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2022 is officially behind us and while I wish I finished the year with a bang, that wasn’t exactly the case.

Granted, my revenue was again over $20,000 for the month, but I continued my heavy investment and  wasn’t profitable for the second month in a row.

I’m still very comfortable with how everything is going and while I wish I was seeing more growth, this is by design.  My hope is that as I continue to invest heavily over the coming months, my revenue will increase.

Before we jump into report I want to note that nearly every site I have was down in traffic for the month and this is pretty common at the end of the year and isn’t alarming to me.

The biggest positive this month: I saw an increase in affiliate revenue on OneHourProfessor by just over 13%.  This is exactly what should be happening considering how much time I’m spending focused on this project. 

The biggest negative this month:  The free fall of site 3 continues.  The site has lost a ton of traffic in the last few months and display ad rates are so insanely bad that it makes me very happy I pivoted to focus more on affiliate.

This month my total income after expenses was -$554 which comes out to spending about $18/day. 

I should mention before we begin, if you’re looking to start your own blog, make sure you check out my free IGNITION course today.

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If you’re looking to create your own blog/online business and want to get started quickly, I suggest you sign up for my FREE course, IGNITION.

Reflecting on 2022

To be blunt, 2022 was the most difficult year I’ve had with my online business since I started it in 2014.  My income/revenue numbers overall were pretty good, but the amount of algorithm updates released by Google has (likely) forever changed my business. 

I made some big changes this year strategically to make sure I can endure, what I anticipate will be even more turbulent times as we see a large shift in the SERPS over the next couple of years due to AI.

  • Spent 80% of my time focused on OneHourProfessor: While I’ve always been a fan of diversification, I feel that with AI becoming more prevalent, the days of having a crappy informational site that’s easy-to-rank will soon be ancient history.  While this may take a year or two to happen, I think AI will integrate into Google (Just like it recently did with Bing) and take traffic for straight-forward informational content.
  • Concentrated more heavily on affiliate marketing: Aside from courses, I couldn’t think of a good way to monetize OneHourProfessor. So ,I decided to focus on recommending software/tools to help business owners.  Looking back, this was a great decision even though I stumbled on it by mistake.  Not only can this be lucrative (though it is highly competitive), but it’s also something that I feel is going to be resilient to AI as people value other people’s opinions of software. 
  • Had failed projects I thought would be MUCH bigger: I had some BIG disappointments this year.  Although I had a few failed sites, I think the one that (still) bothers me the most is website 6.  This site had EVERYTHING I wanted going for it, allowed for an ecommerce play, seemed like a perfect project to go all-in on, and then Google decided….it wasn’t.  While I still allocate a $500 budget to it monthly, I feel like that may diminish in by the end of Q1 unless I see a turnaround in the Serps.  Looking back, I still have no idea why this site failed.  The only thing I can think is that it has too many affiliate links as nearly every page on the site does, but that’s purely speculation. 

Goals for 2023

  • Don’t start any new projects: This year will be a year of focus.  As of now, myself and my team are working on 4 sites and that will not change from now until 2024.  I’m 90% focused on One Hour Professor, 10% focused on another big opportunity site with a decent DR, and my team is helping grow two other simple sites with some decent potential. 
  • Grow OneHourProfessor to 250k+ pageviews monthly: With OHP being the focus this year, I have to set some strict goals.  For me, this means hitting 250k pageviews each month in traffic.
  • Achieve $50k/mo revenue: In 2022, my goal was to hit $100k/mo in revenue.  I didn’t come close to that in a single given month, even when I sold a site for $60k.  So, I’ve decided to realign with more realistic revenue goals and want to focus on generating $50k of revenue consistently by the end of 2023. 

Personal Life Update

December was a little hectic as my wife, daughter, and I traveled to Illinois to see my family.

In addition to that, I took a solid week off of work and didn’t even log into my email accounts which was an AWESOME way to unplug and refresh myself. 

In a way, this made me reflect on the schedule that I typically have and helped me realize that I’m definitely stressing/working too hard at the moment and need to continually improve my work/life balance.

I think one of my issues is that I have two ways that I think probably aren’t that common.

First, I never feel like I’ve done “enough”.

