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In the past, realtors could rely on word-of-mouth, a few “For Sale” signs, and a home tour to sell a house. Not anymore.  While traditional sales tactics are still helpful, buyers of residential and commercial properties aren’t driving around looking for their next home or business location using your real estate agency. Instead, they perform Google searches and check out realtor websites to find the best buy for their needs.

Building a stunning website is no longer an option for real estate agents. In today’s digital world, it’s almost a prerequisite for success. With one of these best website builders for realtors, you’ll be able to highlight listings of all available properties, post positive customer reviews, and place a focus on successful real estate sales stories that will attract future clients.


With great MLS search features, Squarespace is the best site builder for realtors


For realtors who've never built a website, Wix's drag-and-drop editor makes things easy


Hostinger includes AI tools to help you create logos, copy, & web pages faster & easier


Weebly's SEO features help your realtor website rank better on Google


Pixpa customer support has an average response time of only 3 minutes

If you’re a realtor and don’t have your website, your competitive advantage over other realtors plummets. But you can’t just throw together a couple of landing pages and blog and call it a day. While there are a lot of cheap website builders out there, realtors need feature-rich solutions to have a site that stands out.

Today’s best realtor websites are integrated with features that allow virtual tours, customizable map searches, lists of properties for sales, slideshows with interior and exterior photos, buyer testimonials, and much more.

You’ve come to the right place if you are a realtor looking to build a lead-generating website, even during a housing slump. Below you’ll find my guide to the best real estate website builders that can help you design a terrific site even if you don’t know how to code.

What is the Best Website Builder For Realtors?

The list below is divided into two categories of website builders. First, we’ll look at all the website builders explicitly designed for realtors, with all the necessary features for lead generation, capture, nurturing, marketing automation, social media marketing tools, etc. 

We’ll also look at general-purpose website builders with built-in tools or easy integration for crucial real estate features. These will work well for realtors that don’t need deep integrations, architects, even mortgage companies.

Either way, the options listed below each have a lot to offer. These are the best website builders for realtors on the market and can help individual realtors and real estate agencies. It will help realtors of all experience levels get their listings sold faster. In addition, many of these have basic and premium plans, so you can pick a free plan or business plan that fits your needs and your budget with ease.

1. Squarespace

Best Overall Website Builder for Realtors ($16/month)


Squarespace is yet another website builder often seen in lists of the best site builders available. 

Although not real estate-specific, it’s perfect for realtors who want attractive, intuitive design and many real estate templates. You’ll find accurate estate-focused templates on offer, all of which are fully customizable to match your brand. 

Another strong point of the platform is its perfect features for helping real estate professionals capture and nurture leads and the pain-free MLS integration. 

Of course, Squarespace doesn’t have as many real estate tools as you will find on platforms like Placester and IDX Broker. Still, it’s a great platform that is affordable and offers easy integration with all other real estate products, such as email marketing systems, CRMs, etc. Some of the best realtor websites use Squarespace.

offers easy integration

Key Features:

Squarespace IDX Integration Capability: The platform allows for powerful IDX capabilities for real estate professionals like all the other real estate-specific site builders on this list.

Effective Lead Capture: Lead capture tools are generic but still highly effective and include lead capture forms, contact forms, pop-ups, an announcement bar, etc.

Easy Integrations: Squarespace provides easy migrations and built-in integrations with email marketing tools, standalone CRMs, etc.

Pros of Squarespace: 

  • Ready-to-go real estate agent website using real estate templates
  • Modern, image-focused, fully customizable designs
  • Easily integrate IDX using code
  • Built-in, ready-to-use marketing features to generate leads
  • Booking and calendar scheduling features
  • Personal, commerce, and business plans are available


Squarespace pricing

2. Wix

Best Real Estate Website Builder for Beginners ($14/month)


If you’ve been searching for the best website builders for real estate, you’ll notice that Wix shows up quite frequently. There is an excellent reason for that.

The platform has expertly designed, image-centric real estate templates well-suited for nearly all business websites, including real estate businesses. 

There are tons of realtor-focused features and many integrations to make it easier for you to attract, capture, and nurture your leads from inquiry to purchase.

Furthermore, the platform has strong (search engine optimization) SEO tools and features to help you get found by buyers searching in your area.

Although Wix web designer is a general-purpose website builder, it’s versatile, easy to use, and gives you all the extra functionality you need on your website, thanks to the Wix App Market. 

Here’s an example of a real estate website built using Wix:

example of a real estate website built using Wix

Key Features:

Property Selling Tools: Wix simplifies getting prospective clients thanks to contact forms, online booking forms, notifications sign-up forms, and other lead capture tools.

