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Selling ad space on a website is one of the most popular monetization methods. Considering display ads on average account for 12% of website traffic, it’s worth trying to get a piece of the display ad revenue pie. Usually, people look for a profitable ad network to help them drive consistent cash flow to their websites. However, managing ads on your own can prove to be time-consuming, so you need the services of a platform like AdSpyglass. 

AdSpyglass was founded in 2014 and has developed into a powerful platform that delivers better results for those in the advertising industry. The platform is already being used by thousands of sites across the world, with over 8,800 ad campaigns currently serving 1.3 billion ads daily! 

In this AdSpyglass review, I am going to share how the platform can help you, who it’s good for, its functionality, pros and cons, pricing & support, and whether or not it’s worth it for your business. 

How AdSpyglass Can Help You?

AdSpyglass automatically selects the most profitable offers from ad networks to show the ads with the highest CPM on your website. 

The platform compares all ad networks to fill your ad spots and bring you the maximum possible profit. The platform already has over 35 highly popular ad networks, and you can register new ones easily, which is one of the main reasons why AdSpyglass is further growing its reach in the market.

There’s also a referral commission so users can earn extra money from referring others. You get a 5% commission for life for anyone who signs up through your referral link. 

You don’t have to worry about the process of prioritizing prospective advertisers and the mediation platform will do all the work for you to discover the best-paying ad networks. Just by signing up, you’ll save time and earn more money from the same ad inventory while outsourcing major ad management concerns.

Who is AdSpyglass Good For?

AdSpyglass is an ads management platform designed to help you grow your revenue 2x from adult and non-adult ad networks. 

It’s designed for publishers and website owners rather than advertisers and is perfect for anyone looking to generate more income from serving ads to website visitors

The system is integrated with over 35 ad networks and works with many of the most popular types of advertising formats, including

  • Display Banners
  • Popunders
  • Instant Messages
  • Direct Links
  • Push Notifications
  • Interstitial

…and many others. 

If you work with ad networks like Adsterra, JuicyAds, AdSupply, PopCash, ExoClick, etc., you’ll be able to use this system to increase your income by up to 100%. 

Just keep in mind that the platform works with CPM ad networks only and shows the best results with high-traffic websites. So if your website has over 50k daily traffic you are good to go. But if you are launching a new network of websites and the volume of your traffic is still low you still can use AdSpyglass. This way you’ll build a bulletproof monetization process from the very beginning. 

The platform automatically filters ads from trusted networks to bring you the most profitable offers and the highest CPM display ads for your website. You can easily manage all your AdSpyglass ads from one place giving you opportunities to maximize your website revenue within the first month of use.

AdSpyglass is perfect for you if you want to get the following: 

  • Automatic 2x ad income boost.
  • The ability to add/remove partners easily.
  • Transparency on how partners are performing.
  • Increased competition and higher CPMs from top ad networks.
  • A view of detailed statistics for your ad inventory, AdSpyglass reports, etc., giving you a complete overview of how your websites are in.
  • Higher operational efficiency through management of your ad stack from one place.

Best of all, AdSpyglass fills 100% of all ad views. The more networks you have on your list, the more fill rate you’ll have. 

Bottom line: This platform has a lot of huge advantages, and if you’re a webmaster who doesn’t have adequate time or resources to identify high-CPM ad networks, this tool is a great one for you to consider in order to avoid ad strategy failure. 

AdSpyglass Functionality

AdSpyglass has a wide range of features designed to help you get the most revenue for your business. 

This part of the AdSpyglass review focuses on discussing and explaining the various features and functionalities that this platform offers.

1. Ease of Use

The unified reporting dashboard allows you to check ad networks for the best options for maximum ad revenue. 

At a glance, you can compare ad networks to find ones that can add more value to your ad stack. 

To get started on AdSpyglass, simply sign up for an account on the website. To add your website, log in to your dashboard with your username and password. 

Go to “Websites”, click on “My Websites”, and click “Add Websites”. 