I now consistently make over $20,000 in revenue every month which I would have dreamed of when I started, but now my goal is much higher than that at $50,000.  Once I hit that, I already know I’ll just increase my goals.  For me, it’s not even about the money.  Money is the way to gauge success and I’m much more interested in that. 

Second, I’m painfully competitive.

I’m one of those people that feels like I ALWAYS have a target on my back and the best way to “win” is to outwork the competition.  I actually enjoy competition and love the intellectual sparring I do with my competitors on a daily basis.

That’s all for the personal update.

If this is your first time on my website let me explain a few things about my detailed income reports each month that outlines the money I made (or lost) each month.

I’m doing this for a number of reasons:

1) I strive to be transparent about what it takes to make money online.

2) These reports help me keep track of my own progress.

3) These reports hold me accountable.

Keep in mind, I don’t create these to gloat about my earnings. I create them to help you understand the true “earning curve” of online business.

On a side note, I don’t disclose my actual website URL’s on my reports because I’ve had bad experiences with copycats in the past. 

So, in my income reports, you’ll see website generalizations like Website 1, Website 3, Website 5 Website 4, etc.

If you’re looking to create your own blog/online business and want to get started quickly, I suggest you sign up for my FREE course, IGNITION, by clicking here.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s dive into the report.

Monthly Income Graphs


Partners and Affiliates Revenue
Website 6 Partners and Affiliates$32
Website 8 Partners and Affiliates$44
Website 3 Partners and Affiliates$136
OHP Partners and Affiliates$11,090
YouTube Revenue
Themed YouTube Channel 2 (Click for Webinar)$7
Thalita YouTube Channel$7
OHP YouTube Channel$178
Ezoic Revenue
Website 8 Ezoic Revenue$89
Website 6 Ezoic Revenue$93
Website 3 Ezoic Revenue$653
Website 7 Ezoic Revenue$1,809
Google Adsense Revenue
Website 2 Adsense Revenue$3
Website 6 Adsense Revenue$15
Website 9 Adsense Revenue$17
Website 7 Adsense Revenue$58
Website 3 Adsense Revenue$115
OHP Adsense Revenue$205
OHP Course Sales$0


Below are my expenses for the month that I pull directly from Quickbooks.  Note that "Payroll Fees" are the payroll I have for myself, and this month my health insurance was double-billed, so those can be deducted from the "Total Expenses" to see my actual business profit.

