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It’s funny how much 30 days can change your mindset in the world of online business.

If you didn’t read last month, my income report was all doom and gloom, and for good reason.  My sites got hit hard by a recent Google Algorithm update and it looked as if what I had worked so hard to build over the last few years was going to take a big punch to the gut.

Then I wrote the report….

And I have to say, I’m almost to the point of perplexed as to how I made as much as I did last month. 

My traffic on all sites was reduced, I lost some consulting work (extra money), and yet I somehow was able to achieve my highest net income month ever outside of when I sold websites for a big profit. 

This month my total income after expenses was $21,854 which comes out to $728 in profit per day.

To be completely honest with you, I’m shocked that this income report was so good.  But of course, it doesn’t come without drama.  I have some big plans for the future that I’ll discuss in this report, including how I plan to deal with the recent Google algo update.

I should mention before we begin, if you’re looking to start your own blog, make sure you check out my free IGNITION course today.

Want to Start a Blog?

If you’re looking to create your own blog/online business and want to get started quickly, I suggest you sign up for my FREE course, IGNITION.

Personal Life Update

June was MUCH better than May from a personal standpoint. 

Frankly, it was boring.  I didn’t have any big surprises, few visitors, and we were able to get things back to normal. 

Saara continues to grow, Thalita and I are still getting used to the parenting thing but getting a better handle on her habits, and frankly, life is getting a little easier.

One thing that I have noticed, and I’m very grateful for, is the fact that I get to see my little girl every single day as much as I’d like.  In addition, my schedule flexibility has become very beneficial when it comes to helping Thalita out when she needs a much-deserved break.

Other than that, July doesn’t look like it’ll be too crazy either.  My mom is coming to visit and see Saara for the first time, which I’m pumped about.  Other than that, no big news to report.

That’s all for the personal update.

If this is your first time on my website let me explain a few things about my detailed income reports each month that outlines the money I made (or lost) each month.

I’m doing this for a number of reasons:

1) I strive to be transparent about what it takes to make money online.

2) These reports help me keep track of my own progress.

3) These reports hold me accountable.

Keep in mind, I don’t create these to gloat about my earnings. I create them to help you understand the true “earning curve” of online business.

On a side note, I don’t disclose my actual website URL’s on my reports because I’ve had bad experiences with copycats in the past. 

So, in my income reports, you’ll see website generalizations like Website 1, Website 3, Website 5 Website 4, etc.

If you’re looking to create your own blog/online business and want to get started quickly, I suggest you sign up for my FREE course, IGNITION, by clicking here.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s dive into the report.

