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Most people think of Kartra as one of the best online course platforms. But even more than that, the platform has made a name for itself as an excellent all-in-one marketing platform to run your entire online business. It gives you a range of marketing and sales tools required to build, market, and grow your business profitably. However, like most other software tools, Kartra excels in some areas but falls short in others.

For instance, most people use Kartra for hosting online courses, A/B testing web pages, and running drip campaigns. So, whether your priority is ease of use, affordability, or value for money, you can find a great match for your needs in other similar tools. Read the rest of this guide to discover all of Kartra’s pros and cons, as well as some of the best Kartra alternatives that can replace this all-in-one business management tool.


Systeme.io is the best overall alternative to Kartra because of its powerful & efficient sales funnels and a user-friendly interface.


Groove.cm is perfect for people who are used to Kartra and want something that works in a similar way so they can adjust quickly.


ClickFunnels is ideal for running and managing membership sites featuring a simple drag-and-drop editor and excellent funnels.


SamCart is the way to go if you want an easy-to-use but efficient Kartra alternative. This tool also features a one-click upsells system.


ActiveCampaign is an all-in-one marketing automation tool with the ability to create personalized messages for specific contacts.

Pros and Cons of Kartra 

Kartra is a viable solution for a lot of users. But, as previously mentioned, every software tool has its shortcomings that can be solved by using a different platform instead. 

So before we look at the Kartra competitors, here’s a quick look at Kartra’s pros and cons to better compare this tool to the competition. If you want an in-depth understanding of the software, you may want to check out my full Kartra review.

Pros of Kartra

The #1 selling point of Kartra is that it has so many different tools to truly be a all-in-one platform for business owners including:

  • Kartra Pages: An easy-to-use drag-and-drop page builder.
  • Kartra Mail: The world’s easiest email marketing for automated campaigns.
  • Kartra Leads: Quickly build leads, prospects, customer databases, and more.
  • Kartra Funnels: Build impressive sales funnels and campaigns.
  • Kartra Memberships: Easily organize and share your content with your audience. This can be looked at as an alternative to online course software.
  • Kartra Videos: An effective marketing tool to grow your online presence.
  • Kartra Analytics: Get all the data necessary to improve every aspect of your business.
  • Kartra Affiliates: This feature enables additional income through affiliates.
  • Kartra Checkouts: Get modern, high-converting checkout forms to streamline payments.
  • Kartra Help Desks: Integrated feature to take care of Kartra users’ customers.
  • Kartra Marketplace: Kartra users can buy and sell their expertise here.
  • Integrations and API: Kartra has tons of custom add-ons to boost functionality.

Cons of Kartra

  • No Free Plan Available: Unlike many of the alternatives on this list, Kartra does not offer free plan.
  • 14-day Trial Costs Money: You have to pay in order to gain access to test out the platforms core features.
  • Inflexible Pricing Plans: The platform has expensive pricing, with huge price jumps between plans.
  • Significant Learning Curve: It can take a while before you learn how to make the most of all the platform’s different features.
  • Limited Plans: Even Kartra’s most expensive plan still has some limits on your use.

What a Good Kartra Alternative Should Have

The best Kartra alternatives should meet certain criteria. It should;

  • Be easy to use;
  • Have as many of the same features as possible;
  • Be offered at an affordable price;
  • Have an intuitive drag-and-drop page builder;
  • Have a library of free templates to simplify your work;
  • And it should allow for necessary integrations with third-party tools and apps.

Below, I’ve selected a list of 15 alternatives to Kartra. For each one, we will discuss the pricing, features, and pros and cons. 

Each of them is outstanding in a different way and fulfills subtly different purposes, including things like:

  • Website design and eCommerce solution
  • Easy email marketing and automation to skyrocket your business
  • Integrated sales and marketing software for growing teams
  • Visitor segmentation and website personalization
  • All-in-one inbound marketing platform for all business sizes
  • Forms, popups, widgets, and gamification for eCommerce
  • CRM, sales, and marketing automation software
  • Complete solution for user data

… and much more. 

