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For many, traveling the world for a living may seem like a far-fetched dream. But that’s not the case. World travelers can earn huge amounts of passive income by starting an affiliate marketing travel blog. In fact, travel bloggers are some of the highest-earning affiliate marketers in the industry because of the huge amount of programs available to them.

To help you make more money while trekking across the globe, my team and I created this list of the best affiliate programs for travel bloggers.


Travel Payouts is one of the highest paying affiliate networks for travel bloggers


ShareASale hosts over over 4,000 available affiliate programs within its network


Tiqets is an excellent choice if you're looking for unique, curated travel experiences


Expedia offers a wide range of high-paying, transportation affiliate programs


Provide users with many travel benefits including air tickets, cashback, and more

What are the Best Affiliate Programs for Travel Bloggers?

Affiliate marketing for travel bloggers is a worthwhile way to make some great income. But first, you’ll need to join an affiliate program assuming you’ve already started the travel blog and given it a name.

To make your work easier, I’ve researched the best affiliate programs for travel bloggers and compiled them into a convenient list to help you generate affiliate income while doing what you love.

Travel Blogger Affiliate Networks

An affiliate network is a platform that hosts a wide range of different affiliate programs in multiple categories and travel blog niches. 

Joining a travel affiliate network is a great way to streamline your efforts and efficiently organize your affiliate programs. So, rather than managing multiple accounts, you have everything in one convenient place, including luxury travel affiliate programs for your travel niche. 

Becoming a member of an affiliate network also makes it easier for you to find relevant offers to promote to your audience. 

Listed below are some of the most popular affiliate networks for travel bloggers.

1. Travelpayouts

Best Overal Affiliate Network for Travel Bloggers


Travelpayouts is a popular affiliate network entirely devoted to travel and has over 100+ programs available. As one of the highest-paying travel affiliate programs, the platform offers a wide range of affiliate programs for everything from flights and hotels to car rentals, transfers, insurance, and much more. 

It makes it a lot easier for you as a travel blogger, so you don’t sift through thousands of programs and other niches or categories to find the ones you want. This network makes TravelPayouts one of the most popular affiliate programs in the travel industry and international travelers.

The cookie duration and commission rates on this network depend on the individual programs you choose, but some allow you to earn up to 70% commission!

How To Access: Travelpayouts.com or read my in-depth Travelpayouts review

2. Shareasale

Best Travel Affiliate Program for Large Variety of Programs


Shareasale is one of the largest and most established affiliate networks. Shareasale travel affiliate programs have nearly 4,000 different programs, giving you a huge range of travel-related offers to choose from.

It’s a great starting point for new travel bloggers who want to get into affiliate marketing, and you’ll be able to browse a wide range of categories to find brands, affiliate products, and services that are super relevant to your audience.

How to Access: Sharesale.com

3. Tiqets.com

Best Travel Affiliate Program for Curated Experiences

Tiqets’ Affiliate Program offers 10,000+ museums, tours, and attractions to choose from in over 60 countries and 1,000+ cities worldwide. These curated experiences – offered in multiple combinations, e.g. unique citypasses to guarantee strong commissions – suit different age groups, customer groups, and interests.

Tiqets provides affiliate solutions that are ideal for Content Creation, Loyalty & Cashback, and Travel Companies to promote Tiqets’ rich inventory and earn commissions.

Tiqets offers a competitive commission structure and a cookie duration that is beneficial for affiliates. All app orders are allocated within this cookie window to affiliate partners. 

A responsive and helpful affiliate support team provides assistance, and ensures a smooth collaboration between the affiliate and Tiqets.

Key Features:

  • Commission Model: The revenue share model differentiates Tiqets in this industry and often provides above-market standard commissions.
  • Payout Frequency: Monthly payments
  • Cookie Window: 30-day cookie window, incl. App orders.
  • Integration Options: API, text links, widgets, and banners.
  • Reliable Tracking and Reporting: Monitor performance and earnings.

4. Commission Junction (CJ.com)

Best Travel Affiliate Program for Monetizing On-Site Links


If you run blogs in the travel niche and you want to find the best travel affiliate programs, CJ.com is an excellent network for you to look into. You’ll have many affiliate products and services that you can start promoting immediately.

With the right affiliate programs, you can earn money by advertising to your target audience while promoting your travel website.

There is also a fantastic hack on the platform for your travel blog which allows you to drop a line of code into a tool designed to automatically convert every one of your links to the travel affiliate program for which you are an approved affiliate. This helps make the process of affiliate marketing for travel bloggers much easier.

