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Suppose you’re a content creator who needs to use music, audio tracks, or sound effects in your content. In that case, you need to find a reliable music platform that provides a wide range of royalty-free music, so you never have to worry about getting entangled in music copyright issues. 

This is where a platform like Audiio comes in handy. Audiio is a platform that provides music for the next generation of creators. 

In this Audiio review, you’ll learn all about its features and functionality, pros and cons, pricing, and support, as well as some of its top competitors so you can make a well-informed decision about which music licensing platform is best for you.

Audiio Summary

Audiio logo

10 out of 10

Ron’s Thoughts

Acquiring high-quality royalty-free music is generally not easy, but Audi.io is different. With this music hosting platform, your search for the perfect song or sound effect will be quick and simple. You’ll be happy to hear that Audiio offers pricing that depends on what the user wants. In essence, you can customize the pricing based on your project’s needs. Lastly, you can fully refund your lifetime membership if you stop using the platform at any point which isn’t often seen in the industry.  Make sure you use code “Professor” for 70% off.

Is Audiio Worth it?

For the past few months, Audiio has established itself as a one-stop shop to discover incredible music and get a license to cover any video platform in the universe. 

This is a high-quality yet accessible music licensing tool that gives you the freedom to create by covering all types of projects from broadcast television to YouTube monetization, and everything in between. 

You’ll be able to find the perfect song or sound effect quickly and easily, thanks to the platform’s smart search feature. 

Explore thousands of music tracks from hundreds of artists. With tracks added daily, you’ll never run out of inspiration or ideas to make your next project a success.

Audiio Pro

The bottom line is that this music and SFX platform is definitely worth the investment if you have a need to use inspiring music in your business. You can pay a flat rate and access all the music and sound effects you need for your projects.

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Who is Audiio Good For?


Audiio is ideal for ad agency creatives, filmmakers, YouTubers, bloggers, and musicians. The platform has the vision to provide storytellers with the best music available anywhere.

If you’re constantly searching for high-quality music to use in your videos, then you’ll love Audiio. There are thousands of high-quality songs and tons of value for creatives looking to find the perfect song for their projects.

Audiio is perfect for: 

  • Professional Filmmakers: Sift through thousands of high-quality music and soundtracks on the platform to find the right sounds to enhance your film-making projects.
  • Musicians: Audiio is also great for musicians who benefit financially from the exposure that they could get from track placement on a high-profile ad or movie. They also get paid each time their music is used.
  • YouTubers: Many YouTube creators have found themselves facing copyright infringement claims. Silenced, deleted, or banned videos or channels mean a loss of income, and Audiio can help you avoid this type of situation.
  • Legal Compliance: Whether you’re an individual or a company, it’s important to use music legally and to comply with the policies of each platform. With Audiio, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that you’re always on the right side of the law. 

Whether you’re a private writer of an audio-visual production or a blogger who needs music tracks for video posts, if you want to use licensed music in your content, then this platform is perfect for you. 

inspiring new music

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Audiio Functionality

Audiio offers a pretty straightforward experience. The platform is simple to use and easy for anyone to navigate. 

There’s the main search page that gives you access to the different features and collections the platform has to offer. From here, you can explore music libraries, and sound effects, create playlists, and save favorites.

Let’s take a look at some of the platform’s more prominent features so you get a better understanding of what Audiio can do for you.

Better yet, sign up for a free account so you can follow along to see where everything is and how it works in your own dashboard.

sign up for a free account

1. Audiio Music

The first thing you’ll notice about the platform is that it has a clean, modern, and easy-to-navigate interface.

All the searching tools are well optimized, making it easy to find what you’re looking for, even for someone who’s never used the platform before. 

You’ll never have to struggle to find the exact music you need for your project even with an Audiio pro subscription or lifetime memberships. Here there are no archaic search menus designed to frustrate you and consume your patience and time. 

Instead, you’ll find a simple yet intuitive search feature that allows you to browse music quickly so you can find the perfect song in seconds.

search feature

Add these filters to aid your search: 

  • Mood
  • Genre
  • Instrument
  • Video theme
  • Build
  • BPM (45 – 250)
  • Vocals
  • Duration (0:00 – 12:00)
  • Instrumental only
  • Lyrical only

2. Audiio SFX

Audiio SFX

The next item on Audiio’s menu is the SFX tab. When you click this, you’ll be able to access Audiio’s vast sound effect library with an Audiio pro subscription (that you can use on commercial projects, social media platforms, and more with lifetime memberships.