What are the Best Kartra Alternatives?

1. Systeme.io

Best Overall Kartra Alternative (Starts from Free, then $27/month)

Systeme.io is a popular all-in-one marketing platform that allows anyone to create high-converting sales funnels and automation systems. 

It’s marketed as the easiest all-in-one marketing platform in the world, and with good reason. Even with no technical knowledge, you’ll be able to increase leads, grow sales, and boost cash flow. 

Create sales tunnels by simply dragging and dropping different elements onto a page. Build email lists easily, and send unlimited emails to your prospects and customers. Create an SEO blog, your own affiliate program, and anything else you need to run a successful business. And best of all, you can automate your entire business to free up more of your time. All of this makes Systeme.io one of the best Kartra alternatives out there.

You can get started using Systeme.io for free with no credit card required. There are no limits to how long you can use the free account, but you can only create three sales funnels, one blog, and one course. To remove limitations, you have to upgrade to one of the premium plans starting from $27/month for the Startup plan. 

Pros of Systeme.io

  • All-in-One Platform: Systeme.io allows you to set up a fully-featured website for creating and selling online products.
  • Powerful Sales Funnels: With this platform, you can build complex sales funnels to bring leads to your products.
  • Free Plan Available: The platform has a free forever plan which is ideal for small businesses and individuals who are just starting out.
  • User-Friendly Interface: This Kartra alternative is designed for ease of use, which means anyone can build websites, send emails, set up automations, and more.
  • Stellar Support: Systeme.io provides exceptional support in a variety of ways, including email, FAQ, blog resources, knowledge base, online training, and more.

2. Groove.cm

Best Kartra Alternative That Can Replace the Tool Fully (Starts from Free, then $99/month)

This platform is marketed as the one free app that replaces them all. There’s a good reason for this. No credit card is required to start using the software, and you’ll find all the same features that Kartra has, and a few unique ones, including Groovefunnels

There’s a drag-and-drop editor, shopping cart, affiliate marketing system, email marketing platform, webinar software, landing page creator, and many other tools. 

It’s a great tool for eCommerce websites and it has everything needed to run a successful online store. This all-in-one digital marketing platform also has affordable pricing, making it easy to focus on business growth. 

Groove.cm has a free plan with no trial period. Simply sign up and start using the platform. Premium plans start from $99/month (discounted from $299/month). 

Pros of Groove.cm

  • Forever Free Plan: You can start using Groove.cm for free with no credit card required. You’ll have access to all the platform’s core features. 
  • Lifetime Deal Offer: The platform currently offers a lifetime deal for paid users, which means no more monthly subscriptions.
  • Ready-Made Funnels: Once you sign up, you get a carefully constructed sales funnel to get more leads and sales.
  • Attractive Affiliate Program: When you upgrade to a premium plan, you can start to earn higher rates as a Groove Affiliate.
  • Short Learning Curve: This platform offers the perfect blend of functionality and features, and every aspect is designed with ease of use in mind.

3. ClickFunnels

Best for Running and Managing Membership Sites (14-day Trial, then $80/month)

ClickFunnels is a popular sales funnel builder for entrepreneurs. It’s perfect for anyone who isn’t a programmer yet wants to create stunning, fully featured website to optimize their lead generation and sales processes. 

You’ll be able to guide your website visitors step-by-step through an entire sales process so they don’t get lost and leave without converting. In other words, your entire site will be built to help point your customer directly to the one product or service that they require to solve their problem. 

This is ClickFunnels’ biggest selling point, and one of the reasons why the platform is the preferred landing page builder for so many online businesses. 

ClickFunnels pricing starts from $80/month with huge savings when paid annually. You can start a free 14-day trial when you sign up for one of the premium plans. 

