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Ezoic and Google Adsense are two of the largest display monetization methods currently available. Both platforms have a lot to offer when it comes to helping publishers create ad revenue from their sites.  

According to recent statistics, digital advertising and marketing industry revenue is expected to reach 700 billion U.S. dollars in 2025 and 786.2 billion U.S. dollars the following year.


That’s enough reason to jump on the bandwagon and set up ad monetization on your site. 

I’ve spent the past 14 years focused on display ads in my online businesses so I know quite a bit about Adsense alternatives like Ezoic, and in this article, we’re going to compare every aspect of these platforms, from onboarding to security and everything in between in order to give you a better idea of which one would serve you better. 

EDITORS NOTE: Before you exclusively compare these two platforms, I’d highly recommend you consider Newor Media with no minimum traffic threshold as it’s quickly become my favorite display ad solution as they have great earning potential, assign you an account manager when you sign up, and are owned by the folks at FEInternational-a trusted company regularly featured on the Inc 5000. Here’s my in-depth review if you’re interested.

So, if you’re ready, let’s get this Ezoic vs. Adsense comparison started. 

Ezoic vs. Adsense: Overview

1. Onboarding Process

The importance of onboarding new users can’t be overstated. Fortunately, both platforms have great onboarding processes to take care of customers and new signups looking to monetize their sites with either platform. 

Let’s take a closer look at each platform’s onboarding process. 


If you site is less than 10k monthly pageviews, you would join the Ezoic “Access Now” course. This is where you would need to take a course that teaches you how to set up and integrate with Ezoic, before you can start monetizing.  

If your site has over 10k monthly pageviews, you will not be prompted to complete the course and can get started more quickly.  

That said, there are plenty of other courses on the site, none of which are required but highly recommended because they will help you unlock additional benefits so you can maximize your ad revenue.

Ezoic has also implemented a new Levels expansion to help prospective publishers looking to use Ezoic for monetizing their sites. 

Levels is Ezoic’s way of distinguishing publishers using a system based on each website’s monthly visitors and revenue. 

You’ll learn who you’ll be communicating with (Ezoic specialists, communities, etc.), what you’re expected to know, site requirements, how long the entire process takes, and various other concerns.

Ezoic also has a program called Access Now designed to help publishers at a lower traffic level to find value from joining Ezoic’s ad network platform. 

Access Now makes Ezoic’s technology available to all sites, regardless of their size. 

When you join this program, you’ll get education and support, and you’ll be able to generate historical testing data from an early stage. 

Here are some additional benefits you can enjoy as an Access Now program member: 

  • No pageview limitations
  • Access to free tools used by major brand publishers
  • Rapid setup in as little as 15 minutes
  • Unmatched performance and security thanks to Cloud integration
  • Access to Twist Community for accelerated support


Compared to Ezoic, Adsense gives its publishers virtually no support. After you get accepted to Adsense, you’re on your own. My research shows that there are a lot of frustrated users looking for answers online with no luck. 

Most have to rely on other users to help them with onboarding issues, as evidenced by the example below: 


Winner: Ezoic

There’s no doubt that Ezoic wins this round. With this ad network, even publishers with fewer than 10k visits can still win big. The platform offers different levels of benefits, support, and resources, whereas Adsense offers none of this to its publishers.

2. Ongoing Education

It’s important to understand how to make the most money with display ads, otherwise, you may be wasting time doing things that don’t move the needle for your business. 

You need to choose an ad network that helps you make the right decisions by providing you with ongoing education to help you maximize your earnings.


Ezoic has gone to great lengths to provide users with as much information as they require on how to get started and how to make the most from their ads. 

You’ll get answers to many of the most commonly asked questions like “Why should I put ads on my sites right now instead of waiting until there is more traffic?” 

Whatever you need answers to, the platform provides. You’ll even get courses to educate you on different aspects of display ads and optimization methods and ongoing weekly training sessions with office hours for all customers.  

Simply put, Ezoic goes above and beyond when it comes to continually educating its customers. 


Adsense also offers help to its users through Adsense Help. Here you’ll find a help center, as well as a community of users and a space for announcements. 

You can use the search feature to describe your issue, after which you’ll receive an answer from one of the platform’s users. 

However, this platform’s help center is not as reliable as Ezoic’s and you’re not assured of getting a timely answer to your query. 

