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If you sell anything, whether online or offline, then you need gorgeous graphics that will help attract the attention of your target customers. In fact, studies show that 68% of digital marketers use visual assets in content creation. Great graphics will strengthen your brand, increase viewer interaction, and help you get more sales. 

But, hiring graphic designers can be costly, which is why many businesses now look to graphic design tools like ClickDesigns to help them create high-quality graphics that will help them boost visibility and increase conversions.

Continue reading this ClickDesigns review to find out all the specifics about this platform including information about whether or not it’s a good fit for you, its pros and cons, functionality, features, system requirements, integrations, and more.

ClickDesigns Summary

ClickDesigns logo

9.8 out of 10

Ron’s Thoughts

Studies have shown that great graphics can positively impact sales, which is why it’s crucial to design a website with aesthetics in mind. ClickDesigns lets you do that without requiring any graphic design knowledge or experience. The platform features an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor as well as numerous logo and favicon design templates. You’ll also be able to use your designs for professional use thanks to ClickDesigns’ commercial license.

  • Biggest Pro:

    Wide Range of Easy to Use Features

  • Biggest Con:

    Limited Stock Media Library

  • Annual Discount:


  • Price:

    Starts at $47/Month

  • Promotion:

    20% Off

Is ClickDesigns Worth it?

ClickDesigns is a platform designed to help you create stunning graphics that beautifully present your business and brand. You’ll never again have to work with expensive graphic designers and freelancers or hire in-house teams to help you create visuals for your marketing campaigns. 

No matter what business you’re in, you need high-quality graphics. ClickDesigns is definitely worth it for anyone who wants to stand out from the competition and generate more traffic and sales for their online business.

With ClickDesigns, you’ll be able to dress up your websites and social media to attract and impress your audience, giving you a better opportunity to convert them into paying customers. 

Now there’s no need to spend days vetting and hiring freelancers for any of your projects. 

No more hours wasted trying to communicate your vision so others understand it. 

You’ll be able to quickly and easily create your own graphics and illustrations to bring your ideas to life and save tons of time and money by eliminating the constant back and forth between you and the design teams. 

With this tool, you’ll never again pay more for any of your designs than you need to. 

From product bundles and illustrations to social media, graphics, emails, banners, box shots, and more, you can now do it all yourself – even with no design skills. 

The platform is extremely easy to use, which means you won’t have to spend countless hours researching or learning how to design. You’ll have amazing designs and graphics for your web pages, socials, and sales funnels in just minutes. 

One affordable monthly payment gives you access to thousands of customizable design templates, sales funnel, graphics, and unlimited downloads and exports in various formats. 

You also get access to an image and stock asset library with over 500,000 graphics to choose from. All of them are 100% royalty-free and don’t require attribution. 

And, with the platform’s 30-day money-back guarantee, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing you can try the platform risk-free and only pay if it’s a perfect fit for you.

In short, this design powerhouse will level the playing field for ordinary users who want extraordinary graphics that will drive massive traffic, clicks, and sales.

Who is ClickDesigns Good For?

ClickDesigns is ideal for anyone who wants to bring more focus and attention to their brand, products, services. 

This type of tool is particularly important in today’s competitive landscape where many businesses fail because they view graphic design as an afterthought instead of a necessity. 

They focus all their attention on other areas of the business and assume that their product or service will sell itself – which is never the case. 

Even if they consider graphic design to be an important part of their marketing strategy, many find the prospect of creating their own graphics daunting due to a lack of technical knowledge and skill. 

Fortunately, ClickDesigns is designed to be extremely easy to use.

It’s a non-designer’s dream come true. 

The platform lets you come up with outstanding graphics in minutes without needing to learn anything about web design.

It’s perfect for all types of creators, including: 

  • Newbies
  • Digital Marketers
  • Influencers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Social Media Marketers
  • Authors 
  • Bloggers
  • Publishers
  • eCommerce
  • Freelancers
  • Software Creators

… and many others.

ClickDesigns even lets you use your own logos, images, and photos. You can easily upload these and other graphics onto the platform to help keep your branding intact.

With this powerful tool in your hands, you’ll never again be frustrated with the outcome of your efforts after spending hours stitching graphics together. 

Thanks to the intuitive point-and-click editor and pre-designed templates, you can have your own unique visuals regardless of your level of skill. 

