLI APIs to build advanced connections.

Key platforms covered natively include every major commerce platform, web analytics tools like Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics, multiple CRMs, subscription billing apps, live chat, loyalty programs, and popular marketing stacks.

With over a decade of perfecting integrations, Klaviyo sits at the center of virtually any martech stack. Its breadth and flexibility in smoothing connecting related services enables customized stacks supplementing the platform’s core email and SMS capabilities.


As a specialized SMS platform for Shopify, Postscript unsurprisingly provides seamless integration with store data and other apps in that ecosystem. Leverage customer profiles, purchase behaviors, recovered carts, and other events to trigger targeted SMS campaigns.

The platform also connects directly with several of the most widely-used email service providers including Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Constant Contact, and Campaign Monitor. This enables coordinating email and SMS blasts within the same cross-channel workflow.

For expanding beyond Shopify and email, Postscript supports 150+ Zapier integrations similar to Klaviyo. This provides flexibility to augment capabilities with apps for CRM, analytics, social media marketing, and more.

Winner: Klaviyo

Klaviyo edges out Postscript for best integrations thanks to its longer history serving as an email marketing platform hub connecting to virtually every online business system. However, Postscript smartly focuses native development efforts on providing the deepest alignment with the Shopify ecosystem and priority email tools.

This enabled complementary rather than competitive positioning against Klaviyo. Used together, Klaviyo’s breadth and Postscript’s Shopify-first approach provide full coverage.

7. Pricing


Klaviyo offers a free forever plan covering up to 500 contacts. Paid plans scale up to the largest enterprise needs with pricing starting at $45/month billed annually for 1,500 contacts including emails and text messages.

Standard plans come loaded with a full suite of email marketing, automation, and analytics capabilities without restrictive add-ons. Expect exceptional value typical of Klaviyo’s pricing model packing robust features even at low tiers.

The platform does charge extra for more advanced products like its recommendation engine. However, all core email and SMS functionality falls under standard paid plans making it easy to budget use cases beyond basic email blasts.

Transparent pricing tables allowing custom configuration by number of contacts, emails, and SMS messages sent make cost planning straightforward even for high-volume use cases.


Postscript pricing is slightly more complex with multiple Plans available on monthly or annual contracts combining sets of message credits and access to specific features.

The Starter plan runs $100/month including 40,000 text credits appropriate for most SMB budgets. Growing shops can upgrade for more contacts and messages across three higher Plans up to “Enterprise” without hard cutoffs.

Postscript’s simpler focus as an SMS provider allows for packing more text messaging value per dollar compared to Klaviyo’s broader platform scope. Shopify merchants can bundle Postscript with an email solution like Klaviyo for complete omnichannel coverage while optimizing costs.

Strictly speaking, the pricing model balances approachability for early-stage stores while accommodating unlimited growth scaling-up packages. Most retailers find the platform quite affordable complementing existing expenses for other marketing tools.

Winner: Tie

Klaviyo and Postscript both deliver strong value appealing to a wide range of business sizes making them worth the money. Klaviyo’s packaging self-serves the largest enterprise customers while remaining accessible to first-time email senders.

Postscript similarly balances SMBs through growing high-volume brands via bundled plans with bulk SMS credits. The two align well together covering email and SMS needs across any budget and you’ll be served by either one if you decide to switch platforms.

8. Reviews and Reputation


Klaviyo earns outstanding reviews from industry experts and business users alike. G2 scores the platform 4.6/5 stars based on 930+ verified user reviews. Capterra rates 4.5/5.

Positive feedback highlights excellent email deliverability, powerful segmentation and automation, and top-notch support. Businesses praise Klaviyo’s ability to drive conversions through customized cross-channel campaigns tailored to granular subscriber attributes.

Negative critiques focus on high pricing at higher tiers and the complexity of mastering the platform’s extensive capabilities. However, most agree that Klaviyo provides strong value overall and calls it a top choice among email service providers.

With 85% of reviewers on G2 reporting they are “likely to recommend” Klaviyo and 92% labeling the software “easy to use”, the platform enjoys elite standing across the industry.