Winner: Ezoic

By now, it’s clear to see that Ezoic goes above and beyond to provide users with adequate resources in the form of FAQs, blog posts, how-to guides, and even courses to ensure that they get the most from the platform.

3. Support

Support is a very important consideration when deciding which ad network to go with. If you should ever require help during the process, you need to have a reliable team available to answer your questions and provide solutions to any of your issues. 

Let’s see how these two platforms compare in this regard.


In Access Now and Level 1, Ezoic encourages the primary use of collaborative learning communities like the platform’s Twist channel to search for questions. 

This is a group onboarding setting where you will be in a community of like-minded users. If you don’t see your question here, you can start a new thread and one of the team members in Twist will provide you with answers. 

When you reach Level 2, you will have access to a dedicated onboarding specialist who will further educate and advise you on different topics pertaining to display ads, including:

  • Publishing
  • Placeholders
  • Website speed
  • Content
  • EPMV
  • Big Data Analytics

… and many others. 

Ezoic makes it easy to get started as a publisher and the support you receive from the platform will always correspond to the size of your website. In other words, the larger your website grows, the more support you’ll get to keep things on track. 


In stark contrast, Adsense doesn’t offer much in the way of support other than a simple email address where you can submit your question and someone will respond (eventually). 

Unfortunately, my research shows that the responses received are often unhelpful which leads to a lot of frustration among users.

Winner: Ezoic

There’s no denying that Ezoic has a lot more to offer than Adsense in terms of support. You can get help via an in-depth knowledge base and help center, as well as email and live chat, whereas Google only offers an unengaged community and email support. 

4. Ad Optimization

The next feature we’ll be focusing on in this part of the Ezoic vs. Adsense comparison is ad optimization.

One of the main reasons for using an ad network is to be able to optimize ads so you can increase the amount of money you make from the same amount of visitors to your site. 

Let’s look at what each platform offers in terms of ad optimization.


Ezoic uses an intelligent ad optimization process where placeholders are used to automate ad optimization for websites of all sizes. This way, you’ll be able to increase revenue and performance and maximize your revenue while improving user experience (UX). 

With the use of this powerful AI, there’s no need to guess any longer. Tons of data points will be used to pick the best layout for each type of user which not only boosts engagement but also increases your revenue so everyone wins. 


Unlike Ezoic, Adsense uses manual testing for all ad optimizations on your site. They have auto ads, but those aren’t as successful as Ezoic for optimization. This process is neither reliable nor efficient because you have to run experiments on different templates for custom search styles if you want to make any changes that will improve the quality of ads on your website.

This means you must work hard to find the best ad types, layouts, and sizes for your sites. While it is possible to increase Adsense CPC, it’s not simple or straightforward.

This is beyond the skills or bandwidth of most users, which is why many would prefer Ezoic for its automatic ad testing process.

Winner: Ezoic

There’s really no contest here unless you enjoy doing manual testing to find the best ads for your website. Ezoic takes care of all of this for you using smart AI technology so you get the best results with virtually no effort.

5. Pricing

So far, Ezoic is in the lead in every area we’ve looked at, including Onboarding, Ad Optimization, Support, and Ongoing Education. Let’s see what each platform offers with regard to pricing. 


Ezoic allows you to sample all its core features and products for free. You can sign up for a free trial on the platform with no payment information required. 

You can then choose between an ad-funded option and the 10% revenue share option.

Pricing is the only place so far where Adsense ties because it’s free.  

But, in my experience, Ezoic makes more due to AI optimizations and pays for itself and then some. 

Take a look at these screenshots to give you a better idea of what I’m talking about: 


Adsense is free for anyone to use as long as you meet the ad platform’s requirements. Google Adsense will pay you for clicks and impressions on the ads displayed on your site, allowing you to generate a consistent flow of income from your traffic. 

Winner: Tie

However, the only section where Adsense ties with Ezoic is on pricing. Adsense is free, but while Ezoic does have a generous trial offer, they will make you more over time. So, even though Ezoic has a cost to it, they make you enough money plus additional revenue to cover the spread.

6. Analytics

This is yet another important area to consider when choosing the best ad network for your website. Let’s see what types of analytics tools you get on each platform.


Ezoic has a lot to offer in terms of analytics. It has Big Data Analytics tools that all allow you to generate higher revenue, improve your SEO, and make more money from your site automatically. 

