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When it comes to choosing the right email marketing and automation platform, the options can feel overwhelming for business owners. Klaviyo and Attentive are two of the top solutions, but they have key differences that entrepreneurs need to understand before deciding which one best fits their needs and budget.

In this comprehensive Klaviyo vs Attentive comparison, we evaluate the two email marketing platforms across eight crucial criteria: market position, ease of use, design customization, features & functionality, performance, customer support, pricing, and reviews & reputation.

By breaking down how these two major players stack up, you’ll get the insider information needed to confidently select the right email marketing and automation platform for your unique business goals.

1. Understanding the Basics

Klaviyo was founded in 2012 by Andrew Bialecki and Ed Hallen. It has quickly become one of the most widely used email marketing and automation platforms, currently ranking as the 2nd most popular software in the industry. With over 10,000 5-star reviews, Klaviyo powers email campaigns and SMS messaging for over 100,000 businesses.

Attentive was founded more recently in 2016 by Brian Long and Andrew Jones. While not as established as Klaviyo, Attentive has experienced rapid growth over the past few years. They now have over 2,000 customers and boast a 4.7-star rating across customer review sites.

Both platforms have engaged online communities where users ask questions and share best practices. If you use Klaviyo, you can join the 36,000-member Klaviyo Community Facebook group. For Attentive, check out their Facebook page with 1.2K followers.

Connecting with other users is a great way to get platform-specific advice and learn how experienced e-commerce brands are leveraging these tools.

2. Features and Functionality



Klaviyo offers a robust suite of automation tools to help e-commerce brands customize workflows and trigger emails based on customer behaviors. You can create standard automation like abandoned cart flows or browse abandonment sequences, as well as more advanced multi-step workflows using Klaviyo’s visual drag-and-drop builder.

Some of Klaviyo’s most powerful automations include a welcome series to send new subscribers a preset series of onboarding emails, great for customer onboarding. There is also abandoned cart automation to trigger emails to users who don’t complete a purchase, highly customizable based on cart value, products left behind, and more.

You can set up browse abandonment flows to send automated messages to remind customers about products they viewed but didn’t add to their cart. Additionally, Klaviyo enables back-in-stock automation to notify customers when out-of-stock products become available again.

Other automation capabilities include birthday messages to celebrate customer birthdays and encourage return purchases, referral programs to incentivize sharing, ratings, and review prompts to encourage happy customers to provide product feedback and build social proof, as well as post-purchase follow-ups to check in after purchase to build loyalty.

You can track engagement for each automation campaign and use that data to iterate on your triggers and messaging. Klaviyo also makes it easy to create custom fields that can serve as filters, helping you target automation more precisely.

Overall, Klaviyo sets itself apart with advanced segmentation options, in-depth analytics, and a large variety of use case-specific templates. Their automation builder is intuitive even for beginners just getting started with email marketing flows.


Attentive takes a slightly different approach to its automation capabilities. Rather than packaging common use cases into templates, it provides the building blocks for users to create sequences entirely from scratch.

Some of the key automation features Attentive offers include a signup welcome series with pre-made sign-up forms, just like Klaviyo, to set up multi-email onboarding flows for new subscribers. There are also behavioral triggers to send emails based on specific customer actions like opening past emails, clicking links, making a purchase within a certain timeframe, and more.

Date-based triggers allow emails to be sent on or after specific dates, great for drip campaigns that need to be timed perfectly. Segmentation options enable dividing audiences up based on attributes like customer lifetime value, purchase history, location, and other properties, to send targeted messages that take them down specific automation paths.

Plus dynamic content allows customization of email content using merge tags based on subscriber data and behaviors.

While Attentive may have a steeper learning curve, the marketing platform also has flexible building blocks allow for nearly endless use case customization and simplifies the entire process. You can create simple or extremely advanced automations with smart timing and complex conditional logic determining precisely when emails are sent.

Attentive also offers real-time subscriber engagement data for each automation campaign. This allows further optimization based directly on how target audiences interact with your messages, ensuring future emails hit the mark.