Revenue By ChannelWebsite 3ConsultingOHP WebsiteYouTubeWebsite 7Website 6Website 2Website 8Website 9UdemyWebsite 5Website 1Website 4
December 2022$904$6,084$11,295$192$1,867$140$3$133$17$40XSOLDXXSOLDXXSOLDX
November 2022$1,508$6,885$9,964$272$1,930$324$6$172$15$22XSOLDXXSOLDXXSOLDX
October 2022$2,055$5,435$12,228$306$3,495$405$2$244$5$96XSOLDXXSOLDXXSOLDX
September 2022$2,883$5,575$8,472$354$4,738$873$10$166$4$46$43,268XSOLDXXSOLDX
August 2022$3,611$8,330$9,118$305$5,524$808$4$165$4$163$1,080XSOLDXXSOLDX
July 2022$5,902$18,808$11,557$361$4,430$552$4$193$4$24$950XSOLDXXSOLDX
June 2022$6,987$7,596$12,426$354$4,648$327$3$155 $12$42$1,153 XSOLDXXSOLDX
May 2022$4,992$9,888$12,322$375$5,733$991$15$187$26$89$775XSOLDXXSOLDX
April 2022$4,358 $7,525$12,805 $1,694$6,364
$1,203$12$331 $11$29$1,182 XSOLDXXSOLDX
March 2022$4,514$11,842$12,527$1,891$6,669$1,245$2$188$14$100$1,703XSOLDXXSOLDX
February 2022$3,676$9,727$9,906$1,667$6,753$501$5$153$15$54$1,282XSOLDXXSOLDX
January 2022$4,699$5,530$10,552$1,684$6,672$220$3$210$21$151$1,381XSOLDXXSOLDX
December 2021$3,471$6,040$10,662 $1,652$7,555$323$9$216$75$82$1,571XSOLDXXSOLDX
November 2021$3,950$6,780$7,329$1,836$6,954$551$2$188$19$27$1,655XSOLDXXSOLDX
October 2021$3,057$6,112$8,258$1,706$5,580$512$3$93$12$217$1,609XSOLDXXSOLDX
September 2021$2,939$4,323$5,640$1,711$5,023$408$7$18$22$36$2,114XSOLDXXSOLDX
August 2021$3,163 $5,841$9,204 $1,718$4,753$315$2$50 $15$19$1,656 XSOLDXXSOLDX
July 2021$4,805$6,700$7,465$1,758$5,611$269$10$76$21$73$1,932XSOLDXXSOLDX
June 2021$5,749$5,820$8,573$1,470$5,320$258$6$42$18$82$1,596XSOLDXXSOLDX
May 2021$4,466
$7,183 $1,530$4,135
April 2021$3,750$3,975$6,925$1,472$2,738$148$1$60$12$90$1,417XSOLDXXSOLDX
March 2021$3,086$3,950$6,662$1,807$3,183$102$4$36$30$86$1,704XSOLDXXSOLDX
February 2021$1,901
January 2021$1,733$3,000$4,078$1,524$1,741$124$14$81$14$38$833$8,076XSOLDX
December 2020$2,356$2750$2,316$1,733$1,670$173$15$80$26$76$950$10,448XSOLDX
November 2020$2,045$2000$1,628$1,386$1,361$117$16$59$33$40.00$741$14,132XSOLDX
October 2020$1,815$2600$1,886$983$1,230$68$13$289$13$0$670$16,439XSOLDX
September 2020$1,958.93$2000.00$836.18$877.29$1,159.98$68.34$11.52$116.50$7.93$0$644.78$13,758.12XSOLDX
August 2020$1,829.59$2,339.50 $685.48$790.50$969.42$35.15$14.56 $97.13 $14.09 $75.00 $709.66 $14,356.31$15,345.21
July 2020$1,390.39 $2,250.00 $545.96 $682.49$773.31 $76.03 $15.52 $34.04 $4.29 $72.74 $473.26 $10,146.39 $39.01
June 2020$2,100.43$2,000.00$664.08$457.43
May 2020$1,628.39 $2,000.00$576.57 $489.31$383.33 $30.95 $11.89 $5.78 $5.83 $0.00$407.86 $14,388.25 $298.50
April 2020$1,268.24$2,000.00$311.09$723.35$488.53$21.63$24.59$4.80$1.16$0.00$499.28$9,868.73$628.28
March 2020$1,244.49$2,000.00$401.28$324.14$482.14$24.68$20.26$61.30$2.37$0.00$599.43$15,729.25$629.15
February 2020$2,139.96$2,000.00$261.22$340.49$467.75$49.32$36.03$0$3.05$0.00$543.09$22,548.73$435.32
January 2020$2,646.41$3,240.00$1,334.33$264.30$382.79$9.13$12.35$0$2.35$0.00$541.68$20,512.80$1045.23
December 2019$2,026.21
November 2019$2,173.90 $0$602.88$358.91 $196.02
$15.77 $21.59 $617.31 $21,920.53 $1,338.93
