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As a marketer, you’ve likely come across the need to find reliable tools to help you achieve your primary goal of conversion. For example, you need to build creative squeeze pages and opt-in forms to collect leads or customer data or create pop-ups to launch marketing deals. 

Fortunately, there are now powerful all-in-one tools designed to take care of all of this from one single dashboard.

One such tool is ConvertBox.

This ConvertBox review will dive deep into the software to see what it offers in terms of features, pricing, support, pros and cons, and more. 

ConvertBox Summary

Convertbox logo

10 out of 10

Ron’s Thoughts

Achieving high conversion numbers is no easy task but – as I’ve found out, it’s much easier with ConvertBox. Whether you’re interested in creating squeeze pages or opt-in forms, you won’t have trouble with any of those if you use ConvertBox. For starters, this is an All-In-One type of tool within which you’ll find all the necessary features to achieve high conversion numbers. Lastly and most importantly – all of these actions and processes can be fully automated!

  • Biggest Pro:

    Very Easy to Use

  • Biggest Con:

    Lacks Page-by-Page Reporting

  • Annual Discount:


  • Price:

    $495 Lifetime Deal

  • Promotion:

    Free Trial Available

Is ConvertBox Worth it?


ConvertBox was founded by Dean Saunders as ConvertBar and rebranded in 2018. The platform has become known as one of the best software tools for delivering targeted on-site messaging based on visitor behavior.

With ConvertBox, you’ll be able to launch personalized deals, lead capture forms, opt-ins, and segmented funnels – all from one convenient place. 

The tools on the on-site engagement platform are designed to help you reach the right visitors at the right time, which will skyrocket your conversions. This is a newer, easier, and more intelligent way to convert your visitors, and it’s certainly worth the investment. 

No more struggling with antiquated static pop-ups; now, you can drive more leads and increase sales by engaging the right visitors with personalized, high-converting messages delivered at the perfect time on your site. 

Is ConvertBox worth it

The boost you’ll get in conversions will make this investment more than worth it! 

And that’s before you consider the savings of time and effort.

The platform will help you save tons of money by having all the tools you need to engage, capture, segment, and convert your visitors offered at one affordable price.

Who is ConvertBox Good For?

According to ConvertBox, most of the time and energy you spend driving existing traffic to your website is wasted. Over 90% of visitors leave without taking action on your site, whether this is signing up for your email list, making a purchase, connecting on social media, etc. 

If you are not effectively engaging your website visitors while they’re still on your site, it’s probably costing you tons of lost leads and sales every day

The worst part is that many of the solutions marketers employ to try and improve this make it worse. 

How? Most pop-ups treat all website visitors the same. And instead of effectively engaging them, the pop-ups simply interrupt them continually, which most visitors find extremely annoying. 

This image from ConvertBox’s website says it all:

image from ConvertBox

I don’t think there’s any better way than this to lose valuable leads and sales.

Fortunately, ConvertBox can help. 

The simple software can transform your website into a lead and sales generation machine. Thanks to intelligent targeting and personalized offers, it will also help you transform customers into repeat buyers and repeat customers.

These features make the platform a great marketing tool for various users. 

Here are a few use cases to help you understand exactly what this powerful platform can help you achieve.

Affiliate Marketers

Deliver targeted calls to action quickly and easily with pre-designed pop-ups based on where your visitors come from, where they are in the sales process, or their action on your site. 


Create personalized offers for the different segments of your blog audience to increase engagement and boost conversions.

Email Marketers (Opt-in forms and more)

Use expertly-designed lead capture forms (opt-in form) and email software to build a list and send automated emails to your subscribers for more lead generation for target visitors.

eCommerce Retailers

Sellers can launch products successfully with powerful landing pages designed to convert visitors.

Small Businesses

The platform is perfect for businesses that want to offer personalized deals and capture targeted leads.

ConvertBox Functionality

The platform aims to provide you with the right tools to engage, segment, capture, convert, and track your visitors.

1. Ease of Use

One of the best things about ConvertBox is that it allows you to conduct a wide range of marketing processes without learning any technical skills.

All the backbreaking work of creating websites, sales funnels, pop-up forms, etc., has been done for you.

