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Many freelancers, marketing teams, enterprises, and agencies struggle to find a way to bring their tech stack together so the entire team can work in complete unity. 

This is not surprising when you consider that most companies use an average of 200 apps across different departments. 

With that many apps, it can be hard to make everything work together properly. Most companies waste countless hours trying to duct tape solutions together to create a seamless workflow, only to be frustrated when the inevitable integration problems arise. 

Fortunately, there is a tool that provides white-labeled agency solutions to manage businesses of all sizes.

And that tool is DashClicks.

DashClicks is a white label marketing, sales, and service software that provides tools for managing businesses of all sizes, including freelancers, enterprises, marketing teams, and anyone else who has a need for end-to-end blueprints for starting new agencies. 

This platform lets you use its tools and features under your own brand name. From client dashboards to the onboarding center, user management features, affiliate center, and fulfillment store, you have everything you need to collect important information from clients and cover ordering, fulfillment, subscription management, etc. 

You also get real-time reporting in the centralized system, which means you’ll have all your campaign metrics on hand to inform your marketing and sales strategies. 

If these are things that are important to you, then read the rest of this review to discover more about DashClicks, including its features and functionality, pros and cons, pricing, support, and more. 

Is DashClicks Worth it?

It’s easy to see that DashClicks is worth the investment when you consider the different features that come with this white-labeled platform. 

It provides agencies with real-time reporting and a robust billing center. The intelligent onboarding process allows you to automatically collect important information from your clients. 

The user management feature is enabled via custom permissions and role management. You also have one centralized system to cover ordering and fulfillment as part of the white label services on offer. 

Moreover, you get real-time campaign metrics reporting and you can update, cancel, and manage subscriptions from a single dashboard via your billing center. 

The bottom line is, whatever your business priorities, whether it’s to grow your market share or increase sales and revenue, this is a robust marketing, sales, and customer service platform that lets you do it all under one roof. 

If you want the ideal software to help you move forward faster, DashClicks’ marketing agency platform and ecosystem is the right solution for you. 

With it, you’ll be able to acquire customers, improve brand engagement, scale best practices, build brand awareness, and improve your visibility online and on social media. 

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Who is DashClicks Good For?

This is an intelligent SaaS platform created with digital marketing agencies in mind. The software makes things easier for agencies and combines a wide range of popular software into a single platform. 

It’s perfect for anyone who regularly uses a range of software apps or tools and wants to streamline their workflow and make it easy to manage everything from one convenient place. 

Agencies, in particular, will love this software. They can use the white label features of the platform to add their own branding to make the platform their own and create transparency with all their clients thanks to the features that allow you to report all metrics from your campaigns in real-time.

To give you a better understanding of what you can achieve with this platform, here are a few use cases to help you determine how this platform can work for you.

  • Digital Marketing: Whether you are an individual digital marketer or an agency platform, DashClicks has everything you need to run a successful marketing business.
  • Training and Onboarding: The platform lets you automatically gather the most important information from clients using the intelligent onboarding process.
  • Affiliate Marketing: The platform has a robust affiliate center that you can use under your own brand name.
  • White Labeling: If you own a fulfillment store, you can do a killer job working with clients in your programs for their white label fulfillment needs. You can outsource all your digital marketing services to the platform and avoid all the techy tasks involved in building your business. 

Suffice it to say that if you’re looking to improve your digital marketing or grow market share by white labeling, then this is the platform for you. 

Regardless of your primary means of communication with your target audience, whether it’s video, text, or image-based, you’ll find right-fit software here thanks to the platform’s amazing range of features that are designed to suit all types of users. 

DashClicks Functionality

1. Ease of Use

DashClicks not only helps you increase your revenue, but it also does so in the easiest way possible. 

For instance, the platform is designed to automatically resell subscriptions for you. This all-in-one software provides an ecosystem of software apps that allow businesses to run their entire teams on it, no matter the industry or size. 

With DashClicks’ agency marketing tool, you can easily bring your entire tech stack to a whole new level using your own unique mix of apps, integrations, API, and utilities. 

The possibilities are endless, and you can create seamless workflows with all your marketing, sales, and customer service apps working together in harmony.

You can get started with DashClicks in a few simple steps: 

Step #1: Sign up on DashClicks. 

Your first step is to sign up for an account on the website. Use your details to log in and you’ll be taken to your dashboard, which looks like this:

You can begin a tour that will help you better understand the all-in-one software platform so you can quickly bring your tech stack to the next level and start getting the most from your apps. 

