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Once you have your business up and running and you’re seeing financial returns on your long hours of hard work, you start feeling accomplished.

Maybe you have a website that is gaining ground or an online store that’s generating sales, and life feels great. I know this exhilarating feeling.

But, you must never let your guard down because there are many hidden threats that catch you unaware and you will only know when it’s too late – chargebacks!

I was oblivious until it happened in my business. My team dug its teeth in to find out more about chargeback management software and how best we could protect our business.

Every business, whether well-established or just starting up, needs to understand them, prevent them, and know what to do if faced with them.

Let’s have a look at some options of software tools you could consider to simplify payment disputes. 

What is the Best Chargeback Management Software?

1. Kount 

Best for Businesses To Accurately Identify Trust Decisions ($1,000.00/Month).

Any business should be able to distinguish between a good customer and a fraudster.

This is what Kount is based upon. They have an Identity Trust Global Network which is the largest data collection of fraud or trust-related signals.

They drive accuracy in identifying trust decisions within milliseconds!  

Key Features:

  • Advanced AI: It identifies trust and safety to protect against fraud attacks. 
  • Automation: Because they have a vast data network of fraudsters, they automatically accept or decline decisions.
  • Security: They provide enhanced security through accessing location ID and payments data.


Packages start from $1,000 per month and there are three options: Kount Command, Kount Control, and Kount Central. Further pricing can be requested through email. 

Get Started With Kount

2. Seon 

Best for Fraud Prevention for Any Online Business ($99/Month).

A good army always has the right weapons for battle. And so an online business should have the right software tool to fight fraud.

Seon tailors fraud protection according to your business model because fraudsters are constantly changing their attack techniques.

In fact, with Seon, you can prevent chargebacks before they happen. This is through their transaction analysis option, as well as through user behavior monitoring.

Fraudulent purchases are avoided with their BIN check feature which accepts only safe cards like prepaid cards, gift cards, or other valid cards.

Key Features:

  • Frictionless Setup: Your business does not need to slow down when you are integrating with Seon. Have Seon up and running in a few hours. SDKs for your device data collection are simply plug-and-play installed and REST APIs are well documented.
  • Transparency: A free trial is offered and there is a service that is Pay-as-go.
  • Integrations: A comprehensive end-to-end solution that uses their Whitebox Machine Learning, and fingerprint technologies. Their SDK works with any tech stack and workflow. 


Seon offers free trials. Their different packages also offer no setup fee, no support fee, and no credit card necessary. You can opt for a free trial exceeding 14 days and then your subscription is conveniently pay-as-you-go. 1. Basic Plan $99/month. 2. Standard Plan $299/month. 3. Custom Plan – Request a quote.

Get Started With Seon

3. Ethoca 

Best for Reduced Chargebacks & Improved Digital Experiences (Get pricing on-site). 

Ethoca services merchants across the world with their multi-lingual support. They help prevent and fight fraud, all while building better digital customer encounters.

Dispute data is near-real-time between the merchants and financial institutions, which allows for better fraud-fighting.

We know that it is quite difficult to fight fraudsters, and reduce customer disputes but still accept every good purchase. But Ethoca has found a way to bridge this gap.

They have created an innovative way for merchants, consumers, and issuers to safely interact online.  

Key Features:

  • Ethoca Alerts: Their most decorated solution in the chargeback industry which allows information sharing between merchant-issuers at every stage of the prevention and recovery process.
  • Free Assessment: Ethoca offers merchants a free assessment to discover the best way they could help your business.
  • Digital Receipts: Aite-Novarica collaborated with Ethoca to research what clients wanted. The results- 46% stated they wanted clear information delivered digitally, on-demand. So they now produce digital receipts.


With different packages to choose from,  Ethoca services merchants, card issuers, and partners worldwide. Contact them for a detailed quote on their available services.

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4. Chargeback Help 

Best for Providing Merchants With Full-Spectrum Dispute Coverage (Price available upon request). 

