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January 15, 2022

Smart Proxy Review

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Launched in 2018, Smartproxy is one of the leading residential proxy providers with users in over 195 locations across the globe. 

The international proxy provider has state- and city-level targeting and offers 4 different types of proxies: residential, shared and dedicated datacenter, and Search Engine.

Thanks to its ability to provide high-quality residential proxies for a reasonable price, Smartproxy has quickly grown to become one of the largest proxy providers in the market, surpassed in size only by Oxylabs, and Bright Data. 

But, unlike these two industry leaders who focus more on enterprise, Smartproxy is the go-to choice not only for Fortune 500 companies, but also for sneakerheads, social media managers and smaller businesses. 

Is Smartproxy Worth it?

Smartproxy offers a service to rival many of its premium competitors but at a more affordable rate.  

There are many types of proxies, and Smartproxy offers 4 of them. The most common are residential and datacenter ones. As for other types, Smartproxy also offers Search Engine proxies, a complete scraping API that combines a proxy network, web scraper, and data parser. If you need private IPs, Smartproxy offers a great selection of static dedicated datacenter proxies from the US.

It has an unparalleled balance between pricing and features, which means you get a ton of value for your money. You can access free tools you need to take care of your proxy tasks with every plan. For example, X Browser, a multi-profile anti-detection management tool, and Smart Scraper, a no-code data collection tool.

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use data access solution and powerful proxy management tools, then Smartproxy is a great option to consider. With it, you can level the playing field against larger companies, collecting massive amounts of data, and competitors who are more technically able.

Here’s what you get when you sign up on Smartproxy: 

  • Fast and reliable 4 types of proxies
  • Proxies in 195+ locations worldwide
  • Award-winning performance
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Up to 30 minutes sticky sessions
  • Additional tools for free
  • Pocket-friendly pricing

The only time that Smartproxy might not be worth it is if you need specific functionality like SOCKS5, ASN, or ISP filtering. 

Why would you need proxies?

In general, proxies will help you to overcome geo-blocking  and bypass website blocks. With it, you can forget about the limit of actions taken from one IP. 

It’s used by a wide range of clients, including:

  • Sneakerheads
  • Social media managers
  • Small businesses
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Startups
  • Fortune 500 companies
  • Universities
  • Nonprofit organizations. etc.

Smartproxy has all the features that will make it useful for a wide range of use cases, including the following examples: 

  • Social Media Managers: You can use proxies to create and manage multiple social media accounts.
  • Business Automation: You can use Smartproxy’s proxies for data extraction, ads verification, affiliate testing, SEO research, and brand protection. 
  • Market Research: Smartproxy will help you to gather valuable data about your competitors and real-time pricing.
  • Retail: Use this tool to unblock and scrape Shopify, eBay, Craigslist, etc., or for the outrageously profitable practice of sneaker copping. 

In short, it’s ideal for anyone who has a need to access public data en masse, whether it’s for data-gathering (also called web scraping), market intelligence, or retail price comparison.

With IP addresses that are globally available, the service provider ensures that everyone has access to localized data.

Smartproxy Functionality

Smartproxy offers an impressive range of features. As it was mentioned before, it has four types of proxies – residential, shared and private datacenter as well as Search Engine proxies. All the proxies are ipv4 (that’s the good kind), and they support HTTP and HTTP(S) protocols, but not SOCKS5.

If you’re using residential or datacenter proxies, there are no connection limits, which means that if you want to, you can make hundreds of connections, all at once. 

Let’s take a closer look at some of the platform’s core features: 

1. Residential Proxies

Residential proxies are IPs of real mobile or desktop devices. Smartproxy offers over 40 million of them located in 195+ locations worldwide. With every plan you get access to the whole proxy pool.This means you basically have full access to everywhere in the world, and you can target all states and major cities

You have the option to rotate IPs automatically for each connection request. Alternatively, you can keep your IP the same for 1 minute, up to 10 or even 30 minutes.

There are two methods of authentication, which are the user:pass credentials and whitelisting an IP address. 

2. Datacenter Proxies

The datacenter proxy pool consists of 40,000+ IP addresses, and unlike the residential IPs, these aren’t associated with any ISPs and are crafted in powerful data centers. Furthermore, the locations are only available in the US and you cannot specify a specific city or state. 

But, the datacenter proxies are also extremely cheap, making the service accessible to everyone – even those with very low budgets. 

By signing on to the service, you get full access to the entire pool of 40,000 IPs in the US. You can choose rotating sessions or  half-hour sticky sessions. 

Here, you only have the option of user:pass authentication. 