Monthly Income Graphs

Partners and Affiliates Revenue
Website 8 Partners and Affiliates$48$48
Website 6 Partners and Affiliates$69$69
Website 5 Partners and Affiliates$395$395
Website 3 Partners and Affiliates$567$567
OHP Partners and Affiliates$11,531$11,531
YouTube Revenue
Thalita YouTube Channel$11$11
Themed YouTube Channel 2 (Click for Webinar)$12$12
OHP YT Channel$331$331
Ezoic Revenue
Website 8 Ezoic Revenue$107$107
Website 6 Ezoic Revenue$258$258
Website 5 Ezoic Revenue$673$673
Website 7 Ezoic Revenue$3,864$3,864
Website 3 Ezoic Revenue$4,850$4,850
Google Adsense Revenue
Website 2 Adsense Revenue$3$3
Website 9 Adsense Revenue$12$12
Website 5 Adsense Revenue$85$85
OHP Adsense Revenue$154$154
Website 7 Adsense Revenue$784$784
Website 3 Adsense Revenue$1,570$1,570
OHP Course Sales$741$741
Software Expenses
Manage WP$7.70-$7.70
Adobe Photoshop Account$10.61-$10.61
Epidemic Sound$15.00-$15.00
Google Business Drive Storage and Apps$51.97-$51.97
Mailshake App$59.00-$59.00
Intuit Quick Books$80.00-$80.00
Thinkific Online Course Software$99.00-$99.00
Cloudways Hosting$100.30-$100.30
Internet Service$150.00-$150.00
Misc. Software and Products$383.98-$383.98
Freelance Labor Expenses
Freelance Research, Editing, Video Production, and Misc. Labor$3,022.92-$3,022.92
Freelance Writing$5,688.76-$5,688.76
Revenue By ChannelWebsite 3ConsultingOHP WebsiteYouTubeWebsite 7Website 5Website 6Website 2Website 8Website 9UdemyWebsite 1Website 4
June 2022$6,987$7,596$12,426$354$4,648$1,153 $327$3.00 $155 $12$42XSOLDXXSOLDX
May 2022$4,992$9,888$12,322$375$5,733$775$991$15$187$26$89XSOLDXXSOLDX
April 2022$4,358 $7,525$12,805 $1,694$6,364
$1,182 $1,203$12$331 $11$29XSOLDXXSOLDX
March 2022$4,514$11,842$12,527$1,891$6,669$1,703$1,245$2$188$14$100XSOLDXXSOLDX
February 2022$3,676$9,727$9,906$1,667$6,753$1,282$501$5$153$15$54XSOLDXXSOLDX
January 2022$4,699$5,530$10,552$1,684$6,672$1,381$220$3$210$21$151XSOLDXXSOLDX
December 2021$3,471$6,040$10,662 $1,652$7,555$1,571$323$9$216$75$82XSOLDXXSOLDX
November 2021$3,950$6,780$7,329$1,836$6,954$1,655$551$2$188$19$27XSOLDXXSOLDX
October 2021$3,057$6,112$8,258$1,706$5,580$1,609$512$3$93$12$217XSOLDXXSOLDX
September 2021$2,939$4,323$5,640$1,711$5,023$2,114$408$7$18$22$36XSOLDXXSOLDX
August 2021$3,163 $5,841$9,204 $1,718$4,753$1,656 $315$2$50 $15$19XSOLDXXSOLDX
July 2021$4,805$6,700$7,465$1,758$5,611$1,932$269$10$76$21$73XSOLDXXSOLDX
June 2021$5,749$5,820$8,573$1,470$5,320$1,596$258$6$42$18$82XSOLDXXSOLDX
May 2021$4,466
$7,183 $1,530$4,135
April 2021$3,750$3,975$6,925$1,472$2,738$1,417$148$1$60$12$90XSOLDXXSOLDX
March 2021$3,086$3,950$6,662$1,807$3,183$1,704$102$4$36$30$86XSOLDXXSOLDX
February 2021$1,901
January 2021$1,733$3,000$4,078$1,524$1,741$833$124$14$81$14$38$8,076XSOLDX
December 2020$2,356$2750$2,316$1,733$1,670$950$173$15$80$26$76$10,448XSOLDX
November 2020$2,045$2000$1,628$1,386$1,361$741$117$16$59$33$40.00$14,132XSOLDX
October 2020$1,815$2600$1,886$983$1,230$670$68$13$289$13$0$16,439XSOLDX
September 2020$1,958.93$2000.00$836.18$877.29$1,159.98$644.78$68.34$11.52$116.50$7.93$0$13,758.12XSOLDX
August 2020$1,829.59$2,339.50 $685.48$790.50$969.42$709.66 $35.15$14.56 $97.13 $14.09 $75.00 $14,356.31$15,345.21
July 2020$1,390.39 $2,250.00 $545.96 $682.49$773.31 $473.26 $76.03 $15.52 $34.04 $4.29 $72.74 $10,146.39 $39.01
June 2020$2,100.43$2,000.00$664.08$457.43
May 2020$1,628.39 $2,000.00$576.57 $489.31$383.33 $407.86 $30.95 $11.89 $5.78 $5.83 $0.00$14,388.25 $298.50
April 2020$1,268.24$2,000.00$311.09$723.35$488.53$499.28$21.63$24.59$4.80$1.16$0.00$9,868.73$628.28