With the expertly-designed templates and modal opt-in forms, you’ll be able to create stunning pages in minutes, complete with smart automations, built-in countdown timers, embedded email, the major marketing tools, and much more.

You can customize pre-templates to match your brand’s colors, style, and tone.

Take a look at the process of using ConvertBox so you can see how easy it is to leverage this platform for your needs.

Step #1: To get started on ConvertBox, head over to the website and click the “Request Early Access” button.

You will be presented with a pop-up that prompts you to describe which option best describes you. 

Request Early Access button

Make the necessary selection and move on to the next step.

Step #2: Sign up with your name and email to request an invite to ConvertBox and special early access ConvertBox pricing.

You’ll receive an invite link in your email.

sign up

Click the link, and you’ll receive a special lifetime deal for the software. 

In the ConvertBox lifetime deal, instead of paying $99/month or $1188/year, you get ConvertBox at a special introductory price of just $495/one-time fee, which comes with a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee.

Step #3: Log in to your one ConvertBox account dashboard and start creating ConvertBoxes. 

Once you’ve logged into your dashboard, You’ll have access to your profile, account, integrations, support, and various other features.

You can start creating your ConvertBoxes according to your website goals. 

Start by choosing the type of ConvertBox you want to create.

select a type of ConvertBox

If you choose the Overlay ConvertBox, you can select the type (like Sticky Bar) you want from options that include:

  • Sticky Bar
  • Callout Modal
  • Center Modal
  • Full Page

If you opt for the Embedded ConvertBox, you can choose between: 

  • Large Embedded; and
  • Small Embedded
Embedded ConvertBox

Select a template to customize or skip this step and build your own from scratch. 

Here’s a look at some of the platform’s templates.


After making your selection, you’ll be directed to the drag-and-drop builder, where you can proceed to customize your design.

drag-and-drop builder

Once you’ve customized your ConvertBox, you’ll be able to view an activity snapshot that includes the number of views, interactions, and leads for a period of your choosing.

You can easily manage everything from one dashboard, as shown by the image below.


2. High Converting Templates for Lead Generation

The next feature we will explore in this ConvertBox review is the platform’s high converting templates.

There are dozens of beautiful, conversion-focused templates to choose from, giving you the flexibility for creating and launching any style of on-site message for every stage of your sales funnel.

You can launch your message in just a few clicks from popular slide-in styles for notifications to a dark full-screen takeover, full-page takeovers, callouts, modals, and notification bars.

high converting templates

With these templates, there are endless options for the different ways you could use ConvertBox to improve your online business (like exit intent page overlay and many opt-in tool).

Below are a few examples that showcase the versatility of this tool. Use it for: 

  • Slide-in Opt-in Forms
  • Click-Triggered Links
  • Exit-Intent Pages Overlay and Off-Site Overlays
  • Transform Opt-in CTAs to Purchase CTAs
  • Get Opt-in Overlays on Other People’s Websites
  • Welcome Visitors to Your Website
  • Publish Full-page Domination Offers
  • Make Site-Wide Offers and Site-Wide Announcements
  • Create Seasonal Countdown Promotions
  • Dynamic Customer Experience Quizzes
  • Personalized Messages Based on Link Origin
  • Countdown Coupons
  • Location-Specific Brand Promotion for Site-Wide discounts
  • Location-Based Announcements

3. Personalized Messaging to Boost Engagement

The platform’s main goal is to help you boost engagement with your audience by providing more personalized messaging.

With the platform’s powerful dynamic text replacement features, you’ll be able to address your existing visitors by their name, company, or any other data you’ve collected or, in other words, convert existing boxes from optin form, and you can even use different landing pages.

personalized messaging

Intelligent targeting features let you target your visitors with personalized messages based on your previous web activity, ESP/CRM data, referring website, etc.

Pro Tip: When using ConvertBox, it’s a good idea to tag your content relentlessly.

Organize your site content by tags to make sending special offers to your website visitors a lot easier. 

You’ll be able to set your own targeting rules to segment your site content by tags which will result in targeting that is much more accurate. The more accurate your targeting, the higher your lead and conversion rates will be across the board.

4. Multi-Choice Funnels to Segment Leads

Another great platform feature is that it lets you segment your visitors and leads using the multichoice funnel feature. 

