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According to recent statistics, there are over 383.7 million podcast listeners in the world. It’s estimated that this number will exceed 424 million by the end of 2022. With such a large potential audience, there’s never been a better time to create a podcast. 

But, in order to run a successful show, you must have reliable podcast hosting. That’s where a platform like Libsyn comes in.  

The platform supports both video and audio podcasting, and you’ll find a range of impressive add-ons to help enhance the experience for podcasters and listeners alike. 

Read the rest of this Libsyn Review to discover more about this podcast hosting service so you can determine if it’s the right fit for you. 

Libsyn Summary

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9.8 out of 10

Ron’s Thoughts

Libsyn is a podcast hosting platform with a wide range of useful features for up-and-coming podcast hosts. Some of the tools you’ll find on Libsyn include episode scheduling, various platform settings (such as choosing whether or not to show the title and schedule a release time), a default podcast website that all Libsyn account holders get, and a dedicated podcast app for Android and iOS. All in all, Libsyn has everything you need to start a podcast!

  • Biggest Pro:

    No Downgrading File Quality

  • Biggest Con:

    Dated Interface

  • Annual Discount:


  • Price:

    Starts at $5/Month

  • Promotion:

    Get Libsyn at the Best Price

Is Libsyn Worth it?

Libsyn stands for Liberated Syndication. The platform is a dedicated hosting, distribution, and monetization service for podcasts. First developed in 2004 by Dave Cheken and Dave Manseto, the podcast-hosting platform has since grown to become one of the largest in the world, hosting over 75,000 podcasts globally. 

Libsyn is pretty much the largest podcast hosting platform on the internet. Although it doesn’t offer a free version or free trial, there’s no denying that the service is absolutely worth the investment. 

It’s a solid choice with great functionality and tons of options for customization. Getting started is simple and straightforward, and the entire platform is relatively easy to use, making it perfect for beginners. 

In addition to all the basic features to help you manage a successful show, you’ll also find lots of advanced features that are perfect for serious podcasters. 

In short, this media host has something for everyone and offers affordably priced plans to suit budgets of all sizes. 

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Who is Libsyn Good For?

Libsyn is a podcast host for every podcaster from the start. It’s great for beginners or new podcasters who are just starting out. It has basic and advanced tools to cater to everyone, from hobby podcasters to enterprise-level corporations. 

Here’s a look at the different users who stand to benefit from using this platform. 

  • New Podcasters: If you’re just getting started but have big plans for your podcast, then this platform’s growth-focused plans are perfect for you. 
  • Established Podcasters: This dedicated hosting, distribution, and monetization platform provides everything you need to grow your podcast and monetize your show effectively. 
  • Large Enterprises: This is a reliable media host with a range of unique features to suit large brands. 

Libsyn Functionality

This section of my Libsyn review focuses on the platform’s functionality, features, and tools.

1. Ease of Use

One of Libsyn’s biggest selling points is its user-friendliness and extreme reliability. If you are posting your podcast episodes without the assistance of a production company, then it’s important to work with a site that is easy to use and offers assistance any time you need it. 

Libsyn is very easy to work with. The website has a simple structure that is easy to navigate. There are powerful tools that give individuals, brands, and thought leaders the freedom to deliver their podcasts exactly the way they want. 

If you want to expand your influence, the Libsyn podcast hosting service has what it takes to help you achieve that goal. 

  • Simplify workflows
  • Deliver content effectively
  • Engage communities everywhere 

… the list goes on.

You can do all of this while remaining in total control of your work as a podcast creator.

2. OnPublish for Streamlined Distribution

There’s a difference between a podcast hosting website and a podcast directory. A podcast directory is the ultimate destination for your episodes. It’s the main place where listeners go to check out your podcast. 

The hosting site, on the other hand, is the distributor that sends out the podcast episodes to all available directories, such as Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, etc.

Libsyn distributes everywhere, including:

  • Apple
  • Spotify
  • Amazon
  • Samsung
  • Pandora

… and many other directories.

The platform also has an advanced feature, OnPublish, that allows you to easily distribute your podcast episodes to the most popular listening apps. This integrated publishing feature gets your show to over 20 popular podcast listening platforms, apps, and services. 