Marketing Automation: Wix allows you to send automated emails, such as reminders for upcoming property showings, follow-up emails, etc.

Personalized SEO Recommendations: Wix SEO offers customized recommendations for your website according to the type of search traffic you want to capture.

Pros of Wix: 

  • High level of customization freedom
  • Designed for extreme ease-of-use
  • Budget-friendly site builder
  • Tons of powerful marketing integrations
  • Built-in CRM and lead generation tools


Wix pricing

3. Hostinger

Best Website Builder for Realtors With Superb AI Design Tools ($2.79/month)

Hostinger is a website builder with an excellent user interface and tons of powerful tools that allow you complete control over your online presence. 

You can use this platform to build a stunning real estate website with plenty of the tools you need to attract and capture leads. 

You can also add third-party integrations for all the other marketing and automation tools and apps you require.

The best part about this platform that other website builders are that if you don’t want to create your website from scratch yourself, you can simply use the platform’s powerful AI tools to build attractive and functional pages for your real estate website and real estate business in minutes.

Key Features:

AI-Driven Tools: The platform has a copy generator, logo creator, AI branding, and other tools that use artificial intelligence to reduce the hassle of building your realtor website.

Drag-And-Drop Editor and Customization: Hostinger has a user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface perfect for beginners and experts alike.

Impressive Speed: Real estate templates on the platform is designed to be lightweight and perform super fast for a high-ranking and professional real estate website.

Pros of Hostinger:

  • Templates are responsive on all devices
  • The platform has excellent uptime
  • Free SSL certificate
  • AI-powered tools
  • Basic, Unleashed (for a business plan), and Ecommerce packages at incredible prices
  • Useful photo repository


Hostinger offers one simple plan with a 30-day money-back guarantee that offers a free domain, email, e-commerce features, marketing integrations, the ability to host 100 websites, unlimited traffic visits, free SSL certificates, and their proprietary website builder for $2.79/mo with the first 3 months free.

4. Weebly

Best Website Builder for Realtors for SEO Optimization (Starts from Free)


Weebly is the cheapest website builder you’ll find out there, and it also offers a free plan. 

It’s perfect for realtors who are just starting and will allow you to build a simple but beautiful website that you can use to capture and nurture leads.

The platform has no themes or templates specific to real estate websites. Still, it is possible to create a stunning site using one of the many image-centric templates without hiring a web developer, such as the one in the example below.

possible to create a stunning site

Key Features:

SEO-Focused Platform: This is one of Weebly’s strong suits, and the platform will give your website a better chance of ranking high for realtors in your area.

Lead Capture: Although Weebly is not in the same league as most other site builders on this list in terms of features, it still has a few practical lead capture elements.

Ease-of-Use: This is Weebly’s main selling point. However, much of this ease is achieved by sacrificing many essential features and functionality applicable to most real estate websites.

Pros of Weebly:

  • Excellent selection of image-centric designs
  • Lots of apps to customize your website
  • Easy to set up and edit your site and real estate businesses
  • SEO functionality for higher rankings
  • Free real estate website trial with the free plan


Weebly pricing

5. Pixpa

Best Website Builder for Realtors For Creating Beautiful Websites (Free Trial then $6/month)

Pixpa is an all-in-one platform for realtors and small businesses to create beautiful, professional websites complete with a built-in online store, blog, and client galleries. 

Pixpa offers over 150 stunning pixel-perfect, mobile-friendly templates to fit every style and requirement. 

The platform is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, even for those with little or no technical experience. In addition to its simplicity, Pixpa also offers a high degree of customization and powerful editing features. You can customize nearly every aspect of your website, from the layout and design to the content and functionality. This allows you to create a website that is truly unique and tailored to your specific needs.

Key Features of Pixpa:

Easy to Use: Beginner-friendly, no-code website builder platform with an easy-to-use visual editor and drag-and-drop page builder. It also allows for the use of custom CSS and HTML code for more advanced users.

Stand out with modern, responsive templates: Pixpa offers 150+ beautiful templates that are modern and feature minimalist-in-design aesthetics as one of its core USPs. All templates are mobile-friendly and can be fully customized.

Extensive and integrated SEO and marketing features: With a host of built-in tools such as SEO Manager, Marketing Pop-Ups, Announcement Bar, and much more, you don’t need any extra plugins to start growing your traffic and converting more leads.