Alternatively, you can skip this tour and go on to the next step, which could be working with any of the many apps on the dashboard to get started on your projects.

Among many other things, this platform will help you keep your customers for longer by enhancing satisfaction while saving your team hours of unneeded talk time. 

Your clients will be able to easily create their own accounts so they can log on and see exactly what’s going on with their campaigns, check out analytics, track leads, and much more. 

With these tools at your disposal, you’ll also be able to scale faster and more efficiently. 

Instead of trying to piece together multiple digital marketing tools and apps for your business, you’ll now have everything you need within this single digital marketing automation platform. 

In short, free yourself from the everyday grind so you can achieve more, faster, and better.

2. Diverse Solutions

The platform’s services will allow you to expand your offerings. You can choose from six distinct marketing services that you can resell to your clients. 

This way, you’ll be able to work smarter, and not harder.

Services offered include:

  • White Label Listings: Syndicate your clients’ business location to over 70+ directory listings and start creating local awareness.
  • White Label SEO: Impress your clients and get their website ranked #1 for multiple search terms in Google, Yahoo and Bing.
  • White Label Content: Deliver your clients beautiful and unique written content like clockwork to help generate more organic traffic to their websites.
  • White Label Social Posts: Social media posts syndicated to the top social media outlets to help drive more engagement for your clients.
  • White Label Facebook Ads: Use the Facebook and Instagram ads services to drive qualified sales and leads for your clients.
  • White-Label Google Ads: The conversion-focused Google Ads campaigns are designed to generate sales for your clients.

As you can see, DashClicks has a wide range of services from white label listings and white-label content to white-label Google and Facebook ads, and so much more. 

You can use the platform’s team as your own, which means that rather than spending your time trying to recruit, train, and manage your own fulfillment team, you can simply sign up and get everything done for you while you focus on more important tasks. 

In fact, you can think of this platform as a valuable extension to your business, but without the overhead.

The platform offers a wide range of solutions for all types of businesses, including the following:

Agencies: Give your clients an end-to-end solution if they are looking for a better way to manage their business that will take them beyond lead generation.

Hosts: This feature allows you to decrease churn and increase ARPU (average revenue per unit) so you can separate yourself from the competition and offer a comprehensive business management solution to clients – all under your brand.

Coaches: Leverage the platform’s ecosystem as part of your core coaching offerings. Offer value to your coaching services and let students benefit from automation software that will help them excel faster and further in their own businesses. 

Directories: Allow the businesses listed in your directory the ability to harness the power of your ecosystem, a gain under your own brand. This is a more effective way to monetize your business’s database by letting all the businesses in your directory use the power of your ecosystem. 

SaaS (Software as a Service): Another way to add additional revenue to your bottom line is to use this platform to offer a full-stack business management service to all your users in order to increase your ARPU. Tap into the platform’s API to discover endless opportunities for creating custom setups that will boost user stickiness. 

Regardless of whether you’re a coach, agency, or host provider, you’ll be able to enjoy the following benefits: 

  • 100% white-labeled
  • Manage client campaigns
  • Unlimited sub-accounts
  • Bulk account creation
  • Automated subscription upselling
  • Access to public API

You can buy white-label fulfillment services for your clients from your dashboard and easily automate the rest. 

Use the inbuilt forms app to build custom onboarding automations that allow you to collect project information a lot faster. 

You can also provide your customers with white label access to the DashClicks software, and automate all the processes exactly the way you want. 

Furthermore, you get access to the platform’s team of skilled marketers with insights and advice to help you drive your campaigns toward success.

3. Reporting Dashboard 

This feature lets you create your own white label reporting dashboard view for your clients using the platform’s drag and drop widgets to put together the perfect view.

That’s how it’s possible to use a single platform to run your entire business. 

With this feature, you’ll be able to save time and achieve your goals faster while creating a transformational experience for your clients.

The DashClicks suite of apps may be on one platform, but these building blocks present endless possibilities for successfully managing all types of businesses. 

4. Contacts App

DashClicks has some of the best apps for prospecting and sales. Among them is the Contacts app which lets you manage all your business contacts using the CRM (customer relationship management) software to enhance your sales. 

  • People: Keep the sales process organized by adding, managing, and segmenting all your people contacts. 
  • Business: This feature makes it easy to add, manage, and segment business contacts so you can maintain organization in your sales process.
  • Contact Cards: You can manage your people and business contacts using the platform’s beautiful contact cards. 

5. InstaSites App

This is currently the featured app of the month, with good reason. It allows you to create a custom website in just seconds using your choice from hundreds of niche templates.

