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With the rise of e-commerce, more and more entrepreneurs and small business owners are turning to email marketing and automation platforms like Klaviyo and Flodesk to reach customers and drive sales. However, choosing the right platform that fits your specific business needs is crucial for growth and success.

In this comprehensive Klaviyo vs Flodesk comparison, we evaluate ten important criteria—from market position and ease of use to features, performance, customer support, pricing, and more—to help you determine the better platform.

By the end of this side-by-side analysis, business owners will have the information they need to select the best email marketing platform for their online store’s goals and budget.

1. Understanding the Basics

Founded in 2019 by Martha Bitar and Rebecca Shostak, Flodesk is a fairly new player in the email marketing and automation space compared to the more established Klaviyo platform. Klaviyo got its start a year earlier in 2012 founded by Andrew Bialecki and Ed Hallen who sought to create an easy-to-use CRM and email platform.

When it comes to market position and popularity, Klaviyo is the leader. As of 2023, Klaviyo boasts over 100,000 customers including major brands like Gymshark, Oatly, and Chubbies. Flodesk on the other hand has around 10,000 smaller business customers at this point.

Klaviyo also has a large and highly engaged online community with over 35,000 members in their official Facebook group where users ask questions, share marketing advice, and support each other. Flodesk has a much smaller presence on Facebook currently in terms of engaged users and followers.

2. Features and Functionality



Klaviyo offers a robust automation engine and drag-and-drop workflow builder to set up triggers and create sequences. You can automate welcome series, abandoned cart flows, browse abandonment, win-back campaigns, lead nurturing and more based on customer behaviors.

Advanced segmentation lets you target groups and track the customer journey for more accurate email marketing campaigns while global filters give control over exclusions. Workflows support multiple branches and can handle complex multi-level structures with ease.

Klaviyo also offers 150+ turnkey automation called Flows ranging from birthday messages to re-engaging subscribers. Just connect data and the flows run automatically.


Flodesk has a visual automation builder to create sequences and triggers based on actions or inactions. You can set up autoresponders, follow-ups, browse abandonment flows, digest campaigns, and post-purchase nurturing.

Key automation features include segmentation with tags and filters to personalize messaging. The tool also supports A/B testing different content and makes it easy to schedule sends via automation.

However, Flodesk automation is not as advanced as Klaviyo. You only get basic segmentation compared to Klaviyo’s dynamic lists. The workflows also can’t handle as much complexity and branches.

Winner: Klaviyo

Both email marketing platforms have much to offer, but Klaviyo is the winner when it comes to marketing automation capabilities. Their platform simply offers more advanced, complex, and powerful features out-of-the-box for building automated campaigns compared to Flodesk. The ability to craft highly tailored workflows with custom metrics and superior segmentation gives Klaviyo an automation edge.

Email Templates


Klaviyo offers hundreds of professionally designed, customizable email templates for welcome series, promotions, announcements, newsletters, and more. Templates are mobile-optimized and the drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to tweak templates without coding.

You can add images, GIFs, videos, buttons, dividers, social shares, and product galleries seamlessly. Dynamic content helps personalize messaging with customer data. Saving templates as drafts allows collaboration while version history ensures template integrity.

Klaviyo also offers A/B testing templates to optimize performance. The template editor enables you to craft professional emails tailored to your brand quickly.


Flodesk provides professionally made responsive email templates for the most common campaign types. The template editor has a simple drag-and-drop interface for basic customization and building emails visually.

However, Flodesk templates are not as easily customizable as Klaviyo without added coding. Animation and dynamic content support is also limited compared to Klaviyo. Flodesk lacks more advanced features like version control.

But Flodesk makes it simple to edit fonts and colors, and add images/content blocks to templates. You also get A/B testing ability to identify high-performing email variants.

Winner: Klaviyo

Klaviyo wins when it comes to email template design flexibility, customization, and advanced functionality. Their expansive template library offers more options while the editor enables greater personalization and collaboration. Klaviyo also provides superior testing features missing in Flodesk like subject line A/B testing.



Klaviyo enables advanced behavioral segmentation with dynamic lists that automatically update based on customer actions and metrics. You can create highly targeted segments using filters for criteria like email engagement, purchase activity, clicked links, and more. Klaviyo’s segmentation truly excels due to sophisticated logic that lets you combine data points like “Purchased in Last 30 Days AND Has Abandoned Cart”.