March 2020$1,244.49$2,000.00$401.28$324.14$482.14$599.43$24.68$20.26$61.30$2.37$0.00$15,729.25$629.15
February 2020$2,139.96$2,000.00$261.22$340.49$467.75$543.09$49.32$36.03$0$3.05$0.00$22,548.73$435.32
January 2020$2,646.41$3,240.00$1,334.33$264.30$382.79$541.68$9.13$12.35$0$2.35$0.00$20,512.80$1045.23
December 2019$2,026.21
November 2019$2,173.90 $0$602.88$358.91 $196.02
$617.31 $182.80
$15.77 $21.59 $21,920.53 $1,338.93
October 2019$2,546.04$300.00$1,073.56$202.14$58.41$230.27$84.62$72.89$30.00$23,620.75$711.71
September 2019$2,627.86 $0$335.35 $177.05 $17.80 $170.04 $50.33 $14.72 $35.00 $21,006.31 $585.93
August 2019$2,590.92 $275.00
$414.58 $156.00
$133.92 $97.26
$23.67 $40.00
$17,817.28 $553.82
July 2019$3,652.24$0$427.66$130.26$2.10$74.26$76.00$17.16$35$16,855.42$574.78
June 2019$5,561.07$0$709.07$141.46$46.29$100.19$30.74$0$15,402.28$562.63
May 2019$4,900.70 $0
$1,062.34 $116.02 $61.17 $35.71$22.25 $0$17,578.97 $749.14
April 2019$4,078.83$0$239.73$76.86$46.05$9.53$0$16,273.68$700.42
March 2019$3,620.30 $0$439.88$76.24$152.99 $19.98$20.24$17,006.79$931.22
February 2019$2,799.98$0$551.53$65.63$291.72$15.68$28.75$15,656.00$647.94
January 2019$3,280.64 $600.00$469.30$76.52$401.91$10.41$45.75$16,483.03 $1,009.83
December 2018$2,488.53$0$483.96$73.60$487.37$20.16$98.43$11,776.03$2,078.19
November 2018$2,324.75$0$657.86$79.91$386.31$10.67$205.87$12,886.78$789.26
October 2018$3,135.04
September 2018$3,853.20$175$321.67$82.99$210.72$0.00$14.94$11,784.71$628.97
August 2018$3,266.47$0$512.72$93.63$39.81$5.31$97.18$11,556.29$980.89
July 2018$4,991.15$0$722.76$84.33$26.84$8.05$91.48$12,864.08$707.66
June 2018$6,858.01$0$432.01$95.96$52.42$11.06$50.92$11138.00$797.02
May 2018$4,288.26$0$391.63$100.82$40.23$6.96$44.40$9152.94$699.19
April 2018$2,028.65$0$545.01$85.48$236.23$11.74$24.90$9637.30$804.71
March 2018$778.01$0$380.29$94.79$224.68$13.78$80.61$14236.64$1362.83
February 2018$382.03 $0$644.36 $86.86$454.08 $22.27 $23.90$10918.94$838.51
January 2018$467.71
December 2017$432.22$0$785.74$96.12$114.05$28.50$59.21$6707.43$555.72
November 2017$574.91$0$480.41$90.40$4.31$17.70$187.01$7545.13$479.34
October 2017$617.67$0$265.38$66.71$13.06$135.59$6859.17$319.02
September 2017$348.16$0$673.87$58.13$11.31$81.39$6781.51$223.95
August 2017$391.68$0$945.04$63.57$16.36$133.91$7429.92$181.93
July 2017$344.91$1,496.38$1055.57$94.84$58.55$41.80$5658.64$85.84
June 2017$423.04$600.00$403.84$79.81$11.87$148.88$5924.41$31.71
May 2017$214.18$51.50$79.00$82.58$8.71$76.08$6805.18$9.67
April 2017$116.65$0$106.71$57.76$3.57$80.25$8175.11
March 2017$224.16$0$355.12$59.11$6.43$137.29$9527.42
February 2017$160.48$125$438.54$52.40$32.99$165.43$3726.98
January 2017$104.19$0$267.33$41.60$222.20$4005.52
December 2016$52.63$125.00$384.57$41.32$138.07$3553.43
November 2016$22.10$125.00$357.77$48.13$259.26$3778.45
October 2016$1.37$126.00$213.88$48.92$238.90$3841.36
September 2016$112.01$402.32$57.14$271.02$3102.56
August 2016$731.05$44.72$55.08$423.49$3318.70
July 2016$135.19$347.47$52.12$186.34$3353.06
June 2016$330.00$132.77$72.22$397.55$3219.41
May 2016$206.25$253.67$75.89$135.25$4677.02
April 2016$497.50$286.38$62.52$353.02$5008.23
March 2016$556.75$265.29$60.14$301.06$2311.67
February 2016$431.25$250.70$62.00$324.58$2760.21
January 2016$1140.00$117.58$46.19$400.97$233.00
December 2015$1163.75$76.00$38.83$17.15$121.30
November 2015$1150.25$39.00$36.78$245.68$138.11
October 2015$760.50$89.54$40.65$49.50$107.72
September 2015$1112.32$113.10$27.46$17.49$102.95
August 2015$1463.75$51.75$25.09$12.05$39.68

