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According to a recent study, 59% of B2B marketers state that email marketing is their most effective revenue generation channel. If you’re not already leveraging this powerful strategy, it’s time to start. And for that, you need a reliable email marketing tool that will allow you to send campaigns and measure success easily. 

You need a tool like Cakemail. Cakemail is an email marketing software used by freelancers, small businesses, and enterprises to monitor their contacts and provide highly personalized email communications. 

Read the rest of this Cakemail review where we will analyze all the important things to know about this powerful software including who it is good for, its functionality, pros and cons, pricing, system requirements, integration support, and more.

Cakemail Summary

Cakemail logo

9.6 out of 10

Ron’s Thoughts

Cakemail is a reliable and ingenious Email marketing tool that makes creating and sending marketing campaigns easy. It’s made for everyone, be it freelancers or large enterprises. One of the reasons Cakemail is such a great Email marketing choice is its high sending capacity. It’ll be able to churn out huge volumes of cyclical or seasonal Emails and – it’s also highly customizable, even allowing you to tailor your customer’s user interface language.

  • Biggest Pro:

    Very High Sending Capacity

  • Biggest Con:

    Manual List Segmentation

  • Annual Discount:


  • Price:

    Starts at $7/Month

  • Promotion:

    Free Version Available

Is Cakemail Worth it?

This technology allows you to build beautiful responsive emails with dynamic content and personalization. It has features such as email rendering, easy contact list import, advanced segmentation, and automated list hygiene. 

Create sign-up forms easily and integrate with third-party tools. The email editor is multilingual and translatable. You get a high sending capacity, consent management, regulated compliance, and manage deliverability. 

Best of all, Cakemail has robust reporting and analytics features that let you make data-driven decisions to optimize your email campaigns.

Long story short, this one tool allows you to manage an entire email marketing campaign from a single convenient place which makes it absolutely worth the investment. 

You’ll be able to not only save time but money, too, thanks to the affordably priced plans.

Who is Cakemail Good For?

Thanks to its many features, Cakemail is perfect for a variety of creators. It’s ideal for anyone who wants to achieve the following: 

1. Contact List Management: With this platform, you’ll never lose contact with any of your prospects again. All your contact-related information can be kept in one place so you can easily welcome new subscribers, nurture existing ones, keep your list clean, reengage or eliminate old contacts, and much more.

2. Email Communication Management: Send drip campaigns, abandoned cart emails, transactional emails, and much more. Use pre-designed email templates to build responsive emails, create sign-up forms, integrate third-party tools, etc.

3. Sending Transactional Emails: Deliver essential emails on time, every time – even at scale. All of this can be done with ease thanks to Cakemail’s API which has you covered for all marketing and transactional emails.

4. Engagement Management with Email: The platform lets you view message interactions so you can optimize, personalize, and automate to maintain engagement with your subscribers.

5. Tracking and Monitoring Communications: Cakemail offers a variety of functionalities to help you track and monitor your communications so you don’t miss an opportunity to engage your audience, nurture them, or make a sale.

Cakemail Functionality

The next section of this Cakemail review will focus on the platform’s functionality and features.

Cakemail has a wide range of impressive features including the following:

  • Autoresponders
  • CAN-SPAM Compliance
  • Dynamic Content & Personalization
  • Drip Campaigns
  • Event-Triggered Actions
  • Image Library
  • Subscriber Management
  • Advanced Segmentation
  • Consent Management
  • Automated List Hygiene
  • Web Forms
  • Mobile Optimized Emails
  • Reporting/Analytics
  • Managed deliverability
  • + 600 professional responsive templates

There are also additional features, such as Template Management, Whitelisting/Blacklisting, and a WYSIWYG Editor.

Here, we take a closer look at some of the platform’s core features to give you a better idea of what you can achieve with Cakemail.

1. Simple and Intuitive Interface

Cakemail’s latest release of its interface combines a master user interface and customer management, all in one. You’ll find all the tools for getting to know your audience, engaging them, and growing your list. 

Once you log in, you’ll see that the platform is easy to navigate and you can start sending marketing and transactional emails easily thanks to the many templates that are available to choose from.

The flexible design tools allow you to customize any templates to match your brand and preferences. 

There’s no learning curve, everything is simple and straightforward, which means even people with zero technical skills can build stunning emails with just a few clicks. 

The bottom line is that managing your contacts and campaigns through Cakemail’s interface is really easy and will give you fantastic results.