How to Access: CJ.com

Best General Affiliate Network for Travel Bloggers


Compared to a network like Travelpayouts, AvantLink is a lot broader and offers affiliate programs for more than just travel-related needs. However, it has a host affiliate program for many well-established travel gear companies, including Patagonia, REI, and Osprey.

This means travel bloggers can monetize their site with travel-based affiliate programs and more general programs which travelers might also find useful with the platforms’ travel referral programs and affiliate marketers.

The platform also has excellent customer service and an intuitive, beginner-friendly dashboard where you can track all your affiliate programs in one convenient place.

Hotel Affiliate Programs

Hotels should be among the first things to consider when looking for promotional offers. In addition, you can promote different hotels through various affiliate programs.

The options outlined below provide plenty of options so you’ll be able to give your readers relevant recommendations for where to stay during their trip.

6. WayAway

Best Travel Affiliate Program to Make Traveling Easier

The WayAway partner program was created by Travelpyouts, which has more than 10 years of experience in the travel industry working with the world’s famous travel brands such as Booking.com, Tripadvisor, Expedia, GetYourGuide, and much more. 

WayAway is a flight aggregator that provides users with a wide selection of air tickets and gives cashback on hotels, flights, tours, car rentals, and other travel services. 

The WayAway affiliate program allows earning a 50% revenue share, the cookie lifetime for both mobile and desktop versions is 30 days.

WayAway offers a variety of affiliate tools: banners, widgets, and links, that are easy to integrate to your website or blog. 

One of the main benefits of the WayAway affiliate program is that you get only a cash reward, no miles or vouchers. You can withdraw your money at any time using PayPal and there is no maximum cashback amount and no expiration dates.

Cookie Duration: 30 Days

Commission Rates: 50% Revenue Share

How To Access: WayAway Affiliate program or read my in-depth WayAway review

7. Booking.com

Best Overall Hotel Affiliate Program


This is a well-known network that offers affiliate marketing for travel bloggers by promoting hotels and other lodging arrangements. On the site, you’ll find 1 million options that you can use to promote to your audience.

One of the reasons for the platform’s popularity is the generous revenue share. Commission rates start at 25% and increase in percentage as the number of bookings goes up, which gives you an additional way to grow your passive income.

Cookie Duration: One session

Commission Rates: 25-40% of Booking.comnot the booking price.

How to Access:  Travelpayouts.comCJ.comCompany Website

8. Vrbo

Best Hotel Affiliate Program for Monetizing On-Site Travel Content


This platform has a lucrative associate program that allows travel bloggers to earn commissions by sharing travel content.

The best travel affiliate programs can be anything from unique landing pages for your travel sites or widgets to links pointing readers toward places to stay, etc. 

Each time a booking is made through your recommendations, you will earn a commission for your efforts.

Cookie Duration: Unknown

Commission Rate: 3%

How to Access:  Travelpayouts.comCJ.comCompany Website

9. Agoda

Best Hotel Affiliate Program for Creating Promotional Content


Agoda offers affiliate commissions based on the total amount of the sale. In addition, bloggers also get access to powerful tools for creating engaging promotional content, such as callout banners, banner integration options, data feeds, in-content search boxes, hotel power ads, etc. These tools from the Agoda affiliate program are great for boosting engagement with the audience to site travel blogs and helping you optimize conversion rates with the help of affiliate marketing.

Cookie Duration: 24 hours

Commission Rates: 5-7% of the total sale.

How to Access:  Travelpayouts.comCJ.comCompany Website

10. Hotels Combined

Best Hotel Affiliate Program for Cookie Duration


This affiliate program is one of the largest platforms for hotel comparison. It’s used by thousands of travelers every day and can help make it easier for users to book their stay in the best and most affordable hotels worldwide.

Hotels Combined affiliate network also has an excellent program for affiliate marketers with commissions between $0.50 and $2 for each lead you send to the website. 

The site has a long cookie duration of 365 days, which means you can continue to earn huge commissions for your readers’ frequent visits throughout the year.

Cookie Duration: 365 days

Commission Rates: $0.50-$2/lead

How to Access:  CJ.comCompany Website

11. TripAdvisor

Best Hotel Affiliate Program for Commission Rate


TripAdvisor is an American online travel company with a comparison-shopping website and mobile app, both of which are filled with user-generated content.