  • First, you need to select the stream by deciding whether you want to show mainstream or adult ads on your website. A good thing to note is that because they allow for adult ads, it is quite a good Adsense alternative if you’re in that niche.  
  • Next, you can add your domain(s). 
  • Finally, choose the spots on your websites to showcase your ads. Options include display banners, pop-unders, interstitial ads, different-sized native banners, sliders, video ads, etc.

Once you’re done, click on the “Add” button and you’ll be presented with the “Add Websites” page, where you’ll be able to see all the ad websites on AdSpyglass and you’re ready to add advertising spots to your website. 

On the right side of the site list, you’ll see the options for editing or deleting the edit website. If you want to add a spot to run the ad campaign on your site, simply click the “+” sign on the top right-hand side of the page. 

You can then give a name to the spot and choose the ad type (pop-under, banner, slider, etc.). You can also decide the limits for showing ads to the same visitor, and much more. 

The entire process is simple: 

  • Link your ad network accounts
  • Add your spots and campaigns
  • Insert AdSpyglass codes into your site
  • Get a revenue boost of up to 100%

2. Maximized Profits

AdSpyglass works by using ad mediation technology to automatically look for the most lucrative offers from high CPM ad networks. 

The importance of ad mediation cannot be overstated with regard to maximizing ad income for your business. 

This tool benefits both publishers and ad network owners in a number of ways. Publishers get access to highly profitable offers while ad networks get payouts more easily. 

The platform is integrated with over three dozen ad networks which means it will be quite easy to find a few that are perfect for you. 

One of the main benefits of using AdSpyglass is that it offers you real-time ad activity, detailed reports, and various other tools to help you optimize your ad revenue. 

On the platform, you can display your own AdSpyglass ads and sell any remnant traffic or direct buyers ads to any of your ad networks. 

You no longer need to put up with the time-consuming process of changing ad tags from one ad network to another and then having to wait at least 24 hours before you can check your income and compare it to the previous network. 

With AdSpyglass, you can see the benefits of different networks simultaneously. 

Simply add all of your networks and instantly see which one offers the best deal. All calculations are conducted on the fly and the platform will automatically switch traffic to the best and most profitable network. All you have to do is look at the bottom line to see your income skyrocket.

If you want to change the ad tags, you don’t have to change your site templates every time. All change takes place directly through the admin panel which helps you avoid costly mistakes while editing your website’s template, and saves you tons of time, particularly if you have numerous websites.

3. Wide Range of Supported Ad Networks

This ad mediation service provides you with the most lucrative offers from various ad networks allowing you to choose the one with the best CPM. 

It’s the perfect tool for anyone facing problems monetizing their website. It will provide you with a wide range of ad networks to choose from, and there’s an automated system for filtering out ad networks with high CPM rates.

Here’s a list of some of AdSpyglass’s currently supported networks:

  • PopAds
  • HilltopAds
  • PopCash
  • AdsTerra
  • PropellerAds
  • Clickadu
  • Ero-Advertising
  • ExoClick
  • BitterStrawberry
  • Tubecorporate
  • TrafficShop
  • JuicyAds
  • TrafficHaus
  • Adnium
  • AdXpansion

As you can see, AdSpyglass supports most major ad networks with high eCPMs. 

The platform’s blog also has a ton of helpful articles and resources for anyone who wants to learn more about the different ad networks. You’ll find tons of reviews and comparison articles of all the popular networks, such as Adsterra, TrafficForce, TrafficShop, ClickAdu, and many others. 

4. Earnings Calculator

If you have doubts about whether or not this mediation platform will be profitable in your case you can check that with the earnings calculator. The feature is easy to use and will provide you with a quick estimate of what you could be making with the service.

In other words, this handy earnings calculator will show you how much income to expect in the future. 

There are slider options available allowing you to set your priorities with regards to traffic, your current income, etc. This intuitive tool will then automatically predict your future earnings. 

5. Advanced Stats Reporting

AdSpyglass has an advanced stats reporting system that you can use to check the performance of your networks. The dashboard is user-friendly and shows all your important metrics at a glance, including: 

  • Revenue
  • CTR
  • Ad Type
  • Clicks
  • Hits
  • eCPM, etc. 

The powerful analytics dashboard will provide you with information on your actual traffic, as well as the traffic counted by ad network, and any discrepancies. The platform counts all requests and impressions, including bots and proxy traffic. 

