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First off, I want to give an answer to the question “What is BIGO Live?”

BIGO Live is a live streaming app where content creators can entertain people and get paid. From hosting podcasts to selling online courses to doing comedy, there are a lot of ways to build a network and gain a following. If you can entertain people with your live streaming content, there is definitely money to be made.

The BIGO live streaming platform has more than 400 million registered users, who are all live streaming themselves or watching other people’s live streams. Which makes it the perfect destination for streamers hoping to turn their hobby and talent into a little extra cash.

Here are some tips for how to make money on BIGO Live.

Best Ways To Make Money On Bigo Live

BIGO Live App


The first step in learning how to make money on BIGO Live requires you to first become a host, and there are typically two ways to do that.

The first way is to download the BIGO Live app, then sign in and go live as a regular host. This method allows you to earn money from gifts called “beans” that viewers send you during your broadcast. The more popular you are and the more fans you have, the more “beans” you can receive as gifts — which you can then cash out.

The second way to become a BIGO live host — and maximize your earnings — is to become an official host and get paid a base salary. Official hosts work under a contract that’s either signed with BIGO Live or another recruitment agency.

Official hosts must hit a monthly target of receiving gifts to receive their salary, which is based on those targets.

As an official host on BIGO, you are required to stream a minimum of 30 hours per month over at least 15 days each month to get paid the minimum salary. That means you must stream at least every other day for two hours to meet the monthly requirements and earn money from BIGO. Or, you can choose to stream one hour every day to hit the 30 hour minimum requirement.

Bigo hosts can earn $150 – $10000 in a month. Salary totally depends on how much gifts target you have achieved in a month period. 

You are not required to become an official host on BIGO live to earn money, but there are definitely benefits from choosing this option.

  • Official BIGO live hosts receive more payments than a regular host
  • The recruiter/agency provides special assistance
  • You can be part of official BIGO events
  • Talented hosts receive Special Live House performance privilege
  • Your content may appear in the Hot Live section
  • You can get immediate help with site issues (fake profiles, abusive comments, ID ban, etc…)

To become an official host on BIGO, you first need to contact BIGO Live official (email: [email protected]) or an agency. They will require your BIGO User ID to schedule a live interview with a recruiter.

At your scheduled date and time, you will connect with an interviewer on a video call and answer some simple questions. Once approved, you will need to show proof of identification by taking a selfie with a government-issued photo ID in hand.

Here are a couple of methods with which you can help yourself learn how to make money on BIGO Live.

1. Host Podcasts

As a content creator, you can use BIGO to live stream a podcast. Talking about current events, sharing your own thoughts, and interviewing others can help you gain a following and earn BIGO tips that you can cash out. With a podcast on BIGO Live, you can also sell advertising to businesses who wish to target your audience.

2. Become a Live Streamer

Live streaming is what BIGO Live is all about — that’s how you’re earning money on this site. Unlike video platforms like YouTube or Rumble where earnings are focused on edited videos posted to the site, time spent broadcasting live and virtual gifts is how you make money on BIGO Live.

You can live stream your daily chores, putting on makeup, cooking dinner, playing video games, running errands — whatever you want to share with your audience. Essentially, you can live stream your life.

The reason live streaming has become so popular is because people love to watch what others are doing. You can use BIGO Live to become a vlogger, and gain followers and popularity in your niche of choice.

3. Do Comedy

From stand-up comedy to sketches, if you can make people laugh with your specific sense of humor then you can find an audience on BIGO Live. Showcasing your comedy skills can be one of the best ways to earn money and rewards on the BIGO Live app.

4. Play Music

If you are a host who can sing or play music, this can be a great way to earn money on BIGO Live. Start your journey as a musical artist by live streaming a concert from your living room. When you play an instrument or sing, you can collect beans from your followers — which are worth $1 for every 210 earned. The more beans you earn, the more money you make on BIGO Live.

5. Sell Online Courses

If you have knowledge or expertise on a specific topic, creating an online course and making high-quality videos and live streams to promote it can be a good way to make money from BIGO Live. Interact with your followers to earn money directly and to sell your online course from some extra cash.

6. Provide Video Game Walkthroughs

If you are a gamer with some skills, live streaming video game walkthroughs on BIGO can earn you money. You can also showcase your skills by live streaming your own gameplay, earning money, followers, and popularity in the process. Gamers tend to earn more beans on BIGO than most other streams.

7. Teach People Specialized Skills

If you have a specialized skill of any kind, you can monetize on BIGO Live by teaching others in your streams. Tutorials are extremely popular in the world of cooking, art, and beauty — just to name a few.

8. Affiliate Marketing

In addition to making money on BIGO Live from beans and/or a salary, you can also create another income stream through affiliate marketing. When you have a large enough following, you can become an affiliate marketer for a brand or product that you like to use in your live streams.

When a viewer uses your unique promo code, they will receive a particular discount when they make a purchase and you will get commission.

9. Promote your Products & Services

Use BIGO Live to make money by promoting your own merch, business products, and services from your own website or online store. Using a live stream to promote your business can lead to two income streams: earning money directly from followers on the stream and by sending customers to your website or store.

10. Get Sponsors on Board

With a big enough following, you can get sponsors who will pay you to promote their products to your audience. Usually by wearing some of their merch, using the product, or displaying it during a stream. Sponsorships also require a verbal mention from you during your streaming session.

Tips to Make More Money on Bigo Live

BIGO Live App


1. Make your Profile Stand Out

There are millions of live streamers on BIGO Live, so you will have to make an effort to stand out. To gain a following and earn money, the first step is to come up with a good user name and to create a profile that will attract some eyeballs.

Make sure you have a high-quality profile picture, and write the most interesting bio you can come up with that best describes you and your streaming content.

2. Record High-Quality Videos

To make money on BIGO, it is important to record high-quality videos with good sound and lighting. People don’t want to watch grainy videos or videos that can hear or understand. The better your streaming and video quality, the better your chance of making money as one of the millions of BIGO live broadcasters.

3. Try to Be Unique

Being unique and trying to create something new and different is how you make money on BIGO. Being different in your niche is how you get recognized and gain a following. Whether you are being entertaining or informational — or something in between — a new, fresh take or talent will help build your audience and help you earn money.

4. Post Videos on a Regular Basis

Consistency is key when it comes to being successful on BIGO Live. The best way to earn money from BIGO is to live stream regularly — and to let your viewers know when you will be streaming. Remember, as an official host you must stream a minimum of 30 hours per month over at least 15 days.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a mobile live broadcast from the road or a BIGO Live stream from your couch, posting consistently is a must for a successful BIGO host.

5. Share your Videos on Social Media & Blogs

To make money on BIGO, post your live streams on other social media sites and blogs to build your audience. You can post the same content across multiple platforms, which is a great tool for maximizing earnings, building your network, and growing your audience.

6. Interact with your Followers & Audience

And the final tip which will help you learn how to make money on BIGO Live is not to forget to interact with your followers and audience. The virtual gifts that you receive from your fans can be a significant portion of your earnings on the BIGO Live app. Connect with your viewers and build that relationship if you want to make money on BIGO.

Have a conversation with them during your live streams and respond to comments. Content creators who acknowledge their followers and value their interaction and input are the ones who find success.

It’s free and easy to become a host on the BIGO Live app — and there is a lot of money to be made. It does take time and effort to become successful. But by following these tips, you should be able to make BIGO a great side hustle to earn extra cash, even if you’re a teen.

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