2. Email Marketing

If you need to create, send, or track email marketing campaigns, this platform will provide you with all the tools for effective campaigns regardless of the size of your business.

Build and send branded, responsive emails in just minutes with the easy-to-use email editor. With over half of all emails viewed on mobile devices, it’s more important than ever to have mobile-optimized emails. 

The platform takes care of this automatically which means you never have to worry whether or not your content will look great on the different screens used by your recipients.

Thanks to the predesigned templates, you can put together email marketing campaigns on the fly. Use the dynamic content and personalization feature to make your messages stand out and increase the chances of getting a conversion.

3. Email Automation

Use the platform’s powerful email automation tools to engage with your subscribers. The automation builder allows you to send welcome emails or onboarding email series to new subscribers on your mailing list. 

When sending triggered drip sequences, you have a vast email template library to choose from, as evidenced by the image below:

Cakemail also provides you with email automation stats so you know how many people were sent an email, which of them triggered your automation, as well as what conditions were met.

This is what Cakemail’s email automation workflow builder looks like:

You also get automated list hygiene. The platform automatically adds unsubscribe links to the emails you send and then tracks and manages every unsubscribe request to ensure that you’re only sending emails to subscribers who want them. This helps to protect your sender’s reputation and keep you compliant with anti-spam laws.

4. Contact Lists

On Cakemail, you can create a contact list for customers to help you keep track of your orders. This makes it easy for you to grow, manage, and target your ideal audience. If you have contacts in .csv form, you can quickly import them to Cakemail in just a few clicks. 

You can import entire lists with or without corresponding data. Partially import a list, add only the columns and data you need, or add contacts to your list one at a time. There’s a lot of ease and flexibility in this regard. 

You also have the ability to segment your contact lists using customizable fields or previous newsletter activities. One of the best things about the platform’s contact feature is that it automatically detects any duplicate emails which saves you the trouble of having to manually fix that issue. 

5. Advanced Segmentation

Cakemail offers advanced contact segmentation that allows you to send specific messages to targeted groups. Use your segments to automatically segment and target customers based on things such as behaviors, interests, and similar traits in order to boost your click-through rates.

The platform also provides you with the ability to duplicate campaigns so you can easily resend the same campaign to different segments and save time in the process.

6. Analytics

Cakemail not only provides you with the right tools to engage with the audience but also ways to gain actionable insights along the way. 

The reporting and analytics feature lets you track everything your subscribers do after they receive your emails. 

You’ll know:

  • Which emails were opened
  • Links that were clicked
  • Who shared your content and others
  • Who unsubscribed or labeled your emails as spam

…and much more. 

You can export all the statistics elsewhere or use them in contact list segmentation. For example, if you want to, you can create and send newsletters specifically to subscribers who clicked a specific link.

In short, you have all the information you need to align your future campaigns with your audience’s interests as a way to boost engagement and skyrocket your conversions.

The platform provides you with standard reports and custom reports. 

Users get performance graphs that are easy to read and understand. You can integrate with social media and Google Analytics to get even more information about your audience.

View list engagement and subscriber history, examine reports comparing sent messages, and much more.

7. API

You can do it all with Cakemail, whether in the browser or via the platform’s powerful API.

  • Email Marketing API: This tool gives you the ability to send high-volume, highly personalized marketing campaigns to email subscribers. Unsubscription requests and bounces are processed automatically.
  • Analytics API: Receive instant access to your subscribers’ real-time activities. See the performance of your transactional emails and marketing campaigns so you can make fast, data-backed business decisions.
  • Contact API: Synchronize contacts together with their attributes from within your app. Define group segmentation so you can send messages to the right audience. This way, you’ll be able to run effective campaigns with relevant messages to your target audience.

8. Robust Reseller Program

One of the best things about Cakemail is that you can use it to generate additional revenue streams using email marketing

Simply sign up for the platform’s reseller program and get full app rebranding where you can add your own logo, colors, and integrated tools to adopt the entire email marketing experience to your brand. 

Cakemail fades into the background so you can get all the credit thanks to features such as custom sign-up pages, link tracking domains, service integrations, and much more.

Cakemail Pros and Cons

Every piece of software ever created comes with a set of pros and cons, and Cakemail is no different. 

Here’s a quick look at some of its most prominent benefits and drawbacks.