Winner: Klaviyo

When it comes to ease of use for a marketer just starting out with automation, Klaviyo emerges as the winner. Their templates and intuitive drag-and-drop workflow builder make it fast and simple to set up the core automation nearly every e-commerce store needs. While Attentive offers greater customization for sophisticated users, Klaviyo strikes the best balance of automation power and simplicity.

Email Templates


Klaviyo offers hundreds of professionally designed email templates that provide an easy starting point for crafting campaigns. Templates are organized by category, including welcome series, browse abandonment, promotions, holidays, winbacks, text message templates, and more.

When selecting a template, you can preview both the subject line options and the email layout itself. The templates showcase best practices for structure, calls-to-action placement, and design while still being customizable.

For example, Klaviyo’s abandoned cart recovery email templates already include space to dynamically showcase the products left behind to entice completing the purchase. Their promotional template includes a structured hero image banner, eye-catching product imagery, social proof elements like ratings and reviews, and clear contact information – everything an effective promo email needs.

Beyond starting with templates, email creation capabilities in Klaviyo include easy drag-and-drop building, image uploading, default and custom sections you can mix and match, and flexible element alignment options. Dynamic content can be added with customer properties and event data.

Overall, Klaviyo accelerates email creation for users of all skill levels with their professionally designed templates that can be edited to match brands’ visual styles.


Attentive also offers templates to simplify designing on-brand, effective emails. They provide 60+ templates organized by category, including welcome emails, win-back series, massive promos, referral emails, and more.

Each template provides an eye-catching sample that customers can use as-is or easily customize. While Klaviyo seems to have more template options overall, Attentive’s template library covers the most common email campaign use cases an e-commerce merchant would want to activate.

For example, their promotion template makes emails pop with lifestyle imagery banners, calls to action, social proof elements like customer ratings, and clear product shots with pricing. Their abandoned browse template showcases dynamic product placeholders ready to showcase recently viewed items pulled in automatically.

Attentive’s email editor allows full customization beyond starting from a template. You can build responsive emails optimized for any device. Section elements like images, buttons, and dividers are available alongside merge tags for dynamic content.

For rapidly creating on-brand, high-converting emails without extensive design experience, Attentive’s templates combined with their flexible editor get the job done.

Winner: Tie

When it comes to email design capabilities, both Klaviyo and Attentive make it simple to create great-looking, effective emails leveraging professionally designed templates. While Klaviyo offers a greater volume of templates, Attentive covers all the essential use cases.

Both platforms allow full customization beyond the starter templates through user-friendly builders. For well-rounded email creation power, speed, and visual appeal, this category is too close to call. We declare it a tie between these competing solutions.



Klaviyo enables advanced subscriber segmentation so brands can target their marketing to the right groups based on user attributes and behaviors.

You can leverage Klaviyo’s built-in filters to segment by categories like email engagement metrics (email opens, link clicks), purchase metrics (average order value and the total spent), product data (purchased specific SKUs), customer lifecycle stage (new vs repeat purchasers), and other attributes.

The platform automatically tracks these so they are ready to use for segmentation as soon as customers meet the criteria.

Klaviyo also makes it easy to create customizable properties that become available as filters. You could have properties related to customer loyalty status, referral sources, interests/preferences, or even activity on your website or app tracked via their JS API.

Combining filters lets you create highly specific, dynamic segments perfect for targeted marketing. For example, target high-value customers who purchased recently but haven’t opened recent emails. Or only inactive customers from a specific referral source. The possibilities are nearly endless.

Klaviyo lets you save filtered segments for reuse across campaigns. You can leverage them for automation, personalized email flows, Klaviyo SMS messages, push notifications, and more.

With its SMS platforms and robust default and custom segmentation options, Klaviyo gives brands immense power to distinguish and market to various audiences.


Attentive also provides segmentation capabilities to divide audiences for more relevant messaging. Much like Klaviyo, Attentive comes equipped with commonly used categories like email engagement stats, customer lifetime value levels, order histories, and other trackable data points.