Project Updates

Udemy Update

I don’t focus on Udemy any longer, but I have made money from them every month since I stopped.

OHP Website

OHP did have a loss in traffic in June that I was originally very stressed about, but the total earnings remained close to the same. 

  • Pageviews decreased MoM by 14% to 59k
  • This month I earned: $12,426. Earnings increased MoM by 1%. 
  • EPM increased MoM to $209

PLAN:  I’m going to keep guest posting as much as I can, but I’m coming to an end of my outreach list.  At present, my team and I have developed over 312 guest blogs on other sites.  Obviously, this is a LOT of sites and I’m seeing some great progress due to this, but my DR is currently a 76 and now I’m able to rank organically for many terms that I couldn’t before.  So, I’ll continue guest posting, but it will be less than the past. 

That said, I’m going to shift my focus and my teams focus over to better (and more) content on the OHP site.  I’ve spent a ton of time developing software reviews, which have done well, but now I want to focus more on informational content as well to help build topical relevance in various areas in the eyes of Google.

Want to Start a Blog?

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Website 3

I have done nothing on this site for at least 12 months except add Ezoic and it continues to print money for me.  It always has a seasonal spike in June and this year was no different.  I don’t expect July to be as good as June, but it should still be a decent month.

  • Pageviews increased MoM by 17% to 234k.
  • This month I earned: $6,987. Earnings increased MoM by 40%. 
  • EPM increased MoM to $29.81

PLAN:  I’m going to keep publishing one blog post per week for the site and let this one run passively with my team.   

Website 5

I have done nothing on this site for at least 12 months except add Ezoic and it continues to print money for me.  I have no intention of working on it and will let it sit as I work on my other projects.

  • Pageviews decreased MoM by 2% to 51k.
  • This month I earned: $1,153. Earnings increased MoM by 49%. 
  • EPM increased MoM to $22.75

PLAN:  This site is currently 100% passive and I do not work on it.  The downward trend of traffic continues with this site, but I’m starting to see an interesting opportunity to make more on the site.  Long story short, this is a perfect site to run direct ads for companies when they ask and I’m seeing this happen more and more.  I’ve made it clearer that the site allows for direct ads, so we’ll see if we can increase direct deals.

Website 6

Well, this site was definitely hit hard by Google in May, but had a bounce back in June.  It still isn’t where it was pre-update, but I’m happy to see that Google gave me some love as it was incredibly frustrating having my site get crushed for no good reason. 

  • This month I earned: $327. Earnings decreased MoM by 67% but I think it will bounce back a bit in July.
  • EPM decreased MoM to $17.52
  • How Much Have I Invested in This Website: $9,236 ($600 Content budget each month)
  • How Much Money Has This Website Made? $8,727
  • Total ROI: -$509 (If I were to sell the website today, I imagine I could get $15,000 for it which would bring my net gain to roughly $14,500.  We’ll see how things go in July)
  • How Much Content is on the Website? 264 informational blog posts

PLAN:  As of now, I’ve cut back on link building significantly and though I am actively building, the outreach is slowing down drastically as the recent Google algo update scared me.

Beyond this, I’ve also cut back on content production on the site.  I may bump this up again by the end of July, but with the traffic loss and Google changes, I had to adjust my approach until things looked better. 

They’re starting to look better, but I’m not going to do too much until I know what type of revenue the site is producing consistently. 

Website 7

This site dropped a significant amount in June and that’s frustrating considering we keep producing more content.  I’m not entirely sure what to make of this at this moment, but I don’t think it’s wise to change my approach on this site….at least not yet.

But they are not.

  • Pageviews decreased MoM by 24% to 108k.
  • This month I earned: $4,648. Earnings decreased MoM by 19%. 
  • EPM increased MoM to $43.02
  • How Much Have I Invested in This Website: $48,560 ($1800 Content budget each month)
  • How Much Money Has This Website Made? $95,522
  • Total ROI: $46,962 (If I were to sell the website today, I can assume I’d sell for an estimated $185,000. Which means a net gain of about $232,000)
  • How Much Content is on the Website: Keep in mind that this is an informational type of website, not affiliate related at all.
    • 1859 Informational pages on the website
    • 177 Informational Blog Posts

PLAN: For another month, I’m going to continue with business as usual.  But I do want to start seeing a positive traffic trend soon with this site.  I’m annoyed that Google hasn’t been giving the site any love and my hope is that after the algorithm tweaks, things will start moving more positively. 

This site is absolutely in a niche and very centrally/clearly focused, so I feel like it should eventually do very well.  For now, I’m going to sit and watch and continue to produce content.

Website 8

Another month has passed, and this site has lost even more traffic.  Again, I’m annoyed by the algo update and still waiting for Google to settle their search results prior to making any quick decisions that could come back and bite me in the future.  I feel like this site is a good one to wait on for a month or to and I’ll see where things are at then. 

  • Pageviews decreased MoM by 15% to 8.5k.
  • This month I earned: $155. Earnings decreased MoM by 17%. 
  • EPM decreased MoM to $18.24
  • How Much Have I Invested in This Website: $10,164 (No content production at the moment)
  • How Much Money Has This Website Made? $2,464
  • Total ROI: -$7,700 (If I were to sell the website today, I can assume I’d sell for an estimated $5k. Which means a net loss of about $2,700)
  • How Much Content is on the Website? Keep in mind this website is mostly focused on affiliate content with some informational content. 
    • 319 Informational Blog Posts

PLAN:  For now, this site is going to sit, and we’ll see how it does.  On this site I’ve done practically no link building and I personally believe this has to be why it’s underperforming so much.