Pros of ClickFunnels

  • Free Trial Offered: Unlike Kartra, ClickFunnels offers a free 14-day trial where you get access to all the platform’s features.
  • Expertly Designed Funnels: Even if you don’t know how to create a funnel, you can use one of the many predesigned templates.
  • Lead Generator: The platform’s entire focus is on helping you expand your business with simple and complex funnels to attract more leads.
  • Simple Drag-And-Drop Editor: The ClickFunnels editor is easy to use and allows you to create and customize pages for various purposes.
  • Unlimited Use: The platinum plan gives you unlimited funnels, pages, monthly visits, and contacts.

4. SamCart

Best and Easiest Way to Start Accepting Orders Online (Starts from Free, then $59/month)

SamCart is a powerful sales platform to sell online courses, coaching/consulting services, eBooks, and more. It’s an eCommerce solution that serves as a shopping cart for online services and digital products. 

The software is among the top alternatives for Kartra thanks to its impressive range of features, including order bumps, one-click upsells, subscriptions, and high-performance checkout templates. 

With SamCart, you’ll be able to maximize profits from every sale and optimize your sales strategies using features like A/B testing, pre-purchase add-ons, and more. If you sell online services or digital products, you’ll find this to be the easiest way to accept orders. 

You can try it for free or request a demo on the website. Premium pricing starts from $59/month and you get all the core features to launch your business and create a one-page website to showcase your products.

Pros of SamCart

  • Extremely User-Friendly: Even non-technical people can use this platform easily and without a long learning curve. 
  • One-Click Upsells: SamCart allows you to optimize your income with upsells that use an easy one-click interface.
  • High-Converting Checkout Pages: SamCart is a conversion champion with expertly designed checkout pages that are optimized to convert higher and maximize your profits from each sale.
  • Multiple Payment Options: Choose between once-off, recurring, or pay-what-you-want options to encourage more sales of your products or services. 
  • Powerful Integrations: This platform easily integrates with a range of third-party tools and apps, including email, marketing automation, payment processing, and membership tools.

5. ActiveCampaign

Best All-in-One Marketing Automation Tool ($29/month). 

ActiveCampaign allows you to engage with your customers in a more meaningful way. With this email marketing, marketing automation, and CRM platform, you’ll be able to create exceptional customer experiences so you can grow your business effectively. 

Considered by many to be the number one automation platform, active campaign makes a great Kartra alternative thanks to its advanced marketing, sales, eCommerce, and agency features. 

It’s built for every stage of the customer journey, and you’ll find tools to help you reach, nurture, convert, and grow. This includes things like website tracking, email marketing/segmentation, marketing automation, events tracking, landing pages, dynamic content, and split testing tools. 

Pricing for ActiveCampaign starts from $29/month for the Lite plan. 

Pros of ActiveCampaign

  • Personalized Messages: The platform allows you to send exactly what your contacts want with personalized email marketing features.
  • Powerful Marketing Automation: Get your time back by creating automated marketing campaigns like email welcome series, contact segmentation, and other automation workflows.
  • Free Online Training: ActiveCampaign is dedicated to helping its users succeed by offering free online training to help you get the most from the platform.

6. Thinkific

Best Online Course Platform for Unlimited Courses (Starts from Free, then $39/month)

Unlike Kartra, Thinkific is fully focused on selling online courses. This means the platform can better help you deliver proper courses whereas Kartra concentrates more on the business side of things. 

So, depending on your needs, you may find that Thinkific is the better option for you, particularly if you don’t need all the additional features offered on Kartra. 

With Thinkific, you’ll be able to focus 100% on creating, marketing, and delivering high-quality courses under your brand. It’s perfect for individuals, businesses, coaches, consultants, subject matter experts, thought leaders, etc. 

Thinkific has a free plan that allows you to test-drive the core features of the course-building software. Premium plans start from $39/month for the Basic plan, which offers unlimited courses, students, and content. If you need a cheaper course platform, you may want to consider Teachery instead.

I’ve written a more in-depth comparison of Kartra vs. Thinkific here.