You can combine multiple trait filters using AND/OR logic to define segments. For example, target high lifetime value customers OR customers who clicked through a specific link in a past message.

Attentive captures every customer interaction and makes that data available for segmentation logic functions. You could send specific customers down a unique campaign path based on their positive or negative engagement with email content, cart interactions, browsing patterns, and more.

While Klaviyo may have more extensive built-in properties to leverage, Attentive offers the flexibility to track and incorporate custom event data for segmentation as well. If there’s a niche use case or emerging pattern you want to define an audience around, Attentive’s email platform likely supports it.

Between robust out-of-the-box and customizable segmentation, Attentive SMS empowers personalized marketing based on user behaviors and attributes.

Winner: Klaviyo

Klaviyo wins when it comes to the breadth and depth of segmentation capabilities right off the bat. Their predefined user properties and behaviors tracked offer an incredible amount of flexibility to define audiences without any additional setup.

While Attentive can achieve similar precision marketing through custom events and properties, Klaviyo’s breadth of instantly available filters gives it the lead. Both are powerful options, but Klaviyo prevails when it comes to intuitive, wide-ranging segmentation strategies.



Klaviyo stands out when it comes to email and customer analytics thanks to its comprehensive reporting attribution features. Their platform tracks every customer interaction, allowing for incredibly granular metrics analysis.

Some of the insightful email and campaign reports in Klaviyo include tracking email metrics like send rate, open rate, clickthrough rate, bounce rate, unsubscribe rate, total clicks, and email revenue. There are also reports showing the number of people entering automation workflows and their engagement within those multi-step sequences.

You can view subscription list growth over time as well. One great customizable feature is conversion funnels demonstrating your most effective email sequences at driving desired actions whether that be free trials, purchases, content downloads, or more. Additionally, Klaviyo offers customer engagement reporting over time including email interactions, site visits, attributed conversions, and much more.

You can filter reports by date ranges, email types, customer segments, and other parameters to dive deep into performance analysis. Klaviyo also prominently surfaces key metrics on their dashboard like your number of WooCommerce customers or average order value for advanced analytics all within one unified platform.

With its vast dataset tracking and custom reporting building options, Klaviyo removes guessing and provides definitive email and customer intelligence.


Attentive also offers robust analytical capabilities for optimizing email performance. Their platform captures subscriber engagement data across all interactions and marketing channels.

Some of the key email and customer analytics in Attentive include email send diagnostics showing delivery rate, open rate over time, click rate, and unsubscribe rate. There is campaign conversion tracking to correlate email sends to goal completions like purchases.

For understanding customer value there are reports on metrics like first purchase date, repeat order rate, average spend, and projected lifetime value.

Attentive also provides real-time reporting on deliverability factors like spam test scores and blacklisted IPs. Finally, developers can access all this data via API for building fully custom reports.

While Attentive may not have quite as many prebuilt reports as Klaviyo, their data insights focus directly on the core metrics that enable understanding audience behaviors and optimizing campaigns for better results.

Segmentation by product, customer type, date range, marketing channel, and other parameters allows for even deeper analysis. Whether looking to improve subscriber engagement, recover abandoned carts more effectively, or boost customer LTV, Attentive reporting provides clarity.

Winner: Klaviyo

Both email marketing platforms have a lot of amazing features to offer. However, when it comes to readily accessible analytics for understanding the customer journey and optimizing email marketing, Klaviyo is the winner. Their vast range of automatic and customizable reports offers more holistic business intelligence surrounding email effectiveness and customer engagement over time.

While Attentive certainly delivers on core performance tracking, Klaviyo’s unparalleled analytics capabilities cement them as the leader in this category.

Unique Features


Beyond core email marketing capabilities, Klaviyo offers a few standout unique features:

SMS Marketing – Klaviyo is one of the best SMS marketing platforms that allows you to send targeted text messages to customers and prospects right from Klaviyo with full analytics on open rates and engagement. Great for cart abandonment flows, shipping updates, limited promos, and other timely touchpoints.

