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Are you tired of following people online or buying their products in hopes of learning how to scale your business, only to discover that they’re just full of sensational stories and no real strategies to help you grow? If so, you’ve come to the right place. 

Sales and marketing have a long and storied history with charlatans with their pyramid schemes, get-rich-quick systems, and outdated information. That’s why Samcart created CreatorU (by Samcart). 

Read the rest of this CreatorU review to discover more about this platform, including its pros and cons, pricing, support, and instructors.

CreatorU by Samcart Summary

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9.7 out of 10

Ron’s Thoughts

CreatorU is an online course training platform launched by Samcart. If you’re looking for a rich and educational course training experience that you can undertake in your free time – CreatorU is an ideal choice. For starters, members receive 4 new training sessions each month. You can also get access to exclusive courses that are highly useful in helping you grow your business quickly. You’ll also get business blueprints with a step-by-step guide on how to replicate the success of your instructors! All in all, CreatorU by Samcart is a great online course training platform.

Is CreatorU by Samcart Worth it?

Launched on the 6th of April, 2022, CreatorU is an online course training platform that brings together real experts and success stories in every aspect of digital marketing to give you advice on what works and help you find freedom, autonomy, and purpose in your work with the company’s online business platform.

CreatorU’s library has 50+ data-driven business blueprints, with more being added every month. The subscription-based platform offers tons of exclusive lessons created by people who are already crushing it so you can learn how to take your revenue to the next level.

Here, you’ll be able to get the latest skills to jump-start or advance your career in business, including lessons on:

  • How to scale
  • The ultimate upsell
  • Traffic Tactics
  • Leveraging content
  • Product creation
  • Marketing and sales strategies

… and much more. 

Anyone who is in the space of creating content stands to benefit greatly from this platform. 

Whether you’re a blogger, YouTuber, content marketer, or SaaS company, CreatorU will provide you with innovative ways to grow your business. The platform offers a growing number of courses for an extremely reasonable price. 

New content is added each month on the platform, and you can stream videos, download data-driven business blueprints, get pre-made scripts and templates, and read key reports to help you better understand and replicate the business success of your instructors.

As soon as you sign up, you get full access to exclusive training from SamCart’s highest-performing users to help you achieve the results you want. In fact, for the value you get on Samcart’s CreatorU, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better offer elsewhere. 

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Who is CreatorU by Samcart Good For?

One of the best things about Samcart’s learning platform is that it caters to all kinds of businesses. 

If you sell any products or services online, then you need a reliable way to deliver your content. You also need an effective way to boost conversions and an easy method for maximizing customer value. 

SamCart provides you with all of this and more. It’s an easy way to run your business without having to worry about technology – and CreatorU is the online learning platform designed to help you make the most of SamCart’s robust suite of advanced selling tools so you can maximize conversions and boost your bottom line. 

You’ll be able to find value in it regardless of where you are in creating, managing, or growing your business. 

Here are some examples of people who stand to benefit from CreatorU: 

  • Bloggers: If you find it difficult to get credible online training to grow your blog, then this is a great platform for you to use. It connects you with many of the industry’s top creators who are already making it in their space. 
  • Social Media Marketers: From brand mastery to selling more on social media, CreatorU will teach you all the tactics to help you win the social game. 
  • Content Marketers: If you’re a content marketer trying to connect with a targeted audience online, CreatorU will help you do so in the most cost-effective way. 
  • YouTubers: Learn video marketing secrets from the best marketers who have grown their own businesses to 6, 7, and 8 figures using those same tactics. 
  • SaaS Company: If you offer software as a service, this platform can help you find newer and more effective ways to generate more leads and acquire new customers. 

CreatorU Instructors

The first section of this CreatorU review will focus on the instructors you’ll be able to find on the platform.

1. Pat Flynn

As business owners, we know that there are people out there who’ve made it online. But, finding them is a different story. CreatorU makes it easy for you to connect with 7-figure creators in various verticals, such as traffic and ads, social media marketing, email marketing, and more.

The platform’s main focus is on providing you with information from experts who have been where you are and done what you’re aspiring to. 

Pat Flynn is one of the instructors who will teach you how he transformed his own business into a very large and extremely profitable endeavor. He offers a step-by-step guide that you can follow to create the same success in your own business. 

On your dashboard, you’ll find links to additional resources from Pat Flynn, including the following: 

  • PowerUP Podcasting
  • Follow Pat Flynn on Twitter
  • Subscribe to Pat Flynn on YouTube
  • Subscribe to Smart Passive Income Podcast
  • Read “Superfans” by Pat Flynn

2. Ashley Ann

Samcart has the data on people that are actually hitting their sales goals and being the best in their area of expertise, whether it’s Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook Ads, etc. One such sales superstar is Ashley Ann.

She has made $25,000 in sales in a single day. You’d think it was because she sells an expensive product – but you’d be wrong. She did this by selling a $1 product! In her mini-course on the site, she shares the secrets of how she uses social media to connect with new customers and keep them engaged. 

You’ll also learn how you can use this powerful marketing channel to boost brand awareness, get more followers, and supercharge your customer acquisition efforts so you can maximize your profits. 

3. Nicholas Kusmich

Another expert who shares what they’ve learned to help aspiring digital marketers is Nicholas Kusmich, creator of the Predictable Profit Process and founder of The Marketers Council.