The platform makes it easy for you to create multistep funnels, offering visitors choices and allowing you to tag and segment them to deliver highly personalized offers specific to each individual’s interests or goals.

multi choose funnels

This segmentation funnels feature is one that marketers will appreciate because it lets you create multiple-choice funnels that let you segment, tag, and deliver personalized offers specific to each visitor’s goals and interests for higher conversions.

5. Smart Automations for Building Email Lists

Capture leads and build lists with the platform’s smart automations features, including customizable form fields, checkboxes, dropdowns, and most tools to help you collect the right type of data you need. 

You can then use the platform’s form automations to send the data to multiple services to store or analyze it for more significant insights into your own business.

smart automations for building email lists

The platform’s lead capture forms (like an opt-in form) are conversion-optimized with custom form fields, and the interface makes it easy for beginners and non-tech-savvy users to use the platform’s powerful form automation to pass the data to your ESP (email service provider) /CRM (customer relationship management).

6. Built-In Countdown Timers

Convert more visitors and drive more sales with the platform’s built-in deadline countdown timers that help you create urgency and scarcity for your offers.

No coding skill is necessary, and you can embed a timer inside your call to action on any page with just a few clicks.

You can quickly and easily launch evergreen or scheduled deadline promotions or a site-wide promotion to get more conversions for your offer.

built-in countdown timers

7. Embed All Your Marketing Tools Easily

Yet another benefit of using ConvertBox is that it allows you to easily embed all your marketing tools, apps, and services and show them at the perfect time directly inside ConvertBox.

You can show promotional videos, connect with messenger bots when referring site, schedule meetings and appointments, add a shopping cart, etc.

embed all your marketing tools easily

The bottom line is that ConvertBox is a fantastic tool to leverage with an online lead generation tool and for overall business growth.

It’s conversion-optimized, which means that all the different sales process elements are designed for converting leads to customers.

8. Detailed Analytics for Real-Time Tracking

The platform lets you track everything in real-time using detailed analytics. You’ll be able to see exactly what is happening across all of your websites and get actionable insights for each step and element in your message while you run multiple sites.

Track everything and see what’s happening across all your websites with detailed analytics and insights for each step or element in your marketing message.

detailed analytics

9. A/B Testing to Optimize Your Messages

You can split test your message so you can see which version performs best. In addition, the platform makes it easy for you to test different message variations directly from the visual editor quickly.

This way, you’ll know from the real-time data which message converts best, allowing you to optimize your marketing and sales campaigns.

ab testing to optimize your messages

The platform’s A/B split testing feature lets you easily create multiple test variations directly inside the visual editor instead of conducting tests one at a time. This means you’ll be able to get actionable insights a lot quicker.

ConvertBox Pros and Cons

No software is perfect, and while ConvertBox is a powerful opt-in tool, list-growth, and behavior-based, on-site retargeting tool, it still has its limitations.

Below, we look at some of the platform’s pros and cons.


  • Excellent Segmentation Tool: ConvertBox is a superb segmentation tool that generates leads depending on website visitors and sends personalized greetings.
  • Ease Of Use: One of the platform’s best features is its ease of use. No tech skills are required. Everything is done via a simple drag-and-drop interface.
  • Robust Integrations: One thing ConvertBox didn’t skimp on is the number of integrations with third-party tools and apps.
  • Creative Templates: The platform has beautiful, well-design templates in a variety of categories that let you create robust segmentation funnels using pop-ups, video messages, create the same message in different templates, and much more.


  • Design Limitations: The software has a few design limitations, which means it may not be ideal for some advanced users. 
  • Lacks Page By Page Reporting: There’s no page-by-page reporting feature on the platform, and you are unable to keep a record of all A/B testing results. 
  • No Social Media Sign Up: The platform doesn’t offer an option for signing up through social media channels.

ConvertBox Competitors

As great as ConvertBox is for boosting your conversion rates, there are other tools that offer similar features to help you increase leads and sales through targeted website visitor engagement.

In this ConvertBox review, let’s look at the top three alternatives to ConvertBox. See how ConvertBox compare to other platforms.