Klavogram – This built-in rich text editor lets you lay out beautiful, on-brand email templates without coding by dragging, dropping, and customizing design elements.

Metrics Framework – Leverage Klaviyo’s code snippets to capture detailed data on your website visitor behaviors, custom events, lead activity, and more to inform email personalization and triggers.

Custom Forms & Surveys – Create customized data collection forms for surveys, giveaways, lead gen, or any scenario without engineering help. Then access form entry data for advanced segmentation.

With innovations like Klavogram enabling simpler email creation and expanded data tracking with Metrics Framework, Klaviyo empowers marketers to target audiences in new ways.


Attentive also comes loaded with some unique capabilities that set them apart:

SMS Marketing – Just like Klaviyo, Attentive supports tailored SMS messaging for time-sensitive outreach including cart recovery sequences, shipping updates, limited promos, and more.

Dynamic Product Recommendations – Surface relevant products to customers in real-time based on interests, categories of past purchases, and other traits for a highly personalized on-site customer experience.

90+ App Integrations – Attentive offers an ecosystem of integrated apps focused on customer data, personalization, analytics, surveys, loyalty programs, and more to expand marketing capabilities.

Progressive Profiling – Gradually collect consenting customer attribute and preference data over time with profiles updated dynamically after interactions. Reduce forms while increasing personalization.

Between natively built-in features like SMS and advanced functionality via App Integrations, Attentive offers versatile ways to engage customers beyond basic email.

Winner: Tie

Both Klaviyo and Attentive have invested in expanding their platforms beyond standard email into channels like SMS and greater website personalization through custom data collection. While their paths to getting there differ, each solution offers outstanding unique marketing features that their competitor lacks. For creativity and innovation beyond basic email, this battle ends in a tie!

3. Ease of Use


Klaviyo is praised for its intuitive user interface and simplified email marketing workflows. Their dashboard features clear side navigation and widgetized data and seamless reporting focusing on key metrics.

Common tasks like creating segmented lists, designing emails, sending campaigns, and analyzing results can be handled with just a few clicks. Klaviyo also offers clickable walkthrough overlays introducing first-time users to core functionality quickly.

Their automation builder stands out with a highly visual drag-and-drop workflow creation experience – easily arranging prebuilt templates or custom event triggers and connected sequences on a single platform. Dashboard alerts, hover-over tip content, and inline help docs enable getting questions answered without disrupting your workflow.

While offering advanced analytics and customization for technical users, Klaviyo doesn’t sacrifice usability for beginners in the name of depth. With guided education content and an elegant platform design that directs attention, most marketers can dive right in.


Attentive also focuses heavily on usability for their customers with clean navigation highlighting essential reporting and campaign building functionality upfront. Their workflows guide users logically through key phases like audience selection, email design, testing, and results analysis with helpful tips popping up contextually.

Easy template selection accelerates the creation of polished, brand-consistent emails for non-designers. Attentive’s visual campaign builder constructs sequences using natural language, avoiding coding. Users can build basic programs fast and master more advanced multi-channel programs over time leveraging built-in education and support guidance.

For less technically-inclined entrepreneurs, Attentive simplifies complex email marketing so critical capabilities feel comprehensible without restricting scalability. However, their greater focus on customizable building blocks over pre-packaged templates may present a steeper learning curve.

Winner: Klaviyo

When it comes to intuitive usability empowering fast onboarding and approachable email marketing workflows, Klaviyo pulls ahead.

Though Attentive delivers a smooth user experience as well, Klaviyo’s variety of turnkey templates, guided walkthrough education, and visual process design stands unmatched for getting beginners comfortable quickly. For the best blend of simplicity now and scalability later, Klaviyo wins for overall ease of use.

4. Email Deliverability


Klaviyo prioritizes keeping emails out of spam folders through advanced deliverability features. They monitor critical email reputation factors like spam complaints, bounce rates, and more across every campaign.

