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Email marketing can be an extremely effective way for jewelers to reach new customers and grow their business. With the right email marketing strategy, you can increase sales, build lasting relationships with customers, and significantly expand your reach. 

In this article, we provide powerful email marketing tips tailored specifically for jewelers looking to triple their business. Whether you’re just starting with email marketing or looking to improve an existing campaign, these proven tips will help you dramatically boost results. 

Read on to learn key strategies for list building, segmentation, automation, promotions, and more that will transform your jewelry email marketing.

Benefits of Using Email Marketing for Jewelers

Email marketing platforms deliver outstanding returns for jewelry businesses. On average, email marketing earns $42 for every $1 spent, generating an impressive 4,200% ROI. When done right, professional jewelers see email generate more than 20% of overall revenue through building meaningful relationships with customers. 

Beyond increased sales, email marketing provides jewelers with valuable first-party data to better understand customer behaviors and preferences. This enables more personalized recommendations and relevant communications that deepen engagement over time. 

Additionally, email is the most effective channel for promoting time-sensitive offers and events, driving traffic to brick-and-mortar stores. For jewelers looking to expand their reach, email far outpaces social media for acquiring new customers. Simply put, email marketing is an indispensable tool for profitably growing any jewelry business.

1. Build an Email List

Building a robust list of engaged email subscribers is the critical first step for jewelry brands before running effective campaigns. There are several creative strategies jewelers should leverage simultaneously to rapidly accumulate contacts

First, motivate customers to sign up when they are on-site and most inclined to act by offering instant discounts or free services like jewelry cleanings exclusively for list members. 

  • Capture contact info diligently at checkout when customers are providing their highest intent to purchase.
  • Look beyond physical locations to build awareness and acquire new subscribers through digital channels. 
  • Run social media and online advertising promoting giveaways, sales, or showcasing signature jewelry designs to attract traffic to lead-generation landing pages
  • Stimulate referrals by crafting referral programs that incentivize your current customers to refer friends and family to join the mailing list as well. 

Partnerships also present excellent co-marketing opportunities to cross-promote opt-ins with complementary brands like spas, florists, and event planners catering to your shared audience.

Finally, engage website visitors and prior customers to build loyalty and permission to market over time. Add a popup or banner to your website inviting visitors to join your VIP list to receive exclusive jewelry updates and special offers with an instant discount or deal for subscribing. 

Further bolster your list by repurposing existing contacts and purchase histories, inviting customers to opt-in with personalized outreach emails conveying the value of your marketing.

The larger and higher quality list you can build across channels, the faster your subscriber base, sales, and profits will rise through well-executed email campaigns in the long run.

2. Send Welcome Series

Welcome new subscribers into the fold with a series of educational and incentive-based emails guiding their journey. 

According to recent reports, welcome emails have high open and click rates. 


The first impression provided by the welcome series establishes trust and engagement to set the foundation for an impactful long-term relationship. 

Here are tips for crafting a stellar intro series:

  • Orient newcomers by introducing your jewelry brand’s story, designs, services, and core differentiators from competitors. 
  • Share the mission and values connecting your business to give purpose behind communications. 
  • Provide conveniently digestible company info like location, hours, and contact methods to facilitate in-person visits. 
  • Give a walkthrough of what to expect from emails going forward like new arrivals, exclusive deals, styling inspiration, and event announcements.

Deliver tangible value upfront by offering signup-exclusive savings on first purchases for quicker wins and to relay the membership’s ongoing perks. Include links to browse top-selling pieces or collections by price points and embed calls-to-action with urgency driving immediate orders. Further encouragement comes through showcasing positive press and customer testimonials.

Keep the momentum going by spacing 4-5 emails over a subscriber’s initial 2 weeks. While audiences are most impressionable, this tighter cadence secures maximum engagement and conversion compared to a prolonged arbitrary timeline. 

Welcome new members of your VIP circle in style and experience higher customer lifetime value from day one.

3. Share Jewelry Care Tips

Email marketing allows jewelers to provide helpful education that builds credibility and trust with subscribers beyond promotions. One valuable opportunity is sharing jewelry care tips to assist customers in keeping their fine pieces looking pristine over many years. Some ideas for informative content include:

Guide customers on basics like proper cleaning methods for diamond, gold, gemstone, or pearl jewelry using expert techniques suited to sensitive materials. Advise on best household products, tools, cleaning frequency, and things to avoid that could damage pieces. Share safety pointers for wearing and storing items securely.

Offer suggestions tailored to different jewelry types and metal colors on reversing tarnish as well as restoring shine and sparkle. Provide troubleshooting like fixing loose gemstones and resilience against damage from daily exposure or activities.

Send timely seasonal tips like cautioning on swimming pools and sunscreen wearing white gold or warning against yardwork snagging delicate jewelry. Another idea is switching to darker metals and stones during colder months then lighter pastels for spring.

Subscribers appreciate learning new skills to cherish their jewelry purchases. Position your brand as an authority on care while nurturing higher perceived value in items bought from your store through helpful maintenance facts over fluffy promotions.