Pros of Pixpa:

  • Incredibly easy to use
  • Supports 50+ integrations 
  • More than 150 beautiful templates (mobile-friendly too)
  • Powerful SEO tools and marketing features
  • Fairly affordable


Pixpa’s all-inclusive pricing plans range from $5 to $25 monthly. Discounted annual and 2-yearly options are also available.  All plans offer generous resources, unlimited bandwidth, SSL certificates, and 24/7 support.

6. WordPress with Thrive Themes

Best Website Builder for Realtors for Larger Real Estate Websites ($228/year)

WordPress with Thrive Themes

WordPress is the biggest name in website building, but not because it’s a website builder.

Rather it’s a powerful and customizable CMS (content management system) that is free to download and use.

Thrive Themes is a suite of advanced yet easy-to-use website tools designed to work with WordPress sites, focusing on boosting conversions.

Together, these two tools will allow you to create a high-performing real estate website that you can customize any way you wish to help you collect more leads and make more sales.

Thrive Themes

Key Features of Thrive Themes: 

Conversion-Focused: Thrive Themes is one of the best WordPress Themes because it has a wide range of tools designed to help you convert more visitors into leads on your WordPress website.

Fast-Loading Pages: Thrive prides itself on having the fastest loading websites around, which is excellent for anyone who wants to build a high-ranking real estate website.

Value for Money: It’s tough to beat the value you get from Thrive’s suite of tools, including a theme builder, quiz builder, scarcity marketing tools, email tools, etc.

Pros of Thrive Themes:

  • Premium real estate-centric templates and designs
  • WordPress and Thrive together offer powerful SEO features
  • Thrive integrates seamlessly with all other marketing tools
  • You get unlimited updates of Thrive Suite
  • Unlimited customer support for all users


WordPress with Thrive Themes pricing

7. Placester 

Custom-Built Websites Designed for Realtors ($80/month)


Placester is a real estate-specific builder with powerful lead generation tools. The platform was built by a team of people who know what’s important to realtors and placed those features front and center, so you don’t have to search high and low or use third-party integration tools to get the functionality you need from your real estate agent website.

Placester is also affiliated with the National Association of Realtors (NAR), which means it is a well-established and trustworthy service provider for those in the real estate industry.

The platform is already being used by thousands of new and experienced agents and real estate brokers who appreciate it for its simplicity and effective tools that cater to the needs of just about every real estate broker, realtor, agent, or team, unlike other website builders.

Key Features:

Built Specifically for Real Estate: All the templates and tools on the platform are created for building high-quality real estate sites.

SEO-Friendly: There are guidelines and SEO toolkits to help you rank high in the SERPs (search engine results pages).

Open House Mobile App: This app is one of the platform’s best features and allows you to showcase any listing while on the go easily.

Pros of Placester:

  • A stunning selection of real estate templates
  • Pre-populated content library for automated blogs
  • Free basic site builder for NAR members
  • CRM system integrated
  • Fully equipped with the realtor tools and plugins


Placester pricing

8. IDX Broker

Best Search Features for Realtor Websites ($50/month)

IDX Broker

IDX Broker is a popular website builder that is perfect for realtors who want advanced tools for helping prospects to navigate their home search.

The platform gives you total control over your site’s visitor experience. In addition, it comes loaded with all the must-have features you would expect in a top real estate website builder, such as IDX integration, a summary of your real estate sales and real estate projects, advanced traffic analysis, real estate listings, search engines, etc. that is hard to find from website builders.

It also has a few unique functionalities, like customized lead capture strategies, advanced CRM capabilities, and market reports that you can analyze and provide to your clients and leads. 

Site visitors can create accounts through social media integration and logins and even have the ability to customize the user interface so they can choose how they want to experience your website.

Key Features:

Customized Lead Capture: IDX Broker lets you choose precisely how aggressive to make your lead capture strategy at any given time.

Easy CRM Integration: The platform makes it easy for real estate agents to integrate their website with another CRM.

Limitless Customizability: There are tons of real estate templates that you can fully customize to suit your preferences.

Pros of IDX Broker:

  • Includes Google Workplace setup
  • Free plan and demo account, and video tour
  • In-depth IDX integration tools and MLS tools are available
  • Advanced traffic analytics
  • Extensive SEO resources and tools


IDX Broker pricing

9. Propertybase

Best Real Estate Website Builder With the Industry’s Most Powerful CRM ($349/month)


Propertybase is a reliable, full-service platform for building custom real estate websites. A powerful CRM is an important tool for a real estate website, and Propertybase offers a great CRM and website combo for realtors to boost their real estate careers.