Pros of Thinkific

  • Full Focus on Courses: Thinkific has a ton of easy-to-use website templates to help you create and deliver live, on-demand, or blended courses.
  • Powerful Course Features: You’ll be able to create unique quizzes, exams, assignments, engagement surveys, and course completion certificates.
  • In-Depth Reporting: The platform offers in-depth reporting and analytics so you can monitor the progress of your learners.

7. LeadPages

Best Kartra Alternative for Generating Leads (Starts from Free, then $37/month)

LeadPages is a digital lead generation platform that helps entrepreneurs and marketers create websites, landing pages, and sales pages to generate leads and transform clicks into customers. 

It’s designed to help businesses grow using expertly optimized landing pages and online checkouts to collect quality leads and effectively sell products and services. 

LeadPages has a team of conversion-marketing masterminds and friendly tech support which is why it’s Trusted by more than 45,000 users. Every page published is rigorously optimized for collecting leads and closing sales with no tech skills required. 

Use this software to build your online business so you can maximize the results you get from each page you publish. You can start using LeadPages for free and premium plans start from $37/month.

Pros of LeadPages

  • Easy Drag-and-Drop Interface: LeadPages makes it extremely easy to create a customized website. Simply drag, drop, click, and type your text or add your images.
  • SEO-Friendly Templates: Easily optimize all your pages for organic search using the platform’s easy-to-edit meta data fields. 
  • Wide Range of Widgets: There are plenty of widgets that you can choose to add more functionality to your website pages, including videos, countdown timers, galleries, etc.

8. OptimizePress

Best for Customizable Opt-In Forms ($99/year)

OptimizePress is an excellent Kartra alternative for a lot of reasons. For one, it is a convenient WordPress plugin that allows you to use powerful sales automation tools to grow your business. 

With it, you can build sales pages, landing pages, membership websites, sales funnels, and so much more. 

Some of the platform’s key features include an integrated drag-and-drop page builder, customizable opt-in forms, optimized checkout pages, and one-click upsells and downsells. You also get sales analytics tools and A/B split testing functionality. 

With this complete suite of WordPress tools, you’ll be able to build a website that gets you more leads and sales. 

Pricing for OptimizePress starts from $99/year discounted from $149/year.

Pros of OptimizePress

  • Affordable Pricing: Compared to Kartra, OptimizePress is the cheaper way to build and run your online business.
  • Own Your Content: This is a complete marketing platform that gives you full control and ownership of your content.
  • Increase Order Value: Use one-time offers, order bumps features, and one-click upsells/downsells to boost your average order value.

9. Builderall

Best All-in-One Marketing Platform with Flexible Pricing Plans ($16/month)

Builderall has everything Kartra has – and even more. The platform has tools to help you build any type of webpage you can think of, including complex marketing funnels to bring new customers, and sell your products or services on autopilot. 

Your level of skill will not limit what you can do with this digital marketing platform. Whether you want to build pages for your website, eCommerce, or membership site, all you have to do is pick the right template, and then drag and drop different elements like videos, quizzes, messenger chatbot, maps, etc. onto your page. 

You’ll be empowered with the best digital marketing tools to create fully optimized and mobile-ready pages designed to capture and convert. 

Pricing starts from just $16/month for the Cheetah plan which comes with one domain, three subdomains, and 2,000 subscribers.

Pros of Builderall

  • Complete Digital Marketing Platform: On Builderall, you’ll find over 50 tools and 1,000 features to help you build, run, and grow your business.
  • Flexible Pricing Plans: Compared to Kartra’s starting price of $99/month, Builderall offers affordable plans starting from $16/month.
  • e-Learning App: You can build professional, mobile-friendly courses using the platform’s eLearning app.

10. LearnDash

Best Learning Management System for WordPress ($199/year)

Learndash is designed for WordPress and offers a powerful eLearning experience. It’s a great replacement for Kartra if you’re looking to sell online courses from your own website.

You can use it to create and sell online courses successfully thanks to powerful course-focused features. 