4. Promote New Collections

Email marketing allows jewelers to build buzz and excitement to maximize sales every time fresh inventory and collections are released. Here are effective tips for showcasing your newest jewelry lines and designs:

Give sneak peeks leading up to collection launches providing a taste for what’s to come hinged on intrigue. Share a glimpse of lookbook visuals featuring patterns, materials, and colors but holding anticipated designs private for big reveal impact.

Host an online launch party on release dates drumming up energy as if an exclusive red carpet event. Share the full collection digitally with gorgeous imagery, details on each piece, and the inspiration story plus designer quotes conveying the creative vision.

Encourage early adoption through limited quantity notifications, scarcity warnings, extra discounts for first purchasers, and calls to preorder items that haven’t been officially released. Remind subscribers of fast-approaching ordering deadlines.

Followup post-launch with additional promotions featuring hero pieces, personalized recommendations based on past purchases, exclusive subscriber-only sales, and incentives to become the first to review items. Prioritize obvious cross-sell and upsell based on the new designs.

By building excitement, urgency, and added value into every new product introduction, jewelers persuade customers to shop their freshest inventory driving new benchmarks in opening sales.

5. Spotlight Gemstones

Jewelers can leverage email marketing to effectively spotlight various gemstones and drive more sales

By segmenting their lists, jewelers can send targeted emails announcing new gemstone inventory arrivals catered to different recipient groups based on past purchases and browsing behavior. 

They can promote unique gems like tanzanite, opal, and tourmaline to customers likely to appreciate them. 

  • Emails spotlighting specific gemstones can educate on qualities like clarity, cuts, and carat size availability along with enhanced photos. 
  • Video emails allow showing off the stones’ radiance under lighting. 
  • Email CTAs should make it easy to schedule appointments to view newly arrived gemstone pieces in the store. 

Following up post-purchase with gemstone care advice and incentives to service cleaning and maintenance also provides value. The key is to not over-generalize but use segmentation and relevant content to pique interest in precious stones most aligned to each subscriber’s demonstrated preferences.

The image below shows an example of an eye-catching email template designed to showcase gems in the best possible light: 


6. Event Promotions

Jewelry shoppers greatly appreciate learning the unique histories, qualities, and styling opportunities behind their favorite precious stones. 

Targeted spotlights providing an inside look at specific gem varieties offer informative value driving engagement and purchases. Consider these ideas for compelling gemstone features:

Discover the origin stories and geological uniqueness making coveted gems like diamonds, emeralds, and sapphires truly one-of-a-kind among nature’s treasures. Go in-depth on how they form, best global sources, common cuts/colors and unusual finds like naturally pink diamonds.

Demystify timeless myths, symbolic meaning, or famous public diamonds like the Hope Diamond tied to alluring gems. Explore proper protocols, care, and etiquette when handling, displaying, or gifting prominent precious jewels according to society’s implicit rules.

Look to pop culture influence by actresses and royals having signature stones associated with their public image. Relay recent celebrity purchases or extravagant proposals generating buzz around diamond rings and bracelets from top designers.

For major gem shopping categories like engagement rings, educate subscribers on annotating quality specs like diamond color, clarity, carat, and cut with easy-to-understand breakdowns helping to inform their investment and avoid overpaying unwittingly. 

Provide jeweler’s tips for spotting fraudulent impersonators attempting to pass off inferior stones through careful inspection techniques.

7. Send Webinar Invites

Webinars present interactive opportunities for jewelers to engage customers with specialized learning experiences that guide purchases. Here are tips for promoting compelling webinars by email:

Announce upcoming webinar topics like a connoisseur’s guide to investing in vintage jewelry or an insider’s tour of prominent gemstone mines giving exclusive access to subject experts. Summarize key details around featured guest speakers, covered topics providing takeaways, and any limited seating availability building exclusivity.

Send calendar invites allowing one-click webinar registrations then easily automated reminders leading up to the event date boosting attendance. Promote access convenience to simply join online from smartphones, unlike conventional seminars.

Share past webinar replays allowing on-demand viewing of favorites they’ve missed which continue providing value. Recommend complementary replays furthering their knowledge on preferred focus areas.

Incentivize registrations to fill seats by bundling free jewelry cleanings, exclusive subscriber discounts, or bonus giveaways for those signing up early showing additional care for email list members. Reinforce reasons to attend like first pick of new antique jewelry lots before public listing.

Webinars make engagement scalable allowing small jewelers to host virtual educational summits rivaling elite industry conferences. Promoted effectively over email, online events expand reach and conversion.

8. Create a Newsletter with Trends

Curating go-to jewelry newsletters showcasing emerging trends to keep customers closely connected to your brand as an authority on all things stylish for adornment. 

You can use pre-made email newsletter templates like the one in the example below: 


Outline the latest looks observed on both national runways, as well as neighborhood, influences better reflecting regional buyer preferences. Pull inspiration from across jewelry types like fine pieces, demi-fine, costumes, and other accessories spotting patterns for what’s gaining momentum.

