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With inflation hitting a 40-year high in early 2022 and with the possibility of the dollar’s value dropping even further thanks to the current economic situation, many Americans are worried about their retirement savings. A gold IRA can give you the benefit of diversifying your retirement savings combined with the tax advantages of a traditional IRA. But there are so many gold IRA companies out there. How do you decide which one to work with?

Augusta Precious Metals has been disrupting the gold industry with its education-first sales practices and exceptional customer support since the company started more than a decade ago and, in our opinion, that makes them the #1 best choice for a precious metals IRA.

In this review, we’ll analyze some of the most important reasons we believe Augusta is best, from their thousands of 5-star ratings and hundreds of positive online reviews to their exceptional one-on-one web conference (designed by their on-staff, Harvard-trained economist) and even their illuminating endorsement by hall of fame quarterback and millionaire Joe Montana and his personal financial team.

Is a Gold IRA Worth it?

Several times throughout history, an economic event such as the Great Depression or the 2008 financial crisis has caused the price of most paper assets to fall in unison, leaving many people with significantly less in savings and forcing them to work years past the date they planned to retire.

Fortunately, the spot prices of precious metals such as gold or silver have often had an inverse relationship with paper assets—meaning one has risen when the other has fallen—even during times of economic turmoil. In the past, people who diversified their savings by buying gold and silver have avoided negative economic effects by spreading their savings between different asset classes.

The advantages of diversifying your savings are well known, but many people still have all their money in popular paper assets. They may be worried that moving a portion of their savings could be a difficult and risky process. But there’s no need to worry—when you work with a company that has a stellar reputation and a history of great service like Augusta Precious Metals, you can be sure the process will be simple and the transaction will be secure.

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Is Augusta Precious Metals Worth it?

Augusta is one of the most highly respected companies in the gold industry. They have thousands of five-star ratings from customers. They also have an impressive number of top reviews (hundreds) across many consumer review sites, plus top ratings with the Better Business Bureau (A+), Business Consumer Alliance (AAA), TrustLink, Consumer Affairs, and more. When reading these reviews, it’s easy to see what makes the company stand out: incredible service and a dedication to customer education over high-pressure sales tactics.

In fact, Augusta sees itself as a “protector” of the gold industry and tries to shed light on some of the more underhanded tactics some gold companies will use to sell gold to people who don’t really need it. They’ll even tell you when a gold or silver IRA isn’t the right choice for you.

Augusta gives customers as much information as they can so the customer can make their own informed decisions for the future. In addition to a wealth of informational articles and videos on their website, they offer a free, one-on-one web conference to qualifying customers before they even buy. The conference was designed by their on-staff, Harvard-trained economist Devlyn Steele as a crash course about the economy and precious metals and how gold can be leveraged to diversify savings.

This education-focused strategy and the web-conference are what convinced Augusta’s spokesperson, hall-of-fame quarterback Joe Montana, to become a customer. It says something very positive that he asked his financial team to find the best gold company and they brought him to Augusta. And that after attending the web conference, he fell in love with the company’s mission and decided to become its representative.

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Who is Augusta Precious Metals Good For?

  • Retirement savers looking for a way to store wealth and diversify their savings to avoid “gambling” with their money and ease worries about retirement. Any investment comes with risk, but precious metals have a history of doing well over time, even in times of economic stress.
  • Americans who already know they want gold and silver for their retirement and are seeking the best company in the industry to help them understand these assets, easily open an account, and serve as a liaison with their custodian and storage facility. Augusta is highly rated by thousands of customers and consumer advocate organizations. It was chosen over other companies by quarterback Joe Montana and his personal financial team. He is now a customer and loved their mission so much that he also became their paid ambassador.
  • Potential gold and silver investors who want to learn about the economy, inflation, reasons to buy precious metals, and costs and fees. The company offers many educational materials, but the unique web conference designed by their on-staff Harvard-trained economist is a must-watch (no obligation).
  • Retirement savers who want information about the gold IRA industry and questionable tactics to watch out for that are used by other companies. Augusta considers itself “protectors” of the industry and provides many helpful materials.

Augusta Precious Metals Features

  1. Diversify Your Savings

Precious metals are a great way to diversify your savings and hedge against economic stresses such as inflation because gold and silver have a record of holding their value in hard economic times.

  1. Gold and Silver IRAs

Augusta offers gold and silver IRAs for customers who want to roll over their retirement savings into an asset that has historically performed well during economic crises.

  1. Account Lifetime Support

Augusta Precious Metals offers customer support long after your initial transaction, for as long as your account is open. 

  1. Many Educational Resources

Augusta offers to potential customers a free, one-on-one web conference designed by their on-staff, Harvard-trained economist, so they can understand the ins and outs of gold and silver IRAs before they buy. They also have hours of educational videos available on their website. The company considers itself “protectors” of the gold IRA industry, with many materials that warn consumers about what some companies will do to persuade them to buy.

  1. Great Buyback Program

Augusta offers a buyback program for those customers who have decided that it’s time to cash in on their precious metals IRA. At the time of this writing, they have never refused a buyback request from a customer.

Augusta offers a buyback program for those customers who have decided that it’s time to cash in on their precious metals IRA. At the time of this writing, they have never refused a buyback request from a customer.

Augusta Precious Metals Pros and Cons

Augusta Precious Metals’ fantastic reputation (many, many top ratings and reviews), educational materials, and streamlined process make them the best choice for gold and silver IRAs. They’ve helped thousands of people diversify their savings and gain peace of mind about their financial future.

But that doesn’t mean that each and every person should run out right now and get an Augusta gold IRA. You should always carefully consider your position and do your due diligence before you make big decisions about your future.