October 2019$2,546.04$300.00$1,073.56$202.14$58.41$84.62$72.89$30.00$230.27$23,620.75$711.71
September 2019$2,627.86 $0$335.35 $177.05 $17.80 $50.33 $14.72 $35.00 $170.04 $21,006.31 $585.93
August 2019$2,590.92 $275.00
$414.58 $156.00
$23.67 $40.00
$133.92 $17,817.28 $553.82
July 2019$3,652.24$0$427.66$130.26$2.10$76.00$17.16$35$74.26$16,855.42$574.78
June 2019$5,561.07$0$709.07$141.46$100.19$30.74$0$46.29$15,402.28$562.63
May 2019$4,900.70 $0
$1,062.34 $116.02 $35.71$22.25 $0$61.17 $17,578.97 $749.14
April 2019$4,078.83$0$239.73$76.86$9.53$0$46.05$16,273.68$700.42
March 2019$3,620.30 $0$439.88$76.24$19.98$20.24$152.99 $17,006.79$931.22
February 2019$2,799.98$0$551.53$65.63$15.68$28.75$291.72$15,656.00$647.94
January 2019$3,280.64 $600.00$469.30$76.52$10.41$45.75$401.91$16,483.03 $1,009.83
December 2018$2,488.53$0$483.96$73.60$20.16$98.43$487.37$11,776.03$2,078.19
November 2018$2,324.75$0$657.86$79.91$10.67$205.87$386.31$12,886.78$789.26
October 2018$3,135.04
September 2018$3,853.20$175$321.67$82.99$0.00$14.94$210.72$11,784.71$628.97
August 2018$3,266.47$0$512.72$93.63$5.31$97.18$39.81$11,556.29$980.89
July 2018$4,991.15$0$722.76$84.33$8.05$91.48$26.84$12,864.08$707.66
June 2018$6,858.01$0$432.01$95.96$11.06$50.92$52.42$11138.00$797.02
May 2018$4,288.26$0$391.63$100.82$6.96$44.40$40.23$9152.94$699.19
April 2018$2,028.65$0$545.01$85.48$11.74$24.90$236.23$9637.30$804.71
March 2018$778.01$0$380.29$94.79$13.78$80.61$224.68$14236.64$1362.83
February 2018$382.03 $0$644.36 $86.86$22.27 $23.90$454.08 $10918.94$838.51
January 2018$467.71
December 2017$432.22$0$785.74$96.12$28.50$59.21$114.05$6707.43$555.72
November 2017$574.91$0$480.41$90.40$17.70$187.01$4.31$7545.13$479.34
October 2017$617.67$0$265.38$66.71$13.06$135.59$6859.17$319.02
September 2017$348.16$0$673.87$58.13$11.31$81.39$6781.51$223.95
August 2017$391.68$0$945.04$63.57$16.36$133.91$7429.92$181.93
July 2017$344.91$1,496.38$1055.57$94.84$58.55$41.80$5658.64$85.84
June 2017$423.04$600.00$403.84$79.81$11.87$148.88$5924.41$31.71
May 2017$214.18$51.50$79.00$82.58$8.71$76.08$6805.18$9.67
April 2017$116.65$0$106.71$57.76$3.57$80.25$8175.11
March 2017$224.16$0$355.12$59.11$6.43$137.29$9527.42
February 2017$160.48$125$438.54$52.40$32.99$165.43$3726.98
January 2017$104.19$0$267.33$41.60$222.20$4005.52
December 2016$52.63$125.00$384.57$41.32$138.07$3553.43
November 2016$22.10$125.00$357.77$48.13$259.26$3778.45
October 2016$1.37$126.00$213.88$48.92$238.90$3841.36
September 2016$112.01$402.32$57.14$271.02$3102.56
August 2016$731.05$44.72$55.08$423.49$3318.70
July 2016$135.19$347.47$52.12$186.34$3353.06
June 2016$330.00$132.77$72.22$397.55$3219.41
May 2016$206.25$253.67$75.89$135.25$4677.02
April 2016$497.50$286.38$62.52$353.02$5008.23
March 2016$556.75$265.29$60.14$301.06$2311.67
February 2016$431.25$250.70$62.00$324.58$2760.21
January 2016$1140.00$117.58$46.19$400.97$233.00
December 2015$1163.75$76.00$38.83$17.15$121.30
November 2015$1150.25$39.00$36.78$245.68$138.11
October 2015$760.50$89.54$40.65$49.50$107.72
September 2015$1112.32$113.10$27.46$17.49$102.95
August 2015$1463.75$51.75$25.09$12.05$39.68