Custom attributes allow the creation of segments with niche demographics, orders, products, or other data. For example, you can target customers who purchased yoga mats and lived in California last month. Klaviyo also makes it easy to combine multiple data points like “Purchased Product A AND Abandoned Cart > 2 times.” The platform shines with data-driven segments that intelligently subgroup contacts automatically for more relevant messaging.


Flodesk focuses more on basic segmentation using tags to categorize subscribers. You can also segment by basic behavioral data like email opens/clicks and purchase activity. However, Flodesk does not have the sophisticated segmentation logic of Klaviyo for advanced targeting.

Creating targeted segments requires manual lists or complex tag configurations instead of intuitive filters powered by customer data. Flodesk’s segmentation works well enough for simple email campaigns. But those sending highly personalized messaging will find Klaviyo’s dynamic segmentation superior.

Winner: Klaviyo

Klaviyo is the undisputed winner for its unparalleled segmentation capabilities that drive targeted, relevant communications. Flodesk simply lacks the sophisticated tools to easily filter contacts and create advanced segments fueled by customer data. Klaviyo removes the complexity from even the most precise behavioral targeting.



Klaviyo enables deep analysis with real-time, customizable dashboards covering email, SMS, web activity, and more. Key metrics include opens, clicks, conversions, revenue, ROI plus campaign and list performance.

You can easily track results for automation, segmented groups, and individual messages with advanced filters to dig deeper. Flexible filtering and segmentation of analytics empower better optimization by zeroing in on what works. Details like browser data, platforms, activity timing, and location provide further insights to improve targeting.

Klaviyo also offers robust A/B testing analytics to identify top-performing variants of email subject lines, content, and designs. Plus users get real-time analytics to monitor and enhance campaigns as they are sent.


Flodesk provides email marketing analytics covering opens, clicks, unsubscribes, spam complaints plus sales revenue data. You can view top-level campaign metrics as well as activity trends over custom date ranges. However, Flodesk’s standard reporting lacks the depth of customization and segmentation offered in Klaviyo for deeper analysis.

The tool only shows high-level performance rather than granular analysis on par with Klaviyo. Those desiring more control over metrics may find analytics capability limiting with Flodesk.

Winner: Klaviyo

Klaviyo wins for offering superior analytics functionality that empowers deeper optimization of marketing efforts. Their real-time, customizable dashboards provide more granular insights than Flodesk’s simpler standardized reporting. For those wanting maximum analytics control and segmentation, Klaviyo is the top choice.

Unique Features


Klaviyo offers several unique capabilities beyond standard email marketing features. This includes comprehensive SMS marketing with automation, dynamic forms, and web experiences configurable via a visual editor, and built-in surveys.

Like other email marketing tools, Klaviyo also provides e-commerce tools like cart abandonment suites and dedicated metrics to track sales automation goals. The platform natively integrates with many top e-commerce platforms for unified data and workflows. Users also get access to detailed help docs and a knowledge base for superior self-service support resources.


Unique Flodesk features center primarily around custom integrations enabled via add-ons. This includes access to libraries of custom-coded integrations with other apps via Flodesk Fusion and Zapier. Flodesk also provides built-in e-commerce functionality focused on cart management and sales insights.

However, it does not offer other capabilities like SMS, surveys, and more robust self-help resources that come standard with Klaviyo.

Winner: Klaviyo

Klaviyo is the better email marketing software for having a wider range of unique marketing features beyond standard email capabilities right out of the box. SMS marketing, surveys, dynamic forms, e-commerce suites, and more give Klaviyo users added built-in functionality other platforms lack. And Klaviyo’s superior knowledge base surpasses Flodesk’s options for self-service support.

3. Ease of Use


Klaviyo offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface designed for simplicity. Key features have clear and prominently placed access points across the top toolbar. Even those new to email marketing can get started quickly with hundreds of detailed help articles and getting-started guides.

The platform uses non-technical language that avoids confusing jargon. Klaviyo also provides hands-on walkthroughs, multi-channel workflows, and automation blueprints catered to beginners. Users have praised Klaviyo for its refined and uncluttered interface focused purely on core email functionality.


Flodesk aims to provide a user-friendly platform for small businesses unfamiliar with email marketing software. The visual drag-and-drop builder and automation workflow require no coding knowledge. Standard templates help less experienced users create professional emails out-of-the-box.

However, some users report the interface still involves a steeper learning curve relative to Klaviyo. Key tools can have confusing placement while terminology is not always beginner-friendly. Those completely new may need more ramp-up time to grasp full platform capabilities.

