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Building backlinks from high-authority domains to your website can be incredibly difficult without the right services. And without high-authority backlinks, it’s next to impossible to get your pages on the first Google page for your target keywords. Fortunately, my team and I compiled this list of the best HARO link-building services to help you score high-authority backlinks and get your pages ranked higher.


Score high-authority, dofollow backlinks from a team that does all the hard work for you

Save money by buying bundles of DR 50+ backlinks from high-quality journalists

Buy bundles of 3 or 7 backlinks from DR 30+ sites without breaking the bank

Get 75 personalized pitches a month to grow your backlink profile


Buy single DR 50+ backlink without buying a bundle of backlinks you don't need

If you’ve ever tried to build links for your website, then you know that the most challenging part of link building is the lack of control over the entire process. 

For example, you don’t know who’s going to link to you or how they will do so. And, without this information, it’s hard to know whether or not it’s worth your resources. 

This is the same challenge I faced in my own business and I overcame it by using PR as part of my strategy to consistently get backlinks from well-established, authority blogs in my niche – which is where HARO SEO comes in.

I’ve written this article to help save you the time and frustration of searching through dozens of options to find the best HARO link-building services out there.

HARO stands for “Help a Reporter Out”. It’s a popular public relations website used by reporters and journalists to help them find credible quotes or sources of information to use in their articles.

When you, as a marketer, can provide helpful information on this outreach service, these journalists will include your website when quoting you in their articles. This provides you with a safe white-hat link-building strategy for supercharging your backlink profile.

You’ll be able to leverage this powerful platform to earn quality backlinks from top media channels, increasing your website’s credibility and boosting your rankings.

What is the Best HARO Link Building Service?

1. NicheWebsite.Builders

Best Overall HARO Link Building Service (Starts at $1375/Month)

This HARO link-building service has a great reputation and this is the one I use for my sites whenever I want to outsource the HARO process.  You’ll have an onboarding call with their staff to help you understand how the process works and to answer any questions that you may have.  

In addition, they’ll ask you about your website to better understand the history of what you’ve created.  Aside from taking the time to create/revise a biography for the individual that they’ll be pitching on your behalf, this is a very hands-off process.  After things have been setup, you’ll receive a weekly report that explains what outlets have been pitched, secured, and the current status of the pending pitches. 

Key Features:

  • Tiers based on DR of Websites: This site offers pricing based on the DR of the links you’ll get with a minimum link expectation per month.
  • Low-touch link-building process: They will meet with you once and then take the process from there.  
  • Must be Follow Link Attribute: One of my favorite features is that they only count links that have the Dofollow attribute


NicheWebsite.Builders offer a unique pricing plan based on both DR and the number of links you’ll get per month.  The plans range from $1,375 per month to over $3,750 per month.


Best Backlink Bundles from 50+ DR Sites (Starts at $4,250/Month)

This site has a well-proven process for including your links in quality content written by highly experienced journalists. 

Your links are shared in a live, white-labeled report throughout the month which makes it as easy as possible to manage your link-building process. 

You get a single monthly subscription with consistent link delivery from sites like, FreshBooks, From the Future, One Local, and Drift. 

Key Features

  • Guarantees DoFollow links
  • Offer Links from DR 50+ sites specifically
  • Responses to queries are written by qualified journalists
  • Live Reporting Available at any time


The pricing on this platform has a minimum amount of $4,250 for 5 placements and charges $850 per additional link thereafter


Most Affordable HARO Link-Building Service ($975 for 3 links)

This service provides you with plenty of links through HARO, but you only pay for the qualifying ones from top-tier domains. 

The platform’s experienced writers respond to relevant HARO requests on your behalf and provide a simple, original, copy-paste-friendly pitch tailored to the journalists’ requirements. 

Key Features:

  • Copy-Paste-Friendly Pitches: This platform sends ready-to-use pitches so journalists don’t have to spend time editing your pitch.
  • Detailed Pitching Process: The in-depth pitching process ensures a higher publication rate from authority providers.
  • High-Quality Links: Although you may receive lots of links through HARO, you only pay for qualifying links.


HARO-SEO Charges $975 for 3 qualifying links or $1,995 for 7 qualifying links. You’ll only be charged for links that meet the following criteria: 

  • Dofollow attribute
  • Moz spam score of 15% or below
  • Ahrefs DR 30+ 
  • No more than 3 links from each domain


Best HARO Link-Building Service For Pitches ($1,499 for 75 pitches on HARO) 

This HARO link-building service includes daily monitoring of HARO emails in order to find the perfect matches for your business. 

You get at least 75 responses each month, media outlet research, and backlink tracking – and from this, you can expect anywhere between 2 and 10 backlinks. You’ll also get reporting on published links the instant they are discovered. 

Key Features:

  • Guaranteed Links: If the platform fails to secure links for you after 90 days of starting the service, you will get a full refund.
  • High-Quality Backlinks: This platform has systems in place to ensure that your HARO responses stand out to earn new high-quality backlinks faster.
  • Effective Press Pitch Service: This service sends out at least 75 pitches each month that can provide you with super clean white hat links every month.