Hopefully, this list of pros and cons will help you decide if Augusta is right for you:


  1. Stellar Reputation: 1,000s of five-star customer ratings, plus 100s of positive online reviews on consumer watchdog websites – and perfect A+/AAA ratings from the BBB and BCA – leave no doubt about Augusta’s high integrity.
  2. “Education First” Sales Strategy: In addition to a large library of educational documents and videos on their website, Augusta offers a free one-on-one web conference designed by their on-staff Harvard-trained economist.
  3. Top-notch Support: Augusta offers account-lifetime support, and each customer is assigned a personal agent who will work directly with them on all transactions.
  4. “Protectors” of the Gold Industry: Augusta prides themselves on teaching customers what some companies do to pressure them into buying, with helpful materials such as “15 BAD Reasons to Buy Gold” and “10 Big Gold IRA Dealer Lies.”
  5. Streamlined Process: Five different departments focus on quality service in each of their areas, and the teams are so experienced working with each other that the streamlined process saves customers time.
  6. Up to Ten Years of Fees Reimbursed: Qualifying customers can get up to ten years of their fees reimbursed to their IRAs in premium silver coins.
  7. Support of Hall-of-Fame Quarterback Joe Montana: This savvy multimillionaire’s financial team found Augusta after he asked them to seek the best gold IRA company. He fell in love with the company’s mission and became their spokesperson.
  8. Award-Winning: Augusta was chosen as the “Most Trusted Gold IRA Company” by and has been voted the “Best of TrustLink” six years in a row.
  9. Specialization in Gold and Silver IRAs: While Augusta does offer cash accounts, they have a laser focus on gold and silver IRAs and have become adept at helping customers with those products specifically.


  1. High Minimum Investment: Augusta only accepts applications for accounts with $50,000 or more. If you are planning to invest less, they might not be the right choice for you.
  2. No Cryptocurrency: While some other companies offer cryptocurrency options for investing, Augusta has decided to focus on physical precious metals and provide specialized services in this area to help customers diversify their savings. If you do elect to engage with Crypto, it’s probably best to use specific tax software to help.

Augusta Precious Metals Competitors

JM Bullion

With gold and silver capturing the nation’s attention again, quite a few new gold dealers have entered the marketplace. One prominent new gold company is JM Bullion. This company has been in operation since 2011. They have no minimums, except for bank wires ($2,500). They don’t directly offer gold IRAs as Augusta does. Instead, they work with custodians to provide IRAs. This company doesn’t offer secure storage or recommend facilities, so you are on your own to determine where to store your IRA gold and silver.

They have an A+ rating with the BBB, with more than the number of complaints we like to see –for the amount of business they do this could understandable. Their BBB reviews add up to 4.63 out of a possible 5.0 rating. This company is good for those who need to buy small amounts of precious metals and know specifically which items they want to buy, whether gold bullion, silver, platinum, or palladium.

Regal Assets

Regal Assets is another precious metals company like Augusta. They have a similar focus on education, though we couldn’t find anything available like Augusta’s video library or web conference. They also offer cryptocurrency as an option outside of precious metals, and they offer buyback for crypto assets any business day of the week.

On their “Why Choose Us?” page, Regals Assets boasts that they are the “most trusted company in the business”. While they do have quite a few positive reviews across the web, as of this writing, they have only a B- rating with the BBB with a low 2.29 rating from customer reviews, and one unresolved complaint.


This company offers a wide variety of metals from mints throughout the world. The company does offer IRAs, but hands-on service seems to be limited. If you are a precious metals investor who would like to understand the product, this may not be the best option because APMEX doesn’t offer a great deal of consumer education.

Although the company has been in business for a long time and has an A+ BBB rating, there are a number of negative reviews online. APMEX began as a coin collection agency. It handles many different rare earth products, unlike Augusta which focuses all of its efforts on gold and silver IRAs allowing it to create a streamlined process that many retirement savers have come to depend on.


Augusta offers competitive pricing on gold and silver bullion. They charge a setup fee of $50 for new accounts. Customers will pay an annual $100 annual custodian fee and $100 annual storage fee on precious metals IRAs.

However, for qualifying customers, the company will reimburse these fees in premium silver coins for up to ten years.

Platform Support

Augusta offers account-lifetime support for all their customers, long after the initial transaction is finished. The company is interested in ongoing, long-term relationships helping customers with opening gold and silver IRA accounts.

Each customer is assigned a personal agent who works with them through the entire process of setting up their gold or silver IRA. They walk new customers through every step of the process and even do 95% of the paperwork with them to make things easy.

If you decide that you no longer want to keep your money in gold, Augusta has an excellent buyback program. While, legally, they’re not allowed to guarantee that they’ll buy back gold, they say they haven’t refused a request to date.

Is Augusta Precious Metals Legit?

We all worry about the future, and no one can ever be completely sure about what will happen to their savings. But you can put some of those worries to rest by working with a company like Augusta. Few companies can boast such a stellar reputation. Their thousands of 5-star ratings, plus 100s of online consumer reviews and stellar ratings with companies like the BBB and BCA prove that their dedication to customer education and support is the real thing.

The excellent, helpful one-on-one web conference designed by their Harvard-trained on-staff economist is a deciding factor for us, too. As is the impressive endorsement from hall of fame quarterback and multimillionaire, Augusta customer Joe Montana (also their corporate ambassador) and his personal financial team.

If you think an Augusta Precious Metals gold or silver IRA could be the right fit for your financial plans, click here to request your free gold IRA guide. While you’re at it, ask them about the free web conference. It’s full of valuable information you can use to make your own best choices for your financial future.

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