Chargeback Help’s comprehensive fraud management software features representation, prevention, and a PCI-compliant gateway for payments. 

They promise to stop disputes, reduce chargebacks, and recover revenue and have integrated with Ethoca and VeriFi to make sure they fulfill this thoroughly.

Four main strengths that they boast of are: CBH Deflect to stop disputes, CBH Resolve to reduce chargebacks, CBH Recover to recover revenue, and CBH Enterprise for dispute management at scale.  

Key Features:

  • CBH+DEFLECT: When a cardholder raises a dispute, information like product description, company information, delivery confirmations, and other evidence is already captured and relayed to the bank in near-real-time. 
  • CBH+RECOVER: Just when you need help in recovering funds due to friendly fraud, they send a complete transactional image to cardholders to overturn the chargeback and protect their revenue.  
  • Managed Disputes: With Ethoca Consumer Clarity and Verifi Order Insight collaboration, merchants can manage Mastercard and Visa disputes.  


Packages to suit your business are available upon request for a quote. 

Get Started With Chargeback Help

5. Midigator 

Top Solution for Simplifying Your Payment Disputes With Ease ($499/Month). 

Midigatoris used by businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large institutions, who need to prevent and fight chargebacks.

They provide a comprehensive approach that is highly successful, multi-layered, and technology-driven to fight chargebacks, resolve disputes, and recover lost revenue.

With their meaningful simplified analytics, Midigator will help merchants manage their chargebacks and improve business efficiency.  

Key Features:

  • Advanced Automation: Now you can minimize time-consuming and labor-intensive tasks by letting Midigator Automated technology handle those tasks while you focus on other important matters. 
  • DisputeFlow: Disputes are made easy with just a few clicks. This reduces your time spent on responses by an impressive 84%. 
  • Single Portal Management: Midigator integrates with your accounts and auto-populates certain fields so that half the work is done before you even start.


Having four main packages to choose from means that all business sizes are taken care of. All pricing plans are discounted if you pay for the full year instead of monthly.

1. Basic $499/month. 2. Pro $999/month. 3. Business $2,499/month. 4. Enterprise $4,999 per month.

Get Started With Midigator

6. Chargeback Gurus 

Top Solution for Simplifying Your Payment Disputes With Ease (Request custom pricing on-site). 

You won’t find another software company that is so effective at managing friendly fraud as Chargeback Gurus!

With over 15 years of experience in the online payment business, they are well versed in how chargebacks work, how to prevent them, and how businesses can recover their lost revenue.

An impressive $1billion has been recovered through them!

They advocate that they can thwart away 50% of friendly fraud attempts and confidently win 70% of disputes. Pretty impressive right?  

Key Features:

  • Root-Cause Analyzer: This real-time tool collects data from over 40 points, to have a better understanding of why chargebacks happen, identify vulnerability, and boost customer satisfaction.
  • 360-degree Merchant Protection: Using an FPR-360 technology system, it analyzes business vulnerability to chargebacks and helps create ways to prevent them.
  • Fast and Secure Onboarding: You can be up and running within three days, with secure gateways for payment and CRMs. 


Chargeback Gurus offer customized pricing plans to best meet the individual needs of customers.  

Get Started With Chargeback Gurus

7. VeriFi

Best for Businesses That Need Innovative and Reliable Chargeback Software.

Imagine having to fight another chargeback in your company. Well, let VeriFi handle that stress for you.

They have innovative full-service management software that is reliable and committed to creating simple solutions for your business. 

One key offering is their Cardholder Dispute Resolution Network which is an intermediary between you and issuers during the resolution of chargebacks.

Resolution time is quickened, what a relief, to within 24 hours, and this has made it the most preferred software by merchants who deal with Visa.   

