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Recent business communication statistics show that over 86% of executives and teams lack effective communication and collaboration tools, and cite this as one of the major causes of decreased productivity and workplace failures. 

Every business needs an effective solution for streamlining communications across teams and with customers. And that’s exactly what Cloudli provides. 

Cloudli is a business communications solution that powers the future of work. The software helps businesses of all sizes to communicate better by providing them with tools to communicate how, when, and where they want – all while maintaining security, reliability, and efficiency.

Read the rest of this Cloudli review to find out more about this software including its functionality, pros and cons, pricing, and product support.

Cloudli Summary

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9.2 out of 10

Ron’s Thoughts

If you’re looking to enhance and streamline your communication processes with employees, teams, and customers – then Cloudli is for you. It doesn’t matter if you’re a startup, small business, or a large one, Cloudli is useful for all. This is due to the numerous features that you get, including cost-effective communication solutions, call screening, text-enabled landlines, and a mobile app. Overall, you’ll be getting plenty of use out of Cloudli for an affordable price.

  • Biggest Pro:

    AI-Powered Call Screener

  • Biggest Con:

    Slightly Complex for Beginners

  • Annual Discount:


  • Price:

    Starts at $25/Month

  • Promotion:

    Free Trial is Available

Is Cloudli Worth it?

With Cloudli, you’ll be able to deliver an unmatched customer experience thanks to the impressive range of features that let you digitize all your business communication. 

Furthermore, the software lets you add more users for much less than other solutions in the same category so you can wave goodbye to expensive plans. 

In fact, according to a recent survey from the site, a single monthly subscription allows small businesses to save 70% over industry-leading voice and messaging partners. 

This is an interesting revelation that makes it clear to see that this software is absolutely worth the investment as it will save you both time and money by streamlining all your communication at a much lower price.

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Who is Cloudli Good For?

Cloudli TalkNText is the perfect solution for micro and small businesses that want the functionality of a full-featured cloud business phone system, alongside enhanced next-generation business texting capabilities. 

You can implement the TalkNText app to run your business seamlessly and digitize your communications – voice, text, and shared phone lines – to save money and time. 

The app works with organizations and users of all types, including: 

  • Home Services
  • Franchises
  • Retail
  • Personal Care
  • Education/tutoring

If you’re ready to discover a feature-rich solution customized for your business, then this is a great software option to consider. 

With it, you’ll be able to put your best foot forward and offer unparalleled customer experiences through this powerful mobile-first business communication technology. 

Cloudli Functionality

Cloudli has a lot to offer in terms of functionality, including features such as Chat/Messaging, Multi-Channel Communication, and Multi-User Collaboration.

To give you an idea of what this app can accomplish, below we take a look at some of the platform’s more prominent features, including: 

  • Business Phone Systems 
  • Business Texting
  • Team Messaging
  • AI-powered Call Screening
  • Smart Call Routing
  • SMS Broadcast
  • SMS Auto-replies and Keywords

1. TalkNText

The Cloudli TalkNText app allows you to merge business texting with business phone service in order to eliminate the need for small businesses to maintain two separate and costly subscriptions. This way, you can put texting to work for your business while still paying only one affordable subscription. 

According to recent reports, 93% of consumers state that they want to talk and text with small businesses. This means that if you’re not using both communication methods, then you’re likely losing out on a lot of opportunities to connect with your target customers in a manner they prefer.  

The image below showcases some of Cloudli’s additional features: 

2. SIP Trunking

If you already have a business phone, Cloudli can provide you with carrier-grade voice-over-IP connectivity. You can migrate from legacy connectivity and opt for carrier-grade SIP trunks instead. This way, you’ll get top-quality VoIP connectivity that you can scale as your business grows. 

You’ll be able to: 

  • Choose how you connect
  • Set up and scale with ease
  • Stay connected in all circumstances
  • Get help when and how you need it
  • Keep teams safe and secure
  • Protect all sensitive data 

It’s time to leave outdated hardware and PRIs behind and embrace a modern, innovative solution. This kind of digital connectivity is set to power the evolution of communications, and you can be at the leading edge with Cloudli’s SIP Trunking solutions. 

And that’s not all, here are some of the additional features you’ll enjoy: 

3. IP Fax Solutions 

Another amazing solution available through Cloudli is encrypted digital faxing. You can now benefit from digitization thanks to best-in-class encryption technology, workflows, and compliance. All of these features are customized to meet your business’s unique fax requirements. 