Libsyn understands that not all podcast creators want to publish their shows in the same way, or even to the same places. That’s why it’s designed to ensure that you maintain ultimate control over the way your podcast is distributed.

 For example, you’ll be able to:

  • Remove or add new content quickly using bulk editing tools;
  • Customize delivery destinations;
  • Schedule episodes so you can control where and when you publish; and
  • Receive advanced stats for platform-specific insights so you can understand your audience better.

Best of all, you get key oversight over the whole process. All in all, the OnPublish module is a powerful campaign management and podcast hosting solution that can help you create and distribute audio, video, PDF, and image-based content across various external platforms. 

With this handy feature, team members can also edit content, manage drafts, and create checklists, as well as customize and manage destination-specific processing for publishing – and all of this is done on a centralized platform for the utmost convenience.

3. Diversified Monetization with Libsyn 

The platform allows you to monetize your podcast in different ways. You can sell subscriptions/memberships to your podcast, use ads, or accept donations.

  • Podcast Subscriptions: Libsyn acquired podcast monetization, Glow in 2021. You can use this to sell memberships or subscriptions to your Libsyn podcast, as well as offer exclusive content, courses, interviews, and more.
  • Ads: If your show gets a minimum of 200 downloads for each episode within a month of its release, the platform hooks you up with advertisers who will be willing to pay you for the opportunity to connect with your audience.
  • Donations: If you’re not yet ready to launch a full-fledged membership model, you can accept donations from your listeners as a way to create revenue from your content. 

As you can see, the platform allows you to diversify your revenue streams, which will make it easier for you to build a consistent source of income. 

You maintain full control over your podcast monetization strategies, and you can handle everything through the Libsyn platform.

4. Custom Mobile Apps to Build Your Audience

Libsyn lets you create your own custom iOS and Android app for your podcast. Experienced podcasters, small businesses, community leaders, and large corporations can keep their podcast front and center by building an app with the help of the platform’s experts. 

You provide them with custom colors and graphics, and they will work with you to create an app that is truly your own.

Here’s what you get: 

  • Apps for all levels of podcasts
  • Guidance throughout the app-building process
  • Custom colors and graphics
  • End-user support
  • Consistent presence on all platforms

5. Libsyn Player and Websites

Libsyn offers free custom podcast players and websites to help you build a cohesive podcast brand that will make it easier for you to connect with your fans everywhere. 

You can individualize everything to make sure your podcast looks its best. This includes your media players and podcast website. 

You can also customize your show and episode artwork using a platform like Canva. 

With the platform’s mobile-friendly player, you get these features: 

  • Easy publishing to your website
  • Episode playlist
  • Thumbnail settings
  • Custom sizes
  • Custom start time
  • Custom colors
  • Playback direction

6. Social Sharing on Libsyn

The social podcast marketing scheduler simplifies the process of promoting your podcast. You can set up various social destinations from inside your Libsyn dashboard. Schedule unique content to post on sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Tumblr. 

This is podcast marketing at its best. You’ll be able to promote your latest episode through multiple custom social posts. You can also schedule custom marketing for different dates and times, and each post can even have unique copy and images. 

With the Social Destinations Calendar, you’ll find it extremely easy to stay organized and keep planning ahead.

7. LibsynPro

LibsynPro is Enterprise Podcasting for users who need more. It’s ideal for corporations, networks, brands, and public personalities. If you require superior management, deeper customization, and more robust security, then this is the best option for you. 

On this plan, you can create a podcast app or private podcast to engage fans, customers, and mobile workforces. 

As a LibsynPro customer, you also get dynamic ad insertion tools, SSO private podcasting, and account access management settings. There are also a range of additional branding options and IAB v2.0 compliant stats. 

Here’s what you get with LibsynPro: 

  • Advertising Campaign Management Tools
  • Unlimited Uploads of New Content
  • Multi-User Account Management
  • Phone Support/Concierge Service
  • LibsynPRO exclusive custom mobile apps
  • Industry Best 99.99% UpTime SLA Guarantee
  • Private Podcasting and SSO Support
  • More support and tools for your podcast.