Klaviyo offers sender scoring to benchmark your domains against industry standards plus identifiers like SPF, DKIM, and DMARC to authenticate legitimate emails. For suspected spam triggers, their platform surfaces actionable feedback on why messages were flagged.

With real-time visibility into spam test results across major ISPs, automatic list cleaning of flawed addresses, and semantic analysis optimizing content factors that impact inbox placement, Klaviyo email reliability stays high as you scale campaigns.


Attentive also dedicates tools for perfecting email deliverability, though they seem to offer greater manual control vs Klaviyo’s higher degree of automation.

Attentive enables configured route mapping with multi-subdomain and IP warming capabilities based on sending volume and schedules. Features like mailbox trapping detect dysfunctional addresses. Send throttling avoids triggering spam filters from large batch blasts.

Their platform surfaces inbox placement rates for precise ISPs and spam test outcomes from providers like SpamAssassin and MailboxValidator continuously. Granular log data offers diagnostics pinpointing errors for fixes. Users can even preview message rendering across different devices and clients.

For those who want deliverability safeguards combined with lower-level insights to optimize further, Attentive provides robust options. But less technically-versed users may prefer Klaviyo’s more automated reliability.

Winner: Klaviyo

When it comes to holistic email deliverability and inbox placement capabilities balanced with ease of use, Klaviyo emerges as the winner. Their automated features like sender scoring, spam monitoring, semantic analysis, and list cleansing require less manual effort while still providing robust mail reliability.

Attentive offers greater depth for technical users but may present a steeper learning curve. For maximizing email reach while minimizing extra work, Klaviyo stands out.

5. Customer Support and Community


Klaviyo offers multiple tiers of customer support depending on your pricing plan:

Standard plans get email and in-platform support with responses within 24-48 hours. Upgraded Pro, Power, and Enterprise plans to unlock faster email, chat, and phone support and prioritized responses within a few hours. Phone support currently has limited availability.

All plans receive access to Klaviyo’s comprehensive self-serve knowledge base called Klaviyo University. Through searchable docs, how-to articles, and instructional video content they surface platform education, troubleshooting guides, and advice to handle things yourself as much as possible.

Klaviyo also fosters an engaged user community centered around their 16,000+ member Klaviyo Community Facebook group. The group offers peer knowledge sharing, trend reports, tactic debates, news updates, and more. Klaviyo’s team actively participates in posting content and commenting.

Between responsive direct support options for larger accounts and helpful DIY resources with an active user group community, Klaviyo offers well-rounded guidance.


Attentive provides customer assistance through email-based support with fairly fast response times even for free accounts along with contextual help menus and tip overlays built into their app interface.

Phone or real-time chat support requires upgraded paid plans starting around $200/month with priority assistance and shorter response times. For those wanting dedicated rep relationships, Attentive also assigns technical account managers for custom strategic guidance on higher-tier Enterprise pricing plans.

They cultivate community through an exclusive Facebook group called Attentive Customers with over 500 brand owners and marketers as members getting peer advice. Their website also offers various ways to learn, whether you prefer a blog post, webinar, conference videos, or Slack discussions interfacing directly with creators and experts on the product team.

Though Klaviyo may have more extensive self-service content, Attentive offers solid customer guidance channels. Their user group facilitates valuable idea exchange and education amongst email marketers with helpful staff involvement.

Winner: Klaviyo

For accessible customer support across account types paired with an unmatched breadth of self-guided education content, Klaviyo wins this round. Their multi-channel paid plans combined with an in-depth knowledge base eliminating common DIY roadblocks beat out Attentive.

And while Attentive boasts an engaged user community for advice too, Klaviyo’s significantly larger user base provides more collective wisdom.

6. Integrations


Klaviyo connects with hundreds of marketing, e-commerce, CRM, and analytics platforms through integrations and APIs.