3. Dedicated Datacenter Proxies

The platform also offers dedicated datacenter proxies that allow you 100% freedom and control. With these private proxies, you get the following features: 

  • Private US IPs
  • Unlimited GBs
  • Unlimited threads
  • 99.99% uptime
  • IP randomization option

And all of this with easy management and round-the-clock customer support. 

4. Search Engine Proxies

The Search Engine proxies is a complete scraping API that allows you to scrape search engines like Google, Bing, or Yanex with ease. It combines a proxy network, web scraper, and data parser.

Search Engine proxies combine both residential and datacenter proxies in a pool of total 40M+ proxies. The network uses advanced rotation that changes proxies automatically. 

Some of the features of search engine proxies include:

  • Guaranteed 100% success rate
  • Access any country, state, or city
  • Results in raw HTML or JSON
  • Full-stack solution

The search engine proxies can get all types of data from Google search, including paid organic results, real-time and up-to-date results, get insights into keyword rankings, and much more.

5. User Experience

Smartproxy has a user-friendly dashboard designed to simplify the experience of conducting your proxy tasks. 

The navigation contains the Welcome tab and  tabs that lead to 4 proxy types that they have (that is, Residential, Datacenter, Search Engine, and Dedicated Datacenter proxies). Under these tabs, you can find all the relevant information to manage your proxy subscription. This includes Pricing, Authentication method, Endpoint generator, Traffic usage, and Subscription management.

At the bottom of the page, you’ll also find the tabs for Apps, Help and Support, including Live Chat, Help docs, and Help requests. 

The dashboard supports the following functionality:

  • Purchasing, renewing, upgrading, and downgrading plans
  • Setting up proxies
  • Authorizing access to proxies
  • Creating sub-users
  • Tracking traffic usage
  • Contacting customer support

If you need more info on how to navigate the dashboard, they have a helpful quick start guide you can download.

Compared to other proxy providers, Smartproxy’s dashboard is neat, modern, and stylish. 

It’s well designed, making it easy for anyone to navigate regardless of skill level. For example, setting up the proxy is a pretty straightforward process: 

Step #1: Register on the website. Once you click the “Create an Account” button, you’ll be prompted to enter your use case.

This can be anything from market research and data gathering to ad verification, sneaker copping, social media management, and so on.

Step #2: Enter Your Email. Next, you can enter your email and password, and your account will be created.

Confirm your new account via email, and you’ll be able to access the dashboard.

Step #3: Choose an Authentication Method. Once you’re in, select an authentication method. Either create a username and password or, if you’re choosing residential proxies, you can also whitelist the IP address. 

Step #4: Go to the endpoint generator (if you’re using residential or datacenter proxies). Here you’ll be able to select the authentication method you set up, as well as the country, rotation settings, and output format for your proxy list. This will provide you with a list of proxy endpoints backconnect gateway servers.

Note that these aren’t IPs; they are just endpoints that fetch the IP addresses for you from the platform’s proxy pool.  

Step #6. Integrate or configure proxies with any tool or browser. 

Smartproxy also has extensions for Firefox and Chrome that allow you to choose the residential or datacenter proxy network to use when browsing the internet.

Using the extension, you can choose a country, and whether you want sticky or rotating proxies. You can then authorize them using either of the two previously mentioned authentication mechanisms.

6. Track Traffic Usage 

The dashboard has robust tools to track your traffic usage in a bar that is always visible under each proxy type tab. You have the ability to limit traffic for sub-users, a feature that allows simpler task management and reselling. Detailed traffic stats allow you to view your traffic usage by day, week, months, or even a custom period. You can also filter the report by sub-users to make it easier for you to get the exact information you need.

In addition, you can always use the top-up function or purchase extra GBs any time.  

5. Performance 

According to recently conducted proxy market research, the company’s residential IPs had no large flaws. 

This extensive market research is based on comprehensive testing where over 16 million connection requests were made to 8 major residential IP providers.

The graph below shows that Bright Data, formerly known as Luminati, and one of Smartproxy’s larger competitors, has a marginally better scraping performance result of 93, whereas Smartproxy clocks in at 90.2. 

7. Additional Tools

In addition to proxies, Smartproxy offers an anonymity tool called X Browser. This allows you to create multiple profiles and gives each its own unique fingerprint.

Using this tool, you’ll forget IP bans and CATCHAs as the website’s algorithms will see you as a unique real person. Another dope tool you can get for free with Smartproxy is the Smart Scraper. It is a no-code solution that’ll help you extract the data you need instantly and sort it with a single click. 

Smartproxy Pros and Cons

Every platform has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of Smartproxy’s most prominent benefits and drawbacks. 