TripAdvisor travel affiliate programs also offer online bookings for transportation, hotel reservations, and travel experiences. It is one of the best affiliate programs for effectively converting site visitors and is a great place to find fantastic offers when you are always on the road.

Cookie Duration: 14 days

Commission Rates from TripAdvisor affiliate program: 50% 

How to Access:  Travelpayouts.comCJ.comCompany Website

Transportation Affiliate Programs

The affiliate programs listed below have offers that are specifically for transportation. In addition, you’ll be able to find relevant programs to recommend to your globetrotting readers from the list below.

12. Expedia

Best Overall Transportation Affiliate Program


On the Expedia affiliate program, you’ll find many travel affiliate programs and offers related to traveling, including affiliate programs for rental cars, flights, boats, trains, buses, and more.

Whatever your audience’s transportation needs, you’ll be able to make the perfect recommendation to help them on their next adventure with your travel affiliate programs of Expedia. 

The Expedia affiliate online platform also has a wide range of affiliate marketing tools to help you promote their offers on your blog.

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Commission Rate from Expedia affiliate program: 3-11%

How to Access:  Travelpayouts.comCJ.comCompany Website

13. Wego

Best Travel Affiliate Program for Real-Time Lodging Comparisons


Formerly known as Bezurk, Wego is a Singaporean travel metasearch engine that operates in over 76 countries worldwide. 

The website affiliate program displays travel rate results from over 700 travel websites and blogs in real-time so users can easily compare hotel and flight prices online. As a travel blogger, you can earn up to $0.80 per click from affiliate marketing by signing up as an affiliate in the website referral program for any travel niche.

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Commission Rates: $0.80/click

How to Access:  Company Website

14. Eurail

Best Affiliate Program for Travel Bloggers in Europe


If you have a Europe-focused travel blog, this affiliate network is excellent for you to join. It offers deals on rail bookings throughout Europe, and considering how pricey train tickets can get, this could potentially be a lucrative passive income opportunity for you.

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Commission Rates: 3%

How to Access:  Awin.comCompany Website

15. Priceline

Best Transportation Affiliate Program for New Travel Bloggers


Priceline affiliate program is yet another travel conglomerate with great affiliate programs for flights, hotel booking, car rentals, and more.

The platform travel affiliate programs also offer round-the-clock affiliate support, which is excellent for new travelers who may need assistance getting their affiliate business up and running.

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Commission Rates: 3-5%

How to Access:  CJ.comCompany Website

16. Cruise Direct

Best Affiliate Program for Cruise Vacations

Cruise Direct

As one of the best travel affiliate programs, Cruise Direct is one of the fastest-growing online platforms for booking cruise vacation packages and other travel options. 

It also pays a hefty commission per gross sale, making it part of the best travel affiliate programs, and it is extremely popular among travel bloggers.

There are frequent deals on the affiliate platforms and promotional tools like banner ads, text ads, search boxes, and personalized landing pages to help you promote deals and boost conversions. 

The company has a 45-day cookie window and pays its affiliates monthly with a minimum threshold of $25.

Cookie Duration: 45 days

Commission Rates: 3%

How to Access:  CJ.comCompany Website

17. Bookaway

Best Affiliate Program for Travel Bloggers in Asia


You might consider joining some of Bookaway’s affiliate programs for travel bloggers who focus on Asia destinations.

The travel affiliate programs provide you with a wide range of offers focused on transportation in different Asian countries. 

This reliable travel website and booking platform are also great for searching for your transportation needs between destinations.

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Commission Rates: 5%

How to Access: ShareaSale.comCompany Website

18. 12Go

Highest Commission Rate for An Asia-Focused Affiliate Program


Similar to Bookaway, 12Go is an affiliate program with tons of different offers on transportation in Asia. 

However, unlike Bookaway, 12Go travel blog affiliate programs have a commission rate that is significantly higher for each confirmed booking of trains, buses, or ferries throughout Asia.

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Commission Rate: 50%

How to Access:  Travelpayouts.comCompany Website

19. RentalCars.com

Best Affiliate Program for Rental Cars


This is a reliable platform where you can compare car rental prices from some of the biggest brands out there. In addition, users can make online reservations, and affiliates can earn up to 6% commissions for their recommendations.

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Commission Rates: 6%

How to Access:  Travelpayouts.comCJ.comCompany Website

Travel Gear Affiliate Programs

As a travel blogger from the travel industry, you likely talk about more than just hotels and car rentals. Your audience may also be interested in getting guidance on the right travel gear to pack for their adventure. 