Project Updates

Udemy Update

I don’t focus on Udemy any longer, but I have made money from them every month since I stopped.

OHP Website

OneHourProfessor continues to do well and there was a nice spike in affiliate revenue this month that was unexpected. 

There wasn’t any specific catalyst for this increase in revenue, it just seems that the site is growing.  Truth be told, if you look over my last couple years of earnings the site hasn’t really grown as significantly as I feel it should and while it does remain stable, I’d definitely like to start seeing a sharper increase in revenue.

  • Pageviews decreased MoM by 3% to 56k
  • This month I earned: $11,295. Earnings increased MoM by 13%. 
  • EPM increased MoM to $200

PLAN:  I’ll continue to make this the focal point of my online business for 2023.  While affiliate earnings are holding steady/slightly increasing, I need to find a way to increase profitability on the site.  I know that the opportunities ahead are to better optimize affiliate content so that it ranks, create and sell courses, or go more heavily into informational content and use display ads.

I’m not sure what strategy I’ll be using yet, but my gut instinct tells me that all three of these will be a part of my business plan in 2023.

Want to Start a Blog?

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Website 3

For the sixth month in a row, this site has decreased in traffic and earnings.  While it still making a decent amount of money, it has fallen below the thousand-dollar mark and I’m not thrilled about it.  It’s weird because this is one of those sites that has done fine for years without much intervention, but all a sudden between the helpful content update in the link spam update the site was hit hard.

I was able to adjust all the different pages that were missing after the relaunch I did a month ago and put them back onto the site, but that didn’t seem to have much of an impact.

  • Pageviews decreased MoM by 14% to 60.5k.
  • This month I earned: $904. Earnings decreased MoM by 40%. 
  • EPM decreased MoM to $14.93

PLAN:  I still plan on letting this site sit and watch what happens.  I know it’s been going down for the last six months, but you have to remember that I also launched a redesign in November and the reduction in earnings makes sense as it relies solely on display ads for revenue.

I think the end of the year was definitely a very low point for the site, but I anticipate that it will start to go up again in January.  Granted, I’m not entirely sure if that’s true but what I can say is that every year there seems to be a spike in traffic in January, so I hope this year is no different.

Website 6

Another month of poor performance for the site as well.  I’m a little surprised by this one because it’s affiliated with a lot of different consumer products and I would’ve expected an increase in traffic and earnings in December.

But unfortunately, as I mentioned before, this site has definitely fallen out of the good graces with Google and has a yo-yo graph when you look at the traffic.  Unfortunately, this December was not one of the high points and it continues to fall.

  • This month I earned: $140. Earnings decreased MoM by 57%
  • EPM decreased MoM to $9.19
  • How Much Have I Invested in This Website: $21,036 ($500/mo budget)
  • How Much Money Has This Website Made? $11,829
  • How Much Content is on the Website? 373 informational blog posts

PLAN:  As of now the budget for the site will stick to $500 per month.  At the end of Q1, I’m going to reevaluate to see how things are going and decide if I’ll continue to allocate budget here.

I don’t want to cut the budget, but for some unknown reason I can’t seem to get the site to grow and it doesn’t make sense to continually invest in assets that Google won’t reward.

If this site does officially fail, it’s going to really frustrate me because I feel like the sky was the limit and at a certain point Google really started to like what I was doing.  However, when I went all in on the project, the site almost immediately experienced a downturn.

This is very disheartening and the thing that excited me most about the site was an e-commerce play, but I must think with my mind and not my heart. 

We’ll see what happens, but as of right now it’s not looking good.

Website 7

A part of me feels like it’s possible the bleeding has stopped for this site. 

While time will tell what the future holds, between the site redesign to improve speed and adjusting the site navigation to make everything more accessible, I think this site might be set for the foreseeable future.

Stability at this point is better than losing traffic, which became the norm for many of my sites in 2022.  While I’d love to see a growth trend in the next few months, I’ll be happy with stability if that happens as well.

  • Pageviews remained the same MoM
  • This month I earned: $1,867. Earnings decreased MoM by 3%. 
  • EPM decreased MoM to $28.96
  • How Much Have I Invested in This Website: $54,160 ($0/mo budget)
  • How Much Money Has This Website Made? $117,506
  • Total ROI: $63,346 (If I were to sell the website today, I can assume I’d sell for an estimated $60,000. Which means a net gain of about $123,000)
  • How Much Content is on the Website: Keep in mind that this is an informational type of website, not affiliate related at all.
    • 2,015 informational pages
    • 184 Informational Blog Posts

PLAN: Content production here is on a full pause until I see some sort of stability.  A single month doesn’t do it for me, we’ll see what happens over the next couple of months.  

Website 8

Another negative month in traffic for this site as well.  This is a bit surprising as this is a consumer-focused site with Amazon affiliates as a part of everything, but there was no increase in December.

  • Pageviews decreased MoM by 17% to 6.3k.
  • This month I earned: $133. Earnings decreased MoM by 17% 
  • EPM decreased MoM to $21.13
  • How Much Have I Invested in This Website: $11,664 ($0/mo budget)
  • How Much Money Has This Website Made? $3,537
  • Total ROI: -$8,127 (If I were to sell the website today, I can assume I’d sell for an estimated $7.5k. Which means a net loss of about $600)
  • How Much Content is on the Website? Keep in mind this website is mostly focused on affiliate content with some informational content. 
    • 329 Informational Blog Posts

PLAN:  As of now, this site is going to sit.  If Google ends up rewarding it at some time I’d be thrilled, but after 329 total posts being published, you’d think that by now there would be some momentum but there hasn’t been. 