Some of their most popular out-of-the-box integrations include:

  • Shopify – Sync product catalogs, track online/offline sales data, and integrate with Shopify emails.
  • WooCommerce – Import products, orders, customers. Leverage real-time order updates.
  • Google Analytics – Track web conversions attributed to email campaigns.
  • Facebook – Bring in matched advertising audiences for targeted messaging.
  • Segment – Connect customer data from databases, chat tools, and help desk systems.

Klaviyo also offers Zapier and custom code API connections supporting webhooks and endpoints for infinite possibility and direct to consumer services. Their integrations facilitate smoothly incorporating first-party data sources into campaigns with automation powering personalization which makes it easy to run yourentire email marketing in-house.


Attentive integrates with all the expected shopping platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce for core data-sharing abilities. They also connect popular marketing tools like Mailchimp for list migration, Facebook for matched audiences, and Segment for customer data consolidation.

Additionally, Attentive enables extensions with niche applications through Zapier like:

  • SMS tools like Twilio to expand channels, including text to subscribe functionality
  • Lead capture like Qualaroo surveys and ConvertKit forms
  • Affiliate connections with Refersion and Tapfiliate
  • Loyalty programs like Smile Rewards and Loyalzoo

For accessing real-time behavioral signals and customer details from your unique martech stack, Attentive’s 90+ app ecosystem facilitates specialized combinations to meet specific needs. Developers can build custom APIs not covered by out-of-the-box options as well.

Winner: Klaviyo

Both platforms are leading platforms that cover standard integrations essential for most e-commerce brands, but between the two, Klaviyo offers greater breadth through hundreds of platform and tool connections natively supported. Their extensive partner network removes friction in getting data into Klaviyo for unified insights.

Meanwhile Attentive nails niche requirements through an array of apps via Zapier along with custom API potential. Ultimately Klaviyo wins by enabling more seamless consolidation for cross-channel personalization. But for flexibility in handling unique use cases, Attentive’s email marketing solution merits consideration too.

7. Pricing


Klaviyo offers flexible pricing plans based on the number of contacts and features needed. Their options include:

  • Free – Up to 500 contacts and 2 email campaigns per month
  • Email – $45/month for 5K contacts, unlimited campaigns, segments
  • Email and SMS – $60/month for 10K contacts, sequences, metrics framework

Klaviyo also provides an API plan at custom rates focused solely on sending email programmatically. Upgrades can activate more advanced capabilities like SMS messaging, custom metrics, and premium support resources.

Transparent pricing lets you scale from free to seven-plus figure revenues while only paying for the features used along the way. Of course, fully personalized service necessitates enterprise-level investment.


Attentive pricing isn’t available on the website, but you can get in touch with Attentive’s customer support to get custom plans for your business.

The core platform remains affordable for most small and mid-sized e-commerce merchants. Access to premium capabilities scales up accordingly based on your audience size and marketing sophistication needs.

Attentive also allows Free Trial periods so brands can experience benefits firsthand before committing. For those needing robust email marketing capabilities without wanting to invest thousands immediately, Attentive delivers value.

Winner: Klaviyo

When it comes to balanced and transparent pricing facilitating growth from startup budgets up to enterprise-level contacts and capabilities, Klaviyo edges out Attentive. Both solutions provide free tiers and customized enterprise quotes along with clear rates for core features as customers scale.

However, Klaviyo’s intermediate plan rates maximizing available capabilities for under $200 per month stand out affordably even for established mid-market brands. Attentive runs higher minimums around $500 monthly needing large volumes to justify costs. For accessible pricing at almost any stage, Klaviyo wins.

8. Reviews and Reputation


Klaviyo earns outstanding reviews across evaluation platforms like G2, Capterra, and Software Advice averaging around 4.7 to 5 stars.

Among G2’s rankings, verified reviewers praise the platform over competitors for Klaviyo’s ease of use, excellent email marketing automation and customization capabilities, deep analytics, and quality results driving online revenue growth. One user shared “We went from $1000 to $10,000 revenue per month after switching to Klaviyo.”