6. Support for Desktop and Mobile Traffic

AdSpyglass supports both mobile and desktop traffic. With the majority of people these days using smartphones to connect to the internet, it’s crucial to target mobile traffic if you want to maximize your results and increase revenue quickly. 

7. Anti-Blocking Solution

Ad blockers pose a huge challenge for publishers, and AdSpyglass provides an anti-blocking solution that will allow you to earn more revenue on your site. More and more people are using adblocker technology and the platform has robust anti-at block tools to counter this. You’ll be able to avoid most ad block mechanisms so you can get more revenue from ads.

Here’s a quick summary of what you get with AdSpyglass: 

  • Compare offers from ad networks with higher CPM
  • Automatically choose the most profitable ad network with 100% fill rates
  • Options to choose ad formats like Display banners, Video Banners, Pop-unders, Interstitials, and Direct links for both mobile and desktop platforms
  • Prioritize business niche and network-based on-site location
  • Target your ad networks based on Purchase history, Geographic locations, Retargeting, Site-specific, etc.
  • Easy payments via Paypal, Bitcoin, Payoneer, Webmoney, Paxum, ePayments, and Bank transfer, among many others.

AdSpyglass Pros and Cons

The next section of the AdSpyglass review revolves around the platform’s pros and cons. Check them out below:


  1. Powerful Ad Mediation Tool: AdSpyglass helps publishers increase revenue
  2. Automatic Income Boost: Mobile advertising has become a huge source of revenue for advertisers and with AdSpyglass, you can now work for both desktop and mobile advertisers to boost your revenue.
  3. Great Referral Program: If you refer others to the platform, you will earn 5% commissions for life.
  4. Stellar Customer Support: The platform provides exceptional product support and you’ll get timely assistance whenever you need it. 
  5. 35+ Ad Networks Supported: The vast number of supported networks under the site’s umbrella offer a lot of flexibility for how you approach ads on your website. 


  1. Traffic Limitations: This ad mediation service works best for websites that have daily traffic of over 50k visitors. Websites with lower traffic volumes might have to wait for their payouts longer since every ad network has minimum payout limits.   


There are many ad networks in the running for the top spot in the industry. Some of AdSpyGlass’s top competitors include:


AdSpyglass is an extremely cost-efficient tool, which makes it a popular solution among advertisers. You can use all the platform’s features for free for 14 days by signing up for a trial offer. When that period is up, you’ll be automatically shifted to the paid plan according to your usage (unless you cancel the trial). 

Webmasters have the following options: 

  • RevShare: Give 10% of random traffic hits. 
  • Pay As You Go: Pay according to the impressions consumed.
  • Post-Paid: Give 10% of monthly profit.
  • Enterprise: Custom conditions for owners of huge sites. 

Product Support

AdSpyglass offers great support through the following channels: 

  • Knowledge Base
  • Blog
  • FAQ
  • Help Center
  • Email


AdSpyglass offers easy integration with over 35 ad networks. If you are not a website owner, but an ad network owner and would like to have your service integrated with AdSpyglass they’d be happy to hear from you. Just reach out.

Is AdSpyglass Legit?

So what’s the conclusion of this AdSpyglass review?

There’s no doubt that you stand to benefit a lot from the use of AdSpyglass. This platform makes ads management a breeze. It works in favor of webmasters to provide an easy way to filter ads with high CPM from different ad networks. 

This allows publishers to find the most popular ad formats and include them in their stack thereby enhancing opportunities for increasing ad revenue. 

AdSpyglass is perfect for anyone who wants a unified way to manage all popular ad platforms from one place instead of trying to handle multiple ad networks by yourself. 

No need to change ad tags on your website template, you can manage all your ads (including your own ads, network ads, or anything else) directly through your AdSpyglass admin panel. 

Furthermore, with the vast number of ad networks available to you, it can prove difficult to accurately gauge each one’s earning potential. But, with AdSpyglass, you can quickly estimate the revenue you can expect from your ads on the different networks. 

All in all, this is a powerful platform to easily manage all your ad networks from one convenient place. You can try AdSpyGlass by clicking here today.

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