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When it comes to scaling quality content, there’s no secret spell. All you need is the right content writing service to help you produce engaging, high-ranking, and affordable content on a consistent basis. One such platform is ContentWish, an all-inclusive content solutions provider that offers everything from keyword research to WordPress publishing. 

Read the rest of this ContentWish review to discover how you can make those processes help you grow your content site and improve your results. 

ContentWish Summary

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9.2 out of 10

Ron’s Thoughts

If you’ve been looking for 100% legit and original content writing services, then you’ve come to the right place. ContentWish is fully risk-free, meaning you’ll be able to test the services by receiving a 1,000-word piece of content. If you’re unhappy, you’ll be able to get your money back. On top of that, the content itself is always SEO-optimized and plagiarism-free. Lastly, they’ll give you a 20% discount on your first order. Overall, ContentWish is a great choice when it comes to content writing services.

Is ContentWish Worth it?

This company has been created from the ground up by a team of seasoned content marketers and SEOs who understand what’s required to rank on Google. Its content creation processes are based on their combined years of knowledge and experience. With over 200+ happy clients and 20M+ words written so far, it’s clear to see that this full-service content writing agency has a lot to offer to bloggers and content marketers.  

The main goal of ContentWish is to make that a thing of the past by providing you with a proven process for scaling your website with affordable content.

The platform specializes in long-form, SEO-optimized content like in-depth informative articles, product reviews, and listicles – basically, anything that falls under the “blog post” category that will help you start a blog and fill it with valuable content quickly.. It’s perfect to use if you regularly contribute guest posts on other sites.

The agency provides a process that is optimized for small businesses and is perfect if you want to grow your business without increasing your costs. It includes keyword research and image optimization for perfect on-page SEO. You’ll get great ROI on your content. Efficiency is passed down to you as savings, which means you only have to place your order, and then sit back, relax, and watch your Google rankings rise. 

Who is ContentWish Good For?

The topic of outsourcing website content often generates controversy. However, for a lot of successful bloggers, website owners, and small businesses, this is a reliable way to add fresh content to your blog without getting stuck on the content treadmill. 

  • Bloggers: If you’re a blogger who publishes content on a daily basis, you can publish more and pay less. In other words, you’ll get more rank for your buck, which helps you achieve your marketing objectives without breaking the bank. 
  • Site Owners: If you want to quickly rank your new website, or improve the rankings of your current site, this platform can help you do that quickly and effectively with affordable, intent-based content. 
  • Small Businesses: You can outsource content creation as a way to save money for your business. Only pay for content writing services when you need the content, rather than paying a full-time salary and benefits for an in-house writer to create content for you.
  • Affiliate Marketers: This content service is a great option for anyone who is not comfortable writing, or maybe doesn’t have the time or the bandwidth to create product reviews for their affiliate site.

Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of this ContentWish review and look at the services and features that the platform provides.

ContentWish Functionality

1. Ease of Use

ContentWish delivers seamless process that makes it easy for you to place your order and receive your articles quickly. 

The platform has a 100% in-house team of University-graduate writers who specialize in different web niches. 

Once you sign-up, you’ll be matched with the perfect writer for your business. Nothing is outsourced, and the in-house researchers and editors double-check all the content to ensure consistent precision. Of course, if you’re not happy with a writer, a different match will be made to ensure your satisfaction.

Getting started with ContentWish is easy: 

Step #1: Purchase Word Credits 

Word credits are ContentWish’s internal currency. You can use these to order any quantity of content. There are no expiration dates and no monthly fees on credits.

To purchase your word credits, click “Get Started” and choose from four content packages ranging from $490 for the Starter plan (10,000 words) to $4,100 for the Authority plan (100,000 words).

Next, click “Place Order” for the plan you want. You’ll be directed to the checkout page to complete your order. 

You’ll be redirected to the client portal login page as soon as checkout is complete. 

Your login details will be sent to you via email. You can use them to access your ContentWish account dashboard.

As soon as you place an order, the system automatically adds credits to your balance according to your chosen package. You can now use those word credits to order articles. 

Step # 2: Order Your Articles

Once you log into the ContentWish clients’ portal, you can:

  • Order articles
  • Track the status of ordered content
  • Buy more word credits
  • Communicate with the content writing team 
  • Open tickets for any questions you might have 

…and more. 

Navigate to the left-hand sidebar in your account dashboard. Click “Order Articles” and an order form will pop up.

Step #3: Fill Out the Order Form

Your next step is to fill out the simple and quick form with your order instructions. This includes things like: 

  • The number of articles
  • Word count
  • Article topics and type (e.g. Informative posts)
  • Keywords, etc. 

You can also insert any notes that you want to pass on to the writing/editing team. This can be anything to do with keyword research, on-page SEO optimization, etc.

