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It’s official, folks.  The worst year I think many of us have ever lived through and you know what I think?  GOOD RIDDANCE.  All in all, the year was pretty positive compared to years passed, but it didn’t come without it’s challenges.

One thing you’ll notice in this one is that I’ve replaced many of the table I usually had with graphs.  I’m doing this simply because I don’t think the tables really rendered well on mobile and this will make it much easier to read/review.

This month my total income after expenses was $15,089 which comes out to $487 per day.

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Personal Life Update

Unfortunately, my personal life has still been very uneventful.  My wife and I live in Illinois, which has been on temp or full lockdown for the last few months. 

This has been rough on me because when I’m stuck at home, I work.  When I work too much, I get burnt out.  Myself and my wife agree that I’m burned out so I’ve spent some time here in the beginning of the year relaxing and enjoying things a little bit more as opposed to stressing about work.

Other than that, my wife and I are counting down the days for all of this to end so that we can take a nice trip somewhere far away from our house.  Yes, we like our house, but it’s been pretty boring hanging out here constantly for months on end with limited human interaction.

That’s all for the personal update.

If this is your first time on my website let me explain a few things about my detailed income reports each month that outlines the money I made (or lost) each month.

I’m doing this for a number of reasons:

1) I strive to be transparent about what it takes to make money online.

2) These reports help me keep track of my own progress.

3) These reports hold me accountable.

Keep in mind, I don’t create these to gloat about my earnings. I create them to help you understand the true “earning curve” of online business.

On a side note, I don’t disclose my actual website URL’s on my reports because I’ve had bad experiences with copycats in the past. 

So, in my income reports, you’ll see website generalizations like Website 1, Website 3, Website 5 Website 4, etc.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s dive into the report.

How did the Income Report Turn Out This Month?