Don’t just relay current fads but help readers visualize how timeless pieces in their existing wardrobes could be styled differently or accented to align with fresh aesthetics. Provide outfit pairing and layering suggestions maximizing items they already own.

Balance reporting straight facts with your perspective sharing opinions as subject experts on why certain trends resonate in the psyches of modern shoppers and interpreted cultural meaning. Add the local spin on national fads based on neighborhood styling twists observed locally.

Curate selections of on-trend inventory fitting these rising styles from your product selection allowing readers to instantly shop for items that align with the latest. Show specific pieces embodying the most exciting and forward-looking trends before availability sells out.

The most clicked newsletters solve customers’ anxiety over looking past by showcasing products ensuring they appear fashion-forward while outlasting temporary fads. Jewelry reflecting the times gratifies universal desires for self-expression.

9. Develop a Customer Rewards Program

Loyalty programs that reward repeat jewelry buyers are great for increasing lifetime value through increased repeat order frequency and larger basket sizes. Savvy jewelers employ tiered programs with escalating member perks including the following:

Welcome Points

Credit new members with signup points for immediate use on initial purchases going beyond a generic discount to feel more customized and exciting to receive. Structure to incentivize hitting higher thresholds.

Birthday Freebies

Further delight customers on special occasions with generous offers like percentage-off or dollar-value coupons, free custom engraving cards, free shipping codes, members-only doorbuster flash sales, or entry into exclusive birthstone jewelry giveaways.

Referral Bonuses

Encourage organic word-of-mouth growth by awarding referral credits when existing buyers refer friends who make a qualifying purchase. Popular formulas match the friend’s spending amount.

VIP Access

Reserve rare Cicada jewelry discoveries, pre-launch collection previews, first-dibs on high-demand restocks, waitlist priority when inventory is low and invitations to members-only in-person or virtual events for those reaching higher loyalty tiers through repeat engagement over time.

Well-executed loyalty programs drive purchases, organic awareness, and life-long emotional connections between brands and buyers through added value. Email communications enable targeted, behavior-based incentives and perk delivery.

10. Use Online Surveys for Feedback

Jewelers should take a data-driven approach to improving email communications and promotions by surveying subscribed customers for direct input on enhancements. Online surveys provide unmatched insights compared to basic engagement metrics and serve customers by giving their voice influence.

  • Send email invitations to complete quick satisfaction polls or feedback forms inquiring about the perceived usefulness and enjoyment of recent email content types, preferred topics, and purchasing triggers. 
  • Ask direct questions on desired improvements around current frequency, timing, segment preferences, and incentives required to respond to specific offers like flash sales or new collection announcements. 
  • Make it easy and frictionless for customers to contribute write-in commentary or suggestions on overarching communications.

Go beyond surface-level CES and open rates by empowering subscribed customers to steer future messages tailored to their evolving interests as individuals. 

Tie responses back by sharing survey findings and action plans addressing common requests for transparency on how their feedback shapes future programming and policies. Customers feel valued as partners while jewelers gain crucial perspectives for planning evergreen communications.

Human feedback plays an invaluable role in maximizing relevance and results for even the most finely tuned-data-driven email programs. Customer surveys provide that qualitative edge to sustain momentum.

11. Segment and Personalize Your Subscribers

Rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach, leading jewelers segment their list to deliver hyper-targeted messages matched to customers with common behaviors and preferences.

Start by looking at basic categories like recency, frequency, average order value, and products purchased. Then, build more advanced clusters around deeper psychographics and buying triggers.

Match content and offers to align with subscriber groups evident through past interactions. Send new parents birthstone jewelry ideas, share antique and estate collections with buyers demonstrating connoisseur tastes sell them on holding intrinsic value, or promote gemstone stack rings to younger shoppers demonstrating interest in layering and personalized styling statements. 

Further personalize by incorporating first names, known product ownership, and past purchase dates as touchpoints showing each customer is known and understood at the individual level.

Progress subscribers along an email journey that evolves as they grow with your brand over months and years. Elevate recent big spenders into VIP status doorway offers, and graduate those with an affinity for statement pieces into early access for runway-inspired designs before mainstream debut. 

Customers feel respected when messages reflect their intertwined history. Segmentation and personalization together embody marketing tailored to the needs of one still scalable to the business growth ambitions of many.

Email marketing delivers unrivaled returns for professional jewelers when executed strategically through segmentation, personalization, and nurturing customers with value beyond promotions. 

By mastering high-impact tactics like crafting captivating welcome series, spotlighting product backstories, incentivizing loyalty behaviors, and surveying customers for insights, jewelers gain an intimate understanding of subscribers that pays dividends for years through genuinely audience-centric engagement. 

Focus efforts on building large, qualified lists then strive to serve core needs better than competitors. The combination of list growth and retention fueling repeat sales from email followers provides sustainably higher profits. Take the first step by auditing your current emails against modern best practices – small adjustments make an enormous impact over time.

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