But of course, DashClicks has a ton of other apps that you’ll fall in love with, including: 

  • Form Builder
  • Deals App
  • InstaReports App
  • Templates
  • Sites
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Inbound
  • Project Management Software

6. Fulfillment

This offering on the platform encompasses a wide range of services, including the following:

  • White Label Content: Deliver beautiful, unique written content to your client on a regular basis to help them generate more organic, highly targeted traffic to their sites.
  • White Label Listings: This feature lets you syndicate your clients’ business location in 70+ directory listings so you can start building local awareness.
  • White Label SEO: With this service, you’ll be able to impress your clients and rank their websites at the top of the search results pages for multiple terms in Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
  • White Label Facebook Ads: DashClicks will help you drive qualified sales and generate a consistent flow of leads and drive qualified sales through the use of Facebook and Instagram ad services that will impress your clients.
  • White-Label Google Ads: The platform has a conversion-focused Google ads campaign that will help you generate more leads and boost sales for your clients.
  • White Label Social Media Posts: With DashClicks, you can syndicate your clients’ social media posts to the top media outlets to drive more engagement for your campaigns.

7. Perfectly Aligned Ecosystem 

Save time, hit your goals faster, and create a transformational experience by leveraging the DashClicks ecosystem.

This marketing agency platform offers you a new ecosystem consisting of everything you need to run your entire business. 

This includes: 

  • Apps: All apps work together smoothly within the DashClicks ecosystem.
  • Utilities: Use the built-in utilities to make your life easier and speed things up that would take days.
  • Integrations: Integrate your favorite third-party apps with the platform’s native integrations built by DashClicks.
  • API: Tap into Dashclick’s public API and create custom solutions for your business any way you’d like.
  • Zapier: Connect Contacts with multiple third-party apps using pre-built connections, known as “zaps”, or create your own.

You’ll be able to save time and achieve your goals faster. Leverage the platform’s digital agency software to create a transformational experience for your clients. The platform is designed for collaboration and your entire team can work here in complete unity, including your: 

  • Marketing Team: Use the platform’s white label digital marketing software to generate leads and manage your marketing campaigns easily from one convenient place so you can convert more clicks into customers.
  • Sales Team: The sales CRM software will shorten your sales cycle by allowing you to automate tasks and get insights to help you close deals faster and make more sales.
  • Fulfillment Team: DashClicks offers powerful fulfillment software that’ll help you manage your clients’ projects and deliverables to help you grow your business.
  • Customer Service Team: If you work with the service team, this platform has the software to build loyalty and increase customer happiness through a single streamlined inbox.

DashClicks Pros and Cons

Like all other software on the market, DashClicks has its own set of pros and cons. Below, we take a quick look at some of the main benefits and drawbacks of this marketing platform. 


  1. Robust Reporting Dashboard: DashClicks can be your single source of truth for the entirety of your data. Use pre-built widgets across multiple apps and get your data into a unified client dashboard software.
  2. Forms: DashClicks has a form builder that will let you Turn data collection into an experience. Improve your workflow with powerful online forms building & management software designed to meet your every need.
  3. Sales Pipeline: Sales pipeline management software that works for you. Bring automations to life when managing deals and leads within your sales pipelines CRM software.
  4. Customize Client Dashboard: Yes. You get to choose which widgets you want to appear. You can also place them in any order you’d like on the screen.
  5. Automated Onboardings: Save wasted time waiting around for onboarding documents and doing kick-off meetings. 


  1. Lack of Web Builder Demo: The lack of a site builder demo during the software’s free trial makes it difficult to evaluate it for some specific needs. 

DashClicks Competitors

It’s clear to see from all the features outlined above that DashClicks has a lot to offer. It’s a top-rated piece of software with superb marketing capabilities for every business – from startup to enterprise. 

However, it’s not the only software on the market that provides such amazing marketing capabilities for businesses. Below, I’ve listed three alternatives to DashClicks that are worth considering for anyone looking for this type of platform.

DashClicks vs SmartSites

SmartSites is a full-service digital agency that offers everything from website design and development to SEO, and PPC. The platform’s diverse team of strategists, designers, and developers are always on hand to help you succeed in your Google Ads campaigns, content creation, website development, and any other digital marketing-related project you take on.

DashClicks vs Mayple

Mayple is easy to use, and you can find the right marketing expert very quickly. The platform has a collection of professional digital marketing strategy and consulting experts that will take care of everything from paid media, email, and affiliate marketing to influencer marketing, SEO, CRO, and social media. 

Whatever digital marketing work you need to be done, the platform can provide an experienced and knowledgeable marketer to complete the project for you. 