Partners and Affiliates Revenue
Website 5 Partners and Affiliates$36$57
Website 8 Partners and Affiliates$80$59
Website 6 Partners and Affiliates$173$117
Website 3 Partners and Affiliates$246$299
OHP Partners and Affiliates$2316$1628
Website 1 Partners and Affiliates$6504$6504
YouTube Revenue
Themed YouTube Channel (Click for Webinar)$375$375
YouTube Channel Website 8 Compliment (Click for Webinar) $613$613
OHP YT Channel$745$745
Ezoic Revenue
Website 5 Ezoic Revenue$833$833
Website 3 Ezoic Revenue$1464$1464
Website 7 Ezoic Revenue$1640$1640
Website 1 Ezoic Revenue$3759$3759
Google Adsense Revenue
Website 2 Adsense Revenue$15$15
Website 9 Adsense Revenue$26$26
Website 7 Adsense Revenue$30$30
Website 5 Adsense Revenue$81$81
Website 1 Adsense Revenue$185$185
Website 3 Adsense Revenue$646$646
Software Expenses
Vid IQ YouTube Software$10.00-$10.00
Adobe Photoshop Account$10.61-$10.61
Manage WP$17.60-$17.60
Tailwind Pinterest Marketing App$29.98-$29.98
Epidemic Sound$45.00-$45.00
Incorp - Yearly Report$49.00-$49.00
Upwork Premium Employer Plan$49.99-$49.99
Google Business Drive Storage and Apps$58.11-$58.11
Bluehost Hosting$71.40-$71.40
Linkedin Premium Plan$79.99-$79.99
Intuit Quick Books$85.00-$85.00
Kinsta Hosting$95.37-$95.37
Shutterstock Monthly Subscription$125.00-$125.00
Clearscope SEO Software$170.00-$170.00
Ahrefs SEO Software$179.00-$179.00
Siteground Hosting$180.00-$180.00
Active Campaign$225.00-$225.00
Misc. Software and Products$137.14-$137.14
Freelance Labor Expenses
Freelance Research, Editing, Video Production, and Misc. Labor$1,990.70-$1,990.70
Freelance Writing$3,410.90-$3,410.90
Revenue By ChannelWebsite 1Website 3ConsultingOHP WebsiteYouTubeWebsite 7Website 5Website 6Website 2Website 8Website 9UdemyWebsite 4
December 2020$10,448$2,356$2750$2,316$1,733$1,670$950$173$15$80$26$76XSOLDX
November 2020$14,132$2,045$2000$1,628$1,386$1,361$741$117$16$59$33$40.00XSOLDX
October 2020$16,439$1,815$2600$1,886$983$1,230$670$68$13$289$13$0XSOLDX
September 2020$13,758.12$1,958.93$2000.00$836.18$877.29$1,159.98$644.78$68.34$11.52$116.50$7.93$0XSOLDX
August 2020$14,356.31$1,829.59$2,339.50 $685.48$790.50$969.42$709.66 $35.15$14.56 $97.13 $14.09 $75.00 $15,345.21
July 2020$10,146.39 $1,390.39 $2,250.00 $545.96 $682.49$773.31 $473.26 $76.03 $15.52 $34.04 $4.29 $72.74 $39.01
June 2020$18,386.69$2,100.43$2,000.00$664.08$457.43
May 2020$14,388.25 $1,628.39 $2,000.00$576.57 $489.31$383.33 $407.86 $30.95 $11.89 $5.78 $5.83 $0.00$298.50
April 2020$9,868.73$1,268.24$2,000.00$311.09$723.35$488.53$499.28$21.63$24.59$4.80$1.16$0.00$628.28
March 2020$15,729.25$1,244.49$2,000.00$401.28$324.14$482.14$599.43$24.68$20.26$61.30$2.37$0.00$629.15
February 2020$22,548.73$2,139.96$2,000.00$261.22$340.49$467.75$543.09$49.32$36.03$0$3.05$0.00$435.32
January 2020$20,512.80$2,646.41$3,240.00$1,334.33$264.30$382.79$541.68$9.13$12.35$0$2.35$0.00$1045.23
December 2019$19,383.27
November 2019$21,920.53 $2,173.90 $0$602.88$358.91 $196.02
$617.31 $182.80
$15.77 $21.59 $1,338.93
October 2019$23,620.75$2,546.04$300.00$1,073.56$202.14$58.41$230.27$84.62$72.89$30.00$711.71
September 2019$21,006.31 $2,627.86 $0$335.35 $177.05 $17.80 $170.04 $50.33 $14.72 $35.00 $585.93
August 2019$17,817.28 $2,590.92 $275.00
$414.58 $156.00
$133.92 $97.26
$23.67 $40.00
July 2019$16,855.42$3,652.24$0$427.66$130.26$2.10$74.26$76.00$17.16$35$574.78
June 2019$15,402.28$5,561.07$0$709.07$141.46$46.29$100.19$30.74$0$562.63
May 2019$17,578.97 $4,900.70 $0
$1,062.34 $116.02 $61.17 $35.71$22.25 $0$749.14
April 2019$16,273.68$4,078.83$0$239.73$76.86$46.05$9.53$0$700.42
March 2019$17,006.79$3,620.30 $0$439.88$76.24$152.99 $19.98$20.24$931.22
February 2019$15,656.00$2,799.98$0$551.53$65.63$291.72$15.68$28.75$647.94
January 2019$16,483.03 $3,280.64 $600.00$469.30$76.52$401.91$10.41$45.75$1,009.83
December 2018$11,776.03$2,488.53$0$483.96$73.60$487.37$20.16$98.43$2,078.19
November 2018$12,886.78$2,324.75$0$657.86$79.91$386.31$10.67$205.87$789.26
October 2018$13,246.69$3,135.04
September 2018$11,784.71$3,853.20$175$321.67$82.99$210.72$0.00$14.94$628.97
August 2018$11,556.29$3,266.47$0$512.72$93.63$39.81$5.31$97.18$980.89
July 2018$12,864.08$4,991.15$0$722.76$84.33$26.84$8.05$91.48$707.66
June 2018$11138.00$6,858.01$0$432.01$95.96$52.42$11.06$50.92$797.02
May 2018$9152.94$4,288.26$0$391.63$100.82$40.23$6.96$44.40$699.19
April 2018$9637.30$2,028.65$0$545.01$85.48$236.23$11.74$24.90$804.71
March 2018$14236.64$778.01$0$380.29$94.79$224.68$13.78$80.61$1362.83
February 2018$10918.94$382.03 $0$644.36 $86.86$454.08 $22.27 $23.90$838.51
January 2018$7993.31
December 2017$6707.43$432.22$0$785.74$96.12$114.05$28.50$59.21$555.72
November 2017$7545.13$574.91$0$480.41$90.40$4.31$17.70$187.01$479.34
October 2017$6859.17$617.67$0$265.38$66.71$13.06$135.59$319.02
September 2017$6781.51$348.16$0$673.87$58.13$11.31$81.39$223.95
August 2017$7429.92$391.68$0$945.04$63.57$16.36$133.91$181.93
July 2017$5658.64$344.91$1,496.38$1055.57$94.84$58.55$41.80$85.84
June 2017$5924.41$423.04$600.00$403.84$79.81$11.87$148.88$31.71
May 2017$6805.18$214.18$51.50$79.00$82.58$8.71$76.08$9.67
April 2017$8175.11$116.65$0$106.71$57.76$3.57$80.25
March 2017$9527.42$224.16$0$355.12$59.11$6.43$137.29
February 2017$3726.98$160.48$125$438.54$52.40$32.99$165.43
January 2017$4005.52$104.19$0$267.33$41.60$222.20
December 2016$3553.43$52.63$125.00$384.57$41.32$138.07
November 2016$3778.45$22.10$125.00$357.77$48.13$259.26
October 2016$3841.36$1.37$126.00$213.88$48.92$238.90
September 2016$3102.56$112.01$402.32$57.14$271.02
August 2016$3318.70$731.05$44.72$55.08$423.49
July 2016$3353.06$135.19$347.47$52.12$186.34
June 2016$3219.41$330.00$132.77$72.22$397.55
May 2016$4677.02$206.25$253.67$75.89$135.25
April 2016$5008.23$497.50$286.38$62.52$353.02
March 2016$2311.67$556.75$265.29$60.14$301.06
February 2016$2760.21$431.25$250.70$62.00$324.58
January 2016$233.00$1140.00$117.58$46.19$400.97
December 2015$121.30$1163.75$76.00$38.83$17.15
November 2015$138.11$1150.25$39.00$36.78$245.68
October 2015$107.72$760.50$89.54$40.65$49.50
September 2015$102.95$1112.32$113.10$27.46$17.49
August 2015$39.68$1463.75$51.75$25.09$12.05