You’ll be able to discover how valuable your different site content categories are, as well as tie revenue to areas like landing pages, scroll depth, and word count in order to maximize your results. 

Furthermore, the platform’s analytics provides you with page-level reporting (see screenshot below) which will allow you to objectively measure your ROI so you know which of your SEO campaigns are getting the desired results.


Unlike Ezoic, Adsense doesn’t offer page-level reporting, as shown in the screenshot below: 

This lack of in-depth reporting is yet another reason why so many publishers are moving from this ad network in search of a platform that offers deeper insights to help them make more money from website ads. 

Winner: Ezoic

A certain theme is now developing, and it’s no surprise that Ezoic is the winner here, as well. The ad network offers something you won’t get on Adsense, and that is page-level reporting which allows you to take your data to a whole new level to see how each blog post, homepage, or landing page performs. 

7. Overall Revenue Potential

One of the primary considerations when choosing the best ad network is which platform will make you more over time. 


My research and experience have shown that with Ezoic, a site could make as little as $3/1,000 views in the beginning, but with the platform’s ad optimization algorithm, the website will eventually start making up to $50-$60/1,000 pageviews – particularly when the niche, time of year, and access to premium ads are all aligned. 

Even publishers who are complete beginners can expect an eCPM that is 50-150% higher once they join this platform. You can use the platform’s earnings calculator to find out what you could be making on your site. 


How much money can you make from Adsense? You get paid per every click on your website ads, but Google takes a commission. Publishers typically receive 68% (51% when using Google Adsense for reach). 

Depending on your niche, the commission you receive can go from $0.20 to $15, with an average of $3/click for publishers.

Winner: Ezoic

Ezoic has proven that it offers far superior benefits to Adsense in terms of revenue generation over time. 

Final Thoughts

It’s time to bring this Ezoic vs. Adsense comparison to a close. So is Ezoic better than Adsense or is it the other way around?

Not to state the obvious, but Ezoic is the clear winner here. While you may be inclined to start with Adsense as a beginning blogger, if you want to maximize your earnings, then Ezoic is the best option for you.
I’d love to give Adsense some credit, but having had my issues with them myself in the past where they took over $30,000 from me, it’s hard for me to give many positives of the platform.  Ezoic is superior and I recommend them every day over Adsense.

  • thanks for the detailed report , i’m here because i’m considering moving from adsense , no support ! no one to answer my questions !!

    • Trust me, after they screwed me out of 30k and I had no one to turn to, you don’t need to tell me about the lack of support lol.

  • Hi Ron, Does Ezoic allow for multiple websites on the same account? Is it possible to have Adsense and Ezoic on the same website?

    • Good questions! Yes, you can have multiple sites on the same account, that’s what I do. And yes, Adsense is integrated with Ezoic. Meaning, Ezoic will compare its ad inventory across all networks vs. Google Adsense ad units to see which one pays more. If Google Adsense pays more, that’s what they’ll show. You can also make it so that the system shows 50% Ezoic ads and 50% Adsense ads to compare what performs better. Spoiler Alert…..Ezoic will win 🙂

    • The OHP site is primarily focused on affiliate revenue, and I have ads only on a few pages that I’m testing. Sites in my portfolio that are display ad focused used Ezoic.

  • I am using Adsense and my niche is sports, according to Adsense I have over 10k page daily view but I have just 3k or little less unique visitors daily but I get peanut from Adsense now that I want to move to Ezoic my question is will ezoic calculate cpm base on 10k page views or 3k visitors?

    • It’ll do it based on pageviews at Ezoic, though give it at least 30 days to optimize the site for revenue.

      • Thank you so much I will be moving to Ezoic then Adsense is giving me peanut and other ads network I tried most calculate visitors with low cpm rate, please do you think I can make up to $4 as cpm for entertainment website(football and WWE news)? I will give it a try thou

        • Great Petrius, hope it helps! It’s really difficult to calculate CPM with any network, especially considering ad rates are down significantly at the moment as we’re in a recession and brands are pulling back on spending. That said, I’m confident once implemented that Ezoic will earn you more than Adsense.

    • Fair. I didn’t think of that when writing this up and migrating back and forth isn’t something I’m about to try doing again. That said, from my experience they are very similar. There is usually a small decrease in scores with Ezoic, but nothing that I feel has made a different in my ranking sites.

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