  1. Fast and Reliable Proxies: Smartproxy has excellent performance, and there’s virtually no risk of getting blocked when using this popular tool.
  2. Global Coverage: The platform has over 40 million real residential IPs and locations spread across 195+ locations globally. 
  3. Affordable Pricing: Smartproxy’s pricing plans are significantly cheaper than most of its competitors.
  4. 24/7 Customer Service: You get live chat support 24/7 and you can also get assistance via email. 
  5. Easy to Use: One major advantage of this platform is that it’s extremely easy to use compared to most other tools in its category.


  1. Only US Datacenter Proxies: At the moment they only have shared and private datacenter proxies in the US. 
  2. No SOCKS5 Protocol: There’s only HTTP and HTTPS support, and if this feature is one that you absolutely must have, then this platform won’t be ideal for you. 
  3. Slow Email Support: The response time for email support is less than stellar. But you won’t need it as they have awesome 24/7 customer support.


Smartproxy has a variety of plans to cover any demands. Its pricing is traffic-based with an auto-renewing subscription. 

  • Residential Plans
    • Micro Plan: $75/month
      • Traffic limit – 5 GB
      • Price per GB – $15
      • Proxy users limit – 1
      • Whitelisted IPs limit – 1 
    • Starter Plan: $200/month
      • Traffic Limit – 20 GB
      • Price per GB – $10
      • Proxy users limit – 3
      • Whitelisted IPs limit – 3
    • Regular Plan: $400/month
      • Traffic limit – 50 GB
      • Price per GB – $8
      • Proxy users limit – 5
      • Whitelisted IPs limit – 5
  • Datacenter Plans
    • Clever Plan: $50/month
      • Traffic limit – 100 GB
      • Extra GB price — $1
      • Proxy users limit – 1
    • Smart Plan: $100/month
      • Traffic limit – 200 GB
      • Extra GB price – $0.8
      • Proxy users limit – 3
    • Wise Plan: $200/month
      • Traffic limit – 400 GB
      • Extra GB price – $0.7
      • Proxy users limit – 5
    • Genius Plan: $500/month
      • Traffic limit – 1,000 GB
      • Extra GB price – $0.7
      • Proxy users limit – 10

The platform also has Dedicated Datacenter Plans, Search Engine Plans, and Reseller Plans. 

You can buy and upgrade plans directly within the dashboard, and all plans come with a 3-day money-back option.

Product Support

Smartproxy offers customer support around the clock. 

  • 24/7 Live Chat: This is the fastest way to get support from the responsive Smartproxy customer support team. They are always there to assist you and answer any questions you may have. 
  • Email: Alternatively, you can email the support team to get assistance. The support team’s main language is English, but you can also get assistance in Chinese. 
  • How-to Guides: On the website, you’ll get access to tutorials and rich documentation, including code samples, troubleshooting guides, tips and tricks, and much more. These resources are also accessible via the platform’s dashboard and are extremely helpful for newbies. 


You can use Smartproxy’s proxies with different software, scripts, and bots. All you have to do to integrate other tools is to click on any icon on the appropriate section in the Integration’s page on their website to access the step-by-step instructions. 

Here are some of the integrations available on the platform: 

1. Sneaker Bots

Use sneaker bots to skip the queue effectively and increase your chances of getting highly sought-after goods.

  • Better Nike Bot
  • Easy Cop
  • NikSlayer
  • Another Nike Bot
  • SupremeBot
  • Nike Shoe Bot
  • AIO Sneakers Bot

2. Social Media Tools 

Use these integrations to help you overcome all restrictions so you can create unlimited accounts, manage your business, and grow your following without limitations.

  • Jarvee
  • Follow Liker
  • Tinder
  • PVA Creator
  • Gram Multitool 2

3. Scrapers

Easily collect data for research so you can scale your business with unrestricted connections and threads for your favorite scripts and applications.

  • ScrapeBox
  • Scrapy Proxy Middleware
  • Octoparse
  • Parsehub
  • Apify

4. SEO Tools 

Integrate with these tools to perform site audits, scrape SEO data, research competitors, or check your search engine rankings in any country with local proxies.

  • SENukeTNG
  • ZennoPoster

5. Proxy Managers

These integrations will help you manage your network’s servers and write and implement their policies, filter resource requests, and much more.

  • Multi-login App
  • Proxifier
  • SessionBox
  • VMlogin
  • AdsPower
  • GoLogin

Is Smartproxy Legit?

Smartproxy offers  4 reliable types of proxies, affordable plans, and exceptional 24/7 customer support. All in all, this international proxy provider is an attractive solution to choose for most proxy requirements.

Here’s what other users think of the provider: 

I hope this article has answered all your questions about whether or not this provider is a great fit for you, and if you’re ready to give it a try, sign up for a risk-free account right now.

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