Although not as large as the Audiio music library, this is still an impressive collection of SFX curated into collections and categories to make it easier for you to find exactly what you need. 

You can search sound effects by keyword. As you scroll down the panel, you will be presented with different sections, including cinematic collections, featured categories, and more in the music library with lifetime music membership. Within each section, you’ll be able to browse additional SFX that fall into that category.

featured categories

Audiio Categories for SFX include: 

  • Cinematic
  • Impact
  • Human
  • Energy
  • Tonal
  • Air
  • Doors
  • House
  • Animals
  • Warfare
  • Sci-Fi
  • Office
  • Street
  • Texture
  • Handles
  • UX
  • Sports

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3. Audiio Playlists

Audiio Playlists

If you select the Audiio playlists menu item, you will see a selection of playlists that are created and curated by Audiio.

On the primary view, you’ll see displays of all available playlists, and you can click Moods or Genres to toggle this view. This will narrow down the playlists that you see according to these individual filters.

4. Audiio Favorites

The “Favorites” tab is located under playlists, and this is where you’ll find your favorite tracks. If there are any songs or sound effects that you love, simply click the heart icon located next to them, and they’ll be automatically added to your favorites list. 

The music and sound effects are divided into two different sections for your convenience, as we’ve highlighted in this Audiio review.

Audiio Favorites

5. Recently Played

The “Recently Played” feature is simply a chronological display showing your recently played Audiio tracks. 

You’ll find this to be an extremely useful feature if you have been browsing through tons of music and need to go back and read and listen to earlier tracks without having to search through all the platform’s music to find them again.

Recently Played

6. Audiio Create

The “Create” feature lets you build your own custom playlists according to your preferences. You can create project-specific playlists, for example, or build a playlist with your go-to tracks that you intend to use a lot of new music to explore, including licensed music.

Audiio Pros and Cons

Audiio, like all other software apps and tools, comes with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Below, we take a look at a few of the platform’s pros and cons that are featured in this Audiio review.

  1. Pricing for Every Project: Audiio offers to price designed to suit content creators of all sizes, and you can opt for the lifetime license (lifetime music membership), so you never have to pay for music again. 
  2. Coverage for Broadcasts/OTT/Theatrical Release: Upgrade to the “Pro” plan to cover music distribution on any platform with OTT streaming.
  3. Refund on Lifetime Membership: You have the option of receiving a full refund on your lifetime music membership 


  1. No “cons” as of yet, but I will keep you apprised.

Make sure you use code “Professor” for 70% off

Audiio Competitors

Although Audiio has been shown to be one of the best music platforms for licensing all types of music, there are other platforms that offer a similar service that is worth considering. 

With that in mind, here’s a quick look at Audiio’s top three competitors.

1. Audiio vs. Music Gateway

Audiio has a lot going for it. For instance, it has an easy-to-navigate library that is constantly growing. Each day new tracks are added, all of them meticulously curated to make it easy for you to find the perfect song, fast.

Music Gateway is a licensing platform that is ideal for commercial production. The platform has the ability to commission music for your project, which means you don’t have to work with stock music only. 

You get centralized tools to track recommendations, demo submissions, and more. Music Gateway also has competitive pricing, which makes it a great alternative to Audiio. 

However, when it comes to pricing, Audiio’s clear cost and structure have an edge over its rival, whose pricing structure is project-dependent.

2. Audiio vs. Artlist

Compared to Artlist, Audiio has higher-quality tracks and a cleaner interface. New users will find it easier to navigate their way around Audiio’s platform compared to its competitor.

Also, the option for lifetime membership makes Audiio a better alternative for content creators. 

However, our list also comes with its own set of benefits, such as the ability to search by BPM and track duration.

This feature will save you a lot of time when sifting through thousands of tracks on the platform.

Artlist’s video library also has video and SFX, as well as Audiio tracks, and you have a monthly subscription option that is offered at an affordable price.

3. Audiio vs Soundstripe

Soundsstripe has a great quality library filled with over 5,000 tracks, stem tracks, and more. Similar to Artslist, you can search by BPM and track duration. You also have the monthly subscription option.