This is a great DashClicks alternative that lets you get things done quickly and on your terms. It has similar benefits to its rival and competitive prices. You can empower your team by choosing this DashClicks competitor to meet your unique business requirements.

DashClicks vs Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog Services is a digital marketing agency that provides search engine optimization (SEO) and paid search campaigns via a unique blend of data and technology to help companies grow their businesses online. 

This UK-based SEO agency offers a wide range of services, including search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), Pay-per-Click (PPC) Management, social media marketing, conversion rate optimization, and much more. 

Like DashClicks, this platform aims to make your work as easy as possible by allowing you to take care of every aspect of your business from a single platform. 


All the DashClicks apps discussed above are included in every plan – even the free forever plan. The platform offers value-based pricing and you can save 10% by paying annually. Plans are as follows:

  • Free Plan: $0/month
    • Forever free, no credit card required
    • 2 Team Member Seats
    • Unlimited Sub-accounts
    • 50 Email Sends Per Month
    • 0 SMS Credits Per Month
    • 100 MB of File Storage
  • Pro Plan: $97/month
    • Everything in the “Free” plan +
    • 5 Team Member Seats
    • 1,000 Email Sends Per Month
    • 100 SMS Credits Per Month
    • 50 GB of File Storage
  • Plus Plan: $297/month
    • Everything in the “Pro” plan +
    • 10 Team Member Seats
    • 5,000 Email Sends Per Month
    • 500 SMS Credits Per Month
    • 100 GB of File Storage
  • Premium Plan: $597/month
    • Everything in the “Plus” plan +
    • 20 Team Member Seats
    • Unlimited Sub-accounts
    • 25,000 Email Sends Per Month
    • 1,000 SMS Credits Per Month
    • 250 GB of File Storage

Product Support

DashClicks has a wide range of dedicated support options, including the following:

  • Email/Help Desk: You can email the helpful support team at any time and they will get back to you with answers to your questions.
  • Knowledge Base: The platform has plenty of documentation to help answer many of the most commonly asked questions so you can get the most from the software.
  • Phone Support: Leverage the platform’s knowledgeable phone support team to get timely assistance whenever you need it. 
  • Chat: There’s a 24/7 chat feature on the site that you can utilize to get quick answers to any of your questions. Response time is generally under two minutes.

You also get live online classes, webinars, and videos.


DashClicks has multiple integrations available. The platform allows you to connect all your third-party apps and tools for marketing, sales, service, analytics, etc. so you can handle everything from one place. 

DashClicks integrations include: 

  • Callrail: Integrate Callrail to your dashboard to view metrics. 
  • Facebook Lead Ads: Import lead data from your Facebook Lead Ads campaigns. 
  • Kartra: Import lead data from Kartra forms. 
  • Callrail Leads: Use this integration to import call recordings and data from Callrail. 
  • Google Ads: Integrate this tool into your dashboard to view important metrics. 
  • Manychat: Import lead data from your Manychat flow builder. 
  • Clickfunnels: This integration allows you to import data from your ClickFunnels forms
  • Google Analytics: Get actionable insights into your clients’ website’s performance. 
  • Phonesites: Use this to import data from any Phonesites form. 
  • Facebook Ads: Integrate Facebook Ads to view campaign metrics from your dashboard in real-time and gain insights on what campaigns, ad sets and ads are performing best.
  • Unbounce: This built-in integration lets you collect leads more efficiently. 
  • Instapages: Built by DashClicks, this integration lets you get your data from Instapage forms. 

Is DashClicks Legit?

One of the absolute best things about DashClicks is that it lets you personalize for your industry vertical. It works for multiple industries, including marketing and advertising, human resources, retail, computer software, or any other industry you can think of. 

DashClicks is a software-as-a-service platform that’s built for digital marketing agencies, the software is simple to use and combines all the most popular software into one platform.

At the core, this is a hybrid of a software company and digital marketing agency. IN other words, it’s a digital marketing software that is also a product. The company has been offering digital marketing services to businesses of all sizes for over a decade, and you can rest assured that you’ll receive the benefit of all that experience. 

They have built processes, structures, and reliable teams to help users get the most from the software so they can create a truly transformational experience that impacts their own clients in a huge way. In particular, DashClicks makes it extremely easy for you to resell the software under your own brand by offering you the ability to white label everything. 

The bottom line is that this is a powerful and reliable platform that is trusted by thousands of users from across the globe. 

If you’re ready to run your entire business from one platform, then click the button below to get started with DashClicks for free.

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