In addition to that, the platform allows you to build a customizable website with tons of amazing lead generation and lead capture options and various other ways to supercharge your lead funnels and convert more prospects.

This real estate-specific software solution makes life easier for brokers, teams, and franchises.

The tools and templates provided by this real estate website builder will help you automate much of your lead generation and nurturing so you can focus more of your time on closing more deals. 

Key Features:

Full-Service Real Estate Platform: Propertybase equips you with all the tools and supports your need for data management, marketing, communication, real estate listings, and search engine optimization in all search engines like Google, Bing, and reporting.

CRM + Website Combo: You get clean, custom real estate websites with the industry’s most powerful CRM.

Zillow-Like Property Search: The platform has a glossy, real-time IDX search experience to help you turn browsing into buying.

Pros of Propertybase:

  • Trusted end-to-end solution for realtors and real estate agent
  • Advanced customization features and user-friendly
  • Exceptional layouts perfect for real estate landing pages
  • Built-in tools and widgets for lead capture, generation, scoring
  • App store with tons of third-party integrations


Property Base GO costs $349/month (paid yearly). 

10. BoomTown

Best Website Builder for Real Estate Teams ($1,000/month)


If you manage a team, this platform could be the ideal option for you.

Larger organizations need a different approach compared to individual agents.

They require features like team tracking, lead distribution, pipeline management, etc. Boomtown can offer all of this and more.

The builder takes the entire website creation process out of the hands of the individual and makes it an office solution.

Agents can create subdomains to help them effectively collect leads from their individual web pages. 

All websites on the platform are connected and IDX-ready.

They get updates for listing data every hour, and you can add search filters such as price history, property maps, and more. 

Visitors can save their search from getting notifications for similar properties. 

Key Features:

Powerful CRM: With Boomtown’s CRM, you can track lead activity and automate lead distribution using the Round-Robin system.

Team Management Features: The platform’s advanced features also have pipeline management for each agent, and you can set up training modules for new agents.

Ads Management: Use the Google PPC and Facebook Ads management feature to get instant leads online. If you spend over $5,000 per month on PPC, you may want to try PPC management software to help.

Pros of BoomTown:

  • Support for real estate site advertising tools
  • Includes team management features
  • Websites come connected and IDX integration-ready
  • Powerful built-in CRM
  • Marketing automation for emails and texts


BoomTown pricing

11. InCom

Best Real Estate Website Builder With a Great Mortgage Calculator ($39.95/month)


InCom is an excellent option for budget-conscious real estate agents who want affordable off-site marketing and advertising solutions.

This website builder has many features, including a makeshift CRM, integration with top social media platforms, real estate-specific landing pages, and various other tools that make lead generation easier for realtors. 

The platform provides a place for visitors to conduct searches for listed properties.

There is also a real-estate-specific customizable contact form so prospects can get in touch with you quickly from anywhere on your site. 

Unlike most website builders, every aspect of the site is designed to help you convert incoming lead traffic more effectively than a generic landing page would.

InCom is a powerful platform with all the tools real estate agents need and is well worth the investment.

Key Features:

Lead Magnets: The platform comes with home valuation tools, mortgage calculators, price alert sign-ups, and various other lead magnets.

Robust Marketing Features: You can easily create and manage Google and Facebook ads directly from the platform.

Lead Capture Tools: There are dozens of customizable sign-up forms that can be displayed to visitors whenever certain conditions are triggered on your site.

Pros of InCom:

  • Built-in CRM
  • IDX-ready websites
  • Integrated marketing tools (even with Facebook marketing tool)
  • Integration for offsite marketing solutions
  • Excellent overall value for creating an agent website for teams with multiple agents


InCom pricing starts at $39.95/month for the annual plan, including a $250 one-time setup fee.

Additional Options:

Webflow: Maximum customization options with zero coding requirements and drag and drop editor interface features.


RealGeeks: Built-in advertising solution with managed marketing options for your website building.

Duda: A website builder with powerful IDX integration.


Intagent: A feature-rich platform (including SEO tools) with custom real estate website design options.

RealtorMint: A great CRM software with a website builder as a secondary offering.

AgentFire: A real estate website builder for a real estate agent or realtors that offers outstanding support.

Realtyna: A real estate website builder designed specifically for WordPress websites.

GoDaddy: An easy and affordable real estate website builder – a great way to create a branded real estate website using drag and drop editor tools.

Ylopo: One of the most powerful real estate website builders with impressive digital marketing tools.

Agent Image: An intuitive platform built for real estate, properties, and property listings. 