Key Features:

  • Detailed Information: Both cardholders and issuers have access to detailed information about purchases through the global data-sharing network, in turn reducing customer billing confusion and first-party fraud.
  • Rapid Dispute Resolution (RDR): We know how important rapid resolution is when dealing with chargebacks. With RDR you get to resolve pre-dispute cases.
  • Dispute Representment: Another great feature. A dedicated team builds a compelling evidence package on your behalf with a human touch, not just software automation. 


Get access to Verifi’s packaging prices by simply filling out their contact form. Their packages are suited for all businesses and go according to your needs. 

Get Started With VeriFi

8. Sift

Best All-in-One Software for Small Scale Businesses (Pricing available upon request). 

Here is another chargeback management software that provides a chargeback module. This means that a merchant can expect resolution and prevention all in one because of the real-time dispute resolution.

Their all-in-one profile offers passwordless authentication, military-grade security, real-time learning, and risk analysis to ensure merchants have the best protection against fraud.

Sift understands that every business needs to grow but with growth comes the threat of fraud and they have created intelligent fraud-fighting strategies to help businesses at each stage of their growth.  

Key Features:

  • Low-Code Integrations: You can be up and running in no time with their low-code integrations and their connectors that enable you to activate with just a few clicks, with no developer time needed. 
  • Account Defense: They protect your accounts and reduce any losses from an ATO ( account takeover ).
  • Content Integrity: Sift is continuously working to safeguard and protect your platform’s integrity by proactively blocking spam, scams, and any other malicious content.  


You can easily request a demo from the Sift website and get your package tailored for the services your business needs. Each package includes a user-friendly dashboard and world-class support. 

Get Started With Sift

9. Cube Billing

Best for Non-Technical Businesses To Have a Simplified Billing System ($1,000.00/Month).

Their main aim is to simplify the billing and chargeback data for financial data to be accurate and transparent.

It is easy to use Cube Billing because it’s a cloud-based cost allocation system.

They provide an easy, flexible system to non-technical businesses with the best pricing in the industry.  

Key Features:

  • Financial Transparency: They believe it is imperative to influence consumption behaviors, recoup outstanding revenue, and measure productivity initiatives, 
  • Training: Little to no training is needed to set up and run the Cube Billing system, as they have made it very user-friendly.
  • Service Offerings: Two service offerings namely an Internal billing System and an External Billing System. 


Cube Billing has a vast offering of services ranging from fixed monthly options to variable monthly options as well as optional one-time items. Items like Public APIs and standard support are free of charge. 

Get Started With Cube Billing

10. Midmetrics 

Best for Receiving Real-Time Alerts (Request pricing quote on the website). 

Midmetrics has the perfect solution for reducing friendly fraud and chargebacks, all while reducing fraudulent activity, and improving your customers’ experience.

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, they have been able to put together a suite of tools for merchants that have been unaddressed by other software providers. 

Their unmatched analytics dashboards provide a depth of valuable information and a level of control that is reassuring to the merchant. They also claim to reduce fraudulent activity by 30-40%. 

Key Features:

  • All-in-One Management: No more logging in to multiple portals to get your information.
  • Reduce Fraudulent Transactions: Distinguished tools have been compiled to reduce fraudulent activity, fraud costs, and future chargebacks.
  • Chargeback Accounting: Get your analytics and reports for your different types of accounts like your cash accounts or accrual-based accounts.


Request a quote from their team and they will send through information on which package best suits your business. All packages include API integration, deep analysis, and actionable reports. 

Get Started With Midmetrics

11. Bolt

Best for Retailers Who Need To Optimize Checkout With Faster Speeds.

These guys are the largest cross-merchant buyer network and have developed a one-click check-out system that actually boosts sales.

They have a seamless and efficient checkout that leverages top-quality protection against fraud, to improve your customer’s experience.

With certainty on their promise to increase revenue and protect payments, they have offered a 100% fraud guarantee, and that’s big. 

If your customers have signed up to Bolt, they can seamlessly checkout with one click. No need for passwords or usernames. Best of all, Bolt’s OTP (One Time Password) system verifies information with zero resistance. 