He’s also the creator of the ROAS (return on ad spend) Intensive mini-course on CreatorU. His agency manages tens of millions of dollars for clients every month, and he shares some of his best insider secrets to help you duplicate his success. 

Inside the course, you’ll learn some of his favorite strategies, hacks, and best practices for driving a massive return on ad spend on Facebook Ads.

Whether you sell low-priced or high-ticket products, digital products, and services or physical products and eCommerce-type stuff – Nicholas can help you implement the best strategies to skyrocket your sales. 

4. Jordan P. Anderson

CreatorU also provides you with proven blueprints from successful sellers like Jordan P. Anderson, Samcart’s very own videographer extraordinaire. His course, called Video Hype Machine, focuses on video marketing tactics and is a shortcut to creating a 7-figure revenue stream.

With more and more people consuming video each year, it’s clear to see that this form of media is the marketing and content engine of the future. From entertainment and news to education and everything in between – people are choosing video over any other type of content. You can leverage this information to help you make video a powerful tool to drive successful marketing campaigns

5. Laura Betterly

Laura Betterly has an incredible amount of experience in online marketing and growing creator businesses. At this point in her career, she’s done everything from information marketing to services, software, and SaaS products.

She has a 60-minute mini-course on the platform that provides you with actionable information on how to increase your profits by automating your sales. The course is called Rapid Response Machine and includes what you need to know to maximize your sales volume by turning on automation. 

In the course, you’ll learn: 

  • How to get more sales by responding to a lead within 60 seconds
  • How to maximize your messaging by combining communication tactics
  • How to save time and energy with advanced marketing tools

In her course, she talks about specific things you can implement right now to get more clicks out of your emails and sales and increase referrals. You’ll also get various other resources through links to Laura’s website. 

Bottom Line: With these instructors on your side, you never again have to worry about people online who lie about being experts in their field or photoshop results to make you buy their products yet still learn nothing applicable. Now you have direct access to the people who are actually doing it. They are making sales, building revenue, and achieving the results you want for your business. 

CreatorU by Samcart Pros and Cons

As stated on the website, CreatorU is the ultimate shortcut to exploding your business. The platform provides you with everything you need to know about how other top creators built their audiences, generated sales, and scaled their businesses. 

However, as with any other platform, there are still some areas where this platform could use some improvement. With that in mind, here’s the pros and cons section of this CreatorU review.


  1. New Training Sessions Each Month: CreatorU always has new lessons. Members get four new training sessions each month from entrepreneurs who are killing it out there. 
  2. Exclusive Training: Get access to exclusive courses from the highest performers on Samcart to help you grow your business quickly.
  3. Reports, Scripts, and Templates: As a CreatorU student, you’ll get access to various resources to enhance your learning, as well as templates to follow for yourself.
  4. Business Blueprints: Choose from over 50 data-driven blueprints with the exact steps to replicate the success of your instructors in your own business.
  5. Community: You can join a community of like-minded students, instructors, and entrepreneurs to get guidance and support along your journey. 


  1. Live Training Closed: Right now, there’s no way to get live training from the platform’s experts, and users have to rely on previously recorded videos to get more information. 
  2. No Monthly Subscription: CreatorU is offered at a price of $144/year, and there’s no option for paying monthly, which may be more convenient for beginners and smaller publishers. 


There are two ways you can learn with CreatorU by Samcart:

  • CreatorU Live ($1,997/year): You can get live coaching sessions from 7-figure creators, but this option has been closed for a while now. Sign up for the platform’s newsletter to be kept in the loop about the date when CreatorU Live is re-opening. 
  • CreatorU ($144/year): You can start learning instantly by signing up for the CreatorU annual membership. This comes with instant and unlimited access to dozens of blueprints to help you launch and scale your business.

If, after using the program for a full year, you decide for any reason that it isn’t for you, you can simply email support and they’ll refund your full purchase – no questions asked.

Product Support

You can get in touch with CreatorU’s support team by opening a ticket on the site. 

Is CreatorU by Samcart Legit?

Let’s bring this CreatorU review to a close by summarizing what I talked about up to this point.

Although not technically part of the Samcart platform, CreatorU is a platform that every business could benefit from. 

As a CreatorU subscriber, you get complete access to the entire CreatorU Library of exclusive training, workshops, templates, blueprints, and scripts.

You’ll be able to start learning specific strategies from top creators who have used the same shortcuts to attract massive audiences and build highly profitable online businesses. 

The online learning platform boasts content from some of the best digital marketers out there, including Samcart founder Brian Moran, Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income, and Nicholas Kusmich, a well-known Facebook Ad expert. 

Here’s a quick look at some of the courses you can get started with right now: 

  • YouTube Traffic with Rocky Ullah
  • Facebook Ads Academy
  • Organic Traffic with Kimberly Jimenez
  • Product Creation Masterclass
  • The 4x Formula to Reach 7 Figures
  • The ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) Intensive
  • Growing Your Audience on TikTok

…and many more. 

New training videos are released every month, which means you’ll always be up-to-date on what’s working. Older training material is also updated on a regular basis. 

Take a look at what this user had to say about the platform: 

If you’re ready to learn tried and true tactics for scaling your business, then sign up for CreatorU right now!

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