Project Updates

Website 1

  • The website is now fully on Thrive Theme Builder, which has helped tremendously with speed and functionality.  This whole thing was quite a struggle to get done, but I can confidently say that the site is better off now then it was a month or two ago.
  • Traffic dropped again by 10% this month, but this is typical for December so I’m not necessarily in a panic. 
  • EPM dropped to $78/1000 visits.  Not terrible, but lower than normal.  Given how December has always been a bad month for this site, I’m not too worried about it.   
  • PLAN:  This site needs a full content audit and I intend on doing it.  I am confident that once I do so, the site traffic will return to previous numbers.  But, I need to do all of the work, which is difficult considering where my current priorities are.  But, I'll make it happen. 

Udemy Update

I don’t focus on Udemy any longer. They sell my courses for too cheap.

OHP Website Update

  • I’ve really focused on revising the current content I have on the site instead of adding a ton of new content.  I’ve noticed these revisions have seemed to really help me rank, so I’m going to continue doing this as opposed to publishing a ton of low-quality content.
  • My focus is mostly on terms with over 5,000 searches each month, or ones that are highly profitable.  I’m not really ranking #1 for any of these yet, but my traffic is growing significantly, so I can’t complain. 
  • This month I earned: $2,316.  This is the most ever for the site and earnings increased month over month by 42%
  • Pageviews hit 32k this month, which is a 49% increase MoM.  My hope is that this will continue as my site keeps growing in authority from my guest posts.
  • Referring domains increased to 702 and keep climbing.  I’d love to get some content ranked and start getting a ton of links organically, but I’m not there yet.
  • EPM dropped slightly to $71.  I’m fine with this because I had a huge increase in traffic, so this is not a problem in my eyes.
  • PLAN:  Continue guest posting and start managing my writer to focus on content that has high earning potential and search volumes that are rather low with very low competition.  I also intend on placing ads on certain pages of the blog this month to test and see how much more it can make.  For any of the “best” or “review” pages that are focused on affiliate, I will not be including ads.  But other pages with a lot of traffic that have less affiliate value like my post explaining how to sell on Poshmark, I’ll test it out.  We’ll see how much more it can make, but it’s worth testing for sure. 
  • Website 3

  • This month I earned: $2,356.  This is the second-most for the site this year and earnings increased month over month by 15%
  • Pageviews hit 132k this month, which is a 9% increase MoM. 
  • Referring domains increased to 485, which is slightly higher than last month.
  • EPM increased slightly to $17.85.  I attribute this to advertising demand at the end of the year and we’ll see if it continues in January.
  • PLAN:  At this point, this site will sit and collect income passively.  I should spend time revising content and making it better, but I have so much focus on site 1 and OHP, that I can’t spend my time on this.  
  • Website 5

  • This month I earned: $950.  This is the most ever for the site and it’s laughable because I’ve done nothing here for over a year.  Obviously I’m thrilled, but it’s just been sitting here. 
  • Pageviews hit 62k this month, which is a 13% increase MoM.  I’m really just hanging on and enjoying the ride.
  • Referring domains increased to 485 and keeps climbing.  I’m not sure why, but I’ll keep watching this climb.   
  • EPM increased slightly to $15.32.  Again, I think that’s just end of year advertiser interest.
  • PLAN:  I will continue to let this one sit.  I do not have the time to focus on it and it’s relatively steady, so I’ll let it continue. 
  • Website 6