Here are a few use cases to help you understand how this software helps different types of creators: 

  • Webmasters: Create logos, favicons, and images for your website pages.
  • Bloggers: Create illustrations and featured images for your blog posts with zero design experience required. Stand out in today’s ever-crowded environment and captivate visitors by using powerful eye-popping visuals.
  • Digital Marketers: Promote your products and services to attract customers with professional-looking mockups, covers, box shots, and creative designs for your webpages.
  • YouTubers: Video creators can create amazing videos with product bundles, illustrations, and graphics that add value without having to constantly paying for new videos for every project.
  • Social Media Marketers: Create scroll-stopping social posts, profile covers, and other visuals to boost visibility, promote your brand awareness, and increase audience engagement across all networks.
  • Authors and Publishers: Create mesmerizing book covers, change layouts, edit spine content, add images, shadows, and reflections, edit typography, and much more. 
  • Entrepreneurs: Skyrocket your business to new heights with mouth-watering designs that will help you attract new leads, convert more customers, and retain existing ones.
  • Product/Software Creators: Create device mockups and boxshots to showcase your product/app across various digital device mockups, covers, product boxshots, and bundles to increase sales.
  • eCommerce Owners: eCommerce and brick-and-mortar store owners can get customers by leveraging jaw-dropping product shots and group shots for increased sales.

It’s clear to see that this is the ultimate design tool for any type of graphic you could ever need for your business, including logos, covers, reports, illustrations, callouts, boxshots, product bundles, digital mockups, and any other sales driven graphics you might need.

ClickDesigns Functionality

This section of the ClickDesigns review is focused on functionality and features.

This graphic design software has a ton of amazing features, including the following: 

  • Drag-and-Drop, Point-and-Click Editor
  • ​Sales Funnel Graphics
  • Customizable Templates
  • 28 Niche Categories
  • Create Unlimited Designs
  • 2D and 3D Boxshot, Book Cover, and Report Templates
  • Digital Device Mockup Templates
  • ​Logo and Favicon Templates
  • Group Shots (Laptops, Monitors, Tablets, Phones, and Watches)
  • Graphics and Illustrations Templates
  • ​Shadows, Reflections, and Live Preview
  • ​1,000+ Fonts, Icons, Elements, Backgrounds, Shapes, Images, and Photos

It’s beyond the scope of this review article to go into all the different features of this software, but we’re going to take a look at its most prominent ones. 

1. Ease of Use

If you’re wondering whether it’s really that easy to create stunning designs with no technical knowledge, the answer is, yes! It is that easy. 

The platform is cloud-based, which means no downloads or installation. You have access to the software 24/7/365 from your browser. 

Simply sign up, log in to your dashboard, and you can choose a template to get started with. Point-and-click, drag-and-drop, and the platform will do all the hard design work for you. 

Create designs from scratch, or use predesigned templates that allow you to have your own designs ready to post in just minutes.

Use the point-and-click editor to create beautiful, eye-popping designs in minutes. 

You will absolutely love the simplicity of the process of using the platform’s cutting-edge yet versatile editor. It’s perfect for newbies and non-designers.

All you have to do is drag-and-drop the elements you need where you need them and customize them to match your brand style. 

Creating great graphics couldn’t be easier.

This is the first software of its kind designed to instantly shift your creative weakness into one of your greatest strengths. 

What used to take people weeks to learn now only takes minutes, which means you can become a pro designer and create a phenomenal graphics in record time thanks to the platform’s baby-friendly controls.

2. Templates

ClickDesigns has customizable 2D and 3D templates that let you go straight to the finish line using the comprehensive collection of expertly crafted designs from award-winning designers. 

This takes all the guesswork out of it so you have nothing more to do than simply point, click, and customize. 

No more worrying about creating designs from scratch. This way, you’ll have any graphic you want ready to go in seconds so you can start generating a sea of clicks and sales.

On the platform, you’ll find over 1059+ customizable design templates which include:

  • Logos
  • Boxshots
  • Books
  • eCovers
  • Reports
  • Product Group Shots
  • Mockups
  • Digital Devices
  • Product Bundles

…and much more. 

Multi-Angle Layout Views

Yet another amazing feature of this software is the multi-angle layout views. Each industry and market has a different type of customer which is why you need to have a variety of angles and layouts to choose from so you can specifically attract the right type of people to your product. 

In just a few clicks, you’ll be able to choose the right layouts and angles that speak directly to your target audience, making it more likely that you’ll be able to effectively grab their attention and get them to take action.

28 Niche Categories

No matter what industry, market, or niche you’re in, there are elegant templates available for everyone. 

Whether you’re selling a physical or digital product, or offering services, there’s something for you among the dozens of niche categories on the platform. 

You’ll be able to pick niche-specific templates and easily customize them to perfectly glam up your brand and show all your customers and prospects that you are the real deal.

The image below shows some examples of mouthwatering graphics from one of the niches. Each of them is designed to grab attention instantly so you can convert more visitors into sales.

It has never been this easy to create phenomenal graphics without having to outsource online design!

3. Sales Funnel Graphics

Got a sales funnel? ClickDesigns makes it easy to build professional sales funnels in a flash. 