The platform has 50,000 SFX tracks in its library but operates on a single-use perpetual license.

In comparison, Audiio has a greater quality library that is constantly growing. You get perpetual licensing, which means you only have to pay once. You can use your music tracks forever, including visual media projects, license covers, or as a content creator with the Audiio platform.

You also have the option for a one-off payment lifetime membership, saving you tons of money in the long run.

Audiio Pricing

Audiio pricing

Audiio has a unique pricing structure that allows you to license incredible music and soundtracks for any of your projects, both big and small.

Sidenote: If you do purchase Audiio, I’d be grateful if you supported me by clicking on this link to purchase.  Make sure you use code “Professor” for 70% off.

1. Lifetime Music License: $299 one-time fee

  • Pay once and get music for life
  • Unlimited downloads and unlimited access
  • Music catalog and license covers
  • YouTube monetization
  • New music is added daily, and the right music and curated playlists for you
  • Upgrades for OTT, TV, and theatrical

2. Audiio Pro: $59/year (discounted from $199)

  • Everything in the Lifetime Music plan +
  • Subscribe to get unlimited access to music and SFX catalogs 
  • Includes unlimited commercial use and no upgrade fees

3. Lifetime SFX Membership: $199 one-time fee 

  • Pay only once and get SFX for life (Lifetime SFX membership)
  • Sound effects catalogues
  • Unlimited downloads
  • New SFX added daily
  • YouTube monetization
  • No upgrade fees
Lifetime SFX Membership

Make sure you use code “Professor” for 70% off

Product Support

Audiio offers excellent customer service, let’s explore them in this Audiio review. The support team is always quick to respond to inquiries, and they always provide in-depth answers to help you resolve any issues that you come across. 

You can contact support in a variety of ways, including:

Is Audiio Legit?

Audiio is a relatively young company within the music industry. Still, within a very short space of time, the site has managed to transform the royalty-free music market.

It is now considered by many to be one of the best platforms for licensing incredible audio music and sound effects.

Used by some of the most popular brands around, including Netflix, BET, Nike, Wrangler, and Toyota, this music site is undoubtedly a great investment for your business that will bring you a massive return in the future, as we have seen in this Audiio review. 

Check out what this Audiio user had to say about the platform: 

Audiio user

If you are ready to try out the platform or switch your audio music subscription to Audiio, clicking on this link to purchaseMake sure you use code “Professor” for 70% off.Audiio Review 2022 – DON’T BUY Until You Read This

  • I’ve been using Audiio for a year now. The library is fantastic, however, keyword searching is extremely poor. Unfortunately, the way Audiio categorizes songs isn’t extremely accurate. I used to use Audioblocks, and although Audiio’s library is better, Audioblocks had far better searchability.

  • I see you updated this article on Oct 2022, however the pricing is waaaaaay different now. Lifetime is $499 instead of $299 and the yearly price is $199.

  • Be VERY careful when subscribing to Audiio, they get you with their introductory price and then once they have your credit card they charge you for the increased price– currently $199.
    Unless you put this renewal date on your calendar- one year ahead, they will charge you that larger amount without question or notification and there is NO RECOURSE. I used it for one year and no longer need this service. But on December 8, the charge went through my credit card. I immediately disputed the charge and asked for it to be reversed. Audiio likes their money and will not refund for any reason. I find them unreasonable.

    • Thanks for sharing, Vicki. I can’t speak to this as I haven’t personally experienced it, but I do appreciate the feedback.

  • To be honest, I was very dissappointed with Audiio. I had been using AudioBlocks and switched because I liked the licensing concept. I found the music not as well rounded as in AudioBlocks. I could never seem to find just the right mood which was so easy in AudioBlocks. The final thing that angered me was that I didn’t receive an advance renewal notice. It just renewed. Most companies will let you rescind, but Audiio would not. Frankly, I would not recommend the company.

  • Auto renewal sting is unfair. I received no notification that the auto renewal was due. I had even forgotten about my membership all together. Was very distressed to see that charge being taken from my credit card as it was considerably more than the first year. I have never heard of a website not emailing even once during a membership. No notice…no joy when asking for a refund. You MUST remember to cancel at least two weeks before subscription is due….by email. No membership info on site so….remember your date people! I bet they catch a lot of people with this!

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