  • Earnings increased 47%, but it’s all affiliate related and still pretty random.
  • Traffic increased 8% MoM, which is good because, like some of the other sites, it’s just sitting here.
  • How Much Have I Invested in This Website: $5,718
  • How Much Money Has This Website Made? $1,321
  • Total ROI: -$4,397
  • How Much Content is on the Website?  Keep in mind this website is mostly focused on affiliate content with some informational content.
  • 222 Blog posts
  • PLAN:  Production has been paused.  This website is sitting and I’ll let it sit until I decide the next move.
  • Website 7

  • This site is a beast.  It continues to grow and is showing no signs of slowing down.  I’m very happy about it and look forward to seeing where it caps out.  Traffic increased 17% MoM. 
  • Earnings increased by 23% MoM.  This is all due to increased traffic and Ezoic.    
  • How Much Have I Invested in This Website: $27,545
  • How Much Money Has This Website Made? $9,135
  • Total ROI: $-18,410  (If I were to sell the website today, I’d make around $30,000 net.)
  • How Much Content is on the Website:  Keep in mind that this is an informational type of website, not affiliate related at all.
  • 1151 Informational pages on the website
  • 115 Informational Blog Posts 
  • PLAN:  Continue investing in content and monitor the progress. 
  • Website 8

  • Traffic increased again by 17%.  This brings monthly pageviews to 6.1k
  • Earnings increased by 36%, which is exactly how much it fell by last month.
  • EPM is currently $13.10, which is pretty good considering it’s all information content with no ads yet.  The money is all made from affiliate purchases at this moment.  
  • How Much Have I Invested in This Website: $4,623
  • How Much Money Has This Website Made? $455
  • Total ROI: -$4,168
  • How Much Content is on the Website?  Keep in mind this website is mostly focused on affiliate content with some informational content. 
  • 160 Informational Blog Posts
  • PLAN:  Continue content production of 3 articles a week.
  • Website 8 Complimentary YouTube Channel

  • This channel continues to amaze me.  The holiday season was kind for it and now it’s making a very respectable amount of money considering how simple it’s been to create.  If interested in this business model, check out this webinar.
  • Gained 432 subscribers this month.
  • Views increased 36% MoM.
  • Earnings increase of 24% MoM. 
  • How Much Did We Invest in This YouTube Channel:  $0
  • How Much Money Has This YouTube Channel Made? $1,513
  • Total ROI: $1,513
  • PLAN:  Continue publishing videos daily.  My wife hasn’t outsourced this yet, but I’m pushing her to do so soon so that she can just manage it.   
  • One Hour Professor YouTube Channel

  • Channel earnings are up slightly from last month to $744.  This is an increase of 2%.
  • How Much Have I Invested in This YouTube Channel:  $3,472
  • How Much Money Has This YouTube Channel Made? $6,526
  • Total ROI: $3,054
  • Gained 602 subs this month.
  • Views increased by 13% MoM.
  • PLAN: I am dropping to one video per week for this channel.  I’m too focused on my sites at the moment to keep doing this and although I kind of want to temporarily put it on hold, I fear that doing so may stop all momentum.  So, for now, I’ll do a video each week and keep you guys updated on future plans.
  • Themed YouTube Channel 1

  • Again, this channel was viral in December and made a respectable about of money as well.  In total it made $375 and this was a 130% increase. 
  • How Much Have I Invested in This YouTube Channel: $0 (Thalita is editing all videos)
  • How Much Money Has This YouTube Channel Made? $745
  • Total ROI: $745
  • Gained 3,352 subscribers this month.
  • Views increased 160% MoM.
  • Earnings increase of 130% MoM. 
  • PLAN:  Let this channel sit for now and collect money.  Not worth continuing to work on it as the earnings per 1000 views is too low.
  • Lessons Learned

    Every month, I’m going to reflect back and tell you a few different lessons that I’ve learned. My hope is that the lessons each month will be a cautionary tale for you that makes it so that you don’t make the dumb mistakes that I do along the way.

    • Google is brutal. No website is untouchable.
    • When I focus on one project, it grows exponentially. Case in point, OHP website and YouTube channel.
    • Affiliate earnings are very slow, but can be very exciting as well.

    Did I Meet my Goals for December?

    6+ Guest Posts:  SUCCESS!    

    Revise Website 1 ContentFAIL.  I intend on doing this in January though. 

    Revise additional OHP content: SUCCESS!

    What Are my Goals for January?

    8+ Guest Posts:  I slowed down with the guest post stuff over the holidays and need to pick it back up in January.  That said, I’m hoping to get 8 guest posts done this month.    

    Revise Website 1 ContentI really do want to focus this month on revising and auditing content on this site.  Much of it hasn’t been touched in years, so it’s time I make it all better.

    Continue revising OHP contentThese revisions I’ve been performing seem to be helping, so I want to continue doing this in January.  I hope by the end of this month I have some amazing news for you guys and I rank for something big. 

    What are your goals for the month?  What questions do you have?  Let me know in the comments below!

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