If you’re ready to modernize your fax, you’ll enjoy the following benefits: 

  • Protect sensitive information
  • Meet and maintain compliance standards
  • Easily move to IP 
  • Stay connected when it matters most
  • Save big on upgrades and migrations

Unlock the digital future of your business with real-time fax. The powerful fax-over-IP solutions are backed by user-friendly digital tools, allowing you to reliably virtualize all your operations without compromising the security of critical information. 

Cloudli Pros and Cons

Like any other solution, Cloudli has its pros and cons. Below, I’ve listed some of the most prominent benefits and drawbacks of using Cloudli. 


  1. Mobile App: Cloudli TalkNText has a mobile app for iPad, Android, and iPhone, which makes it easier to manage your business on the go. 
  2. Cost-effective: TalkNText brings together business phone service and business texting under a single subscription. This results in significant cost savings for many businesses.
  3. AI-Powered Call Screener: Now you’ll always know who’s calling and why thanks to the platform’s new AI call screening feature. 
  4. Text-Enable Landlines: If your business already has an established line with a different provider, you can turbocharge your existing number without porting over the service. 


I’ve noticed none yet, but I’ll keep you updated. 

Cloudli Competitors

My research has shown that there are very few platforms out there with features and affordability that rival Cloudli’s. I did find three options with similar features and pricing structures. However, there are some distinct differences that you must be aware of when considering Cloudli alternatives. 

Let’s take a look. 

Cloudli vs Pumble

Pumble by Coing is a powerful platform designed for effective collaboration between teams. It’s ideal for small businesses, marketing agencies, education institutions, and even Fortune 500 companies. 

This cloud-based communication software lets users make calls, conduct video meetings, and send instant messages, which makes it ideal for any business that wants to communicate with its customers in a manner they prefer. 

But, Cloudli still has way more to offer as it gives you unified access to all the tools you need in a single robust and easy to master cloud communications system.

Cloudli vs Trillian

Like its counterpart, Trillian offers features for optimizing and modernizing communication for businesses of all sizes. 

But, unlike Cloudli, Trillian gives you the ability to choose between hosting the software fully on-premise or in the cloud. This software is better-suited for larger companies, including those in healthcare, education, and finance. 

However, Trillian does not include many of the robust features of TalkNText, and some features are additional add-ons.

Cloudli vs Squaretalk

Squaretalk is a great solution for  Business process outsourcing call centers and companies with proactive sales. It’s also the perfect predictive dialing solution for CX (customer experience) and retention teams, as well as telemarketers, traders, market researchers, financial advisors, and insurance agents. 

It has intelligent call targeting, agent prioritization, and powerful analytics. This platform is more a call center solution with plans that cost significantly more, whereas Cloudli is mostly focused on business communications that deliver ease of use, flexibility, and affordability. 


Cloudli has a very simple pricing structure. You can either opt for the Startup plan, Small Business plan, or Small Business + plan. 

Here’s what the three plans entail:

  • Startup Plan: $25/month
    • 2 users
    • Unlimited calling (US and Canada) 
    • Unlimited team messaging
    • 500 Business Text messages
    • Dedicated local business phone number
    • AI-powered Call Screener 
    • Text-enable existing business landline phone number
    • Core Features: Shared team phone numbers, smart call routing, text message auto-replies, voicemail transcription, IVR/auto-attendant, etc.
    • TalkNText app
  • Small Business Plan: $50/month
    • Everything in the Startup plan +
    • 4 users 
    • 1,000 Business Text messages
    • Add additional users for $10/month

Product Support

Cloudli offers support during business hours via email, phone or ticketing system. 

The platform also provides support in the form of on-demand videos and documentation.

Is Cloudli Legit?

With decades of experience, and trusted by thousands of future-focused companies, Cloudli is clearly an innovative provider that guides businesses into the future of work. 

Cloudli TalkNText is the first unified communications service to offer AI-powered call screening capabilities for business users across desktop, iOS, and Android devices. 

This powerful communication system has everything to help you solve real communication problems in your business so you can offer better experiences for all. 

See what these TalkNText users had to say about the software: 

Are you ready to make the switch so you can improve your business communications? If so, sign up for a free trial to try Cloudli or request a demo right now.

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