The Dialed Labs press pitching service costs $1,499 per month for 75 pitches and you can expect between 2 and 10 links, depending on the industry you’re in. 

5. Inbeat.Agency

Best HARO Link-Building Service for Single Link Placements ($375/placement) 

This site will help you grow your brand authority by getting you mentions on authority websites, such as Business Insider, American Express, CNB, Bustle, Nutshell, and many others. 

When you sign up for the HARO link building service, you are assured of an efficient SEO strategy and high-quality links from DR40+ sites. 

Key Features:

  • Free Strategy Session: Before kicking things off, you get a free session with a link building expert to make sure HARO is ideal for your brand.
  • Effective Onboarding: The platform sets up a process to help you get optimized results for your specific business and industry. 
  • HARO Management: All your HARO queries are managed so you can free up more of your time to focus on other aspects of your business.


Inbeat’s link building service is priced at $375 for each placement and you’re guaranteed do-follow links on top authority sites  (DR 50). 

You only pay for what you get, and a team of experts will work with you to optimize your social profiles to improve your overall results. 


Best HARO Link-Builder with Permanent Link Guarantee (Starts at $400/link)

If you would like to experience the feeling of getting links from some of the biggest websites in the world, including CNN, Forbes, BBC, and The Huffington Post, then this is a good HARO link-building service for you to consider. 

The site prides itself on its ability to help websites quickly grow in authority and rise to take the top spots in Google and other search engines.

Key Features:

  • Experienced Team: This platform has a vast team of experienced writers with winning formulas to secure backlinks from the world’s most respected websites.
  • Free Consultation: The HARO experts on the platform will work with you to come up with a strong HARO backlink strategy for your business.
  • White Label: HARO SEO works with agencies to build powerful DR 50+ backlinks to clients’ sites. 
  • You Only Pay for Permanent Links:  They do not charge for backlinks that are removed within 3 months of publication.


HARO SEO packages are as follows: 

  • Bronze Package: $1,800/3 links ($600/link)
    • 3 dofollow HARO backlinks
    • Minimum DR30 links
    • Turnaround Time: 6 weeks
  • Silver Package: $2,500/5 links ($500/link)
  • 5 dofollow HARO backlinks
  • Minimum DR30 links
  • Turnaround time: 10 weeks
  • Gold Package $4,000/link ($400/link)
    • 10 dofollow HARO backlinks
    • Minimum DR30 links
    • Turnaround time: 20 weeks


Best HARO Link Building Agency ($3,000 minimum budget). 

This site helps you get high-quality backlinks by creating a proper pitch and a consistent approach that will make you stand out from the thousands of other people who subscribe to HARO. 

You get performance-based pricing which gives you maximum flexibility. If you don’t like the link, you won’t be charged for it and you are only invoiced after the work has been completed.

Key Features:

  • Tailored Strategy: This platform provides you with a link building strategy that is uniquely tailored to your business.
  • No Retainer: Provide a maximum budget and the agency will try to hit it. If not, you’ll pay less.
  • Superior Versatility: This site focuses on quality first and a check is done on every link, no PBNs, and no spam.


This HARO link-building service has a performance-based pricing model that works according to Ahref’s Domain Rating (DR) metric which means you can expect to pay more for higher DR domain links.  It should be noted that HARO is part of a comprehensive link building strategy they have, it’s not only HARO link building. 

A minimum of $3,000 is required, and if your budget isn’t hit that month, you’ll be charged less. 


Quickest HARO Link Building Service (Schedule Call for Pricing)

If you’re not ranking in Google, this platform can help you out. It has tools to fix your lead generation and low traffic problems. 

With this link building service, you’ll be able to catch up to your competitors in no time by generating strong, white-label backlinks from HARO that drive tons of qualified traffic to your site.

Key Features:

  • Competitive Analysis Test: The platform provides you with an in-depth online competitive analysis test to help you develop customized strategies for your site.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization: Get tips from the platform’s experts on how to optimize your conversion rates.
  • Improved Lead Generation: Get personalized campaigns tailored to your target audience and business goal requirements.


To get started on Incementors, simply fill out a form on the website to claim your free 30-minute strategy session. After that, you’ll receive a quote based on your specific needs.


Best HARO Link Builder For Local Businesses (Call for Pricing)

This service provides tremendous opportunities for your website to get high authority backlinks with HARO. 

There’s a team that’s fully equipped to provide you with a rapid response process and transparent results. 

This experienced team focuses on providing reporters with the exact quote they are looking for on your behalf to get you a mention with your brand name, as well as a link to your website homepage.

Key Features:

  • Experienced Ghostwriters: Writers on this outreach platform craft their messages based upon successful responses received in the past.
  • Free Consultation: Before you commit to any plan, you can schedule a free call to strategize with a link building expert.
  • High Authority Websites: SEORTP only links to high authority websites of DR 50+ to get you brand name links to your website homepage.


To get started on the platform, simply schedule a call and one of the platform’s link building experts will walk you through the process. 

You get a minimum engagement of 5 backlinks per month from DR 50+ sites. If those end up being no-follow links, you won’t be charged.