Unlike Kartra, which is an all-in-one platform focused on the business aspect of course creation, LearnDash is structured to maximize content delivery so you can increase completion rates. You get superior quizzing capabilities and an immersive learning experience that will help you sell more courses. 

Pricing for LearnDash is $199/year for one website, $399/year for 10 websites, and $799/year for unlimited websites.

Pros of LearnDash

  • Build Branded Courses: LearnDash has a simple yet powerful drag-and-drop course builder that allows you to create a branded learning environment.
  • Maximize eLearning Experience: The platform allows you to create top-notch content, record quiz scores, build discussion forms, give assignments, and provide certificates.
  • Wide Range of Add-Ons: Increase the functionality of your course with a wide range of free and premium integrations that offer flexibility without the bloat.

11. LearnWorlds

Best for Selling Online Courses from Your Own Website (Free Trial, then $24/month)

Learnworlds is yet another course creation platform that makes for a great Kartra alternative. It has all the tools you need to create, promote, and sell courses from your own website. This way, you’ll be able to create learning experiences that your customers will love. 

Use interactive video learning, social talk features, assessments, certificates, and more to boost usage and increase satisfaction and retention of all your content. 

This is the perfect platform for coaching, professional and compliance training, continuing education, and customer/employee onboarding. 

Pricing for LearnWords starts from $24/month and you can sign up for a free trial to test out the platform before committing to a paid subscription.

Pros of LearnWords

  • Complete Training Platform: LearnWorlds provides you with everything you need for training purposes, including interactive videos, eBooks, SCORMs, surveys, assessments, certificates, etc.
  • eCommerce Features: The platform has eCommerce functionality and you can build profitable marketing funnels to make more sales.
  • Create Unique Online School: Use the platform’s intuitive drag-and-drop block-based page builder to create a social and interactive online school.

12. Podia

Best Online Learning Software for Selling Digital Products (Free Plan, then $33/month)

Podia is an all-in-one course creation platform that doesn’t require any tech experience or third-party integrations. 

It comes with all the tools required to build websites and email lists, create courses, communities, and more. You can quickly start selling your digital products and services using this creator-centric platform, and all the features are designed for ease of use. 

Digital downloads, online sales, coaching services, webinars, or mastermind groups – whatever you’re selling, you’ll be able to scale and skyrocket your income using affiliates and teams on the platform. 

You can even schedule webinars in advance and deliver them live. Host unlimited video, audio, or text files so you’re never limited in your content creation. All in all, this is a great Kartra alternative for creators who want to focus on providing the best learning experience possible. 

Podia has a free plan that comes with one full website. Premium plans start from $33/month. 

Pros of Podia

  • Creator-Centric Platform: Podia’s main focus is on helping creators build beautiful websites, courses, and communities, and to sell digital products and services. 
  • 24/7 Live Support: Get help any time you need it thanks to the platform’s live chat and help on demand. 
  • Free Signup: You can get started for free on Podia and your website is free forever, even if you decide not to upgrade to any of the premium plans. 

13. Simplero

Best Online Course Platform for Coaches and Consultants ($59/month)

Simplero is an all-in-one digital marketing software that you can use to build a website, host an online course, create a membership community, market, and sell products, and automate every aspect of your business. 

Like all the other online course platforms on this list, this is a great option to consider if your focus is mostly on creating great courses. Building beautiful pages in Simplero requires absolutely no tech knowledge, which makes it the perfect platform for beginners. 

You can use the drag-and-drop website builder to customize web pages and emails with your branding. Easily copy changes from one website page to another to keep things consistent between your sales pages, membership site, community forum, etc. 

Pricing for Simplero starts at $59/month for the Starter plan which comes with one product, one course, one membership site, and unlimited landing pages. 