ConvertBox vs Unbounce

ConvertBox vs Unbounce

Unbounce is a powerful platform that is very similar to ConvertBox in that it helps you get more conversions from your landing pages. In addition, it has tools to build, launch, and optimize landing pages for any type of campaign.

The best part is you can do all of this without any tech bottlenecks or the need to hire developers. Even complete beginners can get started driving more leads and revenue from any web page through targeted pop-ups and sticky bars shown to specific visitors. 

The main difference between the two platforms is in the size of the targeted audience. Where ConvertBox is perfect for individual marketers and small businesses, Unbounce is most suited to larger brands and agencies.

ConvertBox vs ConvertFlow

onvertBox vs ConvertFlow

ConvertFlow is a suite of lead capture tools for lead generation that help you transform your website into a powerful conversion machine. With this software, you can create personalized landing pages, surveys, pop-ups, forms, etc. – all without ever having to learn a line of code. 

This is an all-in-one solution with the specific aim of converting each website visitor that lands on your site. 

Add quizzes like dynamic multiple choice quizzes) and sticky bars to your pages, and create calls to action in minutes using the simple drag-and-drop builder. Create multistep forms, segmentation surveys, and much more, all from one convenient place.

Convert flow is priced at $29/month and offers a free version of the software and a free trial for the premium plans.

ConvertBox vs ConvertPro

ConvertBox vs ConvertPro

This is another conversion optimization tool designed to help you capture more leads on your website. 

It’s a powerful lead generation WordPress plugin tool for users. It has an all-new revolutionary drag-and-drop editor that makes it easy for anyone to design stunning pages and forms in just minutes. 

Whether you want to collect emails, guide website visitors, or increase sales, ConvertPro has all the tools for lead generation you need, like lead collection forms.

The platform is not only a WordPress plugin tool – it is highly optimized for speed and provides the best performance. You get full control on the platform, which means no more intrusive interstitials that will get you punished by Google.

ConvertBox Pricing

ConvertBox pricing

ConvertBox is currently in the early access phase as they continue to add more powerful features to the software. 

You can request early access to the website and receive special discounted pricing in ConvertBox cost.

At the moment, there’s a special deal where you get the software for a one-time fee of $495.00. You do not have to worry about monthly or annual fees. It comes with the following features: 

Special Offer: $495 (one-time fee for lifetime deal)

250k views/month

No branding

First-class support

10 websites

Unlimited ConvertBoxes

Free platform updates

Product Support

ConvertBox offers support in a number of ways, including the following:

  • Email Support: You can email support at any time, and a customer service rep will address your issues and concerns.
  • Online Training: There’s a series of short training videos designed to take you through the setup process and get you familiar with the platform’s basic functionality and its advanced features.
  • Knowledge Base: Search for answers to your questions in the platform’s vast knowledge base filled with tons of guides, how-to articles, and tutorials. 
ConvertBox product support

System Requirements

ConvertBox is a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform. 



ConvertBox lets you enjoy seamless integration with major marketing and sales tools, including page builders, autoresponders, cart platforms, and many others like Thrive Leads.

The platform aims to become universally compatible with every marketing strategy regardl`ess of the types of tools it depends on.

ConvertBox integrates in many platforms and tools. Here’s a list of some of the integrations currently available with ConvertBox:

  • GetResponse
  • MailChimp
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Google Analytics
  • HubSpot
  • HTML forms
  • Demio
  • ConvertKit

…and dozens of others. 

Is ConvertBox Legit?

Every marketer dreams of having a great tool that allows you to target your customers with personalized marketing messages that are optimized to skyrocket your conversions. 

Although there are tons of other tools doing this, ConvertBox simply blows the competition out of the water.

The platform has it all: 

  • Intelligent targeting that deploys highly personalized messages to website visitors.
  • Lead capture forms with numerous custom form fields so you can collect the information you need with the lead capture tool.
  • A/B split testing to help you figure out which message performs best. 
  • Segmentation funnels to help you present highly personalized offers to relevant visitors.
  • A drag-and-drop editor that makes ConvertBox perfect for beginners and non-tech-minded users. 
  • And the ability to track everything in real-time. 

This concludes my ConvertBox review! I hope it helped you figure out the capabilities of this platform.

Request early access for ConvertBox to start seeing an increase in your conversion rates right away

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