Postscript earns similarly impressive ratings on G2 and the Shopify App Store holding 4.9/5 stars across almost 1,300 merchant reviews. Capterra rates 4.5/5.

Praise centers heavily on easy integration, fast setup, excellent support, and winning deliverability for text message marketing campaigns. Shopify brands highlight the platform’s ability to increase customer engagement via targeted, automated SMS flows.

Negative feedback mostly reports random delivery failures outside Postscript’s direct control due to carriers. A few users also cite wanting more advanced analytics. However, the majority give Postscript overwhelmingly positive reviews regarding core capabilities.

For only launching publicly in 2019, Postscript maintains a glowing reputation, particularly among Shopify merchants thanks to its highly focused value on delivering SMS solutions perfectly aligned to that ecosystem.

Winner: Tie

Both Klaviyo and Postscript enjoy outstanding reputations and very satisfied user bases who rate each at the top of their respective email and SMS marketing categories. They earn consistent praise for excellent deliverability, easy usability delivering fast results, and quality support fueling customer success. Each focuses squarely on solving its target users’ biggest pain points masterfully.

9. FAQ’s

Klaviyo FAQs

  • What types of email campaigns can you create with Klaviyo?

    Klaviyo supports sending various email campaigns including promotional broadcasts, behavioral triggers, transactional emails, workflows, and more. Build anything from simple newsletters to complex, multi-step automation.
  • Does Klaviyo have e-commerce analytics?

    Yes, Klaviyo integrates directly with all major commerce platforms to track and analyze metrics like revenue driven by email, highest converting products promoted, lifecycle stage trends, and more to optimize campaigns.
  • What CRMs does Klaviyo integrate with?

    Klaviyo offers deep native integrations with CRMs like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Pipedrive, plus the ability to connect any platform via Zapier or custom code.
  • Can Klaviyo handle email deliverability as I scale my list?

    Yes, Klaviyo leverages dedicated IP addresses and optimized sending infrastructure to maintain excellent inbox placement across subscribers. Advanced segmentation and throttling controls further bolster deliverability over time.

Postscript FAQs

  • What type of text messages can Postscript send?

    Postscript enables sending promotional broadcasts, cart abandoned recovery messages, post-purchase follow-ups, appointment reminders, shipping notifications, and automated multi-message text conversations.
  • Does Postscript integrate with Shopify?

    Yes, Postscript sits directly within Shopify allowing native access to store data to trigger SMS campaigns using customer profiles, recent purchases, and more.
  • Can I coordinate Postscript SMS with my existing email marketing?

    Yes, Postscript integrates directly with all major email service providers enabling you to synchronize email and SMS into unified cross-channel campaigns.
  • Is Postscript compliant with carrier regulations?

    Yes, Postscript handles opt-in requirements, properly identifies message senders, and follows protocols for maintaining high deliverability rates legally across carriers.

Final Thoughts

Choose Klaviyo if…

Klaviyo is the best choice for e-commerce brands wanting a centralized platform covering email marketing, behavioral automation, and advanced analytics powered by customer data intelligence.

It shines through deep segmentation capabilities, cross-channel execution, and platform breadth powering complete customer engagement stack orchestration. Klaviyo suits growing mid-market to enterprise B2C retailers seeking robust proprietary tools owning the relationship from acquisition through retention.

You may also be interested in reading about Klaviyo alternatives to give yourself more leeway when choosing an email marketing platform.

Choose Postscript if…

Postscript provides an easy growth lever for Shopify brands to activate mobile consumers through targeted SMS capabilities woven directly into the merchant workflow. It delivers exceptional value specifically for transactional and automated text messaging aligned around store events.

For supplementing email efforts via complementary SMS, Postscript requires far less complexity integrating than a complete marketing suite overhaul. It gives an entry point for unified omni-channel testing while delegating broader infrastructure to specialized email partners.

Retailers need to review key elements like audience size, e-commerce platform, use case focus, and team skills when determining the right email and/or SMS solutions for their goals and resources.

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