Mailchimp: A great email marketing tool to help follow up with leads and clients with your real estate business.

What Features to Look For in a Website Builder For Realtors

Below are some of the most important criteria for choosing the best website builder for realtors.

1. IDX Listings and MLS Access

You need to have access to the IDX for anyone in the real estate industry. You also need MLS to close more deals while having the best real estate website.

These are important features that you cannot do without, so make sure the real estate website builder you choose has these built-in or allows easy integration with third-party tools.

2. Tools for Capturing and Nurturing Leads

If your site visitors are interested in one of your properties, they should be able to get in touch with you quickly and easily so you can arrange a viewing.

Choose a real estate website builder with customizable booking/contact forms to make it easier to arrange viewing and guide viewers on the next step on your real estate site.

3. Email Marketing Functionality

When visitors come to your real estate website and look through your properties, even if they don’t find something appealing right then, it’s great if you can get their information to send tailored email campaigns with more options to suit their tastes.

4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You want a website builder with powerful SEO features (search engine visibility tool) that allow you to rank on the first page for “real estate agent” in your local area so people can find you online even if they haven’t heard of your business before.

5. Real Estate-Focused Templates

Your site builder should have real-estate-specific templates for websites so you don’t have to start from scratch for your real estate niche.

Make sure they are image and video-centric so you can easily showcase images of your properties and give stunning video tours with your real estate websites.

6. Real Estate Website Builder Help and Support

There is no point in opting for the best real estate website builder with fancy features if you won’t be able to find anyone to help you make use of them.

That’s why it’s important to choose the builder that offers robust support through various channels, such as email, phone, live chat, documentation, YouTube videos, etc.

7. Allows Custom Domains

Many of the best real estate website builders put the name of their company in the free domain name. Some allow you to use your own custom domain name, making a much better first impression on your future buyers than using the free domain name in web hosting features.

8. Built for Multiple Devices

Leads and clients will visit your real estate agent website on desktop and mobile devices. Therefore, you need to choose the best website builder to generate an engaging user experience for all devices. Also make sure that if you use a Mac, it works with that OS.

How Can a Website Builder Help You as a Realtor?

Most people who buy homes and properties don’t just wake up and decide to make a purchase. Instead, they search online first and methodically browse listings on different real estate websites. 

That’s why it’s important to have a high-quality real estate website if you want to succeed. If you look at the best realtor websites, you’ll see that they have many features that are oriented toward potential customers.

A real estate website builder can help you by cutting down on the learning curve for building a website. As a result, you can create a beautiful real estate website without having to learn how to code and be able to integrate third-party marketing and sales tools at the touch of a button. 

The right real estate website builder also makes it possible for you to edit, update content, or manage your site on the go. This way, you have more time to focus on closing more sales.

Website Builder For Realtors FAQ

Why does a Realtor Need a Real Estate Website?

A realtor needs a real estate website to provide a place to showcase listings, capture leads, and keep in touch with current and prospective buyers. It’s a great tool for realtors selling to both commercial and home buyers.

A great real estate website is also an effective and extremely affordable way with all the features for realtors to build brand authority and strengthen their presence online to compete more effectively with other real estate agents and sell more properties.

Are All Real Estate Website Builders IDX Ready?

Not all real estate website builders are IDX-ready (you need IDX to win at the real estate game), but we are seeing more and more platforms now, including the ability to pull listings from the IDX.

The real estate-specific tools on our list are all IDX ready, and the general-purpose real estate website builders offer easy IDX integration.

Do I Need a CRM with my Real Estate Websites?

As a general rule, real estate websites require CRM so you can have a way to manage all your leads in one convenient place. Most real estate website builders offer built-in customer relationship management systems or easy integration with standalone CRMs. 

Best Website Builders for Realtors — Summary and Top Picks

There are many different website builders to choose from, but not all are equipped for realtors. Fortunately, all website builders on this list are great for realtors of all shapes and sizes.

When selecting a website builder for realtors, there are a few things you’ll want to consider: IDX listing integration, MLS search features, social media integration, and email marketing integrations, lead nurturing and capturing functionality, and overall costs of the platform, multi-media storage capacities, and available third-party integrations.

Here Are My Top Picks of the Best Website Builders for Realtors:


With great MLS search features, Squarespace is the best site builder for realtors


For realtors who've never built a website, Wix's drag-and-drop editor makes things easy


Hostinger includes AI tools to help you create logos, copy, & web pages faster & easier


Weebly's SEO features help your realtor website rank better on Google


Pixpa customer support has an average response time of only 3 minutes

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