You can use this as another opportunity to increase your income by signing up on one of the following travel gear affiliate programs like REI and AmazAmazon’siliate program.

20. REI

Best Overall Travel Gear Affiliate Program


This is an excellent travel affiliate program to join if most of your audience is US-based. 

Here, you’ll have a massive selection that you can convert to affiliate sales with items virtually everything you need. For any travel adventure, from climbing and hiking to deep-sea diving, camping, bungee jumping, backpacking, and even options for the luxury traveler. 

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Commission Rate: 5%

How to Access:  Avantlink.com

21. Amazon Associates

A Popular Alternative to Travel Exclusive Affiliate Programs

Amazon Associates

The Amazon affiliate program is one of the most popular options for travel affiliates. Through this program, you can choose from thousands of affiliate products to recommend to your audience.

The best part of the Amazon Associates program is that you’ll only earn a commission for the products you recommend for any/all of your affiliate networks. But any other products that person purchases mean you profit from the entire purchase, not just the one product you recommended.

Cookie Duration: 24 hours

Commission Rate: 1 – 10%

How to Access Amazon’s Affiliate Program:  Company Website

Activity Affiliate Programs

There are many affiliate programs for vacation activities, from city tours and cooking classes to adventure activities and everything in between. 

So, if you want to recommend fun things to do next time your readers travel, choose from one of these activity affiliate programs from popular travel companies.

22. Get Your Guide

Best Overall Activity Affiliate Program

Get Your Guide

Get Your Guide affiliate program is yet another excellent place to book activities and tours anywhere in the world. In addition, the platform’s outstanding affiliate program allows travel bloggers room for growth. 

If you aim to make affiliate marketing your primary source of income, this is a great platform to join. One advantage of booking day trips and tours through Get Your Guide is that all tours are refundable 24 hours in advance.

Cookie Duration: 31 days

Commission Rate: 20 – 30%

How to Access:  Travelpayouts.comAwin.comCompany Website

23. Viator

Largest Number of Activities for Affiliate Travel Bloggers


On this platform, you’ll find over 345,000 listings of activities from across the globe. You can choose the relevant ones for your audience, and the platform lets you create a custom widget that you can insert into your blog articles. 

This makes it easy for your readers to book an activity, and you will receive your commission once it’s completed. 

Alternatively, you can generate a custom affiliate link for Viator through various affiliate networks, and you will earn a share of the total sale price.

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Commission Rate: 5 – 8%

How to Access:  Travelpayouts.comShareaSale.comCompany Website

24. SeaWorld

Best Affiliate Program Offered by a Theme Park


Sea World is a popular theme park and entertainment company that provides a wide range of experiences to connect visitors with the ocean and its creatures. The theme park even has a decent affiliate program that is excellent for those travel bloggers focused on marine-based travel excursions.

Cookie Duration: 24 hours

Commission Rate from Referral Program: 4%

How to Access:  Company WebsiteCJ.com

25. Cookly

Best Affiliate Program for Cooking Classes


This platform is specifically for cooking classes. It will help you experience food cultures through a wide range of cooking classes. 

If your blog is focused on these types of topics, you can recommend some of the programs from Cookly to your audience. 

These include authentic cooking classes from Europe, Asia, and other exotic places, and whenever someone books a class and completes it, you will receive a commission for your recommendation.

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Commission Rate: 10%

How to Access:  Company WebsiteCJ.com

26. Lonely Planet

Best Affiliate Program for Travel Advice

Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet travel affiliate program lets you plan and book your dream trip with the help of expert advice, travel blogs, guides, and destination information. 

The website provides information on where to go, the best places to stay, the most affordable holiday packages, and travel tips. 

You can earn up to 15% commission as a travel blogger by sending traffic to the website.

Cookie Duration: 24 hours

Commission Rate: Up to 15%

How to Access:  Company WebsiteCJ.comAwin.com

Travel Insurance Affiliate Programs

Traveling isn’t about hotel stays and car rentals. You also need to consider your insurance coverage to have peace of mind when setting off on your journey. 

Here are some of the best travel insurance providers for affiliate bloggers.

27. World Nomads

Best Overall Travel Insurance Affiliate Program

World Nomans

Everyone should get their travel insurance before taking off on their next adventure. The World Nomads affiliate program offers affordable coverage for all types of trips. 

The World Nomads travel insurance provider also has a lucrative affiliate program with plenty of offers like successful travel referral programs that you can recommend to your readers using a referral link. Hence, they have peace of mind before embarking on the next trip with the help of the World Nomads program and tools.