8. Podcast Analytics

Libsyn offers global podcast statistics for a world of data. Once you sign up, you’ll have access to advanced podcast analytics that you can easily read using interactive maps and charts. 

Immerse yourself in insights about players, destinations, and fan-favorite apps. The platform offers IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) Tech Lab-verified stats help you understand your audience so you can optimize your podcast promotion strategies.

You’ll be able to tell at a glance how many plays you’re getting. You’ll also see the demographics of your listeners, as well as the countries in which you are most popular.

Just keep in mind that the level of analytics you’ll be able to access will depend on your subscription. 

For example, if you’re on an advanced level plan, you’ll have access to the following insights: 

  • User Agent Stats (shows you which platform gets the most downloads)
  • Destination Stats
  • Geographic Heat Map 
  • Social Media Stats
  • Episode stats and breakdowns 
  • Day, Week and Month Stats
  • Social media stats 
  • (IAB) standards-insights (advertising industry trusted reporting)

Libsyn Pros and Cons

There’s no denying that Libsyn is one of the best podcast hosting platforms currently out there, but like any other podcast hosting service, this site has its own benefits and drawbacks. 

That’s exactly what this part of the Libsyn review focuses on – its pros and cons:


  1. Episode Scheduling: This feature allows you to control where and when you publish your podcast episodes. 
  2. Adjust Platform Settings: The podcaster can adjust settings like release time, show title, etc. according to the platform on which they want to distribute the content.
  3. No Downgrading File Quality: Unlike other podcast hosting websites, Libsyn doesn’t alter your podcast files to make them easier to upload as this can result in low-quality sound.
  4. Podcast App: On the higher tier plans, your Libsyn podcast can have its own dedicated app for Android or iOS listeners to download. 
  5. Default Podcast Website: Libsyn account holders get a default webpage for their podcast. Here, you can include blog posts, episode uploads, pictures, videos, PDFs, and other media to accompany your podcasts.


  1. No Free Trial: Libsyn doesn’t offer a free trial or free version, which makes it unsuitable for beginner podcasters who just want to test the waters.
  2. Dated Interface: According to some user reviews, the site can be a bit hard to navigate, particularly for new users.
  3. Advanced Stats Cost Extra: For the lowest priced tiers, you have to pay an additional $2/month to see advanced podcast statistics.

Libsyn Competitors

Libsyn is a great podcast host that is perfect for beginners and experts alike. It’s affordable, easy to use, and comes with tools for a more enhanced branding experience. 

It’s no wonder that it’s the top hosting platform of choice for a lot of well-known podcasts, including Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History, Waking up with Sam Harris, The Chalene show and many other popular shows.

However, as great as Libsyn is, it’s far from the only reliable podcast hosting service available, and below would take a look at three of its top competitors.

Libsyn vs Buzzsprout

One of the most commonly asked questions among podcasters is “Which podcast hosting platform is better, Libsyn or Buzzsprout?” The answer is, it depends on what you are looking for in a podcast host.

These two platforms are similar and offer a lot of the same features. The main differences are in terms of user-friendliness, with Buzzsprout being the more beginner-friendly of the two. 

It has simple features and an easy-to-use interface with a very short learning curve. However, more advanced podcasters may feel frustrated by the platform’s upload limits which are imposed even at the top-level subscription. 

In the long run, Libsyn is also the better option for podcasters with smaller budgets. But, if you plan to upload more than six hours of content each month, then BuzzSprout will be the cheaper option.

Libsyn vs Anchor

Anchor is a great podcast hosting solution for new podcasters. This service allows you to test the waters before committing to a paid plan. It has a very short learning curve, but, if you are already running a successful podcast, then Libsyn is the best choice for you. 

Even if you’re just starting out but are in it for the long haul, you’ll save yourself a lot of hassle by choosing Libsyn as your hosting site from the beginning. The slightly longer learning curve will be worthwhile as your podcast starts to gain momentum, you’ll start to appreciate all the different features available to you. 