Note: Adding standardized briefs during the ordering process helps the team to start right away so no time is wasted on back-and-forths.

At this stage, you can also select one or more add-ons for your articles (more about how add-ons work in the section below).

Once all the relevant information is entered, submit your form and the system will then calculate the number of word credits required for your content. 

You’ll receive a confirmation of your order within 1 business day. You’ll also get a Google spreadsheet containing your order information. 

Step #4: Receive Your Content

ContentWish has fast turnaround times. You can receive up to 10,000 words in just 8 days. This is due to the agency’s policy for hiring writing talent across the globe which allows the content team to work asynchronously and therefore maximize productivity. 

You get a money-back guarantee on the Tester Package (1,000 words), and you can get unlimited revisions on all other packages. 

If you placed a larger order (over 10,000 words), your order will be delivered in 10,000-word batches, each within 8 business days of the last delivery. An email will be sent to you when your content is ready, and you can review it right away.

As you can see, ordering with ContentWish is incredibly easy. But how does the content perform with regard to SEO? Let’s find out. 

2. High-Ranking SEO Content

With ContentWish, there’s no more guesswork. Thanks to expert keyword research,you’ll be able to rank for the keywords you’re writing about. Expert writers will create, optimize, and publish evergreen articles that will keep your business moving forward. 

You can order the following types of articles: 

  • How-To Articles
  • Top 10 Articles
  • Informational Articles
  • Product Reviews
  • Product Roundups
  • Product Comparisons

The platform specializes in long-form content which is infused with relevant keywords and planned with rich SEO data. This means your articles will be future-proofed for any sudden algorithm changes. This content is perfect for engaging your audience and boosting your topical authority.

This case study from the website SEO services shows the types of traffic generation results they achieve for clients:

All ContentWish SEO Services packages include: 

  • In-depth research
  • Title generation
  • Meta descriptions 
  • Standard On-page SEO Optimization of blog posts, including:
    • Main keyword placement
    • Integration of 2-3 secondary keywords
    • Structured H1, H2, H3, and H4 headings
  • Quality Guarantee, which includes:
    • Grammarly Premium Check
    • Copyscape Plagiarism Check 
    • Extensive Content Editing

All these measures are in place to ensure that you receive high quality content. The informational articles and other content you receive will be ready to use. It’s fully edited, formatted, and proofread. All you need to do is press “publish”.

If you’re still on the fence, you can request samples or examples of previous work to see if the content writing services are a good fit for you.

3. Add-Ons for Better SEO Workflow 

ContentWish is a superb and affordable alternative to more expensive writing agencies. And to add even more value to the service, the platform also offers add-ons that you can include with each article, including SurferSEO Optimization, WordPress Publishing, and Image Addition. 

All the add-ons are deducted from your word credit balance. The cost of each add-on is calculated per article as follows:

  • SurferSEO Optimization: 300 word credits
  • WordPress Site Publishing: 125 word credits
  • Images: 175 word credits

Here’s a closer look at what each add-on entails: 

SurferSEO Optimization

This add-on is highly recommended to ensure that your website content ranks high. It means the team will write your content according to SurferSEO content editor guidelines. Whether you order informational articles or product reviews, your content will have flawless SEO optimization.

Your content is guaranteed to have a score of +70/100. If you don’t have a SurferSEO account, the content editor will be set up for you at no extra charge.

WordPress Publishing

If you opt for this add-on, your content will be uploaded to WordPress as soon as it’s delivered. You have to provide the platform with your WordPress website author access. 

This add-on includes the following: 

  • Content uploads
  • SEO title
  • Meta description
  • Focus keyword
  • Article Formatting


This add-on includes the addition of royalty-free images picked from Pixabay, Unsplash, and other free image websites. 

You can request featured images and the team will create them using Canva. 

This add-on includes: 

  • 1 featured image
  • Up to 4 high-quality stock images
  • Image alt text 

ContentWish Pros and Cons

Here comes the most interesting part of this ContentWish review – the pros and cons. Here’s a quick look at some of the most prominent benefits and drawbacks of using this content-writing service for your business.


  1. 100% Risk-Free: ContentWish offers a 1,000-word Tester Package with an iron-clad money-back guarantee. If, after free revisions/rewrites, you’re not happy with your article, you can get your money back. 
  2. Boost Topical Authority: You can hire experts on the specific topics you want to cover, and they’ll provide you with quality content. You get 100% original, plagiarism-free, long-form content that is fully edited and engineered for SEO. 
  3. 20% Off First Order: When signing up for the first time, you get a nice 20% discount on your order. 
  4. Pricing Engineered for Scale: The more words you order, the lower your rate per word, which makes this platform perfect for anyone who wants to scale their content business. 