No one wants to purchase from a website without graphics. In fact, the majority of people won’t buy from you if you have no graphics on your site or if they are low quality. 

A site like that doesn’t inspire confidence or trust, and many visitors will bounce away to your competitors without a second thought.

That’s why ClickDesigns focuses on making it as easy as possible for you to find the right graphics for your sales funnels and offers so you can create successful marketing campaigns that help your business stand out and attract more leads and sales.

No matter what business you are in, you’ll be able to make irresistible graphics that will stop your customers in their tracks and keep them glued to your site until they convert.

In addition to the niche-specific categories, you’ll also be able to use hundreds of sales funnel graphics on the platform. 

Create everything from: 

  • Headlines
  • Guarantees
  • Coupons
  • Buttons
  • Bonus Boxes
  • Badges
  • Arrows
  • Testimonials
  • Licenses
  • Sketches 

…and many others. 

4. Unlimited Customization

Yet another important feature on the platform is the unlimited customization which allows you to change different elements of each visual so you can create truly unique designs. 

From illustrations and scenes to boxshots, covers, and various other cool graphics, there’s no limit to the amount of customization you can have on each design.

Create stunning images that convey a thousand words or share your brand story in engaging ways using hundreds of illustrations and scenes designed by top talent and artists across a broad range of categories.

Thanks to the Live Preview feature, there’s no need to download designs or switch to a different tab. 

Now you can readily preview your designs while creating them live on the same page, saving you lots of time you’d otherwise spend clicking, downloading, and checking your designs. 

You’ll be able to instantly live-preview your visual or check on your progress from where you are in the dashboard, giving you a hassle-free experience that lets you create your design, from start to finish, in one sitting. 

Additional Features

As you can see from the features outlined above, this platform has everything you need to attract more customers and get them to buy your products or services. 

While words written on a page may work to help buyers visualize your product, it’s actually a lot more effective to use visuals. 

Not only will your visitors remember images for longer than they do text, but you’ll also be strengthening your presence on your website and on social media. 

With that said, here are a few editing features you’ll find on the platform to help you create outstanding graphics: 

  • Import Export
  • Canvas Resizing
  • Image Cropper
  • Group Resizing
  • Zoom In and Out
  • Massive Color Palette
  • Object Grouping
  • Grid Guidelines
  • Rotate or Flip
  • Multi-Typography
  • Multi-Layering
  • Unlimited Flexibility
  • Design Training

Here’s a closer look at some of the more prominent graphic design features on the platform:

  • Reflections: Use this feature to create a stunning hypnosis effect that will wow your audience. You can add reflections to your designs instantly in a single click, as shown in the image below: 
  • Shadow Effects: Viewers love attention to detail, and you can also add a touch of realism to objects or designs with shadows that define the image to fine-tune the viewer’s focus. 

You get total control to point image shadows in any direction you choose, whether horizontally or vertically. You also have full control over the color of the shade, as well as how blurry, dark, or light you want the image to be.

  • Backgrounds and Images: Break the chains and let out your creativity by moving away from costly stock media assets. Now you can simply type in a keyword, then select “Use As-Is”, or “Customize” to spice up your visuals.

I think by now it’s clear to see that ClickDesigns is an uncomplicated designer for nondesigners. 

It’s perfect for anyone who wants to create amazing visuals and cool graphics quickly and easily, and can be considered the ultimate design machine that will boost your confidence, allowing you to produce unique and attractive visuals in minutes so you never have to rely on anyone again. 

ClickDesigns Pros and Cons

Like every other piece of software on the market, ClickDesigns comes with its own set of pros and cons. 

Here’s a quick look at some of its most prominent advantages and drawbacks.


  1. Multipurpose App: This multi-feature software lets you create unique images, graphics, etc. for your business or personal needs.
  2. Drag-And-Drop Editor: The platform has an easy to use point-and-click editor that makes it simple for beginners and non-technical users to create awesome graphics.
  3. Logo and Favicon Design Templates: With ClickDesigns, there’s no need to look for additional tools for creating logos, you can do it all from one place.
  4. 30-Day Money-back Guarantee: If you are not happy with the software for any reason, you can request your money back within 30 days, and you get to keep any designs you’ve already created.
  5. Commercial Rights: The platform offers a commercial license that allows you to use your designs for professional use.


  1. No Video/Audio Exports: ClickDesigns doesn’t allow you to export in MP4, which is unfortunate as this is such a commonly used video format. It’s strictly a design tool and doesn’t involve video or audio material. 
  2. Limited Stock Media Library: Compared to other graphic design software in the same category (e.g. Canva), ClickDesigns has limited stock media and could benefit from having more designs added.  It is connected to Pixabay though and offers millions of images that will work for most cases.