Common downsides called out include moderately steep pricing tiers for advanced features and complexity creating highly personalized audience segments if lacking technical expertise. But most agree Klaviyo’s benefits far outweigh any limitations. As an Editors’ Choice leader, they dominate among reputation.


Attentive pulls in strong reviews as well, averaging 4.7 stars across sites like G2 and Capterra. The majority of users highlight exceptional customer support responsiveness, ease of personalizing content with merge tags and dynamic recommendations, and helpful built-in guides accelerating learning.

Less positive reviewer feedback centers around a steeper learning curve mastering Attentive’s flexible custom building blocks approach compared to turnkey solutions. Some note frustrations around setup nuances syncing certain platforms like Klaviyo or granular analytics lacking without custom reporting builds.

But overall, most Attentive users report achieving solid returns on investment and satisfaction with features meeting email marketing and personalization needs. For an emerging solution competing with leaders like Klaviyo, strong reviews support their reputation.

Winner: Klaviyo

Thanks to an overwhelmingly positive reputation with higher review volume and ratings praising usability plus proven results escalating revenue, Klaviyo emerges as the winner.

While Attentive satisfies customers as well with fewer limitations called out, Klaviyo’s industry dominance and sterling reputation can’t be matched yet at Attentive’s earlier market growth stage. For email marketing software buyers wanting confidence from widespread peer experiences, Klaviyo prevails.

9. FAQ’s

Klaviyo FAQs

  • What types of email campaigns can you create in Klaviyo?

    Klaviyo supports welcome series, promotional blasts, segmented drip campaigns, abandoned carts, back-in-stock alerts, customer re-engagement flows, and more. Their templates and automation builder make common email use cases simple while still providing advanced customization options.
  • Does Klaviyo have e-commerce-specific features?

    Yes, Klaviyo integrates directly with platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce. You can track online/offline sales attribution, sync product catalogs, import order data, recover abandoned carts, and leverage other e-commerce-focused capabilities out of the box.
  • What happens if I go over the contact allotments on my pricing plan?

    You won’t pay overage fees, but Klaviyo will stop sending campaigns to any contacts over your allotted limit until you upgrade to the next pricing tier to expand capacity.

Attentive FAQs

  • Does Attentive support multi-step email campaigns?

    Yes, Attentive enables the creation of multi-channel sequences blending email, SMS, web messages, and other tools through their journey builder’s drag-and-drop visual editor. You can get advanced with conditional logic and dynamic personalization.
  • What types of integrations and apps does Attentive support?

    Attentive offers 90+ integrations through their app marketplace connecting platforms like Shopify, Segment, Facebook, chat tools, loyalty programs, and more. Further custom API options exist as well.
  • Is Attentive designed specifically for e-commerce companies?

    While supporting common e-commerce needs, Attentive helps many types of marketers across industries nurture customers through behavioral-based messages leveraging their segmentation tools. But core platforms like Shopify integrate seamlessly.

Final Thoughts

Choose Klaviyo if…

Klaviyo is an excellent choice for e-commerce brands wanting powerful email marketing automation simplified through intuitive interfaces, drag-and-drop builders, and proven templates. Growing businesses will appreciate their transparent pricing facilitating scaling capabilities affordably as revenue expands over time.

If you value fast software onboarding but still want depth for advanced users, Klaviyo strikes an ideal balance.

Feel like Klaviyo isn’t such a good option for you? Not to worry, there are plenty of Klaviyo alternatives out there that may be a better fit.

Choose Attentive if…

Attentive merits strong consideration from product teams wanting ultimate flexibility in custom tailoring campaigns through the building blocks of flows, triggers, tags, and custom integrations. Brands focused on hyper-personalization via progressive profiling or leveraging real-time behavioral signals will gain unmatched customization abilities to deliver messages matched precisely to individual recipient needs.

Choosing the right email and messaging platform is critical for nurturing customer relationships over time. If you still have questions weighing Klaviyo vs Attentive for your business, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments! Our team is happy to provide personalized guidance in assessing your unique requirements.

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