  1. High Sending Capacity: This is one of the things that make Cakemail stand out from the rest. It has an exceptionally high sending capacity which allows you to send huge volumes of seasonal or cyclical emails.
  2. Multilingual and Translatable: Yet another benefit of using this platform is that it allows you to tailor even minute details, including your customer’s user interface language and contact list language. It also supports special characters, and more.
  3. Managed Deliverability: When sending broadcast emails, there are a lot of things to manage such as proper authentication, bounces, unsubscribes, spam complaints, and feedback loops. This email service does all this for you.


  1. Manual List Segmentation: You need to manually segment your lists on the platform.
  2. Limited Language Choices: The platform only has a few languages supported, but if yours is not available, they are happy to work with you to translate the application into the language you need.

Cakemail Competitors

There’s no denying that Cakemail is a great email solution that will help you achieve dynamic email marketing strategies, but it’s far from the only reliable service provider out there. 

Here are three of its top competitors for you to consider.

1. Cakemail vs Mailchimp

Mailchimp allows you to create targeted emails and ad campaigns to ensure that your messages reach the right people at the right time. You can target your customers based on behavior, previous purchases, and preferences. 

Send a series of emails using a single API request. You also have the ability to reach wider audiences with ad campaigns on Facebook, Google, Instagram, etc. 

The platform offers advanced reporting features that let you access your revenue, sales, and other reports from anywhere, at any time. Mailchimp’s mobile app features come with a number of intent-based templates that allow you to create and run campaigns directly from your phone.

2. Cakemail vs Constant Contact

Constant Contact is another popular email marketing software with intuitive features that make it easy to run marketing campaigns. 

It has an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface that allows you to customize and create attractive-looking email templates ideally suited to your business and audience. 

The platform’s autoresponder feature lets you send personalized emails so your message reaches the right people at the right time. 

Simply add your contacts to the Automate list and they’ll be automatically sent a scheduled series of emails preconfigured by you to keep your audience engaged with minimal effort. 

The email tracking tool keeps you updated about who opened, clicked, or shared your emails in real-time.

3. Cakemail vs Aweber

Aweber is a well-established email marketing platform with outstanding autoresponder features to help you transform passive subscribers into loyal customers. 

Choose from over 100 ready-made templates that you can run instantly. Add custom tags – even without coding knowledge. The platform has all the tools you need for demanding email marketing operations and will simplify engagement and interaction with your customers to make your work a lot easier, particularly if you’re new to email marketing.

Cakemail Pricing

Cakemail has plans to suit the needs of businesses of all sizes. 

Here’s what the pricing structure looks like:

  • Free Plan: $0/month
    • No credit card required
    • Manage 1 list
    • 2K contacts
    • Send 12K emails per month
    • Knowledge base support
    • Basic templates
  • Growth Plan: $7/month
    • Manage up to 3 lists
    • Starting at 500 contacts
    • Send limit is 12x your contact limit
    • Email & chat support
    • 600 email templates
    • Remove Cakemail logo
  • Premium Plan: $199/month
    • Manage unlimited lists
    • Starting at 100K contacts
    • Send limit is 15x your contact limit
    • Phone support
    • 600 email templates
    • Remove Cakemail logo
    • Optional dedicated sending IP

All plans include subscription forms, email marketing campaigns, contact management, analytics, email designer, unlimited users, and marketing API access.

Product Support

Cakemail provides support Monday through Friday, 9 AM – 5 PM EST. The platform does its best to respond to all requests for support within one business day. 

You can get support in the following ways:

  • Schedule a call
  • Browse knowledge base
  • Email/Help Desk
  • FAQs/Forum

Growth plan users can use email and chat support and Premium users also have the option for phone support.

System Requirements

Deployment of Cakemail is SaaS (software as a service), web-based, and cloud. 


The platform provides marketing API access, as well as Zapier plug-ins.  

Is Cakemail Legit?

As you’ve seen so far, Cakemail is a powerful platform with all the tools to handle every email marketing need. So what’s the overall verdict of this Cakemail review; does it have what it takes?

The software is simple and elegant, designed for ease of use. It provides you with both basic and advanced tools to further your business. Even non-technical users can grasp how everything works and you’ll be able to get your campaigns up and running quickly. 

With core features such as list management, behavior tracking, email design (templates), and much more offered at such a modest price, this platform is perfect for anyone who needs an easy and reliable way to run email marketing campaigns without having to worry about coding or developing.

Check out what Gurmeet S., a Search Engine Optimization Analyst had to say about the email marketing service on G2:

If you’re ready to get started with Cakemail, click this link to create your account for free.

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