ClickDesigns Competitors

Undoubtedly, ClickDesigns is one of the best graphic design platforms currently available. 

However, it’s far from being the only reliable way to create exceptional graphic designs. 

Here are a few of its top competitors to consider:

ClickDesigns vs Canva

ClickDesigns is being labeled by others as a “Canva for marketers”

Canva is among the top graphic design studios out there. Like ClickDesigns, it empowers everyone, including tech-challenged users, to create truly remarkable graphics. 

One of the best things about Canva is its vast library of customizable graphics that let you design exceptional graphics, including social media posts, posters, videos, logos, and much more. 

This online design and publishing platform offers a ton of professionally designed templates for free and you can use the video editor and photo editor to transform your graphics into anything you want, even with zero graphic design experience.

ClickDesigns vs Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands is yet another powerful ClickDesigns alternative software for easy graphic design. 

The platform offers a variety of tools to help you turn your ideas into amazing designs. This all-in-one platform also offers a variety of other business tools and services, including a logo maker, website creation, brand kits, and easy LLC formation, among many others. 

With this one platform, you’ll have everything you need to create, launch, and grow your business. 

ClickDesigns vs Visme

Visme is a popular piece of software that offers a lot more than what you’d expect from a regular graphic design tool. 

Like the other competitors listed here, Visme has an intuitive drag-and-drop editor that is easy to use and comes packed full of amazing features. 

In minutes, you can create professional and eye-catching infographics, presentations, social media, images, and much more. 

Bottom line, this is an all-in-one design tool that makes for a great ClickDesigns alternative.


ClickDesigns has a simple pricing structure outlined below. Frankly, the lifetime plan for a one-time payment is an absolute no-brainer. While it costs slightly more, it’s well worth the payment to avoid the recurring costs.

  • Personal Plan: $37/month
    • Create unlimited designs
    • 1,059+ customizable design templates
    • 547+ sales funnel graphics
    • Unlimited exports and downloads (PDF, PNG, and JPG)
    • 758+ illustrations, elements, icons, and shapes
    • ​500,000+ photos, images, and stock assets
    • 100 fonts
    • Standard support
  • Commercial Plan: $67 Lifetime
    • Everything in the “Standard” plan +
    • 2457+ customizable designs
    • 1,000+ sales funnel graphics
    • 1,000+ illustrations, elements, icons, and shapes
    • ​Millions of photos, images, and stock assets
    • 200 fonts
    • Create your own templates
    • Priority support
    • Automated logo maker
    • Design template cloner
    • Product bundle template designer
    • Commercial rights

Product Support

ClickDesigns offers support via email. You can simply click the “Support” link located at the bottom of every page or get in touch with the customer happiness team directly via support.clickdesigns.com and a friendly and knowledgeable rep will be on hand to give you the assistance you need.

Beyond that, they also have a YouTube channel and Facebook group where you can review other training and/or ask the community for help. 

System Requirements

ClickDesigns is cloud-hosted software, which means there’s nothing to download or install. You get immediate access by simply signing up and logging in from anywhere, and on any device. 


ClickDesigns is the only design tool you’ll ever need to create beautiful graphics and web pages. 

The software proudly works with the following apps: 

  • Drupal
  • OptimizePress
  • Weebly
  • Beaver Builder
  • Shopify
  • Kajabi
  • WooCommerce
  • WordPress
  • HighLevel
  • ClickFunnels
  • Elementor
  • Themify
  • Instapage
  • Landigi
  • Kartra
  • Unbounce
  • GroovePages
  • Wix
  • LeadPages

Is ClickDesigns Legit?

Regardless of the type of business you have, you will always need graphics and design. With the right tools like ClickDesigns, you never have to worry about hiring expensive freelancers or graphic designers. 

You can do it all yourself without having to spend countless hours learning how to use the software.

You can get started easily, and you’ll have mind-blowing masterpieces in just minutes with zero design skills required.  

There are thousands of templates to choose from, all of which are easily customizable to help you stand out from the endless sea of competition in your industry or niche.

This is a great platform for creating amazing designs and graphics for web pages, videos, emails, banners, socials, and sales funnels. 

From logos and box shots to covers, reports, and digital mockups, you can create any type of graphic without the need for freelancers, coders, designers, or webmasters.

The conclusion of this ClickDesigns review is that, if producing hair-raising graphics without having to learn design or outsource to expensive graphic designers, freelancers, or hiring in-house staff is something that sounds appealing to you, then this platform is a great solution for you. 

See how other ClickDesigners rave about the software?

If you’re ready to create awesome graphics masterpieces that will attract clients and get you more sales, then click the link below to get started with ClickDesigns right now.

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