Cookie Duration: 60 days

Commission Rate: 10% for each sale referred to World Nomads

How to Access:  Company Website for World Nomads

28. SafetyWing

Best Affiliate Program for Travel Medical Insurance

Safety Wng

This is yet another travel insurance provider that offers a lucrative affiliate program. SafetyWing offers travelers affordable medical insurance to help protect them against infections, diseases, or injuries that might be encountered during your next globetrotting adventure.

You can use this to help travelers by recommending some of its flexible medical insurance policies, most of which are geared toward long-term travelers. 

Cookie Duration: 365 days

Commission Rate: 10% per client referred

How to Access:  Company Website

VPN Access Affiliate Programs 

When setting out on their travels, most people don’t consider the need for a VPN. But, this is crucial to ensure your security online while accessing the internet, checking your email, going on Facebook, watching streaming movies, etc. 

A VPN will prevent hackers from stealing your data, such as usernames, passwords, and credit card numbers, giving you peace of mind while on holiday. 

It also allows you to connect securely to a network in your home country to get geo-based search results. 

Here are some of the top affiliate programs for VPNs.

29. NordVPN

Best Overall VPN Affiliate Program for Travel Bloggers


This program offers a lifetime revenue share, meaning that whenever you get someone to sign up for a NordVPN subscription through your link, you will continue to generate affiliate commissions for as long as that person remains a subscriber. 

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Commission Rate from Travel Referral Programs: 40 – 100% on new signups, 30% on renewals.

How to Access:  Company Website

30. Express VPN

Best VPN Affiliate Program for Cookie Duration


Express VPN is one of the highest-paying affiliate programs out there. 

It also helps that the affiliate product is a popular and reliable VPN, making your work a lot easier for promoting.

Cookie Duration: 90 days

Commission Rate: $13 – $36 per sale.

How to Access:  Company Website

31. Traveling Mailbox

Best Affiliate Program for Receiving Home Mail while Travelling

Traveling Mailbox

If you don’t let anyone collect your mail at your physical home address, Traveling Mailbox is your go-to site. It offers an easy way to continue receiving your mail while traveling to your destinations. 

This service is perfect for people on the road or out of the country for extended periods. By signing, you’ll be able to view your postal mail online from anywhere in the world. 

Cookie Duration: Unknown

Commission Rate: 10% recurring revenue

How to Access:  Company Website

Additional Options: 

Here are a few other affiliate programs for travel bloggers that are worth mentioning:

32. iVisa: A simple solution to process your travel visa.

33. KAYAK: Earn 50% by recommending flights, car rentals, and hotels. 

34. Flight Network: 7% commission, $5-$10 per flight sale.

35. Travelocity: 2-4% commission, $2-$30 per sale on Travel.

36. Skyscanner: Up to 50% commission on Flights.

37. Uber: Up to $60 for driver referrals.

38. Hotwire: 2% per sale, 7-day cookie length on Travel.

39. Jetradar: 1.25% commission per sale, 30-day cookie length on Flights.

40. AirWander: $0.40 per unique user referred, $0.45 after 3k leads on Flights.

41. Momondo: $0.55/click, session-based cookie duration on Travel.

42. Orbitz: 5% commission, 30-day cookie duration on Travel.

What is a Travel Blogger Affiliate Program?

An affiliate program is a partnership between a company and an affiliate, where the affiliate promotes the company and earns a commission from each sale generated. 

travel blogger affiliate program allows travel bloggers to promote various travel-related offers. 

Those who want to become affiliate marketers will have to sign up on an affiliate website and other affiliate networks to choose the programs they want to promote from a wide range of options. Alternatively, having a popular affiliate program for your travel niche can help you with brands directly by signing up as an affiliate on their respective websites.

Travel affiliate program offers are an incredibly profitable niche for affiliate marketing. Since travel is a topic that will always be popular and desirable, this is a great way to make income in the long term.