Pros of Simplero: 

  • Ease-Of-Use: Not only is this platform easy to use, but it also automates many of the tasks, such as content creation, email marketing, etc.
  • Powerful Segmentation Feature: This tool enables users to target specific leads and customers for higher conversions.
  • Full Integration: On Simplero, everything is integrated and works seamlessly on one system, including web design, email, eCommerce, and more.

14. EngageBay

Best Integrated Marketing, Sales, and Support CRM (Free Plan, then $11.99/user/month)

EngageBay is a simple and affordable, integrated marketing, sales, and support automation platform. It comes with a free CRM to help grow and scale small businesses and startups. 

There’s also a free live chat tool, as well as helpdesk features to help you market better, sell faster, and give better support to your customers. 

You’ll find plenty of tools designed to help you acquire, engage, and nurture your visitors so you can convert them into happy customers. This includes landing pages, automated emails, lead generation forms, pop-ups, and more. 

You can use EngageBay for free for up to 500 contacts. Premium plans start from $11.99/user/month.

Pros of EngageBay

  • Free Plan Available: This platform is free for up to 15 users, and you can sign up with no credit card required.
  • All-In-One Solution: When you sign up, you get access to CRM software, marketing automation, helpdesk tools, and live chat features.
  • Create Your Own Views: From delivering customer happiness to identifying new opportunities, you’ll be able to market your business in a way that is best for you.

15. Kajabi

Best Overall Kartra Alternative for Course Creators ($99 for 3 months)

If you’re ready to turn what you know into a successful business, then Kajabi is a great platform to consider. 

It doesn’t add to your existing tech stack of tools but rather replaces them with one convenient dashboard. You can take care of everything from building websites and membership sites to creating courses and coaching programs, sending automated emails, hosting webinars, and much more. 

You’ll be able to create a high-value product on the platform and sell it seamlessly using features like one-click upsells, subscription payments, and more. Your content, marketing, and products will all work together seamlessly so you can focus on the more important task of growing your business. 

Pricing for Kajabi’s starts from $119/month, and currently, the platform is running a limited-time discount where you can get the software for $99 for three months.

I’ve written a more in-depth comparison of Kartra vs. Kajabi here.

Pros of Kajabi

  • Easy to Use: This is an important feature to look for in any software, and Kajabi makes it extremely easy for anyone to get started using this all-in-one business tool.
  • Flexible Payment Options: You get one-time payments, recurring payments, trial payments, monthly subscriptions, one-click upsells, and more.
  • Real-Time Analytics: Get all the information you need to make better business decisions through the real-time analytics feature on the platform.
  • Mobile-Friendly Websites: Whether you’re building a website, eCommerce store, membership site, or online course, you’ll get mobile-friendly pages.
  • All-in-One Solution: When using Kajabi, no plugins or integrations are needed, you’ll find all the tools you need on the platform.

Summary and Top Picks

We’ve come to the end of this comparison article on the best Kartra alternatives. The best solution for you will depend on the specific features you’re looking for. 

For instance, with online course platforms, you may want superior course creation capabilities. This means you’ll choose a platform with features to help you create, market, and sell your online course in the most effective way possible. 

Maybe you’re concerned with how the platform supports edupreneurs , what its student management capabilities are, and the type of learner experience it provides. 

Alternatively, you might be more focused on the business side of things. If so, then you want platforms with features very similar to Kartra’s, such as our number one recommendation, Groove.cm. Either way, you’re sure to find a great fit from the options outlined above.

Here’s a quick look at my five best Kartra alternatives, and why they are the top choices.


Systeme.io is the best overall alternative to Kartra because of its powerful & efficient sales funnels and a user-friendly interface.


Groove.cm is perfect for people who are used to Kartra and want something that works in a similar way so they can adjust quickly.


ClickFunnels is ideal for running and managing membership sites featuring a simple drag-and-drop editor and excellent funnels.


SamCart is the way to go if you want an easy-to-use but efficient Kartra alternative. This tool also features a one-click upsells system.


ActiveCampaign is an all-in-one marketing automation tool with the ability to create personalized messages for specific contacts.

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