Key Features:

  • Passwordless: Luckily you don’t have to remember passwords with their one-click checkout system with the freedom to pay on PayPal, Afterpay, and other platforms.
  • Pre-Built Integrations: These are with shipping software, tax providers, and many more. And these can be turned on within minutes not months. 
  • Shopper Retention Platform: This platform includes a dashboard, product recommendations, and order tracking. Bolt merchants have confessed to seeing a 66% higher repurchase rate through this platform. Wow.


Simply fill out the contact form to get in touch with the sales team to get a list of pricing on their packages. At least their merchants have it easier when asking for payments securely. 

Get Started With Bolt 

12. Chargebacks911

Best for Fraud Prevention With Leading Companies. 

And here’s a big one! They have world-renowned experts, prestigious partnerships, and the most integrations in the industry. 

They give merchants the best tools for collecting evidence and submitting it in regards to the dispute and going on to sift through that data to give you a report.

If you need customizable solutions that are scalable according to your business, then Chargebacks911 is a great option for you. They additionally offer flexibility in payment options, reason codes, and sales methods.  

Key Features:

  • Customized Solutions: They have customized solutions for both prevention and representment, which drives successful revenue recovery and reduces business chargebacks.
  • Compliance Review: These merchant compliance reviews eliminate any missteps that could cause chargebacks.
  • Affiliate Fraud Shield: Make sure that your advertising campaigns increase your revenue without any risks.


Package pricing is dependent on your business needs and you can easily get quotes by sending them an email. 

Get Started With Chargebacks911

13. Square

Best for Growing Businesses That Want To Streamline Billing ($30/Month). 

Square has a checkout system that offers a full suite of terminal tools, ranging from online payment processors to in-person systems like POS systems.

Invoicing, API customization, on-file card storage, and integrations are some available tools that this product offers, making it suitable for many customers, and meeting their needs.

As a part of Square, you can accept payments in any way you want to, even by encouraging contactless payments to keep up with the trends of technology.  

Key Features:

  • Time Saver: A single platform that allows you to send invoices, track invoices, and accept online payment. Go a step further and get auto-billing and watch how your invoices get paid within a day.
  • Real-Time Reports: Showing you real-time reports that are recorded hourly, and daily comprehensive reports to compare how your business is growing.
  • Payment Processing Solutions: Both through e-commerce and in-person, with point-of-sale apps to make transaction processing less complicated.


A free 30-day trial is offered when you opt for the $30 monthly subscription. There is also an option for having a free account. More packaging options are available upon request. 

Get Started With Square

14. Riskified

Best for Small Businesses Who Want Frictionless Fraud Management. 

The world’s largest brands are always at risk of fraud and prevention costs these eCommerce companies billions in chargebacks.

Riskified uses its powerful machine-learning algorithms as a means to recognize good clients while weeding out the bad ones.

With Riskified on their team, merchants can approve more orders internationally and eliminate fraud threats.

Their process is invisible to end customers yet it maintains its accuracy and precision.   

Key Features:

  • Better Experiences: Merchants can exceed clients’ expectations and boost loyalty through frictionless analysis.
  • Performance Control: Traffic is monitored using unmonitored AI monitors. These detect anomalies and flag emerging threats. 
  • Model Optimization: Experts build robust dynamic features to create highly accurate predictive learning models per type of goods, merchant, or industry. 


Performance-based pricing packages are available upon request and you only pay for your orders that are approved. Ask for a custom quote via email.  

Get Started With Riskified

15. BlueSnap 

Best for Businesses Who Need an All-in-One Platform To Increase Revenue.  

BlueSnap has an amazing all-in-one platform for payments that reduces, manages, and disputes chargebacks.

Whether you’re a big or small company, you need assistance at each stage of the chargeback process and BlueSnap is the right management software to carry you through.

Comprehensive reporting and analytics help merchants understand the chargeback transactions and reduce future risks.  