Best HARO Link Builder with Minimum Traffic Metrics (Starts at $325/Month)

This HARO link builder will help you attract backlinks from well-established authority publications – which will prove extremely advantageous for your SEO. 

With this service, you don’t have to worry about trying to launch a fully-fledged PR backlink campaign because everything is taken care of for you, with the promise of improved results in a relatively short space of time. 


If you are looking for an experienced link building service that will help you stand apart from your competition, secure high-quality links, and successfully get mentions from websites with the highest possible authority, look no further than Globex Outreach.

Globex Outreach holds expertise in managing over 1000 clients from diverse industries, and this means that regardless of the nature of your business, the expert team at Globex would be able to assist you in driving relevant traffic, generating sales, and putting you on the top SERPs.

Key Features:

24/7 Customer Support:  The in-house team at Globex Outreach works with clients from over a hundred countries, and runs a 24/7 in-house customer support department.

Niche relevant links:  As opposed to simply getting you backlinks, the team at Globex will get you niche-relevant backlinks from already posted and established articles on high DA websites.

Premium backlinks: The backlinks Globex Outreach can secure are premium and you get access to links with a domain authority higher than 80 that can instantly drive up your SERP rankings.

Country specific links:  The team at Globex Outreach works with companies all over the globe and hence provides its clients with country-specific links no matter how remote or how urban your country of origin may be.


What is a HARO Link Building Service?

A HARO link-building service helps businesses improve their standing in Google’s page ranking algorithm by getting them backlinks to high-profile sources. Whenever a website gets a link from an established, authority site, Google takes that as a signal that makes your site appear more trustworthy thereby boosting its visibility and ranking. 

Why is HARO Link Building Important?

HARO link building is important because it can help you achieve your SEO goals. For example, you can promote your money-generating pages to the media, driving tons of targeted buyers to your products or services.

  • Get High Authority Backlinks: HARO writers often work for companies that are well-established which means that getting media mentions through HARO will benefit your SEO greatly and increase your rankings.
  • Build Brand Recognition: When journalists use your company name, it is great for brand reinforcement on Google and other search engines. It also helps to establish your brand name in the readers’ minds which is extremely valuable PR.
  • Drive Website Traffic: New sites and other publications have tremendous amounts of traffic and by getting placements within recent articles, you increase the chances of readers clicking through to learn more about your own company.
  • Provide Social Proof: You can use HARO to help you collect sources that put a stamp of approval on your website (e.g. by adding a “Featured On” section or a similar trust signal that validates your site. 

What to Look For With HARO Link Building Services

This article has outlined 10 trusted platforms for HARO link building. But, you need to know what to look for with these types of services so you can choose the best one for your specific needs.

1. Pay for Performance: HARO is more efficient in some industries than others, which is why, for the most part, HARO SEO services don’t guarantee anything. You may be in an industry or niche where there just aren’t a lot of journalists asking about your particular area of expertise. So, when working with a link building service, choose one that only asks you to pay for the results it delivers.

2. Native English Writers: It’s crucial that your HARO pitch be flawless if you want to get good results fast. For this reason, only work with outreach providers that have native English writers to work on your bid.

3. Month-To-Month Contracts: Choose a service provider that allows you to pay on a month-to-month basis so you can control when you pay for their link building services. Avoid annual contracts that commit you to a huge investment without guaranteed results.

4. Affordable Pricing: Your chosen provider should provide HARO links at an affordable price. They should specify a minimum budget and let you set a max monthly budget. So, for example, if the minimum budget is $3,000, then the link-building service should try to hit the maximum budget (set by you), and if they can’t, they should charge you less. 

5. Whether NoFollow Links Count:  Links that have the NoFollow attribute do not pass link equity and from an SEO perspective, they aren’t going to help your site.  Make sure that with whatever site you choose, you discuss this in the strategy call. 

6. Traffic Monimums: It’s a good idea to get links from sites that don’t just have a high DR, but also have website traffic.  Make sure you understand if traffic minimums are a consideration with the HARO links you receive. 

HARO Link Building Services — Summary & Top Picks

There are tons of link building services online, some more effective than others. This article has outlined 10 of the best HARO link building services for you to choose from.

A reliable provider will help you get greater exposure for your website, increase awareness, and build trust through effective link building while creating an organic way to attract quality backlinks from authority sites without breaking the bank. Always consider the guaranteed minimum DR of backlinks, cost per placement, whether you can get single placements or have to bundle, and whether you’re purchasing agency services or just backlinks.

Here are my Top Picks of the Best HARO Link Building Services:


Score high-authority, dofollow backlinks from a team that does all the hard work for you

Save money by buying bundles of DR 50+ backlinks from high-quality journalists

Buy bundles of 3 or 7 backlinks from DR 30+ sites without breaking the bank

Get 75 personalized pitches a month to grow your backlink profile


Buy single DR 50+ backlink without buying a bundle of backlinks you don't need

I hope this guide has helped you find the best HARO link-building service that will get your brand mentioned in highly respected and relevant media outlets.

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