I’ll never understand why people refuse to build links to their sites.  I definitely understand that it’s not easy and a pretty annoying task, but that’s just another reason to do it. 

For now, I’m still not going to focus on link building but I do have a VA working on link targets for this site in particular.  Again, I’m not yet executing on that list, but I will be using it in the future. 

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Website 9

  • Pageviews decreased MoM by 30% to 561.
  • This month I earned: $12. Earnings decreased MoM by 54%. 
  • EPM decreased MoM to $21.39
  • How Much Content is on the Website?
    • 25 Informational Blog Posts
  • PLAN: This site is currently 100% passive and I do not work on it. 


Website 10

I really don’t have much to report on this site.  I’ve done nothing for it and it really hasn’t done anything for me either.  That said, I do have an idea of the content we can start producing which has some pretty great affiliate revenue, but I am not prepared to hire a writer yet. 

  • Pageviews decreased MoM by 44% to 1.4k.
  • This month I earned: $0. This site is not yet monetized. 
  • EPM remained at $0.
  • How Much Content is on the Website?
    • 33 Informational Blog Posts

PLAN:  As of this point, I am having this site sit and I’m going to see how it grows over time.  There’s been nothing produced on the site for a while in terms of content and I’m continuing to build links to it when I get the opportunity

OneHourProfessor YouTube Channel

The OneHourProfessor YouTube channel continues to shrink.  As of now, I have no plans to return but that may change in the future.

  • Views decreased MoM by 3% to 14.3k.
  • This month I earned: $337. Earnings decreased MoM by 3%. 
  • Subscriber growth decreased MoM by 23%
  • How Much Have I Invested in This YouTube Channel: $3,927
  • How Much Money Has This YouTube Channel Made? $15,398
  • Total ROI: $11,471 (If I were to sell the channel today, I can assume I’d sell for an estimated $10k. Which means a net gain of about $21.5k)

PLAN: At this point, I must stay away from publishing new content on my channel.  My sites take a ton of my mental capacity and history has shown I’m more skilled in this area.

Themed YouTube Channel 2

This channel continues to perform poorly and we’re just letting it sit at this point.  There is no reason to focus on it, the earnings and views aren’t close to making this a sustainable or profitable channel.  If you’re interested in building an outsourced YouTube channel like this (I’d advise that you be careful on the niche selection), I recommend that you check out this webinar.

  • Views decreased MoM by 11% to 7.4k.
  • This month I earned: $12. Earnings remained the same MoM. 
  • Subscriber growth decreased MoM by 32%
  • How Much Have We Invested in This YouTube Channel: $4,100 (We’ve stopped investing here)
  • How Much Money Has This YouTube Channel Made? $93
  • Total ROI: -$4,007 (If I were to sell the channel today, I can assume I’d sell for an estimated $400. Which means a net loss of about $3,600)

PLAN:  For now, this channel is simply going to sit.  I’d love to continue to work on it, but the channel itself appears to be flawed.  Even if we’re able to get a significant number of views on the channel, the earnings per thousand views is in the range of $2 to $3, which just isn’t enough.

Lessons Learned

Every month, I will reflect back and tell you a few lessons I’ve learned. My hope is that the lessons each month will be a cautionary tale for you that makes it so that you don’t make the dumb mistakes that I do along the way.

  • React slowly after Algorithm updates: I wasn’t quite sure what to do after the algorithm update, mainly because I’d never been hit like this before.  After careful consideration, I decided it was a good idea to disavow a bunch of URL’s.  Was this dumb?  Was this a good move?  I honestly have no idea because Google is screwing with me. 

    That said, lesson learned.  When Google decides to crush your site, before making any big moves, give it at least a couple of weeks.   I didn’t, made my changes and then a few days later it bounced back.  I thought I was brilliant, but it turns out the algorithm was still adjusting.   As I wrote this report I canceled the disavow, so we’ll see what that does for the site.

  • Diversification is still king: I thought it was crazy that my entire portfolio was hit by this algorithm update, but it is what it is.  At this point, I’m still happy I diversified income sources as it gives me stability in times of uncertainty.   
  • Reduce your spending when it’s needed: I don’t like to reduce my spending on projects, but sometimes it’s warranted and that was true in June.  I had to change things a lot in order to be more profitable and although it pains me to cut back this much, until I know more about how website 6 is going to shake out I have to make this move.  

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