Winner: Klaviyo

Klaviyo wins for its dedication to simplifying email marketing for users of all experience levels. Starting only takes minutes thanks to intuitive navigation and simplified terminology around core features. And Klaviyo’s knowledge base outmatches Flodesk in supporting beginners with helpful documentation at every step.

4. Email Deliverability


Klaviyo optimizes email delivery with dedicated IP addresses to maintain sender reputation, automatic list cleansing to remove inactive emails, and compliance monitoring for ISPs.

Open and click tracking provides metrics to continuously optimize future emails for the highest engagement and deliverability. Klaviyo also offers premium deliverability features like inbox placement testing and IP warm-up to maximize email reach to the intended recipient.

With a 97% average open rate and industry-leading placement in Gmail tabs, Klaviyo sets the benchmark for email delivery and visibility within top inbox providers.


Flodesk lacks some of the advanced deliverability capabilities offered by Klaviyo. The company does provide dedicated IPs and sender scoring to enhance inboxing rates generally. However, there is no specialized inbox placement testing or support for warming up new IPs to maximize deliverability.

Users are also unable to view granular mailbox provider analytics for optimizing emails. This makes enhancing future delivery rates more difficult compared to the insights Klaviyo provides.

Winner: Klaviyo

With category-leading inbox placement rates across top providers like Gmail, Klaviyo is the clear winner for email deliverability. Their robust toolset helps maximize sender reputation and engagement. For those wanting the highest quality and most reliable email delivery, Klaviyo is the top choice solution.

5. Customer Support and Community


Klaviyo provides email, in-app chat, and phone support available 24/7 to address issues promptly. All users also get access to priority phone and email support channels for even faster assistance without delays. Klaviyo also offers an expansive self-service Knowledge Base with hundreds of tutorials, how-tos, and FAQs covering every product feature to learn the platform.

In terms of community, Klaviyo has an active user forum for getting advice from peers and a 25,000+ member strong official Facebook group for networking.


Flodesk provides standard email ticketing support during business hours with slower 24-48 hour response times typically. Real-time assistance is not offered. Phone support and specialized channels require upgrading to more expensive paid plans. The Flodesk knowledge base offers limited tutorials and troubleshooting content by comparison.

Flodesk’s user community is also much smaller on social channels, with engagement and activity metrics lower than Klaviyo’s groups based on member numbers and posts.

Winner: Klaviyo

With expansive self-help resources, unparalleled real-time phone access 24/7, and a large engaged community, Klaviyo offers superior customer support capabilities. Their multi-channel assistance and educational materials make it easy to find answers without waiting. For the best-in-class user support experience, Klaviyo is the undisputed industry leader.

6. Integrations


Klaviyo integrates natively with all major e-commerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and Magento for unified data. They also connect seamlessly with top CRM software, email services, payment systems, and 2,000+ apps via Zapier. With Klaviyo’s open API, developers can even build custom connections and modify data flows between other tools as needed.

This makes it easy for users to unify their online store data with email campaigns for precise targeting and automation. Klaviyo reduces friction by connecting systems for a complete view of customers.


Flodesk integrates with the most popular storefronts including an embedded Shopify plugin and supports Zapier for basic connections to sales tools like Stripe. However, integrations may be more limited in scope compared to Klaviyo’s expansive ecosystem spanning marketing, analytics, and business systems.

Some users report needing workarounds, dev resources, or third-party apps to connect unsupported tools. Less technical users can find the integration experience confusing at times when trying to sync data.

Winner: Klaviyo

Klaviyo is the clear winner if you require extensive no-code integrations with marketing, sales, and business systems right out of the box. They reduce friction connecting flows across platforms for complete data views that power email personalization and automation. For the deepest connectivity options, Klaviyo is the solution.

7. Pricing


Klaviyo offers simple, transparent pricing without contracts or minimum spending. Plans are based only on the number of contacts actively engaged each month, starting at $45/month for up to 500 contacts. Enterprise tiers are available for high-volume usage into the millions of contacts.

Klaviyo only charges for recipients emailed instead of the entire list size, making costs more affordable. There are also no extra fees for emails sent, automation workflows, page building, or premium features. Value-added services like SMS carry one-time fees only if desired.


Flodesk bases pricing on total emails sent per month plus contacts, with mandated annual contract terms for discounted rates. Lower tiers on the email marketing platform accommodate up to 15,000 emails monthly or 5,000 contacts for $24/month. Volume options for more emails and contacts exist but may require quotes or negotiations.

Non-email activity metrics can still impact overall pricing somewhat despite not being directly included. The model also makes costs less predictable compared to Klaviyo’s simpler actively engaged contact approach.