General Categories for the Best Travel Affiliate Programs Include: 

  • Hotel Bookings: You can recommend hotels to your audience, and when someone makes a booking, you get paid for each completed transaction.
  • Weekend Breaks: Give your readers ideas of where to go for vocations a week and breaks and get paid for recommendations.
  • Transportation: You can also learn from travel offers with car rental services, boats, flights, buses, trains, and other modes of transport.
  • Travel Gear: Depending on your type of audience, you will point them towards the correct type of gear to buy for their travel adventures.
  • Activities: You can choose an excellent affiliate program that focuses on vacation activities like CD Taurus, cooking classes, adventure activities, etc.
  • Travel Insurance: Before setting off on their trip, your readers may be looking for flexible insurance policies geared toward travelers.
  • VPN Access: Yet another must-have that most people fail to consider when traveling is VPN access to help them access the Internet securely during their trip.
  • Hotel Bookings: You can recommend hotels to your audience, and when someone makes a booking, you get paid for each completed transaction (also with a guest affiliate program).
  • Weekend Breaks: Give your readers ideas of where to go for vocations a week and breaks and get paid for recommendations.
  • Transportation: You can also learn from travel offers with car rental services, boats, flights, buses, trains, and other modes of transport.
  • Travel Gear: Depending on your type of audience, you will point them towards the correct type of gear to buy for their travel adventures.
  • Activities: You can choose an excellent affiliate program that focuses on vacation activities like CD Taurus, cooking classes, adventure activities, etc.
  • Travel Insurance: Before setting off on their trip, your readers may be looking for flexible insurance policies geared toward travelers.
  • VPN Access: Yet another must-have that most people fail to consider when traveling is VPN access to help them access the Internet securely during their trip.

How to Pick the Right Travel Affiliate Programs

Finding the right travel-related programs is an affiliate’s first step to success. 

But, before making your choice, there are certain things you must take into consideration – the most important of which I’veI’velined below:

  • Cookie Policy: The first thing to consider is the cookie policy, which means the cookie duration and attribution. Each affiliate link’s Cookie duration differs from program to program and can range from mere minutes to 90 days or more. Some programs even have year-long cookies. Most importantly, you want to choose a program with a longer cookie duration to help your overall conversions. 
  • Commission Rates: Does the program offer one-time or recurring commissions? Some companies offer a tiered commission scale which allows you to continue to grow your income over time. This can significantly impact the amount of income you earn from it and is a factor well worth considering before choosing the best affiliate program.
  • Conversion Rates: Although you won’t know this figure until after you join the program, it’s worth paying attention to because your conversion rates will directly impact the amount of income you earn from each travel blogging affiliate program.
  • Special Offers: If the program offers you special offers or discounts for your audience, this can help you increase conversions and boost your earnings from digital marketing.
  • Dedicated Affiliate Manager: If you are new to affiliate marketing, it can be beneficial to get a program with an affiliate manager that you can speak with.

In addition to considering the factors outlined above, you must also make sure that you choose affiliate programs that are extremely relevant to your audience. 

For instance, if your target readers are interested in backpacking across Europe, you might consider affiliate programs that offer cheap transportation and affordable accommodation, such as hostels. 

Alternatively, if your audience comprises high-end travelers, you must look for affiliate programs with relevant offers, such as extravagant airlines, luxury hotels, etc.

How Do Affiliate Programs Help Travel Bloggers?

As affiliate marketers, you’ll get to know the importance of making consistent, reliable income. But, this can be difficult to do with travel bloggers. While they get many free perks and traveling opportunities, making money online is an entirely different story.

Affiliate programs can help in this regard by providing travel bloggers that use affiliate marketing an easy way to offer value to their readers. 

You can use programs like the ones outlined above to help you build trust with your audience, making it a lot more likely to click your links and make purchases from your recommendations. 

Of course, all of this is dependent on your having a high-quality blog where you provide real solutions to your readers’ cries and challenges. 

The more relevant your content is, and the better it addresses their pain points, the more your readers will trust your affiliate recommendations, resulting in increased sales and revenue. 

Summary and Top Picks for the Best Affiliate Programs for Travel Bloggers

Affiliate marketing for travel bloggers has become a highly popular method of generating income. Nowadays, there are thousands of travel bloggers who make more than $10,000 per month, just from affiliate marketing.

When selecting an affiliate program as a travel blogger, you should consider several things such as your site design and how different affiliate links can be placed across the site for maximum conversions, what types of services or goods you want to promote to your readers, the commission rate, the cookie duration, the integrated features on-site such as UGC or comparative search functionality, and the proven earnings made with different affiliate programs.

My Top Picks for the Best Affiliate Programs for Travel Bloggers are:


Travel Payouts is one of the highest paying affiliate networks for travel bloggers


ShareASale hosts over over 4,000 available affiliate programs within its network


Tiqets is an excellent choice if you're looking for unique, curated travel experiences


Expedia offers a wide range of high-paying, transportation affiliate programs


Provide users with many travel benefits including air tickets, cashback, and more

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