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Roblox is a very popular online game platform where users can play many different games. It’s particularly popular among kids and teens. With millions of players around the world, it has reached unprecedented levels of success in recent years.

But did you know you can share in the company’s success? You can become a Roblox developer to create your own games. Even novice programmers can get started as a developer using Roblox Studio, making it very accessible. And once you make your very first game, you can start making money on it in a variety of ways. In this guide on how to make money on Roblox, I’ll cover a few of the most profitable ones.

How Much Money Can You Make With Roblox?


How much money you make with your Roblox creations will vary from person to person — some people have earned millions, while others have earned nothing at all.

But to give you an idea of the possibilities, I’ll delve into some stats of the platform.

According to highlights from the Roblox Developers Conference in 2022, 2.7 million people have earned Robux from their creations in June 2022. They’ve paid over $580 million in developer payouts from in the 12 month period from 2021 to June 30th, 2022.

Also, according to Yahoo, “1,050 developers have earned at least $10,000, while another 250 made $100,000 or more through September 2020.”

This shows that even if you can’t compete with top games like Adopt Me! (whose visits are nearly 4 times larger than the size of the human population), you will still earn a sizeable income if you create a decently popular one.

Proven Ways of Making Money With Roblox

1. Use a DevEx Roblox Account

The first step of learning how to make money on Roblox is making an account that enables you to earn money.

If you want to earn money on Robux, step one is always to create a DevEx portal account. Once you have a DevEx portal account, you’ll be able to join the DevEx program if you meet certain requirements.

Remember: without the DevEx program, you won’t earn any money on the platform. It’s the only Terms-of-Use-compliant way to turn your Robux into real cash.

Besides having a portal account, there are currently six other requirements you need to fulfill before you can be a part of the DevEx program:


These requirements are subject to change. Be sure to check the DevEx Exchange Terms of Use page for the most up-to-date information.

2. Create and Offer Game Passes


Game Passes are a way to offer extra features in your game, such as exclusive items, power-ups, and access to members-only areas. Players just need to pay a one-time Robux fee to get it.

To create them, you’ll need to go to the Create tab on Roblox. Then if you click the cog wheel next to your game, you can click the “Create Pass” option to start on your Game Pass (see image above). From there, you’ll need to upload your custom icon, name it, and create a description.

Game Passes are not monetized automatically, nor will they automatically give the reward you mentioned in the description. Follow Roblox’s Game Pass guide to find out how to do this.

The most important thing to remember when making Game Passes is not to make them overpowered. Otherwise, you’ll frustrate your free-to-play players, and players who paid for the Game Pass won’t have an incentive to buy much else (including other passes you create).

3. Charge Players for Game Access


You can charge players a one-time fee to access your game. To do this, you’ll need to go to Game Settings, Monetization, and toggle paid access (see image above).

There are some restrictions for paid access, however:


Keep in mind that there are many free to play games on Roblox (in fact, most Roblox games are free), so charging too high a fee will likely turn off players. You can keep demand high in spite of the fee by advertising your game online, such as making a YouTube channel.

Roblox mentions that some developers use the paid access feature only so players can have early access to a beta version of the game before it becomes free for everyone. You can use this strategy to make Robux while your game is in the early stages (so long as it is playable).

4. Make Perishable Items

Perishable items in Roblox are items that players can purchase that can only be used a limited number of times — once they’re gone, they’ll have to purchase more.

In-game currency and XP are good examples of perishable items to monetize. But much like with Game Passes, make sure to balance your perishables, so you don’t frustrate your player base. Ideally, perishables should just give players a small boost.

5. Trade Rare Items

Roblox has two types of rare items: Limited and LimitedU (Limited unique). Limited items are sold for a limited time only, but during this period you can buy as many copies as you want.

Meanwhile, LimitedU items are sold in finite quantities. Once these run out, players cannot get them unless they trade with other players.

To unlock the trading system, you have to have a Roblox premium monthly subscription. Currently they’re offered in three tiers ranging from $4.99-19.99 per month.


Once you subscribe, you can initiate trades by going to a player’s profile page. If you want to find out the best price for the limited item, you can check this guide from Roblox on how to make a catalog query.

6. Create and Sell Fashion Clothing

Fashion clothing can be sold in-game. You’ll just need a clothing template and an image editing program such as Krita (free) or Photoshop (paid). Then you can make as many clothing items as you want and put them in your game.

The most important thing to keep in mind with fashion clothing is that players want style diversity and clothes that relate to the game in some way. Consistently putting out beautiful, original clothing items is the best way to keep demand for them high.

How are Robux Converted to Cash?

Robux are converted into money through DevEx. Currently, the exchange rate is $0.0035 (USD) per Robux. This means that for every 10,000 Robux you have, you’ll get paid $35.

How is Your Share of Robux Calculated?


Shares are calculated on a per-item basis. You’ll earn either 30, 40 or 70% depending on your role in the item selling process. Creating virtual items alone get you a 30% share, while selling virtual items alone gets you 40%. You will earn the maximum share percentage, 70%, if you create and sell virtual items by yourself. The reason it caps at 70% is that Roblox takes a 30% cut of all item sales.

How to Avoid Roblox Scammers


Like any platform, Roblox is not exempt from scams. To make sure you don’t waste your hard-earned Robux, make sure to follow these safety tips:

  • Do not trade with any player who says they will give you Robux for your in-game items. No one but the developer is allowed to sell in-game items for Robux (via Game Pass, perishable item sales, etc.).
  • Do not trust any person or site that says they will give you free Robux. Giving away free Robux (unless you’re giving a gift card to someone) is actually against the Terms of Use due to all the scams that have happened.
  • Never give access to your account or your account password to anyone. No one besides you needs to access your account for you to get Robux. Scammers promise this so they can steal your account.
  • Do not let anyone “borrow” your items on Roblox. Chances are, they are just trying to steal under the false pretense that you’ll get it back.
  • Do not engage in “trust trades.” Trust trades are when you have to trust the other player by giving them something under the promise that they will pay you later. No legitimate trader uses “trust trades.” They will just pay what they owe during the trade itself.
  • Be wary of external links. If someone sends you a message saying to click a link to initiate a trade, it is usually a scam. Many scammers use these links to steal your information. Also, trades made on anything but the Roblox website violate Roblox’s terms.
  • Don’t do anything that violates the Terms of Use. Roblox is very clear in its Terms of Use on how you can make money or Robux. If a player tells you to do something that violates the Terms of Use, they are usually a scammer.

Can You Make Money On Roblox?

Absolutely! Anyone can make money on Roblox as long as they fulfill the necessary requirements to do so. Although you won’t be able to make a living doing this, it can be profitable as a side gig. Some rare individuals may even break through and start making some serious income.

Overall, the Roblox platform is a great place for game developers and traders to earn money. You just need to be part of the DevEx program, and you can turn your Robux into real cash.

Some have made a full-time living off their Roblox game and even become millionaires for creating the most popular ones. But even if you don’t reach such heights, it can be a great way to earn money on the side, especially if you’re a teen looking for a side hustle you enjoy.

I hope my guide on how to make money on Roblox has helped you come up with a strategy of your own. Good luck!

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