Key Features:

  • Payment versatility: Allows merchants to accept payments from different platforms such as POS payments, Marketplaces, AR Automations, and subscriptions.
  • Full Control: No one knows your business as you do, so take care of it and be in full control with BlueSnap’s chargeback software. 
  • Resolution: Now you can take care of chargebacks immediately with real-time notifications and updated transactional information.


BlueSnap has no setup or cancellation fees. They offer customized pricing tailored to your established business’ needs, as well as quick start pricing which is a pay-as-you-go option for fast-growing businesses.   

Get Started With Blue Snap

What is Chargeback Management Software?

As we have established above, chargebacks can cause short-term and long-term harm to your business because you lose revenue from services rendered, shipped merchandise, and general transactions. 

Not what any business needs when they’re trying to scale operations and profits.

You will come across three main chargeback types:

1. Criminal Fraud – When a customer finds unauthorized transactions and files for a chargeback. Possibly a stolen card that is being used. By another person. The merchant absorbs the charges attached to this compensation.

2. Friendly Fraud – When cardholders manipulate the chargeback system to steal and exploit the merchant. They could deceitfully claim they received damaged goods and request a chargeback.

3. Customer or Merchant Error – This occurs when meager errors are made by either party that can cause chargebacks. A merchant could’ve accidentally duplicated a charge.

This is where chargeback management software comes to give a lifeline.

The software’s main purpose is to help prevent, as well as fight chargebacks through managing business internal records, integrating with chargeback alerts, and analyzing chargeback data.  

Types of Chargeback Management Software

You need to understand the reasons behind chargebacks to isolate these problems, adjust them accordingly, and solve them effectively.

There are three basic types of software to consider: SaaS platforms (Software As A Service) whereby merchants can self-manage the software, third-party experts who fully manage software, and a hybrid solution that combines a little bit of both.


This is a self-service option and you receive management software as per your subscription. This option is popular with small-to-medium-sized businesses because it offers flexibility and low costs. One of its downfalls is that the merchants have to do their own analysis and reporting.


The merchant outsources all chargeback management to a professional team. It allows you to focus on your business while your chargebacks are handled by others. Be sure to find a service provider who offers user-friendly reporting so you can track your ROI.


Luckily you don’t have to choose one or the other, instead, you can opt for a hybrid solution. You can work on in-house dispute prevention and outsource the representment.    

What Features to Look For in Chargeback Management Software

Stop as many fraudulent transactions and customer disputes as possible, while accepting every single good transaction. Easier said than done, right? The reality is that getting the right balance is a huge challenge for everyone involved in the eCommerce transaction. Chargebacks and losses from fraud come at the direct expense of acceptance.

Choosing the right software is important to your business and there are so many options to choose from, between SaaS and Hybrids, you need to know some crucial elements about the software before you settle on one.  

1. Chargeback Prevention: You should be able to prevent chargebacks and flag suspicious transactions.

2. Payment Investigation: Your company should be able to track the history of chargebacks and have information on common causes of chargebacks. 

3. Dispute Solving Features: This is the main reason why a company gets software to assist in disputing chargebacks.

4. Security: Most payment processors now offer 3D-Secure protection as an additional layer of security and protection.

Chargeback Management Software Summary & Top Picks

Most businesses cringe when they are faced with a chargeback. It can become a battle with financial institutions and in most cases, the merchant loses revenue either through reversals or processing fees. Having software in place gives you peace of mind, whether you are managing it or have it outsourced.

The primary reason a business gets chargeback management software is to help them in the fight against chargebacks, regardless of the reason why it took place. Prevention and dealing with fraud.

Here are My Top Picks for Software:

  • Kount: Best for Businesses To Accurately Identify Trust Decisions ($1,000.00/Month).
  • Seon: Best for Fraud Prevention for Any Online Business ($99.00/Month).
  • Ethoca: Best for Reduced Chargebacks & Improved Digital Experiences (Get pricing on the site).

I hope you are now able to make a more informed decision about your choice of chargeback management software after reading this.

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