  1. Some Topics Not Covered: Some topics are off-limits on ContentWish, including sexual/18+ content, drugs/smoking-related content, gambling/betting content, and religious/spiritual content. 

ContentWish Competitors

ContentWish provides you with content that ranks. No outsourcing, no freelancers, and no AI content from an AI writing tool. The platform has a team of professional SEO writers and content strategists to cater to all your content marketing needs. With their tested process, you’ll be able to rank more for less, and never waste precious time on things that don’t work. 

However, ContentWish doesn’t write all types of content. Like all the best content writing services, the platform focuses on specific content like informational articles and product reviews. 

So, for instance, if you need things like landing pages, homepages, service pages, website copy, email campaigns, or social media posts, then you’ll be better served by one of these three alternative content services instead.  

ContentWish vs Verblio

Verblio is a relatively new content writing service that provides a very high-quality output. Although not the fastest, it’s certainly among the smartest content solutions providers. 

The agency has a team of over 3,000 US-based writers who write unique, engaging content, including podcast summaries, text-to-video, product descriptions, and content refreshes. These are services you won’t get with ContentWish. 

You can also add “Pro” services to jumpstart your content strategy and brainstorm topic ideas. Alternatively, choose Verblio Valet, a service that manages it all for you so you can offload the stress and headache of managing your content marketing.

ContentWish vs ProBlogger Job Board 

This is a great platform to consider if you want creative solutions to your content requirements. Here, you’ll find experienced content marketing writers who are used to working directly with clients. 

These are some of the best writers around (a fact that’s reflected in their prices). They exhibit all the skills every great content writer needs, including adaptability, strong research skills, a solid understanding of SEO, and the ability to meet deadlines. You won’t have to worry bout getting your content to show up in the first page of the search results.

So, if you want the best value, this is where you’ll find it. You’ll have to pay a fee of $75 to post a job and get access to a pool of qualified writers in your niche. 

ContentWish vs ContentDevelopmentPros

Content Development Pros understands that ranking on Google is something that takes weeks, and sometimes even months of publishing content consistently. The platform offers affordable prices and unlimited revisions for ghostwritten articles and specialized blog services in any industry. 

The content service has a team of US-based writers who create and edit high-quality, SEO-optimized content. You get a super fast turnaround and free meta-details are included with your 100% original content. 

The platform has a live chat option available, which means that once you register for an account, help is always a chat away. Or you can use the chat to offer constructive feedback on your content order. Starting from just $13 an article, this is an affordable service for blog owners who want to grow their blogs with fresh, reliable, and unique content.


ContentWish offers content that ranks at affordable prices. Plans are as follows: 

  • Starter Plan: $490 for 10K Words: The rate per word for this plan is $0.049. You get 10K lifetime word credits, guaranteed 8-day delivery, and unlimited revisions. All articles are edited, plagiarism-free, and SEO-optimized.
  • Plus Plan: $940 for 20K Words: The rate per word for this plan is $0.047. It includes everything in the “Starter” plan, and you get 20K lifetime word credits.
  • Growth Plan: $2,250 for 50K Words: The rate per word for this plan is $0.045. It includes everything in the “Plus” plan and comes with 50K lifetime word credits. 
  • Authority Plan: $4,100 for 100K Words: At $0.041, the Authority plan gives you the best rate per word. It includes everything in the Growth Plan, and 100K lifetime word credits. 

You can apply credits for add-ons to enhance your SEO workflow. Add-ons include SurferSEO optimization, WordPress publishing, and royalty-free images. 

Product Support

If you have already registered an account with ContentWish, you can inquire about things like the status of your order directly through the “Ticket” tab inside your client Control Panel. You will get a swift response from support.

You can also contact ContentWish by sending an email to [email protected] or filling out the form on the contact page on the website. 

All queries are responded to within a 24-hour timeframe during the workweek, although it may take longer if there’s an exceptionally high email queue.

Is ContentWish Legit?

So what’s the final verdict in this ContentWish review?

It’s is a great content agency to work with. It’s run by a team of real SEO experts who are successful in digital marketing. Here, you won’t find any generalists – just a dedicated team of professional SEO writers and content strategists.

There’s no outsourcing, no freelancers, and no AI content. No more guessing when it comes to the best way to rank your content on Google and other search engines. You get none of the stuff that slows your business down. 

Once you sign-up, you are guaranteed high-quality, on-brand content that hits the right balance of content optimization and readability.

Best of all, when you work with ContentWish, you get the high standard and reliability of an agency, with the affordability of a freelancer. You can make bulk orders and enjoy benefits like ease of communication, quality control, and a team of experts without the premium price tag.

Check out what these happy customers had to say about the content-writing service:

Are you ready to put hands-off ranking in motion? If so, sign up for your ContentWish SEO Services package right now

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