Winner: Klaviyo

Klaviyo wins as the email marketing tool with the most affordable and transparent pricing that flexibly scales. Cost predictability based purely on relevant engaged contacts makes financial planning easier across customer lifecycles. Avoiding rigid annual contracts provides greater billing flexibility that fast-growing businesses need.

8. Reviews and Reputation


Klaviyo earns outstanding reviews across evaluation sites like G2 (4.7/5 stars) and Capterra (4.8/5 stars) for its email and automation power. Users praise the platform’s ease of use, customization, integrations, deliverability, and excellent support. More advanced features, segmentation capabilities, and scalability also receive positive marks.

Some downsides called out include complexity for new users initially along with a steeper learning curve. But overall, Klaviyo sets the standard for feature set, performance, and support based on thousands of verified user reviews.


Flodesk garners reviews averaging around 4/5 stars on sites like G2, Capterra, and Software Advice from customers. Users highlight the platform’s affordability for solos and small businesses especially. Strong customer service and shopping cart integration get positive mentions as well among other strengths.

However, certain limitations come up frequently around analytics, deliverability issues, integration availability, and complexity for larger volumes. While feedback remains mostly positive, it skews more critical relative to Klaviyo’s stellar high-volume reputation.

Winner: Klaviyo

With overwhelmingly positive verified evaluations centered on critical functionality, Klaviyo emerges as the better of the two email marketing tools for reviews and reputation. Aside from a steeper initial learning curve, the platform aligns extremely well with user needs based on real experiences, especially at higher scales. For proven results, Klaviyo is the choice.

9. Flodesk vs Klaviyo: FAQ’s

Klaviyo FAQs

  • What are Klaviyo’s core features?

    Klaviyo offers email marketing, SMS messaging, powerful automation, landing pages, forms, and comprehensive analytics. Their platform also includes top-rated deliverability, mobile optimization, native ecommerce integrations, and best-in-class support.
  • What email marketing features does it include?

    Klaviyo enables unlimited emails, dynamic email content personalized via customer data, A/B testing, advanced scheduling, detailed tracking of opens/clicks, goal conversion, and more. Robust targeting and segmentation take messaging relevancy to the next level.
  • What types of businesses use Klaviyo?

    Klaviyo works for all business types and sizes. However, it’s especially popular among mid-market and enterprise e-commerce brands wanting customizable, high-volume email marketing automation.
  • Does Klaviyo have contract commitments?

    No – a major benefit is that Klaviyo does not require annual contracts. Subscription plans allow flexibility to pay month-to-month based only on contacts, removing friction.

Flodesk FAQs

  • What are some unique features Flodesk offers?

    Flodesk specializes in pre-built custom integrations between niche applications to sync data flows. Their platform also focuses on usability for less technical users through simplicity.
  • How does Flodesk pricing work?

    Pricing is based on monthly emails sent and active contacts, with discounted annual contract terms. Volume tier pricing may need custom quotes. There are no per-email overage fees, however.
  • Is Flodesk designed more for small businesses?

    Yes, Flodesk positions itself as an email marketing solution tailored to the needs and budgets of small e-commerce shops versus enterprises. However, some larger customers do exist.
  • Does Flodesk offer phone support?

    Flodesk provides email and chat support by default. To receive phone assistance, users must upgrade to higher-tier premium annual plans. For some, this may be a blocker.

Final Thoughts

Choose Klaviyo If…

Klaviyo is the best choice for mid-market or enterprise-level e-commerce brands wanting maximum email marketing customization paired with powerful automation. If you require advanced analytics, deliverability guarantees, or complex product/order data workflows, Klaviyo has all the sophisticated tools needed to scale.

The platform shines for those focused primarily on email alongside other integrated channels like web and SMS under one roof.

If this platform doesn’t offer what you need from an email marketing tool, then some of the Klaviyo alternatives may be a better fit.

Choose Flodesk If…

Flodesk suits newer solopreneurs, side hustlers, and small shop owners focused purely on simplified email campaigns and basic shopping cart data connections. Those with lower contact volumes who want to save on initial costs may find Flodesk the budget pick.

However, be prepared to transition platforms eventually if your strategy requires robust personalization and automation leveraging deep customer insights over time.

Both Klaviyo and Flodesk are popular email marketing platforms. When picking an email and marketing automation platform, first reflect on your business volumes, resources, and long-term goals to choose what aligns best. From simple to sophisticated, a range of solutions exist to help any company enhance customer communications. If you still have questions identifying your unique needs, please leave a comment below so we can help guide your decision.

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