Compared to Anchor, Libsyn’s experts know what they’re doing. They’ve been around for a long time and they provide endless amounts of support and resources to seamlessly grow your podcast.

Libsyn vs Resonate

Like Libsyn, Resonate Hosting is an easy-to-use podcast hosting service that’s perfect for all types of users from beginners to experts. There are no complicated tools to contend with on this platform, and you can have your episode hosted and posted in just a few clicks. 

Moreover, you can manage your podcast production under the same roof. The platform allows you to upload any amount of audio you want. 

Each Resonate Hosting plan lets you host unlimited episodes and get unlimited downloads. The platform also offers unlimited show users, a podcast microsite, private Libsyn podcast hosting, an embed player, and in-depth podcast analytics to help you better understand your listeners. 

You can sign up for a free 14-day trial to test out the platform before committing to a paid plan.

Keep in mind this isn’t an exhaustive list of competitors. Platforms like Firstory, Redcircle, Rss podcast hosting, and many more are worthy competitors.

Libsyn Pricing

Libsyn doesn’t have a free plan, but it does have a range of affordable, growth focused-plans to suit users of all types. 

From the different pricing levels, you’ll be able to choose one that is the best fit for the features and storage you need. So, depending on the number of episodes you plan to release, as well as the length of your episodes, you are sure to find the right plan for you.

Plans are as follows: 

  • 3 hrs new uploads per month: $5/month: 162 MB storage/monthly

Stats Snapshot – IAB Verified, Basic Stats + $2/mo, Create a Podcast – Built-in Audio Recording – Easy & Fast Publishing, and Basic Social Promotion

  • 6 hrs new uploads per month: $15: Everything in the “$5-plan” +, 324 MB Storage/monthly, Basic Stats – IAB Verified – Episode, Daily & All Time
  • 10 hrs new uploads per month: $20/month: Everything in the “$15-plan” +, 540 MB Storage/month, Advanced Stats – IAB Verified – Geographic & Stats Export, Social Promotion Scheduler.

Video podcasting plans range from $40 for 14 hours of new storage per month, to $150 for 55 hours of new storage per month.

Product Support

Libsyn has a team of experts always on hand to provide you with support in a variety of ways, including the following:

  • Submit a Support Ticket
  • Search their Knowledge Base 
  • System Status Overview
  • Libsyn Tutor YouTube

On the website, you’ll receive guidance and tips from actual podcasters who provide you with key information to grow your show and make more money from your podcast

There’s even a YouTube channel filled with videos to teach, train, and coach at all levels of podcasting, from beginner to advanced.


Libsyn integrates seamlessly with the best platforms to make it easier for you to manage every part of your podcast distribution needs. 

This includes connections with social media platforms and you can easily generate and post video formats of your show on YouTube.

On Libsyn, you can integrate several third-party solutions, including: 

  • WordPress
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Spotify
  • YouTube
  • SoundCloud
  • Deezer
  • Canva for show and episode artwork

…and many more. 

Is Libsyn Legit?

So, what’s the final verdict of this Libsyn review?

There is no doubt that Libsyn is legit. It’s one of the oldest podcast hosting providers in the industry and an amazing platform with a wealth of tools, features, and integrations to help you take your show to the next level.

The platform has a solid reputation in the industry for being trustworthy and reliable. This is backed by thousands of positive user reviews, as well as the fact that the platform is used by a lot of popular podcasts like the ones mentioned early on. 

But, that’s not the only reason why this platform is top-ranked. Over the past couple of years, Libsyn has also evolved its toolsets for podcasters to include Libsyn Studio, a tool for all-in-one podcast creation that lets you create a podcast with just your computer and no other equipment. If you’re serious about podcasting, it’s clear to see that Libsyn can take you where you need to go. 

All in all, this is the perfect platform to use for anyone who wants to start from scratch as well as established podcasters who want a reliable podcast hosting solution with plans to suit every budget.

If you’re still not convinced that Libsyn is a great podcast host to choose, take a look at what these users had to say about the platform.

If you’re ready to join a platform with all the tools to launch and supercharge your show, sign up for your Libsyn account right now.

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