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Website 10

Still not much to report on this site.  I have a team of two writers contributing here and I’ve made sure the content quality is very high.  Despite all this, I haven’t yet seen an increase in traffic at all.  In fact, this month was a decrease.  That said, I’m not panicking because it’s still very early on here. 

  • Pageviews decreased MoM by 45% to 1.1k.
  • This month I earned: $0. This site is not yet monetized, though I will be throwing affiliate links on when I see traffic to money pages.
  • EPM remained at $0.
  • How Much Have I Invested in This Website: $4,250 ($2,750/mo budget)
  • How Much Money Has This Website Made? $0
  • Total ROI: -$4,250
  • How Much Content is on the Website: Keep in mind that this is an informational type of website, not affiliate related at all.
    • 63 Informational Blog Posts

PLAN:  I have four pieces of content being contributed each week and that’s how things are going to stay for the foreseeable future.  I’m not entirely sure what this will lead to, but the site is very affiliate focused with high commission opportunities over $100/purchase and I think there are some great things in store for the future.

As of now, we’ve been producing and publishing content but haven’t seen much of the change in traffic, I plan on looking at this business after the end of Q1 to determine what the next step is. 

Website 11

New site I introduced in October 2022 that’s still in its early stages.

We saw a little bit of a traffic increase in December.  Not much to get too excited about, but better than nothing.

  • Pageviews 61
  • This month I earned: $0. This site is not yet monetized. 
  • EPM remained at $0.
  • How Much Have I Invested in This Website: $656 ($400/mo budget)
  • How Much Money Has This Website Made? $0
  • Total ROI: -$656
  • How Much Content is on the Website:
    • 38 Informational Blog Posts

Website 12

New site I introduced in October 2022 that’s still in its early stages.

  • Pageviews 0
  • This month I earned: $0. This site is not yet monetized. 
  • EPM remained at $0.
  • How Much Have I Invested in This Website: $1,020 ($400/mo budget)
  • How Much Money Has This Website Made? $0
  • Total ROI: -$620
  • How Much Content is on the Website:
    • 57 Informational Blog Posts

OneHourProfessor YouTube Channel

The OneHourProfessor YouTube channel continues to plug along, and will sit for the near-term. 

  • Views decreased MoM by 18% to 9k
  • This month I earned: $178. Earnings decreased MoM by 29%. 
  • Subscriber growth decreased MoM by 18%
  • How Much Have I Invested in This YouTube Channel: $4,105
  • How Much Money Has This YouTube Channel Made? $17,064
  • Total ROI: $12,959 (If I were to sell the channel today, I can assume I’d sell for an estimated $7k. Which means a net gain of about $20k)

PLAN: Things are still on hold here.  In 2023, I am seriously thinking about courses and if I do that, I have to also bring YouTube into the mix. 

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  • Hi there Ron,

    Thank you so much for your sharing your income reports with us! As a relative newbie, it is encouraging to see what works and at the same time also see that seasoned pros such as yourself also take knocks.

    I started building my first blog just on a year ago and I finally managed to start earning a small amount from it in September. In November, my site was hit by all the updates and all the progress that I’d made was lost virtually overnight.

    Heartbreaking and incredibly discouraging to say the least!

    It is very sad and scary to see that you can literally lose a years worth of hard work within a day – not to mention all the time lost.

    That said, knowing that you and many other professional bloggers were also hit by the updates, makes me feel that I didn’t necessarily do anything so incredibly wrong with my site and that traffic diversification is definitely needed. So, thank you for that, lol!

    Everything of the best to you and your family for 2023 and thank you once again for sharing with us!

    • No problem, Melissa. Yea, 2022 was easily the most DIFFICULT year for most bloggers that we’ve seen in a very long time. Google did a lot of unpredictable things. That said, I would say to continue on with your site that’s making some earnings. It isn’t over yet, just may need some time